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Furry critters in the house, in the wild and in between.
Smoky in soft focus.jpg Copy of DSC_0072.JPG 10-8-05 Orangutan2Z20.JPG 9-8-05 Acrobat.JPG 10-8-05 Orangutan3Z20.JPG
10-8-05 Orangutan Z20.JPG 9-27-05 New Kid2.JPG 9-30-05 Tigger.JPG 9-18-05 Red Squirrel.JPG buds12-04.JPG
9-30-05 Tigger2.JPG 10-9-2005 Making ContactZ20.JPG 93 year old with 4 week old kitten 10-9-2005 Three GenerationsD70.JPG 10-9-2005 Young Gorilla Z20.JPG
10-2005 Grandma Nodding Off.JPG 10-2005  Chewing On It.JPG 9-2005 Oops.JPG 10-9-2005 Orangutans.JPG 10-2005 Giving Grandma Some Lip.JPG
10-2995 Economy Class Z.JPG 8-2005 Female Red Squirrel D70.JPG 12-11-2005 Napping.JPG Nosey Horse.JPG Secrets.JPG
10-2005 Gorillas.JPG Stanley Park Panhandler .JPG 1-2006 Squirrel with Cropped Ears D70.JPG Red Squirrel at Feeder.jpg Cat Joke --- 383.jpg
Birds of a Feather.jpg Friends 11-26-07.jpg Mother Orangutan.jpg Two Females and Baby Orangutan.jpg 10-15-08 Cat in a Box 2.jpg
12-29-08Zoo889Z6.jpg 12-29-08Zoo871Z6.jpg 12-29-08Zoo872Z6.jpg 12-29-08Zoo881Z6.jpg 12-29-08Zoo873Z6.jpg
12-29-08Zoo874Z6.jpg 12-29-08 Zoo 2.jpg 12-29-08Zoo894Z6Z6.jpg 12-29-08Zoo891Z6.jpg 12-29-08Zoo901Z6.jpg
12-29-08Zoo909Z6.jpg 12-29-08Zoo904Z6.jpg 12-29-08Zoo905Z6.jpg 4-25-2010 Mason and Llano 66.jpg 4-25-2010 Mason and Llano 68.jpg
5-7-2010 Amazon Cat HouseZ6.jpg 5-7-2010 Amazon Cat House 2.jpg 5-11-2010 Too Much Catnip.jpg 5-22-2010 Buddy and Tigger.jpg 10-14-2010 Tigger Condo.jpg
6-26-2012 Too Hot to Play.jpg 6-30-2012 How much is that kitty in the window? jpg 10-24-2013 Tree Lover.jpg 10-18-2013  Spying.jpg Lobo  .jpg
Polo with the Soulful Eyes Pierre  and  Lobo.jpg 2-27-2017 Another Homeless Visitor 3-11-2017 The Eyes Have It 5-17-2017 Calico  Story