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Colors of My World

The world around me is teeming with colorful images and I hope to capture many of them as I gain proficiency with my digital cameras. The newest additions will be added to the end of my picture gallery. Thank you for visiting and viewing my photos. Please feel free to make comments and vote if you wish to. I will read the feedback, so thank you in advance. Please note, all images are compressed files.
Sunset Through Trees.jpg 5-10-2007 Sunset after Storm 3.jpg Heavy Rain.jpg Red in the Morning 3.jpg 5-2005 Cactus Flower.JPG
1-14-05c.JPG Soaring.jpg 5-10-2007 After the Storm 4.jpg 5-10-2007 Sunset after Storm.jpg 5-10-2007 Sunset after Storm 2.jpg
1-19-05sunsetc.JPG Fall Along Salado Creek 5.jpg Colorful Clouds.jpg 1-04-05b.JPG 5-2005 Cactus Flower Study.jpg
4-13-2005 Sunrise2.JPG 10-6-05 Tri-colored Heron2D70 10-4-05 Rain at DawnZ20.JPG 4-26-2005 Butterfly on Firewheel.JPG 7-17-05 Sunset2.JPG
10-4-05 One Palm SunsetZ20.JPG 10-8-05 Orangutan2Z20.JPG December red sky1204.JPG 7-13-05 pm clouds Z20.JPG 1-05 Streaks.JPG
4-2004 Cactus Heart.JPG 10-8-05 Laguna Madre6Z20.JPG Primrose 4-21-2005.JPG 10-6-05 Port Isabel Causeway 2D70.JPG 10-8-05 Orangutan Z20.JPG
9-11-05 Sunset 2   Z20 going up.JPG leaf collage.JPG Waters Edge 2-05.JPG 3-31-05 2Chicks.JPG
3-2005 Salado Creek Tree.JPG 5-2-2005 Thistle.JPG Black Bellied Whistling Ducks 3-1-05.JPG 9-30-05 Tigger.JPG 10-4-05 Hotel2Z20.JPG
10-3-05 Pond2Z20.JPG 3-31-2005 PM Clouds.JPG 8-19-05 PM Thunderstorm.JPG 5-2005 Cactus Bouquet2.JPG 7-18-05 Afternoon Clouds.JPG
10-9-05 Gulls on BeachZ20.JPG 10-6-05 Ibis D70 10-2005 AM CloudsZ20.JPG 10-9-2005 Morning Walk Z20.JPG 12-04 Close up Chinese  Tallow.JPG
10-9-05 Pastel SunriseZ20.JPG 10-4-05 Hotel1Z20.JPG 1-10-05p.JPG o3o4sunrisecc.JPG swallowtail4.JPG
10-2005 Sunrise4.JPG leaf 11-04.JPG longclouds1204.JPG 10-8-05.Laguna Madre Sunset Split  Infinity
1-21-05 Salado Sunset6.JPG 10-4-05 Port Isabel LighthouseZ20.JPG ccsunsetgull2.JPG 10-9-2005 DawnZ20.JPG 10-9-2005 Orangutans.JPG
10-2005 Gulf of MexicoZ20.JPG 11-1-2000 Right of Way JPG sunrise gull .JPG 11-6-2005 Autumn Foliage1.JPG Chinese Tallow arms1204.JPG
10-2005 White Ibis.JPG 11-10-2005 Lost Maples31.JPG 10-9-2005 Gulls at DawnZ20.JPG twisted tree1204.JPG 11-10-2005 Lost Maples33.JPG
11-14-2005 PM Clouds4.JPG 11-10-2005 Z46.JPG 11-10-2005 Lost Maples 57Z.JPG 10-2005 Sunrise Gulls.JPG 11-2005 S. Creek2.JPG
10-2005 Sunrise Palms Z20.JPG 10-4-05 Evening CloudsZ20.JPG 11-10-2005 Lost Maples26.JPG 10-2005 Tri-Colored Heron5.JPG 11-30-2005 Pear Tree6Z.JPG
9-2005 White-winged Dove D70.JPG 11-14-2005 Pm Clouds.JPG oct2004birdbath.JPG 1104sunset1.JPG cloud.JPG
11-3-2005 Bee Z20.JPG 8-5-05 Lily Pads.JPG 11-10-2005 Lost MaplesD70c.JPG 3-20-05 PM Thunderstorm.JPG 12-22-2005 Red Oak.JPG
tlf11041e.JPG decembersunsetred1204.JPG P7180701.JPG 1004afterwork.JPG 10-2005 Clouds at Sunset.JPG
11-2005 Riverwalk.JPG 2-2005.JPG 11-2005 Hiding.JPG 11-2005 On the Banks of Salado Creek.JPG 12-30-2005 Sunset6D70.JPG
sunset3.JPG P1010155.JPG Rosysunset3.JPG Red Before the Sun 2005.JPG august cc sunset.JPG
2-2005 Salado Sunsetd.JPG Corpus Christi Sunrise  5.JPG 10-2005 South Padre Island TX.JPG 1-10-05Sunsetc.JPG 7-18-05 Thunderstorm3.JPG
4-2005 Sunset 14.JPG 10-2005 Gorillas.JPG 10-2005 S. Padre Island Texas2.JPG Beautiful Trees of Vancouver Island 0162.JPG Vancouver BC Canada 2-2006 449.jpg
Sunset Over Vancouver Island.jpg Victoria Totem Pole .jpg Duck Pond at Sunset.jpg Vancouver BC Canada 2-2006 351-1.jpg Water Lily Bloom  8-2005.jpg
Splish Splash.jpg Vancouver BC Canada 2-2006 518.jpg Harbor Bridge Sunset 257.jpg Oak Tree Skeleton.jpg PM Cloudscape.jpg
Red Rose.jpg Clouds Feeding on Washed Up Seaweed 1.jpg PM Feeding Frenzy.jpg Spray.jpg
Red Squirrel at Feeder.jpg Texas Gulf Coast JPG Mammatus Clouds3.jpg Backlight.jpg Incoming Fog.jpg
Red Dawn.jpg Afternoon Storm Clouds.jpg Red at Night.jpg Light Rays 440.jpg Painted by the Setting Sun.jpg
Pink Lily.jpg Sun Rays2.jpg Purple Sunset.jpg Red Banded Sunset.jpg Sun Rays3.jpg
Sunset Reds.jpg Colorful Afternoon Clouds.jpg Red Clouds.jpg Red Clouds Close-up.jpg Red Clouds Fading.jpg
Cloudy Sunset.jpg Evening Cloud Color 2.jpg Last Light 2.jpg Afternoon Clouds 1.jpg Waterlily 2.jpg
Waterlily Pond.jpg Clouds 2.jpg Waterlily 3.jpg Lily Flower and Bud.jpg Blue Sky and Clouds.jpg
Zoom Zoom.jpg Morning.jpg Purple and Red.jpg Late Afternoon.jpg Rose Before the Dawn.jpg
Sunset Tree.jpg Morning 2.jpg Scarlet Skies.jpg Purple and Red 2.jpg Little Bit of Red.jpg
Evening Clouds 2.jpg Sundog.jpg Big Cloud.jpg October Sunset 2.jpg Halloween Sunrise 2.jpg
Afternoon Moon.jpg Favorite Italian Restaurant 1.jpg Favorite Italian Restaurant 2.jpg Evening Thunderstorm.jpg Fall Color 2006.jpg
Worn Out Butterfly.jpg 12-1 Sunset 4.jpg 12-1-2006  Sunset 6 Fall Along Salado Creek 2.jpg Fall Along Salado Creek.jpg
Gulls.jpg Salado Creek in Fall.jpg Winter Garden Colors.jpg Sunset Through Clouds.jpg Winter Color in the Rain 3.jpg
Fall Along Salado Creek 3.jpg Winter Color in the Rain.jpg Feline Boredom 383.jpg 1-2007 Ice Storm 6.jpg 1-2007 Ice Storm 7.jpg
1-2007 Ice Storm 18.jpg 1-2007 Ice Storm 11.jpg Winter Garden 2.jpg Survivors of the Ice 2.jpg 2-2-2007 Sunset 3.jpg
2-2-2007 Sunset 4.jpg 2-5-2007 Sunset.jpg Evening Clouds.jpg 2-19-2007 Sunset 1.jpg Branches of Ice 1-17-2007.jpg
Wildflowers 2.jpg First Day of Summer.jpg Battle in the Sky.jpg Battle in the Sky 2.jpg 7-3-07 Break in the Storm.jpg
7-3-07 No Sunset Tonight.jpg 7-3-07 Ominous Sunset.jpg 2-2--2007 Sunset.jpg butterfly3.jpg Fading Sunset.jpg
African Dust Sunset.jpg African Dust Sunset 2.jpg Nature Walk Treasures 1.jpg Nature Walk Treasures 2.jpg Afternoon Clouds.jpg
Sunset Glow 1.jpg Sunset Glow 2.jpg Nature Walk Treasures 3.jpg Queen Isabella Memorial Bridge 2 SPI 10-4-08TX Transportation Museum 2.jpg
9-27-2008017Sunset 1a.jpg 10-4-08TX Transportation Museum 3.jpg 10-4-08TX Transportation Museum 1.jpg 10-4-08TX Transportation Museum 4.jpg Z210-28-08 Cirrus Sunset 3.jpg
12-3-08Z6 Sunset 5.jpg 1-15-09Z6Winter Sunset 3.jpg 1-22-09Z6Sunset 6.jpg 2-13-09Z6Lucky Sunset 3.jpg 3-16-09Z6 Dandelion 1.jpg
4-4-09Z6 Sunset 2.jpg 4-4-09Z6 Sunset 4.jpg 4-4-09Z6 Sunset 3.jpg 4-4-09Z6 Sunset 7.jpg 5-21-09 Sunset 2.jpg
7-23-09 Z6.jpg 12-21-09Z6 6.jpg 3-14-2010 Sunset 1.jpg 3-14-2010 Sunset 4.jpg 3-4-2010 Sunset 3.jpg
3-4-2010 Sunset 4.jpg 8-14-10 Funeral Urn.jpg 12-31-2010 Happy New Year.jpg 12-31-2010 Happy New Year 2.jpg 12-2010 Neighbor's Christmas Decor.jpg
11-5-2010 Garden Rainbow.jpg 12-13-2010 Autumn Shadows D200.jpg 12-14-2010 copy.jpg 12-14-2010Z20.jpg 4-11-2012 Sunset 3.jpg
5-11-2012 Thunderstorm 4.jpg Single Red Rose.jpg 11-3-08Z6 Texas Hillcountry Lost Maples 4.jpg 9-8-2013 Sunset Colors.jpg 9-10-2013 Cloud Dolphin.jpg
9-5-2013 Stormy Sunset Clouds 6.jpg 11-6-2013 Sunset 11.jpg 3-27-2014 Cirrus Sunset 3.jpg 4-15-2014 Total Lunar Eclipse.jpg 10-26-2013 Sunset  6.jpg
9-23-2014 Sunset 3.jpg 2-8-2014 Fiery Sunset 3.jpg 11-10-2014 Sunset  1.jpg 9-5-2014 Moonrise 1.jpg 11-10-2014.jpg
!2-17-2014 Christmas Light? 1-13-2015  Leaf  Litter.jpg 2-11-2015 Filtered Sunset.jpg 1-28-2015  Cloudy  Sunset  1.jpg 2-13-2015Sunset1.jpg
5-2-2015 Cactus in Window Box 3-14-2015  The  Gift 1b 4-28-2015 Cloudy Sunset 5-25-2015 After Storm Sunset 2. 5-25-2015 After Storm Sunset 8
5-25-2015 Rain Storm.jpg 5-30-2015 Rainbow 3 5-30-2015 Rainbow 4 5-30-2015 Rainbow 5 8-15-2015 Sunset Clouds 2
8-15-2015 Sunset Clouds 1 9-2-2015 Midnight Moonrise 9-27-2015 Cloudy Lunar Eclipse 10-5-2015 Cloudy Sunset 1 10-16-2015 Sunset 1
12-9-2015 Local Color Part Deux 12-22-2015 Santa Christmas Snow Globe Music Box 2 12-11-2015 Into the Red 12-16-2015 Sunset 3 12-16-2015 Sunset 2
2-5-2016 Sunset 3 3-11-2016 Stormy Sunset 4 3-11-2016 Stormy Sunset 8 3-26-2016 Nothing But Red 1 3-26-2016 Nothing But Red 2
3-26-2016 Nothing But Red 16 4-18-2016 Sunset with Clouds 1 4-18-2016 Sunset with Clouds 4 4-18-2016 Sunset with Clouds 5 5-18-2016 Cloud Colors 1
5-18-2016 Cloud Colors 3 5-28-2016 Garden 3 5-31-2016 Rain to the East Sunset 6-4-2016 Colorful Sunset 1 6-4-2016 Colorful Sunset 2
6-4-2016 Golden Clouds 6-4-2016 Colorful Sunset 3 6-4-2016 Colorful Sunset 7 7-27-2016 Sunset 1 7-28-2016 Golden Sunset 2
7-28-2016 Golden Sunset 4 6-26-2016 Evening Clouds 8-31-2016 Golden Clouds 4 9-25-2016 Sunset in the Rain 5 9-25-2016 Sunset in the Rain 7
10-1-2016 October Sunset 4 11-2-2016 Month 5  Anniversary 11-28-2016 Sunset Clouds 2 11-22-2016 Weather Change Sunset 1