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City of Ahwaz
21-JUL-2005 Ali Majdfar

City of Ahwaz

Sony DSC-P100
1/60s f/5.6 at 7.9mm iso100 full exif

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Guest 25-Jan-2017 03:15
26-Oct-2015 17:25
To the person who wrote 'I attended Pasargad in 74-76. An Expat. Father worked for Santa Fe drilling. Originally from Texas but moved there from Lebanon.' - there is a facebook page for people who were at Pasargad School during that time.
arash 10-Jan-2017 18:45
من ساکن اهواز هستم منطقه کورش دهه شصتی هم هستم دوره ما توی این منطقه خارجی زیاد داشت مثل آلمانی ها و روسی ها ، خاطره ای که از انها دارم اینکه توی منطقه کورش خیابان کارون اونجا پراز خارجی بود بچه های اونها اتیش روشن میکردن و سیب کباب میخوردن ماهم با تعجب انها را نگاه میکردیم
I live in ahvaz 1986
PATEL 06-Oct-2016 18:57
I was in Ahwaz from 1975 to 1979 working for Mecon .The office was near ' falaca char shir' roundabout near Ahwaz hotel..I would like to contact Iranian collegue who worked at Mecon..
Guest 23-Aug-2016 19:06
Love Ahwaz for ever
Guest 26-Oct-2015 17:25
I attended Pasargad in 74-76. An Expat. Father worked for Santa Fe drilling. Originally from Texas but moved there from Lebanon. I had a twin brother named Shannon. Would love to reconnect with anyone who attended Pasargad during the same time. Even though I was a mere child I have very good memory of the time I spent there. Americans were treated kindly. What an amazing and interesting place to spend part of your childhood!
Reza 19-Jul-2015 13:13
نفس های عزیز من
صدای پای شب بو هاست
صدای باد و بوی نخل
هوای شرجی دریاست
سکوت ، اینجا صدای تو
هوا اینجا هوای تو
پر از تکرار این حرفم
دلم تنگه برای تو
Guest 22-Jan-2015 21:27
hi my name is masoud passargad high scool in ahvaz 1359.60. 61 more or les the thing is iam looking for old friends mabe is not right to mention any one names but in that time bagerzadeh nazem.. agayeh khorshad hosiani barati teacher. kaveh. sharifzadeh golbang .banytorf. allekhamis are wear teachers ilove to meet my old classmet any one up there respond me thanks
Guest 04-Jan-2015 20:28
Salm be hame hamshahrihaye azizam AVAZIHA. man dar jostejoo akshaye ghadimi ke dar dorane kodakestani ke miraftam( Kodakestan AFAGH salhaye 1343 1344..) .
Guest 02-Jan-2015 06:06
I was born and raised in Ahwaz. I left Ahwaz about 30 years ago. In sleep, most of the times I see myself walking in 30 metri going to Cinema Karun and Shahre Farang and having a Kalbas sandwich in front of that cinema. At nights I still live there... I still remember ketabforoushi of Jafari (close to cinema Karun) full of people. I still remember very spicy susis bandari sandwich offered by a Dakeh across cinema Sahel. I still remember many many good memories. Abi from USA.
Nin 01-Nov-2014 11:54
I was born and raised in Ahvaz and left my heart to USA I love you my hometown forever, hargez va hargez hijaye donya Ahvaz nemishe.
Griselda Jazayeri 05-Mar-2014 13:45
I lived in Ahwaz from 1973 to 1979. I became friendly with a family called Khalili. The father was a vet and worked at Jondi Shapour university, I was very friendly with his wife. In the upheaval of leaving I lost touch with them. I would love to have some news of them.
yogesh dawar 26-May-2013 09:08
i miss u ahwaz
saeid shenof 09-Feb-2013 21:03
Mahnaz khanoom man ehsase sharm mikonam ke shoma ro irani seda konan. i dont know how to put it in word but i try. you are a true definition of an ignorant iranian . chetor migi haghe ye bacheye 7 sale hast ke abe ashamidani nadare.
saeid shenof 09-Feb-2013 21:00
asheghetam ahwaz, i live in texas USA ,but ahwaz is something else, love all of ya. i left ahwaz 5 years ago. ahwaz is something else, love all of ya.
Jalaledin Alaee 17-Jan-2013 11:28
I was student in Doctor hesabi Ahwaz 1976 to 1979. If anybody recognize me please send me email at
( ) lots of good memories to share. JalaledIn Alaee. Toronto. Canada.
sasan soltani 31-Aug-2012 01:08
my beautiful city, with many good memories!
Guest 31-Aug-2012 01:05
I lived in Ahwaz in 70'. I have so many good memories from my city. I used to live on Jafari str. so many resources, but many poor people. zendeh bad Ahwaz. hameen.
Guest 11-Jul-2012 12:24
amirsasanpour ilive in glasgow but always love ahwaz
amir 11-Jul-2012 12:22
amir from glasgow i love ahvaz
Guest 23-May-2012 20:04
hatman ham digaru khahim did .
Manuel zed
Guest 29-Apr-2012 02:14
I went to school at Pasargad and would like very much to find my old friend Azy Baktivar. She had a sister named Ellie and her father was a veterinarian who saved my dog. I loved Ahwaz but haven't been there since we were made to leave in the 70's due to the war. Azy if you see this.... look me up . Oh this is Stacy. My parents were Carl and Linda and my brothers were Scottie and Scooter.
Nader 05-Feb-2012 00:56
@Shahryar, I remember so many fun summers, football in the patchy grass, riding my bike all over the neighborhood, going to cartoon movies friday mornings, all the bashghas sahel, naft, golf, etc... just another time another life, i loved all my teachers at arvand, had so many friends in the neighborhood, so safe so fun, just paradise, i have creams of it at nights!
Guest 27-Sep-2011 18:17
be proud . you are an ahwazian
gisela 26-Sep-2011 03:33
i am a german lady,at the time married to husband in oilbusiness,moved to ahvaz in 1974 and unfortunately had to leave end of 1976.we lived in kouroush and iloved it there eventhough at the time we lived in the"boonies"no phone -no transportation.met the mayahi family there and were graciously welcommed and accepted.still to this day i remember ahvaz and its people very fondly
amin,gh 15-Sep-2011 03:02
salam man bache ahvazam va be shahram va hamshahriyam eftekhar mikonam be khatere khoshtipishon va marame niceshon,dost daram karoon
mohammad 17-Aug-2011 12:43
man ahwaz ro kheily dost daram
mohammad 17-Aug-2011 12:41
jalebe begam ta hala in manzare shahram be cheshmam inghadr ziba nabode

kourosh arshadi 05-Jul-2011 06:13
be sohil adib moghadam
man ham hamoon sal ha dar madreseyeh dr karim fatemi boodam ,fekr konam mano to hamkelas boodim,moalem farsi aghaye parsa bood ,baghiyeshoon khaterem nemiyad
farid 24-Jun-2011 17:24
no more river dear shirley, it is now a soccer field.
Kian 18-Jun-2011 19:49
wow everyone Persian , chetori amoo?
Ehsan 01-Jun-2011 18:52
Ahwaz its my city .my life .my entire world.i love you ahwaz.i was born there in naderi
Amir 30-May-2011 03:55
Dear ah azimuth,
Anyone has pictures of high school wrestling pictures 1973-1975 or city wrestling championship of 1973-1977? Any pictures of DR hessabi 1973-1975?

NAZANIN 07-May-2011 14:43
sana 30-Apr-2011 14:23

nano jojo 26-Apr-2011 16:07
ahwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz mikham biam bebinamet!!!
Guest 09-Apr-2011 05:24
@leslie,Ahvaz has changed so much.Your high-school,Pasargad is still there,but is not being used as high-school. Soheil
soheil adib moghaddam 09-Apr-2011 05:07
I was studying in Karim Fatemi high school between 1356-1359.Looking for some of my classsmates,eg.Nader saboktagin,Kamyar Koochak Alavi,...Soheil
mahmood 31-Mar-2011 17:18
manam asheghe ahwaze ghashangam hastam dooset daram shahre man
Ali Salehi 07-Feb-2011 21:07
I am a graduate of Babak High school in Ahawz, 1979-1980 (1358) and moved to Europe 1984 (1362) to start my medical studies! I am looking to have e-meil connection with some old friends, if anyone still around!
Dr. Ali Salehi
Shahryar 28-Jan-2011 22:45
To Nader:
Dear friend, I have born in the same year and went to the same elementary school as you, probably we know each other, I miss those days-friends-teachers and whole Ahwaz, I really do.
All the best
Long live Ahwaz
amir 15-Jan-2011 08:01
Graduated from Dr Hessabi 1975. Used to cross the bridge everyday, used to live company street, 4-way to abadan, that was the name, near Honarestan sanati. participated in Wrestling for Dr Hessabi. Left home in 1977 and never went back. Ahavaz always in my heart, it will always be HOME!

farzaneh 04-Jan-2011 10:57
Dear mr. Farhang
I went to Vafa high school. Class of 1975-1978
I would like to know your mom may be she is one of my classmate.
Nader 01-Jan-2011 16:05
Ahwaz was the most beautiful city in all of the world, and definitely a piece of heaven. My name is Nader, I was born and raised there from Azar 1969 to about 1979, I attended Arvand elementary school in new side Ahvaz, part of the oil company, what a beautiful little paradise i remember, all my frinds Behfar, yazdan, kooroush, commie commyar, etc... I rmember around mid to upper 1970s, a flood almost overtook that bridge, what memories, had to leave due to war, ant that moment i never thought i would bever see ahwaz again!
ahmad21-Dec-2010 16:43
its the most beautiful city in the world, Ahwaz and its people Arab and Bakhtiari and other minority,
there is real magic in karoon,
and the people who talk in bad way here they have mentaly problem
reza 13-Dec-2010 19:43
i want you , my city
nader 05-Dec-2010 00:43
when i remember sun set of ahwaz ,naderi street,it make me cry,no where can be your own home land .
Rahim Chenari 03-Dec-2010 23:12
A good memory: More than 35 years ago, I used to walk over that bridge 4 times a day (during school days) to go to Dr. Karim Fatemi high school.
mojtaba 23-Nov-2010 08:17
yadesh bekheyr dabirestan barati.
Guest 14-Nov-2010 23:48
ahwaz my city my love my heart my dream my life
Hakami mohsen 08-Nov-2010 20:43
salam bar to ey ahwaz,shahre chatereha,wa aschegha,wa gajegranha labe karun cheh golbarun ,gurabay zibay to hargez az jadam nemireh,wa hamkelasiha dar krim fatemi 50 tasale55 hamintur,,,,,,,,,;o)az alman Heidelberg mohsen
Chayuth 19-Sep-2010 23:54
I want to go ahwas city for plants business, Please give me all detail of your city
walter mc guire 31-Jul-2010 05:00
i lived in ahwaz from march 76 til may 77 i worked in the pipe mills i then travelled all over the country shiraz isfahan tehran qazvin rasht bandar pahlavi and lots more til i moved back to ahwaz early 78 iworked til had to go home jan 79 i loved ahwaz and still think of it all the time
ali 27-Jul-2010 05:57
ahwaz how can i forget you? the dream is stay alive in me for ever....ahwaz the city of my younger years youy so much .....dallas
Guest 02-Jul-2010 00:39
to Nasser Bahadoran ,
your years maches mine the school you attend , perhaps we can chat.
Reza - Toronto
haydeh 25-Jun-2010 13:50
really i diead for ahwazzzzzzzzzzzzz
Anna 17-May-2010 13:49
I realy miss AHWAZ
Neema Farhang 18-Apr-2010 23:02
If any of you know my dad: Mohammad Ali Farhang, and my mom Behnaz Ghassemi.

My dad went to Dr. Karim Fatemi high school during the very early 1970s, and lived near bangeleh rohan.

My mom went to Vafa highschool around 1978 and 79 and lived near naderi.

They would love to get in touch with child hood friends and live in California now!
bahar 10-Apr-2010 21:59
man ashegheh ahwza hastam be omideh dedanat ayyyyyyyy ahwaz
Guest 14-Dec-2009 07:49
is my love
Golzar london 01-Dec-2009 03:10
Hi this bridge remanid me whole my love that i left in ahvaz my friends, my school time my uni time and river side
naiem 14-Nov-2009 14:41
that is my city and my hart
naiem from london
haydeh 21-Oct-2009 01:49
man be nam ahwaz zendeam
vaji 19-Oct-2009 18:23
nice pic from my best city.Love ahwaz & kid people of kouzestan.
Arash.Tavahin 15-Oct-2009 12:28
Salam Be hame hamshahri ham , hame ahwazi haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
mokhlese hame ahvazi ha hastam.
Farshid 09-Oct-2009 18:24
My name is Farshid ... I live in Canada but I found my frist and last true LOVE in Ahwaz. Her name is Mahsa and I love her from bottom of my heart ... I've never seen such a nice and kind girl ... That's the reason I love Ahwaz and proud of that city which my love has grown up there. Hello beautiful Ahwaz .... Hello my love Mahsa .....
sanjar 05-Sep-2009 19:33
hi if u want more pic [new/old] from ahwaz-newsite plz connect me,
Leslie 03-Sep-2009 18:25
I lived in Ahwaz in the late 1970s when I was 8-10 years old...I have such good memories of the city, the bazaar, the very friendly people, the soft breezes in the evening. Someday I want to go back and look for some of the people I knew there and see if my old school, Pasargad, is still there.
Reza 01-Sep-2009 03:34
I am a proud Ahvazi , I born and grow up in Ahvaz , my dream is to visit my beloved city ahvaz which is my soil and my blood , I left Ahvaz in1974 now I live in Toronto Canada but my heart is in Ahvaz and will be there forever and ever , when I was student at Dr. Karim Fatomi high school I cross this bridge every day and I know every inch of it, I love Ahvaz and anyone who wish to bring the memory back please reply to me are more than welcome.
Nima 25-Aug-2009 09:32
Ahvaz shahr ham ashegheshim.nima u shi
bizhan nikoobakhsh 13-Aug-2009 08:01
tank for fhotos
Ahwazi 23-Jul-2009 09:35
Born and raised on the West bank of Karoon in Ahwaz, the correct spelling that has also been adopted by government is indeed Ahwaz; I believe Ahvaz with "v" has been used mostly on maps of French origin. Beutiful city with a wonderful population that is a great mix of various Persian cultures.
stefan 19-Jul-2009 11:32
motions welled up in me the moment I saw this photo. I visited Ahwaz with my family when I was four years old, and my father took a photo of me on this bridge.
younes 14-Jul-2009 09:34
you can love ahwaz but i heat people that living of there
Minou Kamali 04-Jul-2009 18:23
All my good memory of childhood and when I was teen, all was in khozestan ( Ahvaz- Abadan- Aghajari and Khoramshar), I wish the time could stop there.
Guest 11-Jun-2009 13:45
just want to know what is diffrences between writing Ahwaz and Ahvaz is that have meaning? but I do remember well that always was Ahwaz (AW) is that right? then why some people writing that by v., to Mr Cyrus, the people who live in Hasir Abad, the are human like you and I and you can't call the Animal,.... good luck for all...
Ahwazi form 30 meteri and Pol Seyah...
Cyrus 09-Jun-2009 22:18
I was born in Ahwaz, I went to Babak high school in Ahwaz. I left Ahwaz at the 22 when I moved to Europe to study medicine. I do not have any nice memory of the area that we were living (Hasir Abad). The name tell you what kind of poor people (or better said animals) live there!!! I have passed through this bridge many times, the last time was in 1983 when I was on my way to europe. I wish to return to Ahwaz one day and see whether the peoople has become more civilized!!!??
Dr. Cyrus S.
morvarid 31-May-2009 05:16
man ahwazam!! dele hamato0n ab :P!!! eshghe man ahwaze man:X:X:X:X
Ron Par 30-May-2009 21:41
I found my first love in Ahwaz. And I lost it there.
DANIAL 30-May-2009 07:54
Hassan A. Zavari 24-May-2009 02:08
I was born in my Beloved Ahwaz near poll siah ( black bridge) ,I used to go to Nomooneh Highschool , and walk the poll safid ( whit bridge twice a day with my frineds, what life I really missed Ahwaz, iwould appriciate if I could photo of black bridge over river Karun, iwant to oil paint both bridges for my children who were borN in USA,to remmember thier roots.
thanks Hassan A. Zavari
danial 29-Apr-2009 18:23
dar to separi shod,zemestono baharam ahwaz ahwaz,,,,be ham bafteii to taro podam...hamishe asheghetam ahwaz shahre man
shahla 22-Apr-2009 23:07
my beautiful city... you're always in my heart... no matter where i am
Guest 03-Apr-2009 05:39
I live in Europe, but still didnt find a beautiful City like Ahvaz, beautiful in people and feeling that you got there, there is a Magic in Karoon, early morning just stay there and look at this river then you will undrestand me, Love you Ahvaz for ever, love all bad and good memory in this city, i will stay ahvazi all of my life.
ahvaz,s fish 31-Mar-2009 14:35
markze shroe tammadone basta ahwaz.basafatarin obahaltarn ahwazia.donia ahwaz,zeytoon karmandi,melirah dabirestaneferdousi,koroush,lashkar,amanie,golestan...
askari 28-Feb-2009 18:52
ba sepas montazer akshae jaded hastem
mehdi 28-Feb-2009 11:30
ey val be ahwazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
ali tavahin 17-Feb-2009 21:28
salam.age kasi az hamkelasihaye man dar dabirestane shapour sale 1374 hast lotfan ba man tamas begireh.09355570408
Siamak 12-Feb-2009 20:54
I go to Ahwaz every sometimes. The Karoon river and the sorruoindings are stil beautiful, but unfortunatly there has not been much improvement any where else in the city. I was borne and raised there. My friends were from different back grounds( arab speeking iranians, christians and jews) and I missed them all. My family lived in Kooyeh Zaytoon area.
Azita 20-Jan-2009 11:43
Homayoun, my grandparent lived in silo area.
Mahnaz khanom,baraie shoma farsi minewisam. ba in tarze harf zadan farghi ma bine khodet we arabhaii ke azashon minewisi ehsas mikoni!? mowafagh bashi
dariush 12-Jan-2009 21:00
ahwaz shahre daghe dagh albate too tabestoon
mahnaz 11-Jan-2009 21:31
az ahwaz motenaferam be khatere arab haye nafahm ke faghat be paein tanashon fek mikonan.halam az hame ahwaziya behem mikhore haghetone ab e ashamidani nadarid. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Nanczee 10-Jan-2009 22:46
To all citizens of Ahvaz, Iran and ex-patriots of Ahvaz, Iran:
About the queer controversy - "Praise be to God, and peace upon His servants whom He has chosen!Who is more worthy, God or the idols they serve besides Him? Surely worthier is He who created the heavens and the earth, and sent down water from the sky for you, bringing forth gardens of delight. Try as you may, you cannot cause such trees to grow."
adel.moskow 09-Jan-2009 23:02
ahwaz shahre ma shahre safa va shahry ke khaterehaiash hichvaght az yademan pak omide abadanie harche bishtare ahwaz va sarafrazie iran.
Nasser Bahadoran 27-Dec-2008 04:43
Thank you for your beautiful photo of Ahwaz, I attended Dr. Karim Fatamaei for three years and granulate from Dr. Hassabi in Ahwaz. I am pride of my city even thou I haven’t returned since 1977. Thanks again for bring back the memories. Yes Ahwaz and people of Ahwaz are beautiful.
homi moshiri 20-Dec-2008 16:54
Azita, tell me about your uncle, last name or something so I see if I know him.
Guest 16-Dec-2008 00:43
nariman 01-Dec-2008 09:51
khili delam bara ahvaz tang shode zzzzzzzzzziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddddddddddd?
Babak 26-Nov-2008 10:46
This is where I belong to. I love it.
Azita 20-Nov-2008 11:38
This picture brings all memories back.. I was in Jazaeri schule ca.1972-77 and tamadon 1977-79 bozorg. Homayoun moshiri, i think you are my uncle`s friend Ardeshir.
Mehran 31-Oct-2008 09:43
It's look very nice...Is anybody got some picture from "Baghe-moein" or Rahnama school?
Kami 28-Oct-2008 18:59
Ettefaghi in site ro peyda kardam,vasey inke dashtam donbale yek hotel dar Ahwaz migashtam. vaghan khoshhal shodam va ashk tooye chesham por shodeh!behtarin salhaye zendegimo dar ahwaz gazaroondam.dabirestan Karim Fatemi,Dr. Hesabi va shimi sanati dar kian pars.ta sale 1974 ke oomadam Italia.Guitarist hastam va dar oon zaman dar tamame club ha guitar mizadam(hotel Ahwaz,hotel Astria,golf club,River side,club ney shekar dar7 tappe agha jari,bandar abbas,jazireh khark... va tamame club haye sherkate naft.)ham dar Italia zendegi mikonam ham dar Berzil vali hich jaye donya ahwaz nemishe. Har vaght k pole karoon ro mibinam delam migire..age bekhayn mitoonin ba man tamas begirin kheyli khosh hal misham.salhast ke doost daram ham dorehaye khodamo
Homayoun 27-Oct-2008 05:59
I am a graduate of Dr. Karin Fathemi High school in Ahawz, 1974
looking to connect with some old friends, if anyone still around
Homayoun Moshiri
Nadia 16-Oct-2008 14:36
Guest 19-Sep-2008 01:37
Wonderful. There is no place like Ahvaz.
I was born there and have always loved it with all my heart.
Hope to be back there one day.
Ally Nimmo 14-Sep-2008 20:28
I worked in Ahwaz in 1977-79 and LOVED the people.. would love to return someday and i miss it somewhat.. Ally from Scotland.
Hamid 26-Aug-2008 05:15
Ahwaz is a city which carries a magical attraction. Whoever drinks from its water will find it difficult to separate from it! I love it, miss it and will return to it some day. By the way, I used to live in Kourosh near the airport.
Hamid from Vancouver
Guest 09-Aug-2008 12:47
city of beauty
capital of love
center of graet friendship
GOD bless it and it's nice people 4 evere
fardin 08-Aug-2008 11:35
ahwas is a very ,very nice city and very hot city in iran

milad va golzar london 15-Jul-2008 20:28
share man ,man be to mi andisham
omid usa 29-Jun-2008 06:29
i miss u my city ahwazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
REZA G 22-Jun-2008 21:09
kayleigh 11-Jun-2008 11:12
my husband's family live in ahwaz and iv tried my hardest to find some other pictures on the internet (of ahwaz) but i cant find any different ones so if any of u have any suggestions then please pass them far whot iv seen of ahwaz it very beautiful.
mitra bayat 07-Jun-2008 21:03
i used to live in ahwaz ,since i left ahwaz every single day i cyr for my beautiful,s my big dream and wish if some day i will be back to malli rah and died
there ! vancouver
Mehrdad 28-May-2008 16:04
It makes me sad and at the same time happy when i see a glaring picture from my hometown.i don't know when i can again come back there and sense it fully but i will love it and all it's memories which bringes on me forever.
reza 27-May-2008 14:50
my city ý really love and miss you.ý remember all my good memories about this beutifull city.

rahmat 19-May-2008 02:01
ey baba pas too kojaie ? shapoor hihg resheh tabiee, school 1351 khodemon
amir 17-May-2008 19:04
amin 09-May-2008 01:15
Ahvaz: Nadery Street, Pahlavi Street, Zeytoon Karmandi, Kianpars, Jazeereh Park, Meydan Mojasemeh...and Amanieh where my school "Razi Honarestan" was. Walking on this bridge the "Pole Sefeed " (The White Bridge) going to school everyday...Good memories...
golzar 22-Apr-2008 15:24
i miss you my city,i use to live in ahwaz
Noman Khan 22-Mar-2008 06:22
Alhamdullillah........How butiful City of Islamic Republic of Iran....
Like a Little Heaven on the Earth.
Mehran 16-Mar-2008 19:32
I remember this bridge well, as I still remember my daily walks to Fatemi High School. What memories of happy days after the final exams, cross the bridge and walking by Astoria Hotel watching the foreigners. Anyone from Fatemi High School in year 1978-79 in Math/Physics
jake 10-Mar-2008 22:50
Thats a realy good shot dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lida 08-Mar-2008 19:50
i love diese river. because i love ahwaz and i love him: Gafar Kalamy
Guest 24-Jan-2008 20:46
I also grew up in ahvaz...and new site...what a beautiful days of my life...last time I was there was 1980....I miss it so much...soon we will go back to our homeland.
Yassi 16-Jan-2008 03:02
Wow it is really beautiful and amazing, can you believe it after so many years, and so many hardships it is still standing up proud and it still represents Ahwaz. I have not had the pleasure to go to Ahwaz for 6 years but looking at the picture brings back great memories. I some times crossed the bridge with my family or saw it when coming back from kindergarten. I am only 11 years old but I always love and think about my hometown . The wonderful city of Ahwaz.
Dr. S.A. Salehi 27-Dec-2007 21:38
it brings a lot of memories back. Me and my friends Hamid Amori and Abdelemam Ahaninjegar when we were at Babak High school, we used to cross this bridge when we were in the citiy center. Remember the old times almost more than 28 years ago!!.
reza 09-Dec-2007 08:01
i really missed ahvaz,but i`ll be there by 2nd of daymah.
reza 15-Nov-2007 17:09
I miss ahwaz so bad ...I'm so proud that I was born there!!!!people of ahwaz are the nicest people in the world....I hope i can see ahwaz againe...god bless this city from its enemies...
Ramin 23-Oct-2007 14:28
My eys is foul off tears .beautiful.
Mina ögon är full av tårar. kommer i håg att jag och några kompisar brukade åka till riverside och studera.
Guest 22-Oct-2007 14:14
I'm born in Ahwaz, I went to school in Ahwaz, and surrounding Oil company residential areas, like new site, and aghajari, and bandar mahshahr. I lived in ahwaz until the age of 23 then I went to england and later resited in Australia / Sydney. I still remember Ahwaz's climate, humid (sharji) and hot in summer, and mild and delightful in winter. I have passed through this bridge many many times, and the last time was in 1970 when I was on my way to England. I never returned to Ahwaz , but I still remeber my home town very vividly.
anna 22-Oct-2007 14:05
it brings all the memories back. Me and my friend Lidush, used to cross this bridge every day to go to university...good old days.
Navid 15-Aug-2007 06:27
my beloved & beautiful city of AHWAZ,the white bridge over karoun river,the hospitalty of khzestani people that is known to all persians/iranians,the fruites/dates,water melon & above all,the most precious black gold/oil,etc etc
all my chilhood,teenage times are linked forever with AHWAZ ! one day i'll return,kiss the land that i've longed for almost thirty years!Navid,AUSTRALIA
Anis 19-Jul-2007 23:20
my nice city.. AHWAZ
Alain 12-Apr-2007 14:45
Reminder...what a beautifull country !
sarab al ahwaz 07-Apr-2007 13:36
very beautiful picture
hossein.yazd 16-Mar-2007 09:09
very beautiful
fazel.california 15-Mar-2007 02:42
this my love .i miss u a lot.most beautiful thing i do remember about my city, ..evry day evry ghorob(sun set) my hurt get homesack when i am so far from u,I miss ur hot and wet wather.any where i am ,any one i am u the most love i do have .AHWAZ....
Dorothy Walker 28-Feb-2007 05:05
What a wonderful country - an Iranian friend now resident in New Zealand gave me the initial link and it's sheer delight to see these pictures. Thank you.
ali 16-Feb-2007 17:32
One of the most beautiful places on earth.
Shirley Haden06-Feb-2007 06:42
This looks like a very large river. It reminds me of the Mississippi River that runs through my city of Saint Paul, MN. ;o)
akleja03-Nov-2006 14:11
Nice shot!
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