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Adam Warmington16-Apr-2009 20:05
thanks for the add to your favorite photographers topic!
Sigita Playdon02-Mar-2008 21:33
only one word, Amazing! Your pictures are very inspiring. Also your layout in the root gallery is stunning, I wish I could do similar.
Thanks for Sharing.
Stan Cooper25-Oct-2007 10:28
Great body of work.
Hey, do you know Kate Malone?
Rosemary Jardine19-Oct-2007 01:50
Yours is a work of joy, I especially enjoyed your gallery of color, Orange you glad I came to visit.:)
Alessandro Sotgiu06-Oct-2007 13:34
One year ago I decided definitively to buy a Sigma 100-300 f4 taking a look at your shots. I've never been sorry of this choiche. The only thing I hope is to reach the half of your class. Thank you.
Marjan Schavemaker04-Oct-2007 19:25
Your work is great, Yipsee and the whole lay-out is magnificent. Is it difficult to create something like it? Many regards, Marjan
cmarcos26-Sep-2007 12:22
I have a lot of things to learn from your wonderfull Photos. Thank you for sharing. Regards.
Colin Clarke02-Aug-2007 20:50
Holy Toledo, Batman! This is a great collection of diverse subjects, wonderfully presented, superbly photographed, and just plain GOOD. My brain hurts when I see how many pictures I have GOT TO look at... =:-] Congratulations! Colin at pbase/agripix
DaleWilliams11-Mar-2007 00:47
Great galleries
Thierry Lucas25-Feb-2007 20:01
Hi Jypsee,
Thanks very much for your comments.
You have a lot of very nice pictures.
Will go back to see more.

Chuck Kuhn31-Dec-2006 12:00
Great way to use PBASE for web site. Photos are wonderful, but the active galleries make this more professional. Now if I could only spend the time and learn to present the same way here. Happy New Year
Guest 30-Sep-2006 09:39
I really like your work Jypsee, I'll check back again to see your new additions, thanks
Bronny x
Tim Ashman18-Sep-2006 05:19
I really enjoyed your galleries. Great work! The cairns in Michigan were really interesting. I have a Cairn gallery myself, feel free to take a look.
Katie Chew09-Aug-2006 20:12
Hi Jypsee,
Thank you for your comment on the photo of the tree and for the suggestion of using a little more contrast. I will try that next time.
Dori 05-Jun-2006 04:59
Good site. It would be desirable to return again and again!
Chris Thorpe12-Mar-2006 12:28
Hi Jypsee,
Thank you for visiting and thank you for your kind comments. The profile photo was shot by my wife ( Pbaser Alida ). She wanted a "pensive" shot but you are correct... the smiles and laughter come so much easier.
Norman Tam20-Feb-2006 15:06
hi jypsee,

thanks for your kind comments and vote for my street gallery. the 7s is my father old camera. it has been with the family for decades. so, to use it now, is really emotional. i enjoy very much.

anyway, hope to see you drop by my galleries in the future.

Jan Koster03-Feb-2006 20:29
As a yearly visitor to Vero Beach, FL, (since 1970), I can really appreciate your Florida pictures. I see them as an inspiration to improve my own Florida work (see my two galleries at: I especially admire your bird shots, but also lots of other things, including the presentation. Thanks!
--Jan Koster (from The Netherlands)
Stan Richard03-Feb-2006 15:30
jypsee, thank you for the compliments on my aurora exhibit. Cheers! Stan
Steven Osmanski01-Feb-2006 18:08
Thanks for taking a look at my galleries. I have spent lots of time looking at yours, it's nice that you kind of share your life in your photos.

BTW you can delete all the extra comments I left on the Makinaw Pic. Pbase was giving me trouble!!

Take care,
Guest 01-Dec-2005 04:58
Thank you for your wonderful comments on my photos. I've only skimmed the surface of your photos but what i've seen so far is fantastic. Quite a variety of locations and subjects, all very professionaly done. You asked about where bliss dunes are... Well they are located south of Mackinaw city about 20 miles, on Lake Michigan on the border of Wilderness state park. I will definatly be checking back to see more. Keep up the good work!
mike j.15-Nov-2005 05:29
Hey I was wondering if that was your own stylesheet you made? If so would you send me the code for it because I don't know how to program one but I really like yours. You've got some great pictures! Thanks.
-mike j-
Jeff Cochran08-Oct-2005 14:33
Awesome quality to your galleries.
Guest 07-Oct-2005 19:24
Real nice, your galleries...
Ed Knepley04-Sep-2005 19:44
jypsee, thaks for your comments on my Pad today -

I respect your opinion, but have strong feelings about when an image is no longer a photograph when it comes to competitions. I added a response with the PAD image to elaborate.

Not trying to pick a fight, just trying to explain my point of view. For what it's worth, this is not the griping of a sore loser since I've won the Photographer of the Year award in all four catagories that I've enter in two years of competition - even competing against Adobe instead of Canon/Nikon/et al. I'd just like to see the blatant PS work competed as a separate category - call it altered or enhanced images - for lots of reasons.
Guest 30-Aug-2005 21:54
Thank you for commenting my "Deadhead" photo. I really appreciate the constructive critique you left. It's always nice to know precisely what people like, not just "nice shot".

I liked layout of your galleries. I'm a little bit lost in them though. :-)
George - Omiros Christakos30-Aug-2005 12:42
What could you say to a professional photographer with 47 years of shooting. Nothing... Perhaps that we could learn many things from you!
Thanks for sharing your huge photo base. We 're gonna need sometime to view all of them...
And thanks for your comment in my yesterdays' Pad photo. From you means a lot.
Best regards,
Stan Richard29-Aug-2005 21:45
jypsee, thanks for the nice comments on my Moraine Valley photo, mucho appreciado! Cheers, Stan
Hodero19-Aug-2005 19:38
I realy enjoyed your galleries.They are so well organized.Your photography is exellent.
I also added you to my list of favourites.greetings from Holland..."H"
Chris Sofopoulos09-Aug-2005 09:48
You have done a superb work. My congratulations and great respect for your so great photos. From today you are in my favourites so I can see your work more often and learn a little from your 47 years of photography.
Charles 01-Aug-2005 06:26
Wow.. I really love your photos, I am impressed! And I was curious as to what part of Florida you are from?? I am down here in the Ft. Lauderdale area. Well, happy shooting and thanks for the kind message on my site.

Dennis Hoyne12-Jul-2005 04:07
Very lovely galleries, wonderful pictures.
Tim Rucci13-May-2005 15:13
Hi Mary... what have you been up to lately? Have you done any shooting in St Augustine yet this season? Just curious, as I though I'd bump into you at the rookery sooner or later. Take care, and happy shooting.... ~ Tim
Stan Richard29-Mar-2005 11:49
jypsee, thanks for the nice comments on Rural Reminiscing! Cheers! STan
Julie 11-Mar-2005 22:32
I certainly and throughly enjoyed looking at the old pictures of the Planets Resorts on beautiful Lake Lucerne. I am deeply homesick for my special Lake in the Woods of Wisconsin. My Uncle Ed now owns the whole north shore of Lake Lucerne with his wonderful Timber Shores Resort. It's a world unto it's own and I hope will always remain pristine and peaceful. Thank you again for the glorious treasured pictures. Julie in hot old "no lake to be had" Tucson, Arizona
Ian Clowes26-Jan-2005 23:07
thanks for visiting my gallery. Of course our UK carriers are very small compared to your American ones :)
audra baecker26-Jan-2005 08:00
You have so many beautiful images.........TFS, Audra
Guest 25-Jan-2005 07:20
I just found out your Galleries and I can really couldn't keep away from your guestbook. Your work is impressive and strong, you got some excellent photos, not to mention the work you did with your CSS :) Thank you for sharing, and keep clicking.
Chris Carruba17-Jan-2005 03:03
Nice work on your galleries, love the css background and the black and whites are great!
John Nasche12-Jan-2005 18:07
Absolutely gorgeous galleries! (The “Jungle Noises” kind of freaked me though on the main gallery page, … I thought I was having a flashback from too much drug use back in my hippie days. My volume was turned up and I must have jumped three feet straight up into the air. Whom do I send the cardiologist bill to?) I especially love all the macro shots of the tree frogs in the “Florida” gallery. It makes me want to grab my macro lens and go on a critter hunt! Well done!
Guest 29-Nov-2004 21:08
... is the first word I could think of. The rest of what I want to say has been said by others before me. Very well done works.

Andrew26-Nov-2004 10:10
Your photos are giving me great pleasure, thanks for stopping by my own feeble effort!
Stan Richard03-Nov-2004 12:43
jypsee, thanks for the comments on my autumn Hiking trail photo, much appreciated. Cheers! Stan
jude16-Oct-2004 01:35
Mary, I just wanted to say your photos are so good. I love the set up of your new front page.. (I love papyrus font as well and am trying to do a style sheet with it)...
Your colors are excellent!
Guest 04-Oct-2004 17:16
Thank you for the comment and advice. Its really nice that professoinals take the time to help amatuer photograghers like myself. I really appreciate your comments, and if you have any other advice on future pictures I post don't hesitate to let me know.

Thank You
Mike Snyder
Cliff20-Sep-2004 02:03
Thanks again for your kind and generous comments on my pictures. It is always so encouraging to receive feedback. We toured your galleries, once again, and loved your pictures and their original presentation. Cliff and Ethel (ps. thanks for your support)
Wei Steen19-Sep-2004 21:14
Hi,thanks for you nice commment.
It's always nice to know that my photos are being liked by other people (too!).
PS: You have very fantastic galleries.
Guest 19-Sep-2004 08:08
Thank you so much leaving me with such kind comments. It is always so nice to hear from someone!I've enjoyed browsing your galleries, especially the semidaily one
I hope you're having a wonderful day. Hope to see you again.
Ray Lander02-Sep-2004 04:07
Thank you, jypsee for your kind words, and visiting my galleries. I do try to shoot raw when I can and then process into jpeg. Your images are wonderful; Michigan looks like a beautiful place to be; gorgeous flowers

All the best from Ray in Boston
Niall O'Shea29-Aug-2004 11:46
Thanks for your insightful comments. Keep up the good work!
Eddie Ling25-Aug-2004 18:06
Jypsee! Keep up the good work! I will keep on coming back to your gallery!
Stan Richard13-Aug-2004 17:36
Jypsee, thanks for the nice commments. I sure hope your new condo survives the hurricane, yikes! I have friends down there I'm worried about. Take care and enjoy your stay in Wisconsin. Stan
joe 13-Aug-2004 01:43
wonderful photos
thru you i can travel without having to get airsick
Tom Grey28-Jul-2004 03:48
Hi Jypsee - Thanks for your kind words about my pix -- I really liked yours from the Florida rookeries -- you might have guessed those would be the ones I'd head for!
Guest 20-Jul-2004 11:30
Enjoyed looking at your galleries - Especially liked "Nuit"
Marlene Pfeifle23-Jun-2004 22:30
I've enjoyed your galleries - thanks for sharing and thanks for your comments in mine. :-)

Naturephoto Monique19-Jun-2004 15:13
Wonderful galleries, i see all the love you have for nature.
You have a good eye, and hart.

rljslick18-Jun-2004 20:59
Very nice site jypsee, you have a real eye for nature!

Holly 15-Jun-2004 16:47
Could spend all day on your link from the women photographers site. Made me wishful for our visits to Long Boat Key. But when I suddenly heard some seabird scared the bajeebers out of me!!!! Holly in dry W. Texas
petesie15-Jun-2004 03:11
Thanks so much for identifying my butterfly....I look forward to visiting your galleries when I can truly take the time to enjoy them.
Stan Richard14-Jun-2004 20:43
jypsee, thank you very much for those nice comments, mucho appreciado! Cheers! STan
Nick Richter07-Jun-2004 14:55
Thanks for looking at my burrowing owl photos. I have added Cape Coral to my list of places to visit in Florida. My owls have a slightly different appearance than yours. Geographic variation? Interesting how yours nest in a park and mine are in agricultural field borders. Must be alot of rodents in both places.
Stan Birge29-May-2004 12:47
Wow..Nice Work. You got to love Florida... Thanks.
Stan Richard10-May-2004 17:11
Jypsee, thanks, glad you liked my heavy weather image, keep looking up! Cheers! Stan
Mattana07-May-2004 17:51
Thanks for your very nice and fun comments. I am glad you enjoyed my pictures. Tuscany is just wonderful in every sense. I just want to turn around and go back!!
Si Kirk04-May-2004 15:11
Thanks for your comments, it is allways nice to speak to people who have visited Plymouth it gives you a cance to see your home through another set of eyes, my dad was also in the services (RAF) so we got to travel as well we would allways end up back at Plymouth so we made our home here.
You will have to pop in next time you visit!
Anna Yu25-Apr-2004 18:42
Your new layout in the root gallery is stunning.
fred vachss25-Apr-2004 06:31
What a wonderful diversity and quality of bird photos you have. Thanks for your help in naming the ones I saw in your area - though my pictures don't hold a candle to yours.

Fred Vachss
Southern California
Stan Richard23-Apr-2004 17:05
jypsee, thanks much for the nice comments on my newest Moon & Planets shot, glad you enjoyed it. I hope you can inspire you grandson to "keep looking up". Cheers! Stan
Flings 11-Apr-2004 19:48
I was reading your comment on (Jordan d) gallery ,the three flags issue.All i want to say is that i agree completly with you.God bless you.Mes respects Madame!!!
Guest 10-Apr-2004 17:20
Great photography, I really liked the one of the water lillies... Awesome !
Thanks for sharing your GREAT work !
Selvin Chance25-Mar-2004 08:45
Thanks for the visit to Southern Florida. Based on your pictures, there's lots more to see and do when I get there again.