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A Peaceful Demonstration of the Manila Massacre

Where: Hong Kong
Participants: 30,000(police figure) - 80,000 (organizer's figure)

This was a peaceful demonstration to show support of the victims and their families. The crowd remained silent during their walk from Victoria Park to Central. Most people were dressed in black or white.
Never seen so many police vehicles in a public parking lot
Never seen so many police vehicles in a public parking lot
Never seen so many police vehicles in a public parking lot
Never seen so many police vehicles in a public parking lot
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t1%2f21%2f798321%2f4%2f127984234.YkVNgK7T.jpg t1%2f21%2f798321%2f4%2f127984235.BVJJRRm3.jpg t1%2f21%2f798321%2f4%2f127984237.okuMSPv6.jpg t1%2f21%2f798321%2f4%2f127984238.b64krc9W.jpg
t1%2f21%2f798321%2f4%2f127984239.I5M7fFDK.jpg Arriving at Central
Arriving at Central
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