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Onur DÝNÇ07-Apr-2018 08:45
Very nice breathtaking gallery of a long period work. thanks to make me travel round the world which ı haven't been before. Hope to see you in Turkey/ Canakkale, too.
Nella Pascal28-Jan-2018 10:12
It's always such a pleasure visiting your galleries, Jose. I get to travel all over the globe with your photos. I will probably never have the chance to visit all these places, but you allow me to see the world through your amazing images. Thank you for that.
Fabienne30-Nov-2017 21:02
Bonsoir José,

vos galeries sont superbes elle me font voyager à travers les villes et pays.
Je découvre à travers vos images de charmants villages ainsi que de magnifiques paysages.

Merci de partager vos photos car c’est toujours un plaisir de les regarder.
George Kolb06-Jul-2017 16:46
Jose, you have beautiful galleries also. In fact I'm going to use them as reference on our trip to Switzerland next year. Thanks. George
pingupingu15-Apr-2017 05:46
Very interesting and large collection with good pictures.
I notice that you never went to Poland and Greece, and neither in France ( excepting Paris )
New challenges :)
Strat18-Oct-2016 18:25
Thank you for visiting my site. The fisherman bating the hook is one of my favorites also. If I wake up to fog, I always run run out with my camera.
You live in a beautiful city. I have been to Barcelona four times.
Jack Dadourian12-Oct-2016 19:17
Jose, Just to say that I appreciate your comments. As always, I enjoyed browsing through your very rich collection of photos, this year in particular with your new galleries showcasing Germany, Italy among others. I wish I could travel as much as you do but I find transatlantic flights to be quite taxing. Best wishes. Jack
Paul van Giersbergen28-Aug-2016 12:09
Many thanks for all your positive remarks regarding my pictures. Your pictures are of a very different nature but very nice to look at.
Norbert Uhlhaas18-Jun-2016 15:23
Thanks for your Comment on my website. Your also have a fantastic Gallery!
Ray Purser Photography10-Jan-2016 18:51
Hi Jose thank-you for your recent visit to my Gambia tour Gallery ,your comment is much appreciated.
Jacob Padrul04-Jan-2016 04:32
Jose, Thank you so much for visiting my galleries so many times and nice comments. I love your images. There are many locations that I have been to as well and I recognize those places and this brings nice warm memories. And thank you for providing those very informative commentaries to your excellent images.
Ninon_nix07-Sep-2015 12:27
Thank you for your comment, it also gave me the opportunity to discover your universe. You are a very talented photographer! You give life to places and bring us with you. You also bring back memories for I visited Barcelona few years ago! Thanks! ;0)
Robispho08-Jul-2015 06:47
Thank you for your comment on my Bali photos. Saw some amazing photos in your galleries.... very nice.
Dean B06-Jul-2015 07:03
Thank you for the comments you have left on my photos. Much appreciated.
mic_hong06-Jul-2015 05:07
Thank you for visiting my galleries. I plan to visit your country and Portugal in 2016.
Orit Moore23-Apr-2015 18:47
Thanks so much for visiting my galleries and for the kind comments. As a beginner photographer it means a lot to me.
I often look at your galleries and love your work. You always manage to find
a special angel, which make each photo very unique.
Adit Merkine17-Apr-2015 17:36
Many thanks for visiting my gallery, Joseantonio.
Your gallery is beautiful!
Russell Tunny16-Mar-2015 21:49
Do not normally do a second comment in a guest book.

I like to look at your travel photos plus you provide the commentary that explains the location & why you took the image. I am almost an armchair traveller when I look at your portfolio.

I appreciate the effort you go to, to share you part of the world.
Russell Tunny03-Mar-2015 12:28
Hi Jose
some great images of Spain (and other places). Tempting enough to want to go back again. Keep posting and I will keep coming back for more.
creakingbones15-Feb-2015 22:31
Thank's I'm glad you liked the Galahs. They are funny little parrots. I admire your galleries, they are inspirational.
Derek McInnes13-Feb-2015 14:33
Thank You for the nice comment you left on my page :)
chevypickupdriver01-Feb-2015 15:49
Thanks for the nice comments you left on my site. You have some very fascinating landscapes in your galleries. Bravo!! I must visit some of the sites in Europe, especially Spain and Switzerland, when I get to Germany this year, hopefully!
Craig Gillette25-Jan-2015 23:53
Thank you for noticing and commenting. My galleries pale in comparison to yours. My daughter is an architecture student and had the opportunity to spend a couple of days in Barcelona this last year while studying in Florence. Of course she visited the Sagrada Familia and also the Barcelona Pavilion - and did a lot of walking! She really enjoyed her time there.
frederic rouverand24-Jan-2015 17:45
very good work. Very nice landscapes inviting us to travel around the world.
Thanks for your comment
frederic ROUVERAND
Doc G28-Dec-2014 13:57
Hello Jose. I wanted to say thanks for taking time to browse my Pbase galleries and thanks for the nice comments. I just browsed through several of your galleries and all I can say is you do fantastic work!! Just beautiful. Thanks again for the comments. ~ Doc G
Tom Casey26-Nov-2014 01:41
Greetings from Virginia, USA. Dynamic galleries, you really get around. Me, I don't enjoy traveling and you can tell from my photos. TC
Krzysztof Naumczyk20-Nov-2014 07:39
Thank you for taking time to see my pics :) Appreciate your comment!
Mike Bishop03-Nov-2014 13:32
Thanks for your visits and comments, Jose. In trying out the new lens/camera I had my daughter ride circles around me :)
hamery02-Nov-2014 16:47
thank you for your compliment jose, i try very hard these days to sneak out of work to shoot in the occupy areas. cheers.
oddlegs23-Oct-2014 23:25
Thankyou for your kind comments Jose, and Hats off to your beautiful collection of pics.
Regards and Cuidate
Orna Popper22-Oct-2014 19:47
Jose, your comment to a photo of mine led me to your amazing galleries. It was a breath-taking tour. I have enjoyed your colors, light and compositions, which enhanced the beauty of the scenery you photograph.

Thank you for this experience,
Creative Foto Girl16-Oct-2014 03:55
Thanks for your comment on my image of colour in the trees! I took a quick look at some of your galleries. Wow you've done some wonderful travelling and taken fabulous photos! Your descriptions are very informative. We were in Barcelona in June for four days....your city is beautiful. I loved every moment of my visit.
Jean Chiasson05-Sep-2014 22:53
Thank you very much Jose
Jean Chiasson30-Aug-2014 04:26

Thank you jose for visiting my Galleries and your very nice comments
Gerwyn Gibbs27-Aug-2014 17:19
At last I've had some time to view your galleries after receiving kind comments on mine. I just like the way you have taken such good images of historical sites and buildings. Your notes on their history are very interesting. I also like your photographs of English sites. Perhaps next time you should visit Wales with it's magnificient ruins of Norman and English castles set in beautiful country.
Dulyn Davies20-Aug-2014 19:43
Thanks for your comments and looking at my Images.
Your galleries are wonderful, lovely pictures.
I visited your City in March this year, really enjoyed myself, friendly people.
Thanks again Dulyn
John Bowman01-Aug-2014 17:47
Thank You for viewing and kind comments about my North Wales Gallery
cmierpaddler28-Jul-2014 13:23
Thank you for visiting and commenting, I appreciate them very much.
Connie Mier
John Medlin22-Jul-2014 23:13
Thanks for your kind comments on my very new and very small galleries. I've just had a brief world tour among your galleries. Wonderful shots that communicate so much more than a postcard would.
photodocsj20-Jul-2014 19:50
Thank you for visiting my Bird Gallery and the kind comments that you made.
James Meyers, Egg Harbor, New Jersey, USA
ron shufflebarger12-Jul-2014 02:29
Jose, thanks for stopping by and visiting--ron9ron
hbouter10-Jul-2014 19:37
Thank you for your comments on my pictures.
Wen i see your pictures you have to visit holland!
You would like the architecture here.
Henk Bouter
jjoejr10-Jul-2014 01:14
Jose, you really know how to capture architecture and landscape shots. Wonderful gallery.
Gar Cropser07-Jul-2014 05:13
Very nice galleries. You've visited many beautiful locations.
Gene Zonis05-Jul-2014 16:21
Thank you for your kind comments.
Your own photogvraphy is amazing. I don't know which I like best,there are so many.
Jac Fleming30-Jun-2014 02:56
Thanks for your comment.. Barcelona?! I will visit your city some day.. an all time favorite! So much history, art and romance.
murray newell05-Jun-2014 16:37
thank you for your comment.that was nice of you.cindy
Jack Dadourian04-Jun-2014 21:26
Thanks Jose for commenting on my pictures. I enjoy watching your galleries, specially the ones showcasing beautiful Barcelona.
Blair Alderton Photography04-Jun-2014 17:49
Thanks for your comment on my photo! I can't wait to explore your galleries to get a feel for Spain and Europe... I hope to visit that part of the world some day!
Karin Sjödin31-May-2014 07:39
Thanks for your visit to my galleri
KristyBaker17-May-2014 05:25
Your pictures are amazing.
thang16-May-2014 19:45
your entire travel collection of images are priceless! Thank you for sharing
Carol Koenig 15-May-2014 23:35
Beautiful Pictures, very moving.
Erkan Erdem02-May-2014 09:16
Choosing a favorite gallery for a talented person like you must have been really hard...
All galleries are perfect.
Rob Smit27-Apr-2014 23:12
Gracias, Jose for your kind comments on my recent photos.
You have many beautiful galleries! :)
Annelance27-Apr-2014 13:15
Thank you for your comments. Your galleries are wonderful! Ann
George11-Apr-2014 21:55
Great galleries and photos from so many corners of the world .:)
Bruce Johnson11-Apr-2014 18:24
Thank you for seeing my images--I sure like all yours and all your traveling,wish I could afford to traffle like that.
Shi Chen11-Apr-2014 00:32
Thank you for visiting my gallerries. You have beautiful images in your galleries. I visited .You're very welcome to visit China , You can shoot the beautiful scenery in China.
henkverbiesen10-Apr-2014 06:43
Great galleries, and thank you for your visit and comment
J.C. Richardson III04-Apr-2014 03:47
Hi joseantonio,
Thank you for coming on my gallery and the kind comment; I really enjoyed looking through your galleries. You have some great work. Thanks for sharing.
BrigitteKrede02-Apr-2014 10:12
J'aime beaucoup vos galeries José, même si je n'ai vais pas trop souvent...Vos photos me donnent envie de voyager et c'est ce que je vais bientôt faire...Merci de nous montrer notre belle terre.
JaneB28-Mar-2014 17:14
Thank you for the very first comment on my first posting for several years ! It was a lovely surprise to see it there ! I've been and had a look at your galleries - WOW ! I am housebound now as totally wheelchair dependent and have to be hoisted so Travel is now a challenge toooooo far so I thoroughly enjoyed travelling to the places in your galleries !
Jean Chiasson25-Mar-2014 18:36
Bonjour Jose Toutes mes félicitations très belle galeries
Tank you A+
Rod Darrah14-Mar-2014 20:21
Thank You for once again visiting my Galleries ....... it also reminds me to come back to yours !
ednjoan09-Mar-2014 14:44
Thank you very much for the comment on my gallery. You and your photos have long been an encouragement to me.
kervelli09-Mar-2014 08:20
nice pictures
Selvin Chance08-Mar-2014 11:05
Thank you for your kind comments.
connell patrick byrne03-Mar-2014 16:25
thanks for the comments on my your pics of places I've visited in Ireland family comes from Kilcar in donegal ...
Bruce Johnson27-Feb-2014 02:52
Thank you, I sure enjoy your work too.
Don Marlow26-Feb-2014 06:07
Jose thank you for taking the time show support and comment on new images. Keep up the great work yourself and lets keep gathering up images to show.
Martin in de Wal11-Feb-2014 08:29
Jose,Thanks for your visit and comments on my pictures.
Jean Chiasson10-Feb-2014 23:37
Merci de partager tes belle images Jose Bye
Jean Chiasson07-Feb-2014 22:26
Thank you for your visit and encouraging Jose
Roozbeh Shivayi03-Feb-2014 15:46
Thanks, Jose, for your visit to my photos and sharing your nice comments.
Ben Leung29-Jan-2014 15:18
Hi, Jose, Thanks for your visit to my album. I am so jealous that you live in a country which has so many great buildings, so that you can take many great buildings pictures.
Earle T21-Jan-2014 04:02
Thanks for your comments - Wish I could visit the wonderful places you photograph. Thanks for posting your great shots!
Gene Zonis19-Jan-2014 14:42
Thanks for your kind words
Muskrat's Photos08-Jan-2014 14:31
You have a wonderful collection of beautiful places! Thanks for visiting my galleries! (V)
SageCreek Images07-Jan-2014 17:42
Thanks for the nice comment on my "frosted tree" image...
Bernie07-Jan-2014 06:13
Thanks for your comments on my panoramas Jose. Appreciated! - Bernie
wes31-Dec-2013 05:45
Thanks for your visit Jose, it's alwys a pleasure to vist your site to admire all your beautiful shots from so many different places
Take care
Christian Beaurivage20-Dec-2013 02:57
Thank you for your comment, your galleries are just great!
Bill Sturrock11-Dec-2013 18:54
yvonne210-Dec-2013 12:21
Thanks for your comment!
Alan Klaw25-Nov-2013 14:58
Thank you Jose.The people in Cuba are warm,vibrant and welcoming.Muchos Gracias.Best Alan (Cactusklaw)
SageCreek Images23-Nov-2013 16:05
I appreciate your nice comment on my "Winter" scenic...
slentz14-Nov-2013 17:39
Gracias por los comentos. Desculpeme para demorar en dejar una nota; pues a veces estoy despacio a tomar cuenta que alguein ha dejado varios palabras.

Recien hemos movido a Peru, los photos nuevos son del lugar donde esperamos a constriur la casa. En a largo camino, espero hacer un cuarto oscuro y dedicarme al blanco y negro com chemicas!

De repente vamos a ir a Espana o vienes a Peru!!

jamesdavidphotography27-Oct-2013 03:58
Nice travel galleries!
Rune Berglinn22-Oct-2013 05:39
Nice photos from a lot of places, Well done.
Saulo Silva17-Oct-2013 22:32
Hola, José. Em breve enviarei minhas fotos da Noruega. Estou vendo suas fotos agora. Um grande abraço. Saulo.
Annelance17-Oct-2013 01:46
Thank you for your kind comment. I have enjoyed looking at your photographs. Very nice.
John Glines15-Oct-2013 20:57
Glad you liked my gallery on Other Places in Thailand, and thanks for leaving a comment.
Gary O'Dell 30-Sep-2013 17:35
Thanks for the nice comment on my Fall image...
June O'Connell29-Sep-2013 13:20
My goodness you have travelled to so many interesting destinations, thanks for sharing these places with us your photographs are stunning!
Hennie14-Sep-2013 18:50
Visitamos a menudo tu pagina web. Me extrañaba mucho la variación en fotografía
y los lugares que has visitado.Sobre todo las fotos de las Capitales Europeas están impresionando por la belleza.
Muchas gracias por sus amables comentarios en nuestros galerías.
Un saludo de Holanda de Lies y Hennie Lammers.
Ronald Johnson11-Sep-2013 18:12
Your beautiful, no, spectacular galleries prove that one can find beauty to photograph wherever they are. Your shots are presented beautifully and you have a wonderful eye. I plan on visiting often.
Tom Merigan06-Sep-2013 19:16
Thanks for your visit and nice comments You are a great photographer and it is great to meet you on pbase Tom Merigan
wes04-Sep-2013 21:28
Thanks for your visit and your nice remark I added a slide show to the wetland gallery
It goes without saying all your photos are beautiful ~VV~
Lolly Owens27-Aug-2013 11:41
Your photos of Barcelona are stunning and meaningful to me. My daughter travels there shortly and seeing the photos helps me feel as if I am going with her. Thank you for the beautiful work and posting them and for the comment you left on my page. Peace.
Inger Omø Steen-Hansen26-Aug-2013 12:13
I always become both glad and a little proud for your nice comments. This time to my Hillringsberg-photo from Sweden.Thanks!
Chris Rankin20-Aug-2013 02:54
Thanks for the comments on my images, Jose. After viewing your galleries it means a lot. I have to admit, I'm envious of both your technique and the places that you have been able to shoot.
Terry J. Graham31-Jul-2013 04:30
Thanks again for coming back to my little corner of PBase and leaving comments. I looked at your galleries and it is so interesting seeing something so different than what I see everyday.
Tom Merigan25-Jul-2013 19:22
You just now a better and better website every time I like Glad you like my view of Positano Tom V
ajuett23-Jul-2013 18:39
Thanks Jose for your comments in my gallery, I'm enjoying your photos as well!
Kristján Pétursson23-Jul-2013 07:18
Thanks for your constructive comment on my pic.
Aappreciated. br. KP
Per Forsström21-Jul-2013 14:54
Thanks for all the kind comments you have given to my images!

Your galleries are very nice, and have given me many good inspirations in photo composition.
Francois POUGET21-Jul-2013 05:24
Beautiful pictures around the world, in many country I have not visited. A feast for the eyes
tglass20-Jul-2013 03:54
I've got a cold beer and I'm going to savor it while checking out your many landscapes in your favorites gallery! Thanks for stopping by my black light gallery and double thanks for the V!
Geary B09-Jul-2013 02:35
Thanks for stopping by my macro gallery and leaving a comment Jose. I very much enjoyed viewing your amazing galleries.
Dougie Young08-Jul-2013 21:02
Hi Jose Thanks for your recent visit and comment.
jjoejr06-Jul-2013 02:53
From the great state of texas. Terrifc photos my man!
Dave Petersen Photography02-Jul-2013 14:58
A wonderful selection of excellent
images and a great tour of places I have not had a chance to visit. I will continue to check out your gallery. I really enjoy viewing your photography.
dobbin01-Jul-2013 20:48
Wonderful photographs! Many of your city and landscapes remind me of fine wood-block prints from the days before photographers. Thank-you for your visit, and friendly words.

J. Dobbin
Kingston, ON
Terry Jackson 18-Jun-2013 21:52
Beautiful work. Next week my wife and I are making our fourth trip to Kandersteg. We have hiked all of the area and I can confirm that you have captured it perfectly
Inger Omø Steen-Hansen15-Jun-2013 14:22
It' s always a great pleasure to look at your galleries. Thanks for your 'visit' in my garden. Best wishes from Inger
Jan Morris10-Jun-2013 16:30
Thanks for taking a peek at my photos and I very much appreciate your nice comment. Also, all of your galleries are very impressive...Jan
Photos by Paul06-Jun-2013 15:18
Thanks, Jose, for looking at my photos and sharing your nice thoughts !!!

S. Paul Davis - Vancouver, WA, USA
Brian K. H. Yim31-May-2013 16:14
Hi Jose, Thanks for your visit and encouragement in my gallery.
Photos by Paul23-Apr-2013 17:38
Jose . . . The subject matter and photographic techniques of your images are both spectacular!!
Thanks for sharing. Paul
Bill Adams21-Apr-2013 04:37
Thanks, again, Jose for visiting my site, this time the Africa gallery. I certainly hope that you do take the time to visit Africa to see and photograph the incredible wildlife. I would certainly want to be among the first to see your pictures. I visit this gallery often to find inspiration in your lovely work, so keep it up!
Iris Maybloom (irislm)16-Apr-2013 20:16
Thank you for the kind comment on my Cuba gallery. Love your travelogue of galleries.
Robert Dupuis13-Apr-2013 16:52
Thanks for your visit and your kind comment, yours are also beautifull.
Marcus Kloft11-Apr-2013 20:22
Thanks for your visit and your kind comment.
Will you come again to Switzerland this year?
Andrew Ross14-Feb-2013 18:02
Thanks for your kind words, your work is amazing.....fantastic........
I also have a facebook page "Andy R photography" if you have the time to take a look........thank you again.....Andy
cor20d12-Feb-2013 19:03
Thanx for your visit and comments. Please come again
Gustav 07-Feb-2013 11:03
Thank you very much for taking your time looking at my pictures. Appreciate your kind comment.
Gene Zonis04-Feb-2013 21:24
Thank you. Coming from you that's a real complement.
GaleriaFotoStefan25-Jan-2013 17:52
beautiful images of so many country's ! bravo!
isopix21-Jan-2013 22:56
Your galleries are spectacular! You use your camera with such adventurous composition, plus you’ve added those wonderful stories to each shot. You should publish an eBook. Thank you so much for the kind words on my site, but my site pales in comparison to yours.
Frederick J. Land21-Jan-2013 18:57
Love your galleries Jose! Thanks for sharing.
Bruce Johnson19-Jan-2013 23:32
Thanks for the message --you have a wonderfull site to see.Thanks again from california.
Leah Serna04-Jan-2013 05:41
Your Barcelona Album is so amazing :]
Ben Leung01-Jan-2013 15:22
Hi, Jose,

Wish you Happy New Year and good health too!

Best Regards,

Ben Leung
digital_guy29-Dec-2012 15:28
Absolutely stunning photos in all of your galleries. Thank you for sharing, Jose.
Arbi Arzouman27-Dec-2012 11:09
Hello Jose, You have a great collection and a very nice eye for photography. I enjoy looking at your galleries and I have alot to learn from. Thanks for sharing them.
Looking forward to see more and more beautiful and amazing photos.
gillygangtx22-Dec-2012 19:21
Beautiful work Jose!
Gene Zonis20-Dec-2012 19:25
Your photography is magnificent. Bravo!!!!
William Thomas17-Dec-2012 14:34
Thank you for your very gracious comments in my Zion/Bryce gallery. I've enjoyed exploring your many wonderful photos of some lovely locations. Kudos too on the historic elaborations in the captions accompanying the areas you have excellent travel guide for me, should I visit one of those countries.
Bill Adams10-Dec-2012 20:44
Gracias, Jose. It is a pleasure to see your kind comments on my Galapagos gallery. We had a lot of fun there. My Spanish was very rusty, but the people there were wonderful to us.
jim05-Dec-2012 15:37
Thanks for your comments. It's good to get a little feed back. Jim
Pawel Czeszejko28-Nov-2012 21:22
Thanks for your kind remarks;
your favourites are great.
Jared26-Nov-2012 20:03
impressive galleries, look forward to seeing more.
Photos by Paul15-Nov-2012 16:03
Good Morning, Jose . . .
Thank you for your continuing special comments on my gallery. I only wish I could travel as you do so I could witness God's wonders as you do ! (I find your photos to be the best on pBase !) Paul
Chris Brooker08-Nov-2012 11:14
Hello Jose,
I have been looking at your photographs with interest. You are producing excellent results. Thank you for your kind comments. I look forward to hearing from you in the future.
photodocsj04-Nov-2012 18:40
Thank you for visiting my bird galleries and the kind comment that you left. James
trance_mama21-Oct-2012 18:19
Hi Jose, glad I met you on pbase, enjoyed your pages!
Selvin Chance21-Oct-2012 10:24
Thank you for your kind comments on my galleries.
I have been viewing your European Capitals am impressed by the beauty that you capture in your photos.
Keep shooting.
Terry J. Graham10-Oct-2012 20:29
Thanks again for coming back to my little corner of PBase and leaving comments.
Kalkadan10-Oct-2012 07:02
thank you Jose - it was very kind of you to comment on my gallery
kind regards
Brisbane. Australia
Lakotah 09-Oct-2012 15:26
Jose, This gallery of photos of yours is by far the most beautiful and spectacular set of photos I have ever seen on P-Base. You are so fortunate to be able to go to all these places around the world to see and experience these places your self. You have taken a great variety of views in places where others will only show the same generic pic again and again. Thanks for the great Pics.
kervelli07-Oct-2012 17:31
Beautiful pictures we enjoy your work
John Glines06-Oct-2012 21:50
Thanks for your recent kind comment and vote. Your new gallery on Paris is a stunner!
Per Forsström04-Oct-2012 17:38
Thank you for your comments on some of my pictures! You have many nice galleries.
Frazerrobbo28-Sep-2012 18:37
Hey Jose,

Thanks for commenting on some of my pics. I love your Switzerland album in Zermatt. Stunning photos.

I also really like your NEw Zealand photos. I'll be travelling to NZ later this year so keen to get a few snaps of Taranaki and Cromandel as well as some of the South Island areas!! Keep up the good work!
Ulf Ståhle24-Sep-2012 15:21
So many great captures you´ve got in your galleries and thanks for your comments on mine.
Gene Zonis20-Sep-2012 23:30
Thanks for your comment. Your photography is beautiful.