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American Civil War

The American Civil War, also known as the War Between the States, was a civil war fought from 1861 to 1865 in the United States of America after seven Southern slave states declared their secession and formed the Confederate States of America. The war had its origin in the fractious issue of slavery, especially the extension of slavery into the western territories. After four years of bloody combat that left over 600,000 soldiers dead and destroyed much of the South's infrastructure, the Confederacy collapsed, slavery was abolished, and the difficult Reconstruction process of restoring national unity and guaranteeing rights to the freed slaves began. (The photos aren't in exact chronological order. I've changed the order when I thought it would help tell the story better.)
Abraham Lincoln Five generations of slaves Preparing cotton for the gin
Jefferson Davis Fort Sumter under Confederate control Confederate Army Private Edwin Francis Jemison Robert E. Lee Domestic camp life
View of Georgetown At the 1st Battle of Bull Run House used as a hospital for both the 1st and 2nd Battles of Bull Run After the Battle of Bull Run Horse-drawn ambulance
Group of contraband Ulysses S. Grant Union ironclad warship Galena Sailors on the ironclad warship The Monitor The 150th Pennsylvania Infantry camp
Confederate soldier Union officers before the Battle of Shiloh At the Battle of Shiloh Engine Firefly of the Orange and Alexandria Railroad
Siege artillery Bridge at Antietam Bodies and a pair of shoes Burial crew of Union soldiers Union soldier is buried while Confederate lies unburied
(Left to right) Alan Pinkerton, President Lincoln, General McClellan President Lincoln with General McClellan Union soldiers outside the Marye house Trinity Episcopal Church and the unfinished Capitol building Chain Bridge over the Potomac River
Female combat soldier alias Jack Williams Emancipation Proclamation Company E 4th USCT (United States Colored Troops) Camp during the Siege of Vicksburg Confederate dead at Marye's Heights, 2nd Battle of Fredricksburg
Union dead at Gettysburg Captured confederates New York 7th Regiment on guard during New York City draft riots Union non-commissioned officers mess Drummer boy Johnny Clem
Union officers and ladies at a garrison house Hanover Junction Union gunboat Mendota Confederate wounded after the battle of Spotsylvania Wounded Union soldiers
Council of War Collecting the remains of soldiers killed in battle A deserter hanged Bomb-proof headquarters Former auction house for slaves
Sharpshooters Soldiers bathing Fortifications protecting Atlanta Railroad roundhouse in ruins Union pickets outside occupied Atlanta
General Sherman begins his March to the Sea Sheet music Siege gun at Fort McAllister Charleston, South Carolina Charleston, South Carolina
Embalming a dead soldier Clara Barton Harewood General Hospital Richmond, Virginia Richmond, Virginia
Confederate White House Court House where Lee surrenders to Grant (April 9, 1865) Special performance Ford's Theater Laura Keene
John Wildes Booth House in which Lincoln died Bed on which Lincoln died Wanted poster Lincolnís funeral procession
Locomotive for Lincoln's funeral train Lincoln's hearse Conspirators in Lincoln's assassination being prepared for hanging Conspirators in assassination of Lincoln hanged A number of contraband
High Bridge Flowers in bloom where soldiers died Slaves Reunion Civil War figures
Civil War figures