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Peking, previously TS Arethusa.
October 2006 Linda Ruth Pullan

Peking, previously TS Arethusa.

Sea port, New York.

The training ship Arethusa was towed to New York in 1975, refurbished, and given its original name, Peking.

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Ted Farr. no34 23-Dec-2018 07:17
Ted farr, no 34. 23-Dec-2018 07:16
Ted Farr (now McBride) no 34 1967 to 1969. Wishing all Arethusa old boys a very merry
christmas and a great 2019. take care.
John Richardson 201 14-Oct-2018 15:36
Olaf Sivvertsen. I see your name with fond memories. What a time we had on the wonderful "Are".

If you are still out there , please send me an email and we can catch up.

Best regards.

John Woodcock. . previously Richardson. Radio Officer. MN
Phil collins 23-Aug-2018 21:33
I was on the Areathusa 63-65 No 155 James Avery was my partner in crime. Had a boxing match with a little fellow called Virgo. Remember getting six of the best for doing a runner.
Ted Farr no 34 (1967 to 1969 11-May-2018 10:52
not much happening on this site,WHY, start writing messages, and let us old are boys talk to each other on this site
Guest 29-Dec-2016 21:24
hello anyone out there remember me Wiseman no 5 focsle starboard 1949 to 1952 went to outward bound to MN managed to get mates cert my brother Alan Wiseman followed me went into RN the best days of my life even though I was the biggest skate aboard 12 cuts across the backside was not unusual
Guest 24-Oct-2016 19:08
Hi my Dad was on the ship from 1966 and his name was Michael Keating. Unfortunately we lost him in 2008 but would love to hear from.anyone that might have met him! Thanks x
Ted Farr no 34 mess 4,1967-1969 28-Sep-2016 10:56
28-Sep-2016 10:53
Ted farr no 34 mess 4 1967-1969.
If you go on "youtube" and print "peking leaving south sea port New York" you can find video's and photo's of the old girl leaving the harbour heading for dry-docks on Staten Island, where she will get ready for her last trip to hamburg in Germany in the spring of 2017.I was in New York 14 days ago but they had removed the gangplank the week before, so i could not board her.She did not look to pretty, but i am sure she will look magnificent when they have fully restored her to her former glory in Hamburg.To all arethusa old boys hope life has been good to you all, take care, Ted Farr (now Mcbride)
Guest 26-Sep-2016 11:55
Ted farr no 34Arethusa 1967 to 1969.
You can go on this webb site, and get a lot of info from old arethusa boys. take care Ted Farr ( now Mcbride)
Roly Rigg 30-Jul-2016 17:56
Roly Rigg. Number 56. Went to King Edward the v11 with John Cutts and Wiggy Bennett. Did not realise there has been reunions.
97 Dinnage 29-May-2016 11:40
97 Ray Dinnage Are Boy 1959/60 9mess.
Any one out there with positive comment?
No staff appear to make postings..Of coarse
they are either dead or in hiding!
john lee 18-May-2016 17:18
At the time know as john loveless 20 mess 188 can't say I enjoyed my time left joined the mn then the rn finished off in polaris anyone remember me
john Loveless
1958 1960
Jerry Chandler 02-Apr-2016 19:54
i was there 72-73. Richard Smee from Wales and a bloke called something Lang whose old man owned Lang Cranes in London. ring a bell with anyone?
Carlo13-Mar-2016 17:27
Looks like the TS Arethusa / Peking is on her way home to Hamburg in the Spring of this year 2016.
Carlo 13-Mar-2016 16:46
Carlo 13-Mar-2016 16:45 CORRECTION
My name is Carlo Bone and was on the TS Arethusa 1969-70 my number was 79. Looking back they were the best years of my life..
Carlo 13-Mar-2016 16:45
My name is Carlo Bone and was on the TS Arethusa 1996-70 my number was 79. looking back they were the best years of my life..
do 11-Feb-2016 20:49
Doug Webb
I was on the Arethusa d
From 18
Mick Dolan 07-Sep-2015 19:12
Has anyone got the contact details/email of Stewart Macdonnell or Richard grenville.I have posted a message on the Delphi site.Is there an official Old boys forum? Any info would be welcome..Great to see old shipmates at 2015 reunion.
Ted Farr (now Mcbride) 07-Sep-2015 09:08
Nice to hear from you Mick, look forward to hearing from you again.
Mick Dolan 06-Sep-2015 17:30
Hi Ted
I remember you well , what a gym display team we had! Would love to share stories/memories
and photo's..Will talk again soon..Mick Dolan
Ted Farr (now Mcbride 06-Sep-2015 17:01
Hello Mike Dolan, I remember you very well.You became a CPO and was on the gymnastic display team together with number was 34,i was on the Arethusa from july 1967 to 1969,2 great years of my life.I have a newspaper from 20th may 1969(chatham standard)with a photo of you on the trampoline. Hope life has been good to you Mike. regards Ted Farr.
MIKE BARNES 05-Sep-2015 15:02
Mick Dolan 03-Sep-2015 19:13
Can anyone confirm the old boys reunion date ,I believe it is 5th September 2015. I attended the first three and went to New York for a reunion on board with 40 others in 1990..I was an "Are boy"from May 67-July 70..No 109 top starboard.
Guest 02-Sep-2015 17:02
Hi Rob. I think I remember a boy called "Tubbs" I was on the Arry the same time as David. Do you have a photo of your brother around the time he was on board.Sorry to hear that he has passed.
Rob Tubb 16-Aug-2015 22:02
Does anyone remember my late brother David Tubb, he would have been on the Arethusa in the early 70's, can't be sure of the exact dates. I was a Conway boy from 67-70 and David was a nearly 3 years younger.
Thanks for any info you may have


Trousse de toilette06-Aug-2015 06:59
Peter (pedro) 13-Jul-2015 16:06
Hi Trevor Cairey, I have just seen you comment and name. The reunion of old ship mates is on the 5th of September and this year will be its 25th reunion Held as always down in lower Upnor where the Arethusa was moored as a training ship for many years. Try and make the reunion with friends and family it will be a great day out for all.
If you would like more information on the days advent then drop me an email to My name is Peter. Shipmates called me Pedro.
trevor cairey 12-Jul-2015 12:23
Arry boy for the last two years before she was sold would love to come to riunion
Alan Walker 31-May-2015 14:32
Best Years of My Schooling!
hi my name is Alan Walker ,I was on the Are 63 to 65 No 213 qd stbd I remember names Pigula Bartels,Seymore Jonnsen The Swede. And some of the others mentioned here Terry Tierney from Worthing who I did paint ship who I understand now lives in pompey Be nice to catch up sometime. Cheers Alan Walker.
Alan Walker 31-May-2015 14:20
Hi my name is Alan Walker. I was on the "Are" 63 to 65 (213 qdstbd) did paint ship for last weeks with Terry Tierney from Worthing . i think I was a L/H The names I remember were Pigula ,bartels,Seymore Jonnson (The Swede) I didn't do the services(maybe should have) Anybody who remembers me please get in touch. Alan Walker
Ted Farr 05-May-2015 08:42
Hi, Ted Farr (now Mcbride)was on the Arethusa 1967 to 1969. mess 4, no 34.I remember scotty very well together with Bill Malloy (horse)no12.(the 3 tobacco baron's)I also remember Steve Neave well.I now live in Denmark and have done for the last 38 years.
I would love to meet up with you guys one day, maybe at a Arethusa reunion.
Peter/pedro 29-Apr-2015 07:14
Hi Stuart Cleghorn Pedro here I was on the Arethusa the same years as you were my ships number was 111 mess 11.
I have left a message for others to contact me, If you would like to email me I will try and tell you more. ( ) I will get back to you.

Kind regards

Stuart cleghorn 28-Apr-2015 17:22
Could you please give list of names and numbers of shipmates 1964 to 1966 please notify j
Steve Neave 24-Apr-2015 23:25
Hi, I was on the Are around 69/70 for about 12 months, I recall Dave Watson? from Croydon and caught up with him in the late seventies for a while, but lost track, also I remember Tony Hargreaves ( Rabbitts) from gravesend, My number was 74 I was welterweight champ on ship and in the gym team ( trampoline) cant forget Pinky. Had cuts a couple of times, once had public cuts over the horse in the gym. I,m sure that 2nd lieutenant was a sadist!!! forgot his name. Also played Bb baritone in the band and remember a tall half caste lad excellent cornet/trumpet player - memories of head bashed by a ladel from the leading hand at mess times, sleeping in a hammock, swimming out to yachts in the middle of the night to nick fags & booze- also on charges for treason, defamation of the queens colours- because we hoisted a jolly roger on April Fools day,- no sense of Humour, A nozzer from Lowestoft ( he had a bad stutter) we hung him over the side and let him fall in, more cuts. Anyone remember me?

Steve Neave Kilo 74 from Archway, North London - now in Sydney Australia
Pedro 19-Apr-2015 08:47
Hi chaps this is the American site for the TS Arethusa ship for more up to date information on the TS Arethusa go to (Arethusa photo gallery by john cooper at There you will find a lot more blogs from old Arethusa boys. This year if you do not already know will be the 25th reunion which will be held in Lower Upnor kent uk AOBA.(ARETHUSA OLD BOYS ASSOCIATION) Will be held on the 5th of September this year of 2015.
I was on the Arethusa years 63/66 my ships number was 111 mess 11.My nick name was Pedro.Given to me by other boys/chaps. If you would like more information on the reunion send me an email and I will be only to glad to send you more information.

Kind regards Pedro.
Les Langford 134 15-Apr-2015 07:25
Hello All, I was on the are 52 to 55, Number 134, 14 mess and finished up a PO, was on the Gym team. Painted ship as blake class had the summer off school.
trevor cairey 05-Apr-2015 20:09
My name is trevor cairey arry boy last two years she was there before closing i used to play the bugle on board so was not a fav remember the advert had broken teeth so just went to watch does anyone remember me playing at the knight tugs party at his castle thing in kent would love to come to a riunion
Steve turner ( topsy) ex 164 05-Apr-2015 15:19
Hi guys
I was on the "Are "in the earlt 70's, steve (topsy ) turner, no 164 top port div, i used to hang about with the cat atkins & cliff blaycock sorry for the spelling cliff its been a long time!!!! I remember the time one christmas we tried to do the field gun run with one of the cannons, total failure only to be told to put it back by mr "mac"
I fondly remember Reg Stone the seamanship officer , recently i ran into mr Shackltons ( aka ) " tin ribs" son inlaw & during our chat he said shacks was just the same at home , those that new him no comment required,
Glad to hear about the reunion in september will make every effort to be there,
Any one remember when Ed Stewart came down to film ?????
Kind regards Topsy
Guest 09-Mar-2015 05:39
I was on ARE 62 thru 64. There was a mutiny 63, I think.
Anybody remember Titch Seymore. Andy Williams Gregory Bartels
Peter 07-Mar-2015 08:42
Hi Chaps don't forget this year's reunion of the A.O.B.A. (Arethusa Old Boys association)It will be the 25th reunion it will be held on Saturday the 5th of September of this year 2015, as always the first Saturday day in September.
Last years reunion the 24th saw members of the HMS Arethusa association who joined in with us to celebrate our 24th. The reunion will be held in Lower Upnor in Kent where it has been held for the past 24 years. Its a great day out bring your family and friends and meet up with old shipmates. I was on the Arethusa years 63/66 ships number 111 Mess 11. For further information send me an email and I will reply. My email address is ( Lets get this fun day out up and going. Cheers Pedro.
Derek Paddon 31-Jan-2015 13:19
Hi my name Derek Paddon I was on T S Arethuss 1967 1969 My Friends names are hard to remember, my best friend was John burgess, I lived in Southend on Sea. I was brought up in a Childrens home in Shoesbury ness
John Burgess was from Lowerstoft . Someone asked me what the largest room in the world was? He said , the room for improvement. I now live on the Gold Coast Ausralia, i jumped ship from the merchant Navy 1971
If any one remembers me please email
Ph +61412767222 ps TS arethusa were the best 2 years of my life
Les Snell 18-Jan-2015 21:47
Hi, I am Les Snell & my Arethusa number was 1 (one). I was on her from May69 - July71 when I left to join the RN, serving 25 years.

Happy to chew the fat with anyone who may remember me.


jim thomson 12-Jan-2015 16:28
hi Jim Thomson no4 ( SCOTTY or JOCK)on thr Arethusa 1967 to 1969 left october went to gravesend training school and was at sea by dec 1969 aged 16
i remember running with bill and wee ted to cockney lads selling tobacco ,i also remember a guy called Keith we chased the same local girl an Glen we both went out with to local girls from the army housing scheame Glen also got drunk on my firat ship there was also a big guy called Broxton i think
i would like to hear from any one who remembered me Ted Farr are you some one who knows me
p.s is there a reunion day or club for the Arethusa old boys and she had a figurehead then
Brian smart,aka,sammt b 28-Dec-2014 00:31
I was on the 'arry from
1949-1952,and the Lady figurehead was on the shore along side the two cannons that :bing" crosby and my self spent many hours burnishing them with swords from the armoury to whom "Shorty seisel was in charge.I know coz I spent a lot of time under the bowsprit,having a smoke!
Ron Bannister 17-Dec-2014 17:41
Ron Bannister AKA Pinnochio Number 97 9 mess Top Starboard Division, 1951 - 53 Sent there because I was in the way. I remember Mo Pavey, The Chef??. Tiny Fuller Seamanship, Shaks Shackleton PTI. Bare feet and Shorts in the Summer, Cold Showers. Polishing the plates with DuraGlit for inspection. Sunday church when there was a sharp intake of breath when the Captains wife attended. Duty Boats Crew. Hate to say it but it helped when I Joined St Vincent. I went on to do 6 years including 30 years in Subs. Finished as CPO Instructor in Dolphin. Went on to do 12 years as a guide on The Victory
Ron Bannister 17-Dec-2014 17:29
Ron Bannister aka "Pinnocio" 9 mess SB No 97. Joined 1951 left November 1953 to join the RN at HMS St Vincent Did 36 years in the RN including 30 years in Boats(submarines) then did 12 years on the Victory as a guide. Was sent to the "Are" because I was in the way, best thing that ever happened to me Shorts and No Footwear in Summer. Mo Pavey the Chef in the Galley, Tiny Fuller Seamanship, And "Shaks" Shackleton the PTI. It prepared me for the RN
Merrick Weems 16-Nov-2014 21:19
Spent a short time on the Arethusa in 1973. Remember Bates and laing, but missed out on small screen stardom in the Signal ad. Always keep a keen eye open for the old ship when watching films set in New York. Still shudder at the thought of being on board even after 41 years !!
Anthony L Johnson 27-Sep-2014 19:46
Tony Johnson here, 1952/54, was on board with my identical twin Michael(191), my number was 194, my saving grace was to learn and to be educated on board and then to take the Queen's shilling at the minor age of 15 at HMS Ganges, I loved and still love dear old Arry.
Guest 18-Sep-2014 11:34
I know a lovelly chap named Keith Tibbles. Mr "T" Nowadays. Served from 1969/72 number 72. Still working hard in Kettering Northants
Mick 26-Jul-2014 19:49
M. Calver I was on the arethusa may 1958 to December 1959. My number 5 1 mess It was the first table after the place were the washing up was done. Can't say I enjoyed it
Warren 13-Jul-2014 16:30
I heard a while ago the New York south street seaport had the Peking up another move... But not for scrap.
As the Peking it was a cape Horner . There was a great fill they played on the ship of an almost unique gimp of it going round the horn in a storm.... Wild stuff.
Don't know the current fate of the boat
From wiki
The Peking was retired in 1975 and sold to Jack Aron, for the South Street Seaport Museum in New York City, where she is still moored as of 2014. However, at this time the Seaport does not see the Peking as part of their long-term operational plans. A 2012 offer to return the ship to its port of building, Hamburg, as a gift from the city of New York was contingent upon raising an endowment in Germany to ensure the preservation of the vessel, and was not successful on that basis.[1] No other entity has offered to take over the ship on an endowed basis. As the ship is as of 2013 in need of extensive repairs, the Seaport is unwilling to turn it over to a purchaser on any other basis, and its future is uncertain.
Peter Hibbert 18-Mar-2014 10:37
I only learned of TS Arethusa today when I picked up my grandson from his school in Brisbane, Australia. The school is called "Arethusa College", and which is part of a campus here called Shaftsbury Campus. It is a school for boys and girls (separate campuses) with learning difficulties and it derives its traditions and aspirations from your old ship TS Arethusa. I was moved to discover more after I spied a photo of the ship on their office wall and asked about it.
It seems they have an honorable and worthy heritage. I salute you all!
I have a family link to HMS Worcester, the Mercantile training ship that was moored on the Thames in similar fashion to Arethusa. Are any of you familiar with her? Were the two ships moored anywhere near each other?
olav(Nick) sivertsen 24-Jan-2014 20:07
Olav Sivertsen,
Joined the Arethusa 1959-1960.Number 195 Q/D STB.Left as Senior CPO boy and joined Turnbull Scott shipping company on MV SUNGATE.Did two 12 months trips before joining RN/Fleet Air Arm and did 22 years finishing as a Chief Radio Mech (Air).
Reading through many of the"Dits" several names come to memory.Great time spent on board,enjoyed every day.Anybody remembering my name drop me a mailee and would be good to have a chat.
Ray Dunne 24-Jan-2014 17:57
Petty officer boy No 240 Quarter deck pt. Any memories?
Guest 31-Dec-2013 10:29
John mc Cormack read no 51 rpt no 51 for my ships book no
Guest 31-Dec-2013 10:27
I was on the arethusa 1952 no 5 fcsle starboard ( bob morton) 4 mess i think.
had a great time and went on to hms ganges 1953
Geoff Wheatley ex 30, 60-61 30-Dec-2013 12:49
For Bill Greenaway. I knew your uncle Bob Morton very well, having been a member of the band in the early sixties. If you go to John Cooper's other site "Arethusa photo gallery" you will find a photo of the whole ship's company taken at Easter 1961. Bob is sat third row back, in front of two gentlemen in civilian clothes, between two ladies at the extreme left of the photo. I am in the photo wearing sailors uniform!!! :)
chris barrett 21-Oct-2013 19:10
hello past shipmates; I was on the arethusa 1961-1963 no 181 my name is chris barrett nickname champ after our famous 5-5 draw with sheerness boxing club usually lost if anybody remembers me please e-mail and I will get back to you
Bill Greenaway 26-Jul-2013 16:53
Hi all found out through doing my family history that my Uncle Robert (Bob) Morton was the Bandmaster on the Arethusa around 1943 until early 1960's would love to hear any memories anyone might have of him Only met him once when he came to see Gran (his mum) seemed like a really nice man, thanks for any help anyone cam give would be most appreciated.
1moremile23-Jul-2013 23:35
Nice photo, John. Looks like it brings back memories.
Andy Collin 30-Jun-2013 10:48
Remember an ex-Arethusa boy name of LENY SKIPPER East Anglian guy who joined te Royal Navy at HMS St Vincent in October 1957, very knowledgeable guy in all aspects of seamanship. We lost contact when I went to HMS Gamecock then HMS Siskin, before RNAS Lee-on-Solent.
mike hudgell 22-Jun-2013 20:02
Mike, 1958-1960. top port,No 104.Yes I remember shacks,farington, PJ parade anyone.
I got cuts for smoking. Had an oppo called Darby Tremlin. Went on board her in New York,
and got to go below, she is in a right mess, I don't think they knew what they were taking on.
Andrew Commons16-Jun-2013 16:02
Hello Shane, I will never forget you. And it was just as well that I kept in the background whilst that TV advert was being filmed. When I visited the ship in 1978 they let me below the upper deck. Nothing had changed, all our signatures were still on the walls of the dorms.

Norman Cottington 08-Jun-2013 16:28
This is the "Peking" site. Go to John Coopers "Arethusa" site for more chat with and photo's of old boys.
Pedro ( Peter ) 01-Jun-2013 12:13
Hi Brian glass No99 My number was 111 you might remember me as Pedro.I think you may have got the years wrong for when you were on the Arethusa. I was on the Arethusa from 64 to 66 however it may be that you did in fact join her in 66, that is when we would have met. To give you a clue I have a Tattoo on my left arm and if you are the very same. If you are the Brian Glass that I knew you will have the very same Tattoo on your right arm.We both got in to trouble from Pinky the gymnastics instructor for going out of bounds to Gillingham Tattoo shop to get them done. The cost to us both was 5 shillings.I met with Petra and Mrs DA LA Mare wife to the late Commander DA LA Mare.I met them both recently on the 29th of May this year 2013 at the unveiling of the new Arethusa Figurehead at the Arethusa Venture centre at Lower Upnor,It was a most fantastic day however it did rain for a little time. There will be a reunion of old boys on the first Saturday in September this year the 7th 2013.It would be great to see you and talk about old times.
Pedro.( Peter ). I give my email address to all who may want to send a message.All in lower case.
Michael Carter 01-May-2013 15:25
(158) 1972-74
I was on board the arethusa for 2 years and had a great time , as well as making some good friends and learning how to survive life as a young person.
Had many a good laugh, I can remember stealing a barrel of beer from the old ship with a few 5th year olds and getting drunk and listening to David bowie, that was just one of the many experiences. Also I did enjoy the schooling side and it is a great shame that it is left to ruin.
Norman Cottington (Adron 99 ) 19-Apr-2013 15:38
For Adam Burgess.

Geoff Wheatley and I have established contact and have started exchanging photo's and histories since leaving the Are'. You are in a number of the photo's including one of you on prize day.
Norman Cottington 11-Apr-2013 15:44
For Mike (Adam) Burgess. Just read yours again and noticed the "Adam". Of course I remember you. We were mess mates! It's the Mike that through me !! I've a number of photo's of you together with the rest of 9 mess.(I was Norman Adron 99 )
Jerry Gosnell 09-Apr-2013 09:45
Hi David. I was on board 1969-1972 Qd/port Jerry Gosnell is my name. Do I know you. Do you remember Alex Mikes?
Thanks Jerry
Norman Cottington 19-Feb-2013 17:33
For Mike Burgess

Looks like we were messmates ! See my post dated 13/12/2010. I can't place you but I remember (Ian) O'Hara who was a good fiend back then, I've a photo of him sitting on one of the capstans, Also photo's of - Kipper Curson who only lasted one term - Clint Jones - Charlie Brown (123) - Geoff Wheatley - Paul Sutherland - John Shepley - Vic Bowey - 9 Mess together and various others. Be pleased to link up and swap tales and 'photo's
Norman Adron (now Cottington) 99
Shane Laing 21-Dec-2012 20:30
I was on the Arethusa in her last year as a training ship. My friends uncle had his ashes scattered on her deck last month. Sadly the ship is no longer open and is in a delapidated state. So sad. I remember being in an advert for signal two toothpaste, others were David Bates, Smee think his first name was Martin, Pete Omajola. Fun times then a crafty smoke up by the bow and yes she had a lady on the bow
Graham Chowns 10-Dec-2012 10:02
Hi old friends. I was on the arry 1957/59 no 51 cant remember what mess no was but was starboard side front I ended up leading hand of 21 mess and we had the eggs on a regular basis on sundays. I remember the WAH /WIZ with fond memories and can still hear wakey wakey rise and shine the mornings fine the suns scorching your eyes out. His morning wakeup call.Went on to ganges after, and then Mercury, anyone remember me. give us a call at like most of you im nearly 70 and would love to reminice with old pals.
Alec Prior 12-Nov-2012 04:57
My time on the"Are"was Nov 50 to Nov 52 the on to the R.N for 7years plus 2 boys time. In 1962 I came to Australia. I have visited "peking" in N.Y and also attended a reunion in Upnor one year. Considering what in this day and age we considered a very hard life but one that I am probably greatful for. Since retiring I now do guest speaking on the "Are" at Roatry, Lions, Probus and view clubs etc. Perhaps I may be overdoing it when a University lectuer in English commented "How fasinating I never met anybody that lived in Dickenson times before! Alec Prior 75 7 mess
stewart melrose 04-Nov-2012 17:16
My name is Stewart Melrose I was on the Arethusa from late 59 through to 1961, number 114 0n 12 mess then after 2nd term killick of 14 mess. One of two jocks onboard.
To answer Jeff Littlewood yes I remember Captain de la mare,however I remember his daughter more, Mr Farrington and old Shacks I remember along with lots of others, The ARE saved me from God knows what and although I finally "Done a Bunk" and joined the merchant navy, I do not regret one minute on board. I now live in Argyll,sail an old ketch, and often wonder how well other ex boys have done, I also have been out to New York and could not believe the mess she was in,The wooden decks we used to holy stone all gone, and the guided tour was a laugh, as I was told we all slept in bunk beds,and were well fed?. I remember swapping my slickies for a full term for half an egg from a boy on the winning mess.and what about the thumps heard on the first week of term, when some poor nozzer fell out of his hammock onto the steel deck 3ft below ? I didnt know that she had been sold as without doubt I amongst many would have made sure that she had stayed in the UK.
Anyone want to contact me please do so at
Helen Stevens 22-Oct-2012 07:46
My grandad Bill Knight had a shop on the front in Lower Upnor just behind (from memory) where the Arethusa was docked. I remember as a tiny tot all the sailors coming in for their baccy and sweets. Lovely to see the pictures, saddened to hear that she's not in a good state at the moment but pleased to hear that there are plans to restore her.Would love to get to NY/Hamburg to see her again.
GORDON byast 12-Sep-2012 06:36
My father was aboard as near as i can tell around 1939/40 later joining the RN Robert(bob) Byast possibly along with his brothers Frank ,william
i would love to know more
john mclarens 03-Sep-2012 14:23
Any of the guys i served with on ARETHUSA want to contact me im at JOHNDMCLARENS@GMAIL>COM
john mclarens 03-Sep-2012 14:18
Its a good thing she is going back to hamburg from what i saw of her in manhattan,she has been left to rot.My heart bled when i went aboard her last Summer/2011,at least the Germans will do a good job repairing her and bringing her back to original condition.I wish i knew the date they are moving her,would love to be there to say goodbye!!
john pearce 25-Aug-2012 11:30
Guest. Hi John Pearce here on board 55-57 no 27 just been on cruise which took in new york and am sad to say saw the old Arethusa now Peking, which I consider to be in pretty poor shape,but a guy nearby who appeared to be in charge of her told me that she is soon to be moved to Hamburg where she came from originally and that she would be refurbuished, lets hope so.
john mclarens 23-Aug-2012 01:24
i was onboard arethusa from 59 to 60,my no. was 51 and i was a c.p.o. then a l/hand and back up to petty officer when i left.i was a bit bad at one time,thats why i was busted down a couple of name is john mclarens and i loved time aboard.tried royal navy and then the m.n.(cunard line)got bored(as usual)joined the grenadier guards then became a model and did some acting.came to canada in 74 and have wife and two grown children.anyone know where hughie green is now?
Guest 14-Aug-2012 09:30
do you remember the day out you had with my dad in london..
we were late back ,,,,remember,,say NO MORE!!!!!!!!

NO..117 T/S
stevemac30-Jul-2012 19:58

I was on the Arethusa in 1971 and she definitely had a lady on the bow as I remember hiding there to have a fag.

Stephen McDonough.
Guest 07-Jul-2012 10:47
Ted farr(magpie)no34. I was on the T:S Arethusa from the summer of 67 to the summer of 69.Two very great years.I was in the gymnastic display team, if i remember rightly the p.e teachers nickname was "pinky".I had a lot of good mates on the ship and had a great time.Love to hear from any of the lads that were on ship at the same.
Guest 12-Jun-2012 21:55
Great to find this site considering its been going for a few years.Certainly brings back some memories.I spent two years on her from 1954 to 56.She had no figure Head on her then,that was on the foreshore and all her yard arms had been removed except for the foremast.My main memory is the six cuts of the cane across my back side for calling someone a B*****d. Pity She's not in service now,would do some good to the present youngsters.
Michael Grice 02-Jun-2012 17:09
I was in a lifeboat rowing on the Thames as part of my sea training at Gravesend. The mate shouted "OARS!!" He cried openly as she passed. He said "She's the last shipmates, look at her" The waves She created as She passed rocked our boat. I have never been so moved since, and that was 37 years ago.
Brian Glass 10-Apr-2012 14:35
I was on Arethusa around 66 - 68, Glass No. 99 still remember the hammocks, early rises, mess cleaning and freezing cold sea water scrubbing those decks. One name still sticks in mind to this day was the P/O Mick gevelder (sorry if the name spelt wrong). Commander leMair wife and his daughter Petra.I was ships, bosuns mate at the latter end of service. the figure head is still on shore at Upnor ( when I saw it around 2006), the pool is still there with climbing wall at side now for the kids. Don't know about what used to be fergies place and med centre. Agh the memories good times overall missed seeing her when I was in new york , didn't realise that was where she ended up or would have gone to look for her. It gave you discipline and individuality.
Jim Lambert No61 FXSD 13-Mar-2012 18:34
Hi my name is Jim Lambert FXSD No61, have only ever had good thoughts of my time on the Areathusa,and all the good time I had while on her. Running the hill to the sports field so you had best choise of boots,Shack's (PTI) and the Wizzcome readily to mind along with mr Furgie and his piece of plastic sleeving "Licorish".Have only ever met one other lad of Area stock. Was sent a book recently one "Nautical Training Ships" revived my thoughts to that life.Be pleased to hear from anyone who might remember 1958-1960.
Guest 22-Feb-2012 14:47
eX 116( NEIL PITTOCK) L/B 12 MESS 1962 -64.
Richard Hutchings 22-Feb-2012 00:41
Hello to all on 18 mess.. many many good memories,tears as big as bunker plates as Fergie used to say,I'm hoping to see the 'ole lady' this year..Hmmm.. Crutch.... No 172...1964/68 18 mess...
Bill Shaw 17-Feb-2012 16:51
Bill Shaw. I was on the Arethusa for 2.5 years until 1951. I was in the swimming team, rowing team and gymnastic display team. I originally intended to enter the RN and specialise in signals but was unable to make the speed grade so I changed to the MN. After one trip my eyes deteriorated and I was advised to get a shore job. National Service came along and I was made to go into the Army! I became a radio instructor and Marksman. On Arethusa I became PO and in the Army a corporal. I do not know whether to consider myself as a sailor or soldier but have fond memories of old pals. Bill.
Mike Burgess 15-Feb-2012 13:38
I was on the Are 60-62 number 89 9 mess Top Starboard now trying to assemble some memories for a book on my naval career but it's hard work (too many damaged brain cells) I remember 91 O'Hara, Ray Dinnage some boxer called Boyce who knocked 10 bells out of me after I did the same to O'Malley (the draw was fixed by Shacks).If anybody remembers me could you please get back to me Mike "Adam" Burgess Thanks
Guest 07-Feb-2012 13:36
I was on the Arethusa 1964-66 Stephen Morgan 233 QDST. Clifford Chester 67 (recent post) beat me in the anuual boxing competition. I've written a short book about my Are experience: Painting The Last Post, author: I.S. Morgan available on Amazon via Kindle/PC/ipad. It costs about 90p. If you were on the Are from the 1950's until closure you will remember some of the officers and living conditions?
Guest 01-Feb-2012 20:10
I remember the Arethusa when I was stationed in and around the area whilst in the Army. Wasn't there a pub done there in Lower Upnor?
David ex. REME
clifford chester 17-Dec-2011 15:30
my name is clifford chester I was on the TS Arethusa 1964/1965 No67 now living in the USA since 1971..One of these days before i get to old im going to take a trip to see the arethusa in new york..
Guest 27-Nov-2011 20:10
saw this ship in NY and it reminded me of when I joined the RN in '65. Terry Lewis of Leicester, joined with me, he was ex Arethusa and didnt hesitate to let anyone know it!!
We were both Radio Ops in the "Andrew" but have not seen hime since the late 60's or early 70's. Am now a Restauranteur in Stoke on Trent.
guest 10-Nov-2011 22:33
There definitely was a lady on the bowsprit. I know because I painted her whilst out of routine in 54.
Guest 10-Nov-2011 22:06
I was on the Arethusa in 53 to 54 and yet I see very little mentioned about those years in various websites I have looked at. Anyone got any information?
Guest 06-Sep-2011 13:49
My name is Colin Smith No42 and I joined the Arethusa in 1945 at Salcombe in Devon
Then went Upnor a very hard life but it me respect for other people comradeship
I am glad I served on the Arethusa I went into the merchant navy and after tha the army.
I received the cane twice six across the backside both times it did me no harm at all.
Mr e.mail address is
will be glad to hear from anyone
rodney martin 13-Aug-2011 19:33
i shipmates i was on the arethusa 1964/65 no 68. hard times, but it instilled disipline into my life, and its motto work hard play hard has always remained with me. it has also taught me a lot of respect a place were i met a lot of good friends.times i will never forget

rodney martin
Dougie 03-Aug-2011 19:01
I served on the Arethusa from 1967 to 69. Top Starboard, 9 mess. Remember her with fondness, but hard at times! lol..
Dougie Jack ( 93)
Geoffrey Hinton 22-Jun-2011 02:04
Geoffrey Hinton (176) 18 mess quarter deck port 1962-1964 Fond memories of Gertie Garnham, Pinky Offarrel, Ferdie Farrington, Peggy Toms, Justice and Sister Brown. Merchant Navy 5 years, US Army 19 years, retired SSG, presently working at VA Hospital in Oklahoma. Keep your hammocks tight!
Brian Wigley (wiggie) 20-Jun-2011 19:21
I don't know if I am stepping out of line with this comment or not, but I was born at Upnor in 1936 and lived there untill 1958 when I enlisted into the army the Royal corps of signals. during my childhood I played a lot of football with the village youth team and often played against the arathusa team allways got beaten by them but it was allways played in the name of sport. As I said at the start of this comment I grew up at Upnor, Upper Upnor to be precise but we used to go to Lower Upnor to the beach for a swim. as I said I may be out of line but I was taken back a bit when I found yuor site, if my comment is accepted you can find me at the Email address below
cuttsy19-Jan-2011 23:00
My name is John Cutts. I was on Arethusa 1961-63. My number was 62. I was a personal friend of Jeff Littlewood who put a post on here 3 in front of this one. Would be great if I could get in touch with him. Last I knew he was living in Canada.
Norman Cottington 13-Dec-2010 10:10
I was on board 1960 - 1962. Boy number 99 Norman Adron (surname since changed)9 mess stbd side. It was tough but I loved it. Can remenber standing in bare feet cleaning capstans in the snow during early morning clean ship! Best run ashore was with the band playing at local fetes. Left the "Are" for H M S St Vincent and then Fleet Air Arm. Following discharge enjoyed a successful career in Insurance. Is there a site for photo's to be seen and uploaded ?
BOB 11-Nov-2010 20:30
Bernie Davis 09-Sep-2010 13:13
I was on board the Training Ship Arethusa (now Peking) from 1951 to 1953 when I left as Ch.Petty Officer Boy to join the Merchant Navy sailing with Alfred Holt & Co , Blue Funnel Line. I later joined the Metropolitan Police retiring after 30 years service with the rank of Detective Chief Superintendent. On 4th Sept. 2010 I attended the Arethusa Old Boys reunion at Upnor, Kent for the first visit to Upnor since I left in 1953. It was great to see old shipmates again. The figurehead fund is going well but more donations are urgently needed to get the 'Old Girl' ship shape and bristol fashion again.
Jeff Littlewood 06-Aug-2010 09:39
I was on the Arethusa from 1960 to 63,...Number 82. I was a Killick and Drum Major of the Arethusa Band and performed all over Kent. Anybody remember Le Mare, and Farrington, and Shackleton?

Jeff Littlewood.
Guest 25-Apr-2009 19:57 younger brother, John (Haggis) Hunter was a crew member on TS Arethusa at Upnor, Rochester, England from 1956 until 1958 when he swam ashore & began a new life with the Blue Star (White Star?) Line. In 1969 he emigrated to Australia, much against my wishes at the time, and has enjoyed a successful career into happy retirement with his lovely wife, Helen. Although he leads a busy life he would love to hear from anyone who remembers him.
moffatt 16-Sep-2008 11:08
my name is martin moffatt i was on the ship in th 70s and made many friends I have been on the ship in NY and hope it remains in good condition it is a massive part of my life and i wish it a long and happy life
Leslie 09-Jun-2008 16:31
I was a boy under training on Arethusa in the 1940's and the figure head ( the lady)was on shore side, where it is today, at Upnor. The current Old Boys association are raising funds to have the old lady restired to her former glory. hope this helps.
Guest 26-Mar-2008 11:34
the training ship ARETHUSA did not have a "lady" under her bow sprit but on the foreshore at Lower Upnor is the "lady" from HMS ARETHUSA which was the last navy ship to go into battle under sail.
Alan 10-Feb-2008 10:13
Hi there,
This is definitely the "Arethusa".
I was involved in her saving, in the early 70's, after her owners, the Shaftesbury Homes and Arethusa charity decided they could no longer afford to keep her.
In order that a potential "saviour" could be found, the charity agreed to allow a period of 12 months' grace after which, she would be sent for scrapping.
So that the charity would not suffer financially, as a Lloyd's insurance broker, I arranged a "gentleman's agreement" with Lloyd's Underwriters to guarantee any shortfall in the scrap value during this 12 month period.
As events turned out, the South Street Seaport Museum of Manhattan, New York came to her rescue.
She was towed away from her mooring off Upnor on the River Medway to be drydocked at the yard of Messrs. Green and Silley Weir, opposite Blackwall Point on the River Thames. There, she was made ready for her transatlantic voyage under tow to New York.
Under her new ownership, she reverted to her original name of "Peking" as, along with the "Padua","Passat", Preussen, (and the ill-fated "Pamir") etc., she was part of the Flying P line of nitrate clippers trading round the Horn to Chile.
Hope this helps,
David 25-Jan-2008 15:29
I was on the Ts ARETHUSA in the seventies as a petty officer,and yes there was a lady on the front of the bow till the americangooglemail.coms bought her.I was still a member till the ship finally closed to which I drafted into the Royal marine Commandoes
Des Hoskin (105) 10-Nov-2007 18:38
You may well be right about this being the Arethusa but, if my memory serves me correctly, I am SURE she had a female spithead! This sure doesnt look the same!
105 Des Hoskin. 1959/1963
chempilot10-Jul-2007 17:55
i'm not all that knowledgeable about nautical things, but isn't it bad luck to change the name of a ship? i like this series so far, never heard of this program before....
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