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Impressions of China

Bronze Bells in Wuhan Jade bridge Sale on the street. Bayoun Bronze Pavillon Friendship hotel in Beijing
Summer Palace Beijing Beijing street The cobbler on the street, Wuhan. Changchun temple, wuhan
Ancestral music and dance. Summer Palace Streets in Wuhan Wuhan View of Wuhan
Busy Beijing streets Ancestral music and songs , Wuhan Market, Wuhan Public phone, Wuhan Xiuyi Bridge
Inside the Palace Lotus In the streets of Wuhan Market in Wuhan changchun
motocycle truck Beijing IMG_0668.JPG Forbidden city Bridge inside the Palace
Mao Mosolee Changchun Forbidden city entrance Summer Palace Summer Palace
Yellow mountain Ferry on the Yangtze river Forbidden city Wuhan Summer Palace
Painter Taxi Citroen made in China Forbidden city Beijing Fresh eggs
colorful heavy bike,Beijing The market Summer Palace Summer Palace
Bridge on the HanJiang River Seen in Beijing Tianamen Wuhan Forbidden city
The crane tower, Wuhan Imperial Palace Crane tower park. Imperial palace Forbidden city
Summer Palace Lotus Roof ornaments The Yangtse river  in Wuhan Forbidden city
Summer Palace. Summer palace Flood in Wuhan Flood on the Yangtse  river Summer Palace, Beijing
Heavy carry Lake in summer Palace Motor bike over the Yangtze river Wuhan airport Summer palace
The boucher Market The White Rose hotel, Wuhan. Forbidden city Ceremony in the Taoist temple in Wuhan
Changchun In Summer palace Changchun Workshop on the street. Wuhan
Beijing Summer Palace A way to cross the street ChangChun Friendship hotel, Beijing
IMG_1066.jpg Forbidden City Zhengyang gate Saling Tofu Summer Palace
Streets of Wuhan Changchun monk In the market Forbidden city Forbidden city
Fishermen on the Yangtze river Wuhan Ancestral Instruments, Wuhan Botanic garden Changchun
Pagode from Summer Palace changchun temple Bike, Wuhan doors Busy!
Crane Tower park, Wuhan Summer Palace Brocken construction short time after walked there. Changchun temple A44
Chanchun temple Characters painter Changchun Sale towels on the bike forbidden city
East lake, Wuhan Jade belt bridge Sleeping family Ceremony in Changchun Taoist ceremony
Changchun Choice of food East  Lake, Wuhan Summer Palace Forbidden city
Forbidden city Changchun temple Summer Palace Shadows Different type of rice
An other cobbler Market a27.jpg Moshan hill park, Wuhan Wuhan
Sale on the street Lotus in Moshan hill park Connection to the boat on the Yangtze The transrapid Imperial palace
In the streets of Wuhan Guyan zenist Temple wuhan park The transrapid in Shanghai Light
Chanchun Taoist temple in Wuhan Yu garden Moshan hill park The painter Changchun
Roofs in the forbidden city Imperial palace choice of rice Summer Palace seen on the market
Moshan Hill Park zoo in Wuhan Changchun Wuhan a31.jpg
Like a pizza Wuhan, Musician on the park Imperial Palace Wuhan
Grappe sale on the street Changchun Imperial Palace Changchun In the temple
Wuhan Toilet Imperial palace Changchun East lake,Wuhan
Wuhan a23.jpg Children study in the street Market Gardener
Changchun a28.jpg Turtle pound Moshan hill In the streets of Wuhan
Moshan hill park Public telephon IMG_0662.JPG Taoist temple IMG_0910.JPG
People living on the boat Botanical garden in Wuhan Streets of old Shanghai Lotus Yu garden, Shanghai
Guyan Zenist temple Yu garden, Shanghai Changchun Yu garden, Shanghai Changchun temple
tv Tower, Wuhan Moshan hill Guyan Zen Temple. a42.jpg a43.jpg
a44.jpg a20.jpg In the streets of Wuhan Bambus garden Wuhan
Wuhan Yu garden I want to see... Wuhan Market in Wuhan
Galerie Lafayette in Beijing Market in Hefei Evening Market in Hefei Close to Hefei Hefei
Hefei Hefei Hefei Kaifu monastery Hefei Hefei
Bred on the street, Hefei Wuhan Restaurant in Hefei At the Zoo of Hefei White tiger at Animal park of Hefei
Hefei Old Summer palace Changpuhe Park Beijing Beijing Botanical garden Beijing Tien-Amen
Sweet potatoes on the street In the street of Hefei Hefei Friendship Hotel Beijing Animal park Hefei
Kaifu Monastary, Hefei Kaifu, Hefei Kaifu monastery, Hefei Zhongshan Park Grand Hotel overseas Hefei
Hefei Beijing Kaifu monastery, Hefei Hefei Beijing Tienamen
Forbidden city Hefei Summer Palace Temple of heaven park Botanical Garden Beijing
Forbidden City Taoranting park Some kind of taxi in Beijing Summer Palace Hefei
Inside a bus in Hefei Summer Palace Beijing Hefei Temple of Heaven
Beijing Beijing Kaifu monastery Beijing Hefei
Old summer palace Beijing Sommer Palace Beijing At Mulan Mountain Sweet potatoes on the street
Botanical garden Yuanmingyuan park, Beijing Beijing Lugou Bridge Lugou Bridge, Beijing
Mulan Botanical garden Lugou Bridge, Beijing In the street of Beijing Lugou Bridge
Mulan near Lugou Bridge Confuctius in Wuhan University Wuhan, Park along the Yangtse River wuhan park
Wuhan University Ming Tombs Golden Temple in Kuming Mulan In Kunming Minority group
Kunming Wuhan University Kunming Wuhan Wuhan University
Junan province Kunming Wuhan University Kunming golden Temple Dragon gate Kunming
Mandu on the street Kunming in Kunming Wuhan Yangtse River Kunming
in Yunnan Electric scooter In the sreet of Kunming view from my  hotel Yunnan
lugou bridge To the Ming Tombs