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The ancient steam generation plant

This US boiler building with its steam power- and engine hall is an extraordinary place given that such old equipment is left so [relatively] untouched by vandals and thieves - not to mention the total absence of technical development and modernization. Although the surrounding factory building relying on this power appears to have been demolished, the boiler- and engine building is left. Not a too qualified guess is that the presence of a large amount of asbestos, mercury and oil spills is a part of the equation...

Some evidence suggest that this factory was closed around 1960, but I guess the machinery here was used for several more years, at least partially. What really puzzles me is that such an ancient equipment was used for so long time. The main two-cylinder engine is apparently from 1902. A low RPM vertical steam engine of that vintage should have been replaced over the years if the business was healthy. Maybe it was not and low energy prices helped to overcome the inferior efficiency. A few electrical generators driven by steam engines rather than steam turbines is also a bit strange.

Whatever – an amazing place indeed. Quite sad though to see such fine historical machinery in its original setting just deteriorate and to know it is just a matter of time before the building collapses and it all gets drowned into a pile of rubble...
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