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The abandoned freemason's temple

When societies change and gradually implode, institutions being an integral part of them follow suit. American cities being emptied by the phenomenon of de-urbanization show a shocking premonition what cities eventually will look like when we humans have left the scene.

The de-urbanization trend began in the 1950s and it certainly is a stunning experience for a European to see the effects of it. Where we have had a kind of opposite trend here, where it is chic to live in the city centers, we certainly see the trend where the middle class move to suburbs and malls grow as accessibility for motorists is the key.

The mystery of the freemasons is a well-kept secret and a source of suspicion and conspiracy theories and recent books like Dan Brown's have certainly fuelled that. It was therefore exciting to enter this abandoned masonic temple in Cleveland, Ohio. Here it seems like time ended around 1985 where the last man leaving simply turned the light off (or by that time, maybe the Electricity company had done that already...?), leaving everything as is. Just like with abandoned churches, it is somewhat a sense of entering someone's inner secrets while exploring such places. Decay is however decay and independent of the level of holiness and who have been there in the past, rich or poor - influential or unknown, things quickly perish when the heating is turned off and water seeps in.
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