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Gen. John R. Coffee Of Tennessee

Gen. John R. Coffee Of Tennessee

This General Coffee was a first cousin of Gen. John E. Coffee of Jacksonville, Georgia. The identity of the men often confuse folks who are trying to study history. Tennessee John was a very close friend and sidekick of Gen. Andrew Jackson and married the niece of Rachel Jackson. Gen. John E. Coffee of Jacksonville, Ga., was also a famous Indian fighter and US Congressman. He also was famous for constructing the Coffee Road from Jacksonville, Ga. to Tallahassee, Fl.

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Kenneth Dowell McCrary - Atkins 01-Feb-2016 21:43
Jim Page 14-Jul-2013 00:15
For anyone who can help with the question I posted below, I can be reached at Thanks again.
Jim Page 14-Jul-2013 00:12
I've been trying to do some research and it appears that I'm related to Gen. John E. Coffee from GA. However, I can't seem to make one connection. My great-grandmother was Mary (Mamie) Coffee, who was apparently a granddaughter of John E. Coffee. I don't know who her dad was though - if anyone happens to know which one of John E. Coffee's sons had a daughter named Mary (Mamie)or can provide any help that'd be great. Thanks.
Nancy Berry01-May-2012 03:12
Wal-Mart in Florence, AL is about to build a second Supercenter over what we believe to be part of the historical General John Coffee Cemetery. More information can be found in this video that I created and at This is a work in progress, but we're running out of time. The city council vote, which Wal-Mart needs, is on May 15, 2012. Please share this information with anyone who may be of any assistance to us, both by lending the Coffee name to it and by any financial contributions to help with our legal fund. Thank you!
Robert L. Coffey,Jr. 29-Jun-2011 22:57
I have the original ickture of Gen. John Coffey.
It looks exactly like the one on computor.
My grandmother (Etna Hays Coffey ) told me there is a second one somewhere that does not show The Generals tummy. I would like to know where it is so I can get photo of it.
Patrick Bruce Atkins 01-Aug-2010 03:32
This is my family tree for John Reid Coffey Going back to his ancestors 1637. It is as detailed as I can offer at this time.
John Coffey arrived as a Scots-Irish Emigrant to Virgina- he married Jane Graves(Jean)They had 8 children: James dob:1729 dod:1786; Thomas,William,John,Edmond,Rubin, Benjamin,
Winefred Moran, Betty Fields.
My progenitor was from James Coffey who Married Elizabeth Cleveland,(daughter of Alexander Cleveland) in 1750 @ Orange Co.,Virginia. Alexander was a Revolutionary War patriot. (All sons served in Col. Ben Clevelands Regiment in William County Bulldogs.,as well as, both son-in-laws.) James Coffey was a Baptist Missionary and founde Old Mulberry Fields Baptist Church in Wilkerson, N.C.(1757) They had lived in Amherst Co. Va before moving to Surrey co., N.C. James & Elizabeth Coffey had 11 children: Betsy Whiteside, John,James,Jr., Reubin, Ambrose, Eli, Rice, Martha Durham, Joel, Lewis, Archelaus.
Rice Coffey is my next progenitor. Rice moved with his mother to Bedford Co.,Tenn. He was born in Amherst Co, N.C. April,1766-Died July24,1853 in Wortrace(Bedford Co),Tenn
Rice married Sally Bradford, dob:July 22,1770 dod; Sept 3,1840.
Rice and Sally Coffey had 10 children: Jerusha(died in infancy); Elvira(died in infancy);
Henry Bradford; Mary C.; Weghtstill(Died in infancy); Alexander Hamilton,dob:1803-dod:1864; Rice A.; Martha, dob:1805-dod:1845: Benjamin,dob:1809-dod:1817; and finally
John Reid Coffee, dob:Mar 27,1814-dod:Sept 8,1887.
John Reid Coffee married Mary Ann Cross(daughter of Col. Charles M. Cross and Eliza Clark Cross) in Jan.21,1849. They moved to Jackson County. He was a Sheriff in Jackson Co. Also he was a Brigadier-General in the Alabama Militia.(He joined Army and fought under Capt Richard W. Jones during War with Mexico.He was involved with the siege of Veracruz.) Otherwise he farmed.They had 4 children: Mary Eliza Coffey who married William J. Talley; Sally B. who married Charles William Brown; John Bemjamin who married America Norwood ; and Finally my next progenitor. Clark Maclin Coffey who married Elizabeth(Lizzie)dobDec26,1869-dodMar 28,1914. ?. Clark and Eliza had 4 children ? spelling Cordie ; Elizabeth; Ruth; and a son who died young(possibly a Jr.). Cordie married Joseph McCrary. Elizabeth married a Holder.Ruth first married a Mr. Owens, wh/ reportedly was annulled under curious circumstances since she was reportedly about 13 years of age. She subsequently married Dowell Womack McCrary MD, who was brother to Joseph McCrary.
Dowell Womack and Ruth Coffey McCrary had 5 children. Maclin( Mac), David, Donald, Clara Belle( who married my father Hubert Atkins) and Mary Elizabeth (Mae).
W. Stewart Mann 09-Jul-2010 13:28

We share a great aunt, so I know that we are related.
Annie-Laurie Wynn 09-Apr-2010 06:20
I reread your posts and see the information you have that Peter Coffee Sr. went to London from Ireland when he was 23. You state he was convicted in 1729. That would mean he was born in or around 1706. Is that the information you have? I have Peter Sr as being born in 1713.
Also - did your ancestor - William - fight in the Revolution. Peter Jr & Joshua both did. I am a member of the DAR through Peter Jr.s records.
I am thrilled to learn more about your line. As the ancestor of the elder son I believe you may have a lot of our missing information. Any you can share would be much appreciated! Thanks! Annie-Laurie
Annie-Laurie Wynn 09-Apr-2010 06:08
I read with interest your post. I went back and reread the copy of the will I have of Peter Coffee senior. I see that William Coffee was Peter Sr.'s son and was listed as executor along with his mother, Susannah. Oddly William was not left anything in the will. That seems unusual to put such trust in your son and then leave him nothing? He must have given William his share while he was alive. I believe that William may have been the eldest son. Does that fit with your records?
I'm glad to have the information on your line.
My great aunt - Myra Mann Seward wrote a family book - One Mann's Family and Assorted Relatives. It traces our joint ancestors quite a way back.
As I told you before, I come from the Gen. John E Coffee of Georgia. He was the other General that is often confused with the Gen. John R Coffee of Tenn. They were first cousins, both US congressmen for their respective states and both fought for Andrew Jackson. Gen. John R Coffee was the close friend of President Jackson. His picture hangs in the Hermitage in Nashville.

The other General that Patrick Atkins mentions in his post is one I had not heard of. Patrick says Clark Maclin Coffey was the son of an additional Gen John Coffey. I wonder if this third Gen. John Coffey was a cousin of the other two Gen John Coffee's. As the spelling is the older way the name was spelled perhaps they were 2nd or 3rd cousins.
Patrick if you read this can you provide your line? Do you go back to Peter Coffee Sr & Susannah?
Can either of you go back further than Peter Sr.? If so, please provide.
Jerry - I would love to have dates (birth, marriage, death) of William to add to my Coffee information if you don't mind providing it. Do you know when the Coffee's came to the US? I have conflicting information. Was William born prior to the family moving to Prince Edward County, Virginia. Peter Jr was born in 1750.
I can be reached at
Jerry Coffee 15-Mar-2010 16:58
Reply to Annie-Laurie Brennan Wynn

My ancestors starting with my parents are:
Peyton Joshua Coffee m.Virginia Estelle Gilmer
John Taylor Coffee m. Nora Catherine Whaley
Joshua David "Doss" Coffee m.Mary Lou Blanton
Joshua Coffee m. Delilah Conger
David Coffee m. Sytha Meadows
William Coffee m. Mary McAllister
Peter Coffee,Sr. m. Susannah Mathews

William Coffee was General John R. Coffee's uncle.
Peter and Susannah Coffee were the grandparents of General John R. Coffee.
Peter Coffee (Coffey) (spelled both ways) is shown in the 1729 Sessions of London's Old Baliey and was imprisoned in London's Newgate Prison for Deception and Forgery and sentenced to death. In May 1729, His sentence was commuted by the Lord mayor of London to Transportation and banishment to the Virgvinia C0olony in October 1730. Only 40% of the death sentences for the more serious crimes were carried out. due to the labor shortage in the English Virginia Company. At the age of 23, Peter Coffee Sr. immigrated from Ulster in Northern Ireland to England in search of work and was employed by a storekeeper in London. Peter Coffee forged the storekeeper's hand on a note for some cloth and was convicted. He served 7 years (1830-1837) as anendentured
indentured laborer at Dumfries Docks odn dthe Quantico Creek Inlet of the Potomac River. He married Susannah Mathews, daughter of William Mathews, a tobacco merchant, in 1737. William was likely the person whom Peter Coffee Sr. was indentured to. William Mathews was from Ireland and Susannah was born in Ireland.
Patrick Bruce Atkins,MD 10-Mar-2010 01:27
There are indeed 2 Gen.John Coffee(s.)Gen John R. Coffee in photograph fought with Gen. Jackson at Horseshoe bend.The other was his cousin but lived in Jackson County and was a merchant and wealthy land holder. He never fought with Jackson but was active in forming the First Alabama Militia. He spelled his name Coffey. Coffey landing was named after him. He had 2 sons one who died young another who became a General named Clark Maclin Coffey who fought in the Spanish American war. Clark Maclin was my grand father. There is an interesting history from there involving his 3 daughters and 1 son who died early.
Annie-Laurie Brennan Wynn 02-Jan-2010 21:51
Jerry Coffee,
Please send the information you have of Peter & Susanna Coffee. It would apprear we are cousins as I come from Gen John E Coffee (see post to Andrea). I think perhaps your line was a first cousin to both of the 2 Gen John Coffees. Is that correct? I know that Gen John Coffee of Ga had only one brother (Joshua) and seven sisters. So if I am right then your line is from a brother of John's grandfather Peter Coffee Sr.? I think that Peter Coffee Sr had (2) sons Peter Jr (my line ) & Joshua and 5 daughters - Catharina Thomas, Mary Kindal, Hannah Weakly, Lydia Coffee & Elizabeth Coffee.
It is my understanding that Gen John Coffee of Tennessee came from Joshua Coffee (son of Peter & Suzannah). Who then did David Coffee come from? Was David perhaps the son of Joshua Coffee? Please help. I'm a bit confused.
I can be reached at
Thank you!
Annie-Laurie Brennan Wynn
Annie-Laurie Brennan Wynn 02-Jan-2010 21:25
I just saw your post. We are cousins as I am a direct descendent of General John Coffee of Georgia as well. I come off the line of Christopher Columbus Coffee who was Gen. John & Ann Penelope Bryan Coffee's 6th child and 5th son. From your post it appears you are from Joshua Bryan Coffee who was the first son and second child. Then from your post I guess you are from the first son (John L) who was also the second child. Am I correct?
My line is: Christopher Columbus; John Coffee; Pauline Coffee Mann, Tappin Coffee Mann, Pauline Mann Brennan, & then me. My mother, great grandmother & great, great grandfather were born in Madison. My grandfather (Tappin Coffee Mann) loved Madison and although he grew up in Bartow, Florida he chose to be buried in Madison near his great great grandparents.
I know a lot about our family but am always interested in learning more. My great aunt - Myra Mann wrote a family book - One Mann's Family - that posts a lot about our combined relatives. In fact - we are direct descendents through our Coffee/Bryan line to among others Alfred the Great, William the conqueror, many of the kings of England etc. I can provide you with this information if you are interested.
I am a member of the DAR. I have several members who I can claim membership through but I joined through Peter Coffee (our joint relative.)
When my great aunt Myra found out in 1984 that our direct ancestor (Ann Penelope Bryan Coffee) - her great great, great grandmother - had laid for 119 years in an unmarked grave she had markers for AP, Christopher and Christopher's wife (Mary Kaziah Rogers Coffee) placed in the Coffee plot in Madison, FL.
I would be happy to share the information that I have.
I would LOVE to have a copy of your hand written lineage. Could I possibly get a copy? Please email me at
I look forward to conversing with you in the near future. Annie-Laurie
Kathi Bunch 30-Nov-2009 01:22
Hello all,
My name is Kathi Rickman Bunch. I'm in Orange County, Ca. My g,g,g,grandmother on my mother,s side is Lucinda Coffee,married to James Martin and daughter of Gen. John Coffee. I would love if anyone has any history on this family they would share.
Jim Peacock 19-Nov-2009 02:07
Suggest you go to
There were at least 2 Peacock Plantations on the Coffee Road in Georgia.
Jim Peacock
Jim Peacock 19-Nov-2009 02:05
What is your Peacock line?
Andrea Coffee Peacock 22-Aug-2009 03:19
I am Andrea Coffee Peacock and I was just playing around the net looking for info on Gen. John E.Coffee, my 5th great grandfather. My parents and grandparents were from Madison, FL. I am the daughter of the oldest son, of the oldest son, etc.. My younger brother is the next oldest son in line, as a direct decendent of Gen. John E. Coffee. There were in fact two Gen. John Coffees and they were first cousins. Gen. John R. Coffee of TN , know as "Tennessee John", a military leader in the War of 1812. He fought in the Battle of Horseshoe Bend, in Daviston, Alabama. (I just happen to live 16 miles from there.) Gen. John E. Coffee, a general in the Georgia state militia. He cut the road through Georgia, "Coffee Road", to carry munitions to Florida to fight the Indians in the Creek War. I have a large, hand written, family tree with many names on it that goes all the way back to when Peter O'Coffee came over from Ireland. I would love to see any pictures anyone has to share. My brother inherited his dress sword. Would love to hear from all you Coffee cousins out there! I'll check back here soon. Andrea
Guest 22-Aug-2008 17:25
My name is Jerral Ingle. If this is the same Gen. John Coffee that lived in Jackson County AL. I have a pictures of him, his mother, and father. My grandfather(William Keith Holder) gave them to me before he died. He told me the museum at the Battle of Horse Shoe Bend in Montgomery wanted to buy them, because there are no other known pictures of him.
Derek Coffee 06-Jun-2008 16:05
Hi to all you cousins. We are a mixed bunch as the Generals kid married a Quaker girl and thats how we got transplanted to Salem Ohio.That girl was from the Coppock line if you have ever heard of Edwin Coppock the abolishinist.He was involved in the raid on Harpers Ferry and later hung. John E. Coffee was my 5x gr. grandad. To top this you should see the looks we get in our company trucks "Coffee Heating and Cooling Inc." Yes we do live on Coffee School Rd.after my gr. granmother who gave an acre of her farm land for the one room schoolhouse in the early 1900"s
BONNIE CULLEY 17-Feb-2008 15:30
As editor of Coffey Cousins' Clearinghouse, we have been researching all the Coffee/y lines and publishing what we have found for over 28 years now. Gen. John R. Coffee is one of the most documented line we have but we often will find another little "tid-bit".
So good to see such a attractive and well done web site. COMGRATULATIONS!
Jerry Coffee 16-Feb-2008 12:59
Brig. Gen. John R. Coffee of Tennessee (1772-1833) was the 1st cousin of my g,g,g grandfather David Coffee (1775-1822). David Coffee was born in Bedford Co. VA and died in Smith Co. Tennessee. Brig.Gen. Coffee's mother was Elizabeth Graves (1741-1804) who was the g.g grandaughter of Capt. Thomas Graves (1580-1636). Capt. Thomas Graves and his wife Katherine ______ arrived in the Jameston Colony in 1608 on Capt. Christopher Newport's second supply ship, "Mary and Margaret." Brig. Gen. Coffee's grandparents were Peter and Susannah (Mathews) Coffee. In 1746, Peter and Susannah Coffee settled on Vaughn's Creek in the John Caldwell Settlement in Amelia Co. Virginia. Due to the large migration of Scots-Irish settlers from Ulster in northern Ireland to the sea ports at Dumfries and Philadelphia and the overland migration to the Caldwell Settlement, that part of Amelia County became Prince Edward County Virginia in 1754. John Caldwell was the grandfather of John Caldwell Calhoun, the twice vice president of the United States and the great statesman from North Carolina.
The Nanna 12-Dec-2007 20:39
My uncle did research and this General Coffee is actually my great, great, great (maybe another great) grandfather on my mother's side. I have the tree to prove it. I stoked that I can find so much about him with just a few clicks of a keyboard.
Donnasue 15-Nov-2007 02:20
Wow - how interesting! I have quite a bit of family tree info and did find a Lucinda Coffee. However according to my records she was born April 11, 1818 and married a man named Andrew Jackson Woods. If you would like me to send you my info send me an email at I can scan it all and email it to you. I don't know if you know it, but John Coffee was married to Mary Donelson whose sister Rachel was married to Andrew Jackson. At the Smithsonian's Hall of First Ladies, Mary is the representative for Andrew Jackson. Hope to hear from you.
John Thomas 31-Oct-2007 17:23
My mother's cousin has done some researh and his information says that General Coffee is my great,great,great,great grandfather, however, I have located information about the coffee family cemetary and the link to me is not listed. Her name was Lucinda Coffee born in 1830 and married to a gentleman named James Martin and apparrently they were located in Tennesee at least for a while. Do you have any info that would corroberate my info?

Donnasue 21-Sep-2007 02:36
This is my great great etc grandfather too. I grew up with great stories about him. I wonder where you fit in on the family tree. I have quite a bit of info on the family geneology. If you check this website again leave a message and I'll try to contact you. Donnasue
Cheyenne 21-Jul-2007 05:21
this is my great great great great great great great great grandpa! too bad there's no actual photos of him.