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Canon EOS 1Ds Mark II
1/200s f/5.0 at 70.0mm iso100 full exif

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JLM_ERB Photo Album21-Oct-2005 23:16
The pictures taken are as they are. The reason why the pictures are taken only the photographer will know and that is his own personal reason.

This tsunamis was struck by Mother Nature and has nothing to do with God, Mr. Bush, Australians or Brittish people. Nature is fighting back for the harm we humans do to the nature. God doesn't take 150,000 lives because he is angry, God is a gracious and loving God, not an angry God. We are all together responsible for these kind of nature disasters, with our big SUV's, environmental damaging garbage etcetera. That is damaging the nature and nature fights back. We can do two things, accept it and sooner or later die because of even bigger natural disasters or we can change our habbits, care for the nature and care for our neighbors and fellow humans on this earth.

Now I have a questions, why don't we get angry and post inhumane messages when we see pictures of people living on garbage mountains in Cambodja or when we see pictures of people dieing of hunger in Sudan? Because we don't care anymore about our neighbors.

You can be angry at others, but look in your own heart first to see how you can make this world a better place. Or is it already a hopeless situation and are we doomed?

Future will tell us.
Guest 02-Oct-2005 18:17
i'm not religious. I do not believe there is a god, but i find it disgusting that people could be so rude towards other people's beliefs.
A terrible natural disaster has occured in a world that was possibly created by a god, or not. Either way, we must help those left alive and respect the innocent people who died.
These images convey the disastrous effects of the tsunami, and i thank you mr. issels for allowing the world to view them, as they may increase the world's awareness about the ordeal people are going through...
Pfc. Farrar 21-Jan-2005 00:13
I dont know much about science or the bible. But I do know that this was a natural disaster not an act of God. We should be thinking about the people who lost their lives and their families. We dont need to be worring about what caused it. I pray that these people can manage to pull their lives back together. May God have mercy on them
MANGERI 19-Jan-2005 19:34
While reading some of the comments here, I view what might be expected. There are those with no regard to anyone and conclude with comments such as "I am God and I did it to smite the foolish" or something ignorant like that. It is difficult to read such carelessness and not be ashamed of the foolishness of man. Yes some of us believe in a greater power, some are reminded through catastrophe like this of His awesome power while others claim the earth farted and a repercussion was a large ripple with killing force, nothing more. Well the evidence of death is certain; God's will in the mater, well that's for God to know. All we can do now is pray for those left if we readers are so willing, and give aid if we can. It would also be great if this event urged us to respect life more, praise the Father more, or even acknowledge a higher power for that matter. Thanks to all of you who wrote from your hearts, it's encouraging to hear how people care. The words of the careless probably coincide with their thoughts of the Tsunami's devastation; just a fart in the wind, unpleasant yet fleeting.
Francis 16-Jan-2005 16:36
oh by the way, I found this song quoted from the bible which is inspiring.

Strong Arm

my child i knew you before the world began
i was there everytime i wrote your name in the sand
lately i know you've been through quite a storm
but child ive been there since the day you were born

Oh and I rule the wind, oh yes and i calm the sea
and the sun wont go down till i say that it can be
and as sure as my word il stand here right by your side
if your just too weak to go on.. remember child...
im your strong arm
Francis 16-Jan-2005 16:34
i just want to say a few things regarding this tragedy.

First of all, upon reading the some of the disturbing posts of a few people here,
God does not WILL these things to happen, but he ALLOWS it to happen.

Secondly, the damages brought about by this tsunami indeed has brought about a lot of death and destruction, but it has also brought out the best of man.
Countries are uniting and forgetting other issues in order to provide aid, materially, monetary, spiritually, and humanly.
Differences in religion are set aside to help in a common cause
Millions especially here in my country, despite hard economic times still manage to spare money to donate, even if we were also recently devastated, this time by a typhoon, killing thousands.
Countries are joining hands in developing advanced warning systems to avoid another catastrophy of this magnitude.
Wars are stopped (even just temporarily, but hopefully permanent)

Who are we feeble minded people to judge God's will? Yes sometimes we doubt that He doesn't exist because of our troubles, but also remember that God allows these problems to happen in order for us grow, mature, and become better people. We will never know why He allowed this tragedy to happen, but we do know the positive effects it brought about in our world today.

Francis, 18, Manila, Philippines
brandon 14-Jan-2005 05:11
Its sad to see the ignorance of some people. It doesnt matter what other people believe, its their right to do whatever the hell they want. And its nobodys place to tell them that they are wrong. When an event live this occurs and someone says something as simple as "thank God" or "God be with the famlies" and some jackass feels that its necessary to say that they believe there is no God and everyone who believes is an idiot, i feel sorry for that person. And everyone else out there who looks past why this picture is here. It is meant to open your eyes and to let the rest of the world in on the tragedy that occured. And to be thankful, and to give you the chance maybe to help in some way. But not to have this childish arguement about what another person believes in, or doesnt believe in.
Mark 13-Jan-2005 18:27
I think that it is a bloody shame with all the suffering out there after the Tsunami that some of you are arguing the weay that you are. We have a duty coming from more fortunate countries to look after peple who are less fortunate. come on guys lets wake up, grow up and more importantly shut up.

Mark - UK
Guest 13-Jan-2005 11:02
what a load of shit
Kim 12-Jan-2005 16:08
It is understandable that people who have no religious belief or allegiance would question how and why God would allow or even orchestrate such an event. I think we can all agree that an event such as this tragedy in Asia is beyond any human ability and as such we must question its source. As believers in God, it is not our duty to berate or condemn those who do not believe, but to pray that they fall into repentence and submission so that the hands of God can be stayed and mankind not perish in its wickedness.

And for those who don't believe, think about this...

"Have you ever given orders to the morning,or shown the dawn its place, that it might take the earth by the edges and shake the wicked out of it? The earth takes shape like clay under a seal; its features stand out like those of a garment. The wicked are denied their light, and their upraised arm is broken. Have you journeyed to the springs of the sea or walked in the recesses of the deep? Have the gates of death been shown to you?
Have you seen the gates of the shadow of death? Have you comprehended the vast expanses of the earth? Tell me, if you know all this. "What is the way to the abode of light?
And where does darkness reside? Can you take them to their places? Do you know the paths to their dwellings? Surely you know, for you were already born! You have lived so many years! "Have you entered the storehouses of the snow or seen the storehouses of the hail, which I reserve for times of trouble, for days of war and battle? What is the way to the place where the lightning is dispersed, or the place where the east winds are scattered over the earth? Who cuts a channel for the torrents of rain, and a path for the thunderstorm, to water a land where no man lives, a desert with no one in it, to satisfy a desolate wasteland and make it sprout with grass? Does the rain have a father?
Who fathers the drops of dew? From whose womb comes the ice? Who gives birth to the frost from the heavens when the waters become hard as stone, when the surface of the deep is frozen? Can you bind the beautiful Pleiades? Can you loose the cords of Orion?
Can you bring forth the constellations in their seasons or lead out the Bear with its cubs? Do you know the laws of the heavens? Can you set up God's dominion over the earth?
Can you raise your voice to the clouds and cover yourself with a flood of water? Do you send the lightning bolts on their way? Do they report to you, 'Here we are'? Who endowed the heart with wisdom or gave understanding to the mind? Who has the wisdom to count the clouds? Who can tip over the water jars of the heavens when the dust becomes hard and the clods of earth stick together? Do you hunt the prey for the lioness and satisfy the hunger of the lions when they crouch in their dens or lie in wait in a thicket? Who provides food for the raven when its young cry out to God and wander about for lack of food?" From Job 38 (New International Version of the Holy Bible)
Lynn 12-Jan-2005 09:49
If only we all had had a taste of the fear that those who perished had....we may not all be so ignorant now!!!! Have a bit of compassion for those who are left with nothing...
US Citizen 11-Jan-2005 04:41
I am an american. To all that have botrhered to read this far - I am sorry. I am apologizing for all of the ignorant, coward things that have been posted here that have reflected the United States badly. We are not all bad. We do not all wish bad on others - regardless of religious beliefs, origin, race, etc. I am a white anglo saxon incidently and as english as they come. I am one of the many millions of americans that have donated and will continue to donate to this horrendous tragedy.
Please forgive the fact that many teens in our country have access to the internet and express themselves in a selfish, immature way. Most americans are appaled at this behavior - unfortunately it is the few loud that often represent the majority quiet. But for all those that have chosenb to read this far - I thought I would set at least this record straight to show that many of us see what is occuring and feel helpless to change what starts from a very select egocentric few that hell bent on their own ignorance becoming everyone elses destruction. Their day will come, they will undoubtedly lose a close family member of their own and only then will the pain become real to them. In the mean time they continue to proved their immaturity through unwise comments that spew like venom from their mouths.
So again, from the quiet MAJORITY in America - we will continue to pray for you from whatever faith we hold, and will continue to show our hearts through financial donations, medical volunteers, food and shelter any way possible - and hope you will all see that many Americans truly have the heart of compassion.
Unfortunately, this message will probably be followed by some immature or young or both - little tyrant that will seek to destroy what has been stated thus far. Do not respond to him, pay him no mind - for this is all he deserves.
Guest 08-Jan-2005 21:26
In the aftermath of a nightmare, people can still make enemies of complete strangers and spit out irrational bile about God and country. There are so many things they could be doing. But they have chosen this. When disaster strikes their home, or those they love, somewhere someone else will send nasty little emails from their safe little rooms.
In the midst of catastrophic disasters, email gives lonely, disturbed people a chance to get attention with negative behavior. Sad, but certainly a reality check.
Daz - Australia 07-Jan-2005 06:00
Question for the God-botherers: What is the definition of a holy war? A: Two armies fighting to see who has the best invisible friend. An old joke but true. The Tsunami is a tragic event which has nothing to do with religion. Donate some money today.
Gareth 07-Jan-2005 00:36
Wow! What can you say?
Fraudster 06-Jan-2005 10:23
this was really disgracefull.

im in the uk ... and i do really feel for the people involved ... more so for any of the people survived ... cannot imagine loosing my house, my family, my fiancee and everything i own :(

it cannot be replaced with ANY amount of money ... im not a very strong person and to be fair im not sure if i would like to go on with my life. :(
gaudet 06-Jan-2005 09:44
all i can say is that all of the people that write the anti-GOD things down below are not going to have to worry about any tsunami's in hell because i don't even think there is water down there. that is where they are going and they should be because if their ignorance. have fun people, because guess what, i will have the last laugh. don't you worry about that! peace
John 05-Jan-2005 08:10
Thank you very much Hellmut for the photos and for sharing them on the net. They captured my imagination. Let us all unite in helping out ... but let us stop give unnecessary comments but merely to affirm one another. Manila
Ashok Soni 04-Jan-2005 13:24
I Dont know what to say on these pictures, I can only say that this is really a big disaster, and I am really feeling sorry for all of them who are the victims....I am really very sorry ....... Ah God please give strengths to the family member..who are survive ...
That's it I want to say..
Ashok Soni
Brooke 03-Jan-2005 19:00
I wish in some way I could help each and everyone of those who have been touched by this disaster. I look at these pics sitting nice and warm in my office chair,safe and sounds with my 2 children waiting for me to pick them up in a few hrs. I have never seen anythign like it! I wish for ONCE all people could forget about religion etc..etc..etc and just think..WHAT IF! Maybe that would make all these ingnorant people realize.. WHAT IF! Im ashamed at some point to be part of a race who on this level of disaster can still find room for religion this and that instead of reaching out a hand and at least saying Im sorry for your loss. Or eeaching ou that hand and asking how they can help. I however can not help financially! I wish I could. My heart and soul goes out to every single HUMAN BEING/PET etc.. that was touched by this awful day of distruction! I knwo the road to recovery both financially and mentally will be a long one! In my dreams and in my daily life I will always rememebr these images and if not "say a prayer" always remember!

To who ever survied to take therse pictures to educated us on the moments leading up to the tsunami. My you prosper and have a great recovery./ Thank you for giving me this chance to say somethign to those that have lost!

Brooke,New Hampshire! UNITED STATES!
helen 03-Jan-2005 04:08
To the moron posting these VILE comments regarding the tsunami- go away and have a long hard look at yourself. You are the MOST CONTEMPTABLE DISGUSTING PERSON. Don't think yourself better than any other person, you have proven through your disgraceful comments, just what type of person you are!ie: a pathetic, ill formed fool. Keep your VILE comments to yourself and return quickly to your hole- nobody at the end of the day needs to hear what you have to say- remember but for the grace of god you may well have been one of the victims of this disaster. YOU ARE A FOOL.
To all of those suffering now, our prays and thoughts are with you.
marcio 03-Jan-2005 02:04
realmente foi muito triste o que aconteceu , fiquei chocado com aquilo tudo .i hope we can help those people to find any lost parents .
tomara que nunca mais aconteça de novo.

i´m from brazil.
Guest 02-Jan-2005 14:16
the sea is calm again... seems like nothing happend...=.(
dima 02-Jan-2005 09:24
people there is no such a thing is innesent people, all things happen for a reason. and for GUEST who say's his roots deep in US thats B.S. [unless you are indian, but they even smarter than you] if you born here and i got my sitizenship 2 days ago we have same rights. i think america would not survave with out europians, and if you would be a president you would not last a day!
guest 01-Jan-2005 23:10
why don't all people out there putting stupid and petty comments about brit/europeans and americans and what have you-Thank god you are alive, and that you were not in the middles of this disaster. Think of all those people have lost everything and someone, how would you feel if that was you. Donating money doesnt make it ok. pray for these people suffering to get sanctuary. respect to the guy who has take these pictures for thinking quick, in order for the rest of this world to appreciate and thank god that they are alove today. what must have gone through your mind at the time. To the loser who against britons and europeans- GET A LIFE!!!!
peter 01-Jan-2005 19:08
the ignorance on this board is astounding. i'm only 20 years old, i'm supposed to be the more ignorant one. I'm dissapointed to see things like 'bible thumping' and different ripping on cultures on a page of photography devoted to such a natural disaster. Where the hell are all your heads at? And I don't think its right at all to make a statement about another country unless you have lived there for sometime. Sounds like too many of you all pay attention to the bullshit news your tele feeds you.
Chas in Dayton OH 01-Jan-2005 17:40
Astounding. I would like to read an interview of your experiences. Re. art/life, I had just finished reading Crichton's new "State of Fear", scary coincidence, and prerequisite reading for any who wish to make comments on environmental issues or movements. I find the postings here almost as creepy as the photos, enjoyable for the same reason I guess. Finally, your amazing photography inspires me to make the 1DsMkII my next camaera. Congratulations on your survival, and thanks for generously creating this page for us. --Chas
Saif-Al Damis 01-Jan-2005 16:46
I had an eerie feeling of 'life imitating art' yesterday, while i was reading '2010: Odissey two', by Arthur C. Clarke.

At the very beginning of charper 2, 'The house of Dolphins':
'Only once since Floyd had occupied the Chancellor's residence had they broken their routine. That was the day of the '05 tsunami, which, fortunately, had lost most of its power before it reached Hilo. '

Interesting fact that Sir Clarke missed a perfect description of the real-life event by only 5 time zones and 5 days. And the book was finished in '82.

Oh, and the book was finished at his house, in Colombo, Sri Lanka.
boBBY 01-Jan-2005 15:36
guest 01-Jan-2005 05:22
OK! Think what you may I may have harsh feelings towards the rest of the world but I did give $200 to the Red Cross yesterday for the relief effort.

Still doesn't change the fact that I hate Europe! My venom is built from the hatred the rest of the world has shown me. You wanna hate me for the country I live in? Fine, but don't be surprised when I come back with more hate and vengence then you expected.
Guest 01-Jan-2005 04:01
Dear Mr. You're a sick coward and bring shame on all Americans with your toxic venom. Your selfishness and hate-filled mind IS your hell. Enjoy it! And have a Happy New Year.
guest 01-Jan-2005 03:06
I just wish we would quit giving aid to the world. What have they ever done for us? ................NOTHING!!!

To Bush you are the people of the world.

To me you are nothing more than SCUM my taxes support.

Support yourselves, none of you help us out, why should we help you??
Guest 01-Jan-2005 02:59
So what is it I owe you Brits? My parents, parents, parents, parents kicked you fools out so that I wouldn't have to deal with the Eurotrash! My roots are here in the States I am a mutt of race but first I am an American!

Just remember this! You are lucky Bush is President because if I was I would creame you all!!! It would be the United States of Earth in my perfect world.
Bachmann 01-Jan-2005 02:49
...and more,- the Question is, what would you Americans BE without us and our money!
Bachmann 01-Jan-2005 02:37
To Guest: If we weren`t who we are (European), you American woulden`t be Americans...still Irish or French or... Yet, we are the bad. (Back to the roots, bastard.)
Guest 01-Jan-2005 01:28
To psychy: Yeah we deserve it! We give aid to everyone else, we give aid to these poor people but we deserve it.

I wish we (the USA)would turn our backs on all of you third world trash. You take our aid but talk smack about us bomb us and hate us. Question is what would you do without us??

If we weren't who we are you French would be speaking German as well as most of Europe. Yet we are the bad.

I say to hell with you all!! May God, Allah, Budda, or who ever you believe in kill you dead so that the earth might be a better place.
Chris 31-Dec-2004 22:04
Thanks so much for posting these pictures. It brings into perspective just how many people in the world live close to an ocean or at sea level and what can happen. Can you imagine if such a disaster hit in Holland or here where I live in Venice California. My home is only about 10 feet above sea level and indeed much of Venice is below sea level. I heard the Isle of Nias in Indonesia, one of my all time favorite surfing locations, was wiped off the earth hotel and all. Did that boy caught in the wave live? What a horrible disaster! I sure hope humanity learns from this. C.W.
Matthias 31-Dec-2004 20:54
Thanks for showing these images, it is one opportunity to understand what has happened and what can hardly be understood.
Bailey 31-Dec-2004 18:35
Thank you for sharing these photos. My heart goes out to the people affected by the Tsunami. I donated some money to the Red Cross but I wish I could be there to help.
Joel 31-Dec-2004 16:39
By the way, the catalyst of this diverse discussion—the amazing photography on these pages—is a great public service to those interested in getting a handle on what it might have been like to be caught up this horrific event...
Re: God comments—God and religion aren't synonymous. I'm not going to critique anyone's religion as long as they don't push theirs on me.
Also, to say there is no god is just as inflammatory, divisive and tyrannical as insisting YOUR god is the only, correct god... In any case, can't we all just get along?
Joel 31-Dec-2004 16:39
By the way, the catalyst of this diverse discussion—the amazing photography on these pages—is a great public service to those interested in getting a handle on what it might have been like to be caught up this horrific event...
Re: God comments—God and religion aren't synonymous. I'm not going to critique anyone's religion as long as they don't push theirs on me.
Also, to say there is no god is just as inflammatory, divisive and tyrannical as insisting YOUR god is the only, correct god... In any case, can't we all just get along?
GBOOY 31-Dec-2004 16:07
If just you people don't involve any type of god anymore in nothing, the world would be a better place. Is there a war that has nothing to do with a religion? Don't think so.
I vote for no religions anymore.
Dutchboy 31-Dec-2004 16:00
People,people people. This is an act of nature. No god act no nothing. There is no god. Somebody seen him lately?
I feel for the people there. I and the rest of the world blesses the people there. No god.
Joel 31-Dec-2004 13:50
Also regarding posts of those who find fun in such enormous tragedies:
The lack of compassion is astonishing, but seems to be partitially a result of numbness of experience of life through movies and television. It seems these images are only another form of entertainment. They have no visceral reality to people who make light of them. To them, these are just another variation of "South Park" or another form of entertainment that plays on the simple solution of cynicism. In this way of experiencing other's realities, news isn't a reality elsewhere, it is another way to pass time. Somehow, I hope that most of this is due to the inexperience of youth. As stated elsewhere in these commentaries, a person pays every day for lacking compassion. For not seeing the humanity in others. It indicates an inability in the moment to experience one's own humanity. To live without experiencing other's and your own humanity is the equivent of being dead. So, I find those making such insensitive, joking statements needing as much compassion as those who are experiencing this loss, these horrors.
For folks who live their lives this way, I ardently hope life will show you a healthier, more authentic way.
More importantly, I ardently hope and pray for all of those affected by this unfathomable disaster.
psychy 31-Dec-2004 09:52
why can't happen something like that in the states. i mean, they deserve it, with all the lies, terrorism, pain and blood they bring to the world. but no, it has always to hit the poorest and the innocents.
and that is the best proof that god doesn't exist.

so stop bitching!
Ollie 31-Dec-2004 09:16
Excellent photography. As for all the religous stuff, leave it out. I've been taking pictures for 40 years, when an event like this occurs and you're on the spot, you do what comes naturaly - take photographs. You dont get the time to weigh up the ethics until after the event.
fred 30-Dec-2004 20:48
wow....any pics of hot asian chix
Michael 30-Dec-2004 19:38
To those insensitive people posting here, you need to learn compassion, you need serious help and I encourage you to seek it. Karma is strong, so be ware; obviously, something has come around already, otherwise, you'd not be so insensitive, jaded, or bitter! Also, look into castration and/or hysterectomy and birth controls methods as soon as possible, to rid the gene pool of such selfish and uncaring likeness and thinking. I can only hope you're mere children mocking such a natural tradegy and loss of human life, because you've yet learned to deal with such catastrophic events. To those religious, may YOUR god answer your prayers and respond to you in a way to help you deal and cope with this. To the rest, your compassion and assistance in any way, be it monetary, comforting words, or otherwise, is and will be appreciated and come to you two-fold. For all, consider how you would feel if your family or friends were involved in this tragedy, or how they would feel reading the comments on these pages and you were the one missing, dead, or otherwise, unheard from for days...I think you, and they, would feel somewhat enraged at such a mockery of the loss human life!
Inoffensive Centrist 30-Dec-2004 19:19
I agree with "sick of idiots." Of all the places and events to trigger the most selfish argument I've ever heard in my life, this should be the last. Regardless of your religious convictions, have some respect for the people (of which there are many) who died here. And a few other things:

-->If in fact the biblical apocalypse is coming, it would be wise to refrain from gloating, as you'll be dead along with everyone else.

-->Just because we can't mathematically explain certain things does not prove god's existence. Contrary to popular belief, humans are not the intellectual pinnacle of the universe, and even if we are that's not to say that we can automatically comprehend everything scientifically. Even if "God" does exist, the fact remains that humans are animals as well.

-->Religious argument aside, I think we all have a lot to learn from this, and carry a heavy responsibility to do so. Fortunately (or hopefully, rather) none of us will ever see anything like this again in our lifetime. As a final word, I think we should all take it upon ourselves globally to learn as much as we can about this event and what we can do to prepare ourselves in the event that it happens elsewhere. We should not need to threaten ourselves with the proverbial apocalypse to learn to collectively care for our own species.

-->I am an American.
sick of idiots 30-Dec-2004 18:18
all you people can think to do is complain bitch moan, condescend, debate whose religion is best . really trite. really boring. really shallow. get on with your life. pull yurself away from the computer and get a life
Guest 30-Dec-2004 14:08
"GOD" KILLS EVERYBODY. Catholics or not.

Does anyone will give a f___ about 9/11,
the Holocaust and Hiroshima after this?
nick 30-Dec-2004 10:52
God? well no, the earth is an animal that sleeps and just scratched it's back, coz it was itching. We are nothing but a bunch of parasites imagining that we rule the world. All this God-talk is just fear that the above said might be true!
adam 30-Dec-2004 10:20
Over 100 000 dead now... And your arguing over.. if it was gods work! I have lost friend down there, and there are those who are still missing. Adam/Sweden
cecily 30-Dec-2004 09:51
Guest, I bet you're an American.
Guess which cookie-cutter school in what country vomited me up.
You may want to re-read just to make sure what it was I was blathering on about because having re-read your entries I suspect we're actually on the same side, and cut from very similar fabric.
Pull your head in.
geologist 30-Dec-2004 09:41
First of all i deeply feel sorry for all the dead people and all who lost everything they had. This is a real tragedy, beacause some of the people could have been saved if there would have been a seismic warning system like in the Pacific region! The big difference is, the indian ocean region has "only" poor countries sourrounding whereas the pacific region hostes Japan and the USA.
For this catastrophe there is no one to blame! It is pure and simple geodynamics and it happened befeore and it will happen in the future. Everybody who don't believe me please take a look in a Geology texbook and you will understand.
For the future i hope now that the people of the world understand that the most valuable good they have is their life and everybody should enjoy it. I hope that the different affected countries with their different religions and points of view do understand this simple fact and try to work together to fight poverty and take precautions for future catastrophes. From the rest of the world i hope they will help as goog as they can and will use all their facilties to warn the countries in the future. There is e.g. a network of seismic sensors all over the world, but they were installed to controll the nucelar tests and because some the important countries did not sign the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty - CTBT the data are secret and can NOT be used. This has to be changed!

I hope we will have a more peacefull and less catastrophic 2005!

guest 30-Dec-2004 08:55
How long did it take for the water to recede? How much time passed between the first photo and this last one? Any way to find out?
Jojo 30-Dec-2004 08:23
If its your time, and its you time and be always prepare of uncertainties
Chary 30-Dec-2004 08:11
There's no God here. We do believe in the fact and reality. There's no one should be blamed. I almost lost half of my friends there. We are trying to help every victim there, we really are. You know, what the government is trying to do now? Not even to help the survivors get back home, they even try to make them impress by letting thai volunteers to take them home and take them for sight seeing some else where. Isn't this too much?? But just let them do it, they're too ashamed and this tragedy had happened.. Praying for you all.
sheri 30-Dec-2004 07:20
God didn't do this or allow this. It's simply the work of the god of this world, call him what ever, satan, the devil, sheetan, By the comments I have read on this sight, I am reminded of how depraved mankind has become. I don't care what color you are, what nationality you are, what religion you are what sex you are, or what political party you belong to if you don't have compassion for the unspeakable horrors these people have been through, I would question your sanity. To suggest the uncompassionate ones must be republicans is about the most empty headed, and mindless comment I have heard. God have mercy on mankind.
Wayne - Australia 30-Dec-2004 05:58
Alex, way down the bottom, hit it on the head. Shit Happens!
All this talk of God sending a message is such bull!
Why was it predominantly non-christian areas that got devastated?
Why was it some of the poorest most innocent peoples of the planet?
I pity people who devote their lives to some figment out of a book
written a thousand years after a supposed "event", and rewitten a
hundred times by various others.
It's just pathetic. Peadophelia seems the most practiced activity at
most of the churches and religious groups I've heard of lately.
This was a 100% natural event, and will happen again, sometime, somewhere
maybe at a place near YOU!
guest666 30-Dec-2004 02:42
thanks hellmut for posting these images ... i can't understand where all this bible thumping trailer trash crawled out from ? if a wall of water were to take out the local piggly wiggly or knock the 'dukes of hazard' re-runs off the air they'd all be up in arms screaming like nelly things ... but what can you expect from a culture who's greatest contribution has been walmart and denny's. perhaps osamah is right.
Guest 30-Dec-2004 01:40
An earthquake of great magnitude kiling thousands exactly 1 year ago, to the day.
Rup 30-Dec-2004 01:21
Do u know y we have eartquakes cus the oil inthe earth keeps itin checkif there is limited oil there is a rumble and thus we get eartquakes, this is good once in a while so it can take the pressure of weak and useless people onthis earth i love death let this death rise huge all round so no more presuure on working class people like us to give our hard earned dollor to these poor s h its people
Rup 30-Dec-2004 01:20
Do u know y we have eartquakes cus the oil inthe earth keeps itin checkif there is limited oil there is a rumble and thus we get eartquakes, this is good once in a while so it can take the pressure of weak and useless people onthis earth i love death let this death rise huge all round so no more presuure on working class people like us to give our hard earned dollor to these poor s h its people
Rup 30-Dec-2004 01:19
Do u know y we have eartquakes cus the oil inthe earth keeps itin checkif there is limited oil there is a rumble and thus we get eartquakes, this is good once in a while so it can take the pressure of weak and useless people onthis earth i love death let this death rise huge all round so no more presuure on working class people like us to give our hard earned dollor to these poor s h its people
dima 29-Dec-2004 22:22
I'm writing to all people who blame God for innesent people and children. God loves us but what we do insted we fill earth with ,gays,lesbuanse,prostitution,lies,adultery,fornication,uncleanness,lasciviousness,idolatry,witchcraft,hatred,variance,emulations,wrath,strife,seditions,heresies,envyings,murders,drunkenness,revellings,and such like. Jesus blood on us and on our children.
"And i looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part ot the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth." Revelation 6.8,
Carole from Canada 29-Dec-2004 20:49
I'm really saddened about this tragedy. I've been reading and looking at pictures and my heart goes out to all victims, dead or alive.
How can anyone blame the person who took these pictures? Aren't we looking at them? The more I look at these pictures, the more they disturb me. And if I feel this way, I imagine being there must of been so terryfing.
It also hurts to read stupid comments when this is such a sad time. Thousands are dead. Children left with no family, no home! Please be human!
Guest 29-Dec-2004 19:03
Luke 21:7-11, Luke 21:25-28
Suskin 29-Dec-2004 16:52
God will only reveal himself to those who seek Him (seek and ye shall find). Take your anger and disbelief to Him and confront Him with it. I have never known Him to not respond. I myself SHOUTED my disbelief at Him and he lovingly and patiently showed Himself to me in a very, very unique manner. God does not desire for any to perish and I am certain that the sadness over this event in Heaven is even greater than ours. I do not even attempt to know God's mind but I do know that His will is not being done on this earth. (Hince the prayer "may Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven"). This should be our daily prayer. God calls us to give love, mercy, and compasion to ALL. That includes those who are non-believers or even hate Him. I didn't post this to convert anyone. Only God can do that. I wrote this because of the saddness I felt with all the intolerance and arguments that were being posted in the midst of this tragic event. My prayer today is that God comforts the survivors and that in some unique, personal way His Spirit touchs all those who have posted to this site or read the posts to this site.
venn 29-Dec-2004 15:37
Thanks for posting the pictures. They make me appreciate the things I sometimes take for granted.
And about the God "smacking"...this is the tip of the iceberg, but it should get you thinking. God created Adam and gave him dominion over the Earth (Adam had all power over everything on Earth). God gave Adam free will (b/c he didn't want us to be "zombies"). Adam had a choice, follow God and his laws or disobey and choose Satan. Adam chose Satan; therefore, giving dominion of the Earth to Satan. God=all good stuff, Satan=all bad stuff. And hey, I might be wrong...but what if I'm right.
Guest 29-Dec-2004 12:42
I hope you non-God people didn't celebrate or enjoy Christmas! If you did then you won't want to know the true meaning of it would you. Ohh, yeah, it's when Santa comes - ISN'T IT!

STOP the bickering, and respect and accept that EVERYONE (including you) has their own opinions and beliefs. Thanks.
Måns 29-Dec-2004 12:02
God is just an imaginary friend for grownups. /Måns, Sweden
psychy 29-Dec-2004 11:56
if this was gods revenge, 911 was a revenge too...

u stpd americans, there is NO god.
albin 29-Dec-2004 11:46

Dear Hellmut,

Great job man and thank yr stars u r okay. Now if all those facist arse*** donate some things like old clothes to the nearest red cross it will be of help to all those poor suffering souls who now have nothing.
a lutheran 29-Dec-2004 11:09
You American religious stpid Bush-voters make me sick.. "This was Gods revenge"...
Damn those guys are stupid. And weak in their minds if they can't comprehend THIS catastrophe as it is.
God killing innocent babies because of a bunch of shemale prostitutes ?!?!
Weak-minded morons!
GOD 29-Dec-2004 10:34
YEAH, I DID IT! I, God, smote all those bastards and I'm glad! You hear me?! GLAD!

Nitin Bhati 29-Dec-2004 09:40
I can't explain my feeling even i am not in a posistion to help them but i will ask to God why this so & give them power to out come this & start their life with new objective.
Guest 29-Dec-2004 08:04
My heart goes out to all those affected by this disaster, as I am sure does everybodys.

Now instead of debating God, can we debate something absolutely factual and tangible that we all agree exists - the siZe of the universe and where it came from.

We should all be sorry to Helmut for turning this photo comment into a debate.
Alexandra 29-Dec-2004 07:18
It is a very emotional time but does this time revolve around us? Partially, but who are we to think about who's right or wrong in this situation. This is a time where non-believers and believers should just calm their differences or at least push them aside and think about what really counts. While I'm typing this hundreds-thousands of others are pronounced dead. How does criticizing help the problem? My mom sponsors a little girl (World Vision) and she lives/lived in Kerala India. I don't' know if she's alive, we'll be able to find out tomorrow between 8am-11am. For those who believe in nature, god, food or carpet (whatever), just think of little girls like her and millions of others suffering not only at this point, but from hereon.

Love to all, whatever race, age, sex or religion,

Guest 29-Dec-2004 06:36
At least evolution, although a theory, has some facts. I am probably missing something as the bible isnt my nightly read but wasnt there first adam and eve and then they had 2 sons ...... ummm how did we get past that point????

If ever there was a time to question God then this is it. The problem is that many of gods "followers" (now doesnt that word conjure up a vision of a bunch of non-thinking, non-questioning zombies!!!) blindly accept a fictional masterpiece, quote passages from it and distort these words to suit the application.

How can any so-called god cause or,( if in fact it was satan or anybody else) ALLOW this to happen to so many innocent people. By all means feel free to defend your god if indeed he was responsible because he sure needs it.

This is nothing less an unimaginable natural disaster that can be explained by geological and scientific fact.

I dont normally let my feelings known in this way, but the only thing that upsets me more than what has happened to all these people who dont deserve it, is people explaining it away with religious crap. The more disturbing aspect is that many people will see this as a confirmation of "the power of god".
Eve 29-Dec-2004 06:22
I would like to say Thank you for posting these photos. Also can we stop all the bickering and name calling and for just a moment think of ALL of those touched by this. Be it the family who now has no mother, father, daughter, or son. Who has no house, job or clothing to change into and just wants some peace in their time of sorrow and worry.
You speak of prayer and God; how is it that you can judge others? PLEASE THINK OF THESE PEOPLE AND DONATE HOW EVER YOU CAN...thoughts, prayer, meditation, money or time!
Guest 29-Dec-2004 06:07
Wow - for people who didn't experience this first hand, you sure are emotional.
(Celia, you sound exactly like the cookie cutter "great thinkers" today's educational system mass produces - too bad you couldn't be bright enough to spew unique thought, rather than regurgitate some dried up emotionally dead crusty professor's idea of wisdom - give me Solomon ANY day over that drivel you just vomited).

Believe in Him or not, He is and there is nothing you can do about it.
Guest 29-Dec-2004 06:01
Here's my chance to have my input on God.
Religion is like politics. Those that choose not to believe find excuses and reasons to justify their non-belief. There are a lot of dismissed facts against evolution and 'the millions of years' theory! It's taken me a lot of time to even begin to understand the difference between God and evolution, the more I learn the more amazed I become at the trust in evolution!

I guess if you've heard of God - you know who he is. You must also know who the Devil (Satan) is too. Satan may have been the cause of this tradgedy. Look how successful Satan was at turning you non-God fearers against God. You immediately blamed God for this tradgedy. Therefore you know who God is and acknowledge his presence. Read job 38:31 and find out what it means. Try and work out how it could have been known 2000 plus years ago, and we only found out about it in the last 30 years!
Celia 29-Dec-2004 05:19
God is an archaic idea to keep the weak and ignorant under control...
God as a word is also a modern idea which encompasses respect for ALL living things- the sea (more whale strandings possibly indicate undersea bombing tests), the air (Semipalintinsk Folk still breed babies with no bones due to old radiation tests), the earth (some of us recycle but Bush needs a push off the planet) and each other.
God, Schmod. We're all alive NOW so stop splitting hairs and evolve you religious fools.
Give nature the respect it deserves and stop pretending like we're all evil and are being punished by something that doesn't exist except in the minds of the feeble and unimaginative. Nature will continue to screw with us which is fine, it's natural that it should.
If Man stopped being such a Dick with his spending money on wars rather on countries who ought to be brought up to speed we'd have an alternative planet to live on in a few tens-of-years. Education would be really great if it was to encourage the second version of 'God'- turned 'God' into a word which means Nature, or anything which lives. Not this cantankerous santa type who sits with a lash of thunder bolts and a beard-straightener on a cloud.
Nature can be so beautiful remember, and a pain, a destructive, violent pain, but it's natural. God is Nature. Not a man.
And don't forget, prayer is a type of energy sent to space, don't pray to a god who doesn't exsist, but send the idea of hope to the people who've just been screwed by nature, that they'll know beauty and happiness again. And have faith they'll receive your message.
Guest 29-Dec-2004 04:50
which god are you dickheads refering to?
Kathleen 29-Dec-2004 02:26

Many of you are right about the cause; it is both an unprecedented natural disaster, and
God did save lives. The 20 month old baby found on top of a floating air mattress is a definite miracle, as any parent knows who has ever tried to keep a kid from either falling or climbing off any bed.

The Photographer is saving countless thousands of lives by his photographs, because they will cause the afflicted countries to obtain warning systems. The US wanted to warn them, but there was no warning system on that scale, because it was thought such a thing could not happen there. Most of the money sent to relief efforts will be sent as a result of seeing these photos, so many lives will be saved now. Thank you for taking the pictures and posting them for us.
LJW-Australia 29-Dec-2004 01:58
You people quoting extracts from the Bible, referring to sinners, implying the people that died must have been deserving of this your eyes and minds!!
How can a small child or baby be seen as a sinner and its young life be taken so soon?!!!
Pull your heads out of the sand. This is a Natural Disaster, a distressing catastrophe of enormous proportions! If there was a God, he would not have let this happen to people who did not deserve it. God-believers would have died too!!
Stan Schutze29-Dec-2004 01:15
It's a Buddhist country. Nothing worse than the God Squad waving their fingers around at a time like this.
Eric 29-Dec-2004 00:32
All I can say is it's good to know you made it out alive.

God be with you.
guest 29-Dec-2004 00:18
There's no such thing as god. Some of you people need to go back to school and actually learn something. God...its funny how little children think.
jon 28-Dec-2004 23:35
Sorry Alex, God has to do with everything. Scripture states: "when troubles come..." not "if trouble comes". This world has it share of trouble for us all. It is not that it happens, but how we get through it and go on. Some choose to go on without God and see this as....Shit happens...a life without a purpose. Others tend to see that they cannot control life on our own but depend on God to see them through. One sees death as the trajic end of it all, while the other sees death as a beautiful new beginning, a reunion with their creator.
Elizabeth 28-Dec-2004 22:40
(Luke 13) There were present at that season some that told him of the Galilaeans, whose blood Pilate had mingled with their sacrifices. And Jesus answering said unto them, "Suppose ye that these Galilaeans were sinners above all the Galilaeans, because they suffered such things? I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. Or those eighteen, upon whom the tower in Siloam fell, and slew them, think ye that they were sinners above all men that dwelt in Jerusalem? I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish."
John 28-Dec-2004 22:07
God did this to these poor innocent people because God is vicious, and delights in watching people suffer. Religious doctrines concerning love compassion giving caring mercy and justice are human inventions, not from God.
clichy 28-Dec-2004 20:49
once upon a time it was eden... Good god vhen he kill in eden...
Zamboni 28-Dec-2004 20:11
You forget that God also created entropy...
Alex 28-Dec-2004 20:01
God has nothing to do with this, it's a natural occurence. Shit happens, it's tragic and all but that's the way these things are.
Guest 28-Dec-2004 19:28
If there is a god who did this, it's probably the xian version of god. what a jerk.
Bret Douglas28-Dec-2004 16:53
Why did GOD choose to kill over 40,000 people with this tsunami?
Maria 28-Dec-2004 13:00
I don't believe in fortune, I BELIEVE IN GOD. GOD saved this pure person.
Meki 28-Dec-2004 10:00
This is very bad
bodger 28-Dec-2004 00:17
All fantastic images; you were fortunate to have had the opportunity and get out alive.
Wenkmann 27-Dec-2004 13:18
Great pictures!

You could easily got killed, if bigger waves had hit (as usual) after the first

You were so lucky!