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Centrale Montemartini - 2011

A mile or so south from the centre of Rome, out on Via Ostiense, one of the city's
first powerstations has been turned into a new home for several hundred pieces of
statuary from the Capitoline museum, including many of their recent acquisitions.

Click on the individual pictures to see larger versions.

More details here.....

And, by way of contrast, there are pictures from another visit, a decade
earlier, here......


Update: summer 2012: There's now another way to reach the museum, which may be more convenient
than the bus. With the opening of the new "Ponte Ostiense", a land bridge over the Ostia Lido
railway and Metro lines, it's possible to travel to "Garbatella" station (only 5 stops south
of Termini on Line B), and walk the rest of the way.

Nearby, Rome's former wholesale produce market is under restoration - as part of the
"Citta' di Giovani" (City of Youth) project, aimed at revitalising the Ostiense area
- so do expect somewhat of a building site for a while!
t4%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f139769886.LAUjo6zq.jpg t4%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f139769943.sJcvsgVP.jpg t4%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f139769896.vlxiryVn.jpg t4%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f139769897.V57u0TYL.jpg t4%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f139769898.A0o0ZPXn.jpg
t4%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f139769899.SXwFvPjm.jpg t4%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f139769900.t0giNi4L.jpg t4%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f139769901.9QJtLVkU.jpg t4%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f139769902.HJBmObOt.jpg t4%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f139769903.ZRWyVA2Z.jpg
t4%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f139769904.9QrEsV66.jpg t4%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f139769907.6kAFqCxa.jpg t4%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f139769905.vFexOahu.jpg t4%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f139769908.RRLJxM9i.jpg Sandalled foot, with Zippo
Sandalled foot, with Zippo
t4%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f139769910.VDrOLDKD.jpg Agripppina
t4%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f139769911.SxVphnuv.jpg t4%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f139769912.FnFR5pTu.jpg t4%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f139778016.v89bmBwb.jpg
t4%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f139769887.unn21Yxo.jpg t2%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f139769889.AH1Q6gzz.jpg t2%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f147125313.jiiahnwf.jpg t2%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f139769890.2Ttpfy64.jpg t4%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f139769891.i0DI2xBD.jpg
t4%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f139769892.cwbt2z4D.jpg t4%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f139769893.FsI90qEX.jpg t4%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f139769895.4YZkz5NN.jpg t4%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f139769919.1awdCa1j.jpg t4%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f139769920.Y4NFSBeX.jpg
t2%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f139769921.7AqxMUNY.jpg t2%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f139769922.fYxoZCxH.jpg t4%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f139769923.7eXg60cP.jpg t4%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f139769924.f76pax4l.jpg t4%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f139769925.MdWjoHWJ.jpg
t4%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f139769926.t6vD5xYc.jpg t2%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f147189139.RUmsNeUQ.jpg t4%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f139769930.gBA0YXlo.jpg t4%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f139769927.hYjaB5G0.jpg t4%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f139769932.Bxu0Lhq0.jpg
t4%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f139769933.Znp9hKK8.jpg t4%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f139769939.DDbjsPrm.jpg t4%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f139769942.JUTZpLUr.jpg t2%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f147189140.0f5YyIpf.jpg t4%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f139769941.AWNrKGVm.jpg
t4%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f139769929.SU6vOu9N.jpg t4%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f139769928.evGRLmng.jpg t4%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f139769935.Ac191nNi.jpg t2%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f139769937.yBsci9qh.jpg t2%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f139769936.zLQEsagt.jpg
t4%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f139769938.0ruqoIpj.jpg t4%2f85%2f449985%2f4%2f139769934.Vh5uHMgc.jpg Memorial to staff who fell in the Great War
Memorial to staff who fell in the Great War
Project details for the new bridge
Project details for the new bridge
Ponte Ostiense
Ponte Ostiense
Work in Progress
Work in Progress