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Inside the Maoist War for Nepal | India, Land of Beauty and Despair | Migrant workers, the poorest of the poor. | Beauty wrapped in barbed wire. | Monkeys, Pigs, and Beasts of Burden. | A dedication to beauty, honor, and pride.

Inside the Maoist War for Nepal

JUNE 2005:
Nepal is a land of breathtaking natural beauty under the shadow of Mount Everest and the Himalayas. It is also a land locked country in the midst of a civil war that has taken the lives of countless people and created a massive refugee problem. It is now the deadliest conflict in Asia surpassing Afghanistan.

The Maoists can be brutally violent often kidnapping the children of villagers to use as soldiers. The Monarchy is equally violent in its suppression. The soldiers are ill trained and quick to the trigger at any perceived threat. King Gyanendra is equally quick at suppressing any potential opposition and has gone as far as blocking all mobile phone service, arresting politicians, and controlling the press. Extrajudicial killings have become common practice. This all took place when he came to power after most of the rest of the royal family was murdered by another royal family member for reasons that are not quite clear.

Their brief attempt at Democracy was also unsuccessful. Politicians bought themselves Mercedes Benz and big houses. Corruption was rife and infighting prevented any real reform from taking place.

Time Magazine now claims that per capita income has dropped to $240 per year. This is a country desperately in need of international aid.


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