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kd19-Mar-2010 20:54
Hi Ira,
I loved your coverage of China and Asia. Awesome work. Incidentally I work in NYC too. Used to live 15 yrs ago, moved to Fort Lee, NJ.
Lyza 09-Mar-2010 16:36
Wonderful photos. It shows reality. thanks for sharing... cheers!
Guest 08-Dec-2009 21:06
Not sure if I sent my message.
Here is it again:

Hi Ira,

It's been a long time! Hope you're doing great and life has treated you nicely!!
jena 27-Dec-2008 07:24
bring back... bring back... bring back my little pea to me
Jena Bernstein 27-Dec-2008 07:22
what happened to the little pea?... where is the little pea?... i looked to the left... not there... i looked to the right... not there either... i miss the little pea... oh ira please bring back the little pea... i miss your little pea... your galleries are boring without the little pea.
Gumbo jim26-Dec-2008 21:25
what happened to the little pea?... where's the little pea?... i miss the little pea... i looked the's not there... i looked to the right... not there either... oh ira i miss your little pea... please bring back the little pea. your galleries are boring without the little pea. give me your little pea.
Guest 01-Oct-2008 08:21
great jod...i like it very much
Barbara Heide02-Jun-2008 10:56
thank you for your excellent photojournalism and treating disturbing subjects! great work!
flowsnow21-May-2008 11:33
Ira, Just want to add on in your guestbook and say you are one compassionate human being. Hope there will be more people like you. Keep up the good work and will be back for more `treats'.
mashuga17-May-2008 23:40
Thank you for your compeling images. They need to be seen! You are a brave person and I know the conflict about the nature of taking such images. Well done....Thanks!
Ted Chappell14-May-2008 00:22
Tena koe (greetings in Maori)
As I discover more and more of your images, I find myself drawn in emotionally, many of them disturb me, others inspire. The world needs more of you to bring the 'real world' to us as we sit back in comfort. But what can we really do about it? Cry? Wring our hands? If the governments of these countries ignore their people, take the horrific situation in Burma right now, what really can outsiders do?
The first thing I have done is add you to my favourites, so that I can keep up with all and any additions you post.
Aroha (warmest regards) from New Zealand
Hans Darroca05-Apr-2008 13:43
fantastic galleries..... well done.
nightdaynight25-Mar-2008 02:51
the true traveler knows not his destination. word.
like your world and the fotos in it.

...iris the bunny lover...
Guest 21-Mar-2008 03:42
can you please email me at i need to ask you a question about your pictures.. Thanks so much and I love your pictures. Tami
Michelle 23-Feb-2008 03:29
I was searching for some inspiration and found some through the galleries you've shown. Thank you.
Rebecca10-Jan-2008 05:38
You have an amazing talent and I thank you so much for sharing. I have never spent so much time looking at one persons galleries. It was like a movie....I laughed, cried and even blushed at a few of the pics. Please continue traveling and Keep posting.
Rebecca S.
Hernan E. Enriquez05-Jan-2008 11:54
Your candids are the best!
Jan 27-Oct-2007 17:25
Ira: Were you ever a Pen Pal with a female friend from Washington State? I am trying to locate a friend named Ira, but cannot remember his last name.
JuvyGeir Thue-Nilsen16-Jul-2007 10:28
Hi Ira you have very nice gallery and really enjoyed viewing them...keep posting :) i added you too as one of my favs. stay in touch!
ThomasR07-May-2007 22:14
You have some very interesting pictures (I mainly looked at the people you photographed). NYC seems a very inspiring city.
Andrija Kasom03-May-2007 10:11
Dear Ira,
You have so beautifuly phoos in yours portfolio...Excellent my friend...Excellent work...Greetings from Montenegro, old/new country in Europa...I will come back with pleasure...
Zainudin17-Apr-2007 09:41
Excellent gallery. Love your work - shooting people. Best wishes.
trance_mama07-Apr-2007 06:05
amazing sensuality in all your stuff. Freaky at times but that is part of the strength. Inspiring.
Guest 08-Mar-2007 07:14
Simply astounding! Keep getting better ok?
Rodolfo Parulan Jr.24-Dec-2006 23:47
Very nice gallery! I enjoyed it much, the naturalness and spontaneity of day to day photographs. The humour, poetry and short stories attached to each and every pics are simply inspiring and uplifting. You're a genius. Hats off to you, mister!
Guest 31-Oct-2006 11:43
Marvelous photographic potpourri, I hope you encounter many more photo opportunities, may you keep that shutter release busy. Best wishes.
Teila K. Day22-Oct-2006 04:04
Viewing such photos (like those in your India gallery) prompt me to want to comment volumes, about how the photos stirred me. Photos of children going without have always stirred me. What I conclude each time I witness first hand or peruse photographs of children in such poverty, is that I am a human... and by virtue of being human, I am a part of what is probably the most shameful, inconsiderate, wasteful, non-caring species on Earth. I think of how much money government(s) spend politically and tactically (war), and stand ashamed. .

Thank you very much for sharing what you've seen. I have appreciated being able to see through your eyes via your lens..
Chris Sofopoulos13-Oct-2006 19:10
I just wanted to congratulate you for the last photos and to express my respect for the human approach in these works.
My compliments Ira.
Shakti Hurst07-Oct-2006 16:51
Namaste Ira, This is Shakti (we met in Lhasa) I have just had a good look at your galleries and am so impressed with your work, wonderful images! I have just set up pbase account and soon as I get a chance will upload some of my images. I am still here in Nepal, finding it hard to leave really. So many great images to shoot here! I have been really inspired by your work so I hope I can capture some of the peaceful spirit of the people.
simon king 27-Sep-2006 22:44
hello ira... i'm simon from liverpool in england - got to say - quality photography; the topics you seem to chose are superb... keep em coming...
Julie C. 27-Sep-2006 21:59
Like the Leggo Building and "The Giants." Awesome Ira ignites sensational pictures - keep the poetry goin'
Guest 01-Sep-2006 03:11
I'm trying to put it into words... i can't. If ever me and my wife chenna make it to new york, i would be honoured if you could give us a insight...
melanie 08-Aug-2006 23:19
Awesome pictures, work to be admired.
Guest 06-Aug-2006 04:53
Thanks for teaching people to be humble
urszula Badaruk
DaleWilliams01-Aug-2006 10:23
Great galleries nice to see someone who is willing to step away from the expected
Guest 19-Jul-2006 10:36
Hi there, Ira!
Disturbing, Heavy, Beautiful, Awesome, Cruel, Humor...
And a thousand more words to discribe your pictures if my english was better.
Anyway, I love and admire your work...
Don't ever stop shooting!
Jeffrey03-Jul-2006 13:12
Wow. Great photos in all your galleries. Havent looked through all of them yet, but I will eventually. Very inspirational and eye-opening.
Natasza 02-Jul-2006 07:04
You make great photo's. I enjoyed looking around.


Carpe Diem
Martha Albuquerque28-May-2006 15:30
Dear Ira,

Thank you for your kind words and compliments! You are such a great artist and it is so good to see the way you express your art. Thank you for sharing it.
Guest 25-May-2006 11:01
They say you have 2180 images on-line. I haven't seen them all yet, but I can foresee I'll owe you about 2180 thanks.
Adrian 12-Apr-2006 10:47
Hi Ira,

I've been viewing your India and Nepal galleries. Like all your viewers, I think your photographs are fantastic. I have three questions. Firstly, did you generally ask (either verbally or through mime) before taking these portraits? Secondly, was their any 'stage management', I mean did you arrange the children in any particular way? Finally, on a technical note, did you take your own photo printer or get prints from a shop?
Hochi Abaya22-Mar-2006 02:18
excellent photos!!!!!!!!
the women of nyc are beautiful.....gotta find my way over there!
LOUIS WEYL 21-Mar-2006 11:55
jude21-Mar-2006 01:07
I just wanted to tell you how very impressed I've always been with your candid and street shots, but your Vietnam and Cambodia photos come straight from Life magazine..
J15-Mar-2006 10:31
Great collection here, wouldn't mind seeing a few more of your golan pictures if you have any lying around, i'll be leaving lovely scenic jenin for the har-dov-reches ramim kav in the near future...
Ron S. Bernardo08-Mar-2006 02:00
A truly outstanding gallery you have. Keep up the outstanding work.
Guest 20-Jan-2006 03:48
You have wonderful galleries! I enjoyed browsing through them today and I voted a bunch. The littlest pea made me smile. great work all around.

take care,
Guest 21-Dec-2005 12:20
Like your stories! Thanks for sharing~
Guest 12-Oct-2005 09:27
An impressive gallery with much effort involoved. You have a gift to speak with your viewers, something that is to be admired. Voted on several occassions while viewing your extensive collection. Please continur to share your work as the world is your audience and believe me they are listening.
yvettephoto07-Oct-2005 18:04
Great Galleries!!!....Thanks for sharing.....

Yvette :)
Clement Wan07-Oct-2005 11:53
Ira, it's good and you can well-use your body! Keep on!
Guest 02-Sep-2005 11:39
hi ira, thanks for sticking by and keeping note of my work especially my galleries. appreciate all of the kind comments. ive only had the time this morning to look through your work and i must say, your work is interesting. more on photo journalism and i especially love the new york galleries =D see yah here @ pbase!
Guest 22-Aug-2005 17:49
Hi Ira,
you have great work here, intimate and powerful, with a very unique style.
Best regards,
Guest 17-Aug-2005 11:24
I love all of your galleries, really. You're in my favorites list.
Galina Stepanova07-Jul-2005 18:04
Ira, you have a great photojournalistic talent, your pictures are speaking, your street portraits are great unforgettable characters.
Many compliments and best luck for your future shots,
nige5024-Jun-2005 20:45
Thank you for taking the time to look at my gallery
KM21-Jun-2005 00:03
Ira, your dedication to beauty,honour and pride proves you are a very special human being with unlimited feeling towards your fellow man. The photographs are just wonderful.
MARUETEA11-Jun-2005 02:19
You could see what people can't see, and that's why your photos are full of stories, how amazing! I am envious... this is travel photography at its best!

Best regards,

Ps.If you can take some time off to view at my gallery and feel free to leave any comment. Thank you in advance.
Guest 05-Jun-2005 19:15
thnx for sharing! IRA
amazing collections

from singapore
Hubert Steed06-May-2005 17:02
Hello Ira,

Your people photos are wonderful. Thank you for your compliment at my people gallery. If you see me please say hello. Hubert
Peter Malmgren26-Apr-2005 09:13
Among the many PBase users I think you are the most talanted of them.
You realy got the eye for it. Both the motive and the technique are impressive!
Regards Peter
Amie 21-Apr-2005 11:20
Hi friend! You have a great eye, a great mind & body too! : ) Thank you for sharing! God bless you! Love, Amie
Guest 09-Apr-2005 08:54
Lovely galleries. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I enjoyed them. Will be back. Thierry from Luxembourg.
Katiana 03-Mar-2005 13:58
I was surfing the web for something, and I came across your site. I liked it so much i had to leave you a compliment. So brilliant little Miss. Me went out of her way to sign up for this only to notice it was not even needed. I would take that as a compliment. I'm not much of a critic, (ok yes i am ) but i wanted to respond to your photos. The quality of some of your photos seem so soft, (that's a good things) including the candid ones. Well goodluck with your work. CIAO
Guest 13-Feb-2005 08:35
Great galleries Ira. Keep up the good work.

Congrats on your first solo. I remember mine like it was yesterday!
LCSC 03-Feb-2005 04:10
Wow great, great candids here Ira! We need to get in touch with each other!
Guest 02-Feb-2005 17:02
I really enjoyed your pictures!
Peter Chou30-Jan-2005 04:13
Great looking street work you have in your gallery and I am inspired! Do take a look at my humble gallery and I appreciate all comments and advices.
June Marie Sobrito06-Jan-2005 15:53
Thanks for stopping by my gallery! I have enjoyed your photography immensely; you have been a bookmarked "favorite" of mine...As for the Bronx, I love going back and reminiscing...
Guest 11-Dec-2004 09:49
Very impressive collection...I have to stop to eat periodically. Have you been contacted yet by anyone who saw their pic on your site? I figure this must be starting to happen to people, with all the digital pics online. Looks like you are being careful not to post private parts of the body. May want to check out Senate bill S.1301 - video voyeurism act sometime, thanks to this administration... By the way, I have had the Nikon D100 for two years now and it still gets a lot of attention. You will not be nearly as stealthy with the D70 as with your Oly!! I haven't posted any people in public (yet), but feel free to check out our 'wildlife' over here in the Puget sound area: CYA
Guest 18-Nov-2004 21:55
I found your galleries to be immensely amusing. Good work.
Nick 18-Oct-2004 07:01
Hello Ira,
Your work are really cool.
I will like to show you some of my gallerys. But not in pbase..
Hope to hear from you.
Andy 16-Oct-2004 16:10
I was in New York City in 2002 and I love your candid gallery.
Shmuel Halevi02-Oct-2004 11:52
Greetings Ira and thanks for your comments. As for the camera type decision.. I can only tell you that I have a good friend with the Rebel who is wishing he had waited a little and bought also the D70... As for myself, I am very happy with my choice, I only hope I could travel more and photograph more...
Take care, Shmuel.
rock 30-Sep-2004 12:57
Your page brought me to the verge of tears. I looked into the eyes of these young men and women and saw their families, their sons daughters some pictures had the remains of a relationship with a women, in the corner. It made me think about what those womens lives must be like now. Please keep trying to update the pictures of the fallen but never forgotten soldiers. My personal political view is we dont need either one of them in office. on picture said it bnest when her shirt said "my bush could do a better job!" i loved that one might have to get a shirt made myself. One soldier lamalandinh.jpg is repeated. I viewed the rest of your galllery and your have a mystery about you that is intriging. love the pictures im in the south so seeign New York through a New Yorkers eye is more apeasing then cnn or msn's newsbriefs.
thanks yovonne
Guest 23-Sep-2004 15:17
I'm surprised to find that I've not ever signed your guestbook.

OK, here is what I've got to say:

Great job on the candid photos and self-searching galleries!

Keep more photos coming!!!

Michael Buell 02-Sep-2004 09:26
Dear Ira!!! THANK YOU for your NYC Protest photographs. I would enjoy printing some of your photographs at a demonstration planned for California State University, San Marcos. I personally own a C-5060 and dreamed of documenting NYC - but California is a ways away. Please send any photos I might print (photo quality) to my school account ( - like Mega space for attachments. I will of course give you credit and email photos of the protest to you. Thank You for being my eyes!!! Love, Michael Buell
Jason C 30-Aug-2004 23:58
Great Photo's! As far as Bush is concerned, ONE TERM AND DONE!
S O S 28-Aug-2004 14:11
nice shots man screw em if they can't take a joke
vincent cohen27-Aug-2004 10:57
Hi Ira and visitors, I wanted to mention that the captions I left on your galleries are all humoristic and often sarcastic. I hope nobody will be shocked !
By the way, your pictures are just great for this exercize !
Vic from Paris (France). French humorist, still unknown.
Rita 22-Aug-2004 22:22
Carlos19-Aug-2004 04:37
I'm surprised we havent bumped in to each other.
Guest 29-Jul-2004 01:35
Thanks Ira. It's amazing to see just how much stuff I have missed by not taking photographs sooner. Keep up the good work!

pez 19-Jul-2004 06:26
Wow excellent candids!!! Loved them all, you should post over to we could use somemore posters like you to inspire!!! thanks
Greville Bowles 14-Jul-2004 13:20
I just returned from my first visit to NYC. Although I'm not a "city person" I had a wonderful time and want to return ASAP. Your photos brought back the good feelings I had while I was there. Thank you for the reminder of just how good the people watching is.
g@il bjork08-Jul-2004 01:31
You have an admirable and fascinating perspective on what you photograph. Very, very interesting. Well done!
Ted Levin06-Jul-2004 00:40
Maybe we can go there together one day.. Ted
Vincent Belford26-Jun-2004 22:04
Wonderful galleries of New York.
Vince B.
Jean-Claude Riboulet20-Jun-2004 00:23
I love New York and like your Candid gallery.
thofte13-Jun-2004 00:36
Thanks for your comment in my guestbook. Having been through your 'candid gallery' I was 'in the habit' of reading you in a 'twisted' way - but I think it was a compliment. I envy your audacity in the candids. I see a lot of funny stuff around me all the time, but most of the time I shy away from just shooting. I've thought about wearing a trechcoat and a hat with a press-sign to hide behind, LOL!, what a sight... having a telezoom helps, though...
Sam_C05-Jun-2004 06:47
Ira, you've done a marvelous job of capturing the essence of Thailand and New York City,
two places very near and dear to my heart. Keep up the good work!!
Melanie01-Jun-2004 03:17
You are right. As far as visiting goes that is. I grew up in L.A. in the 60's, but since then have tried to avoid the "larger" cities. I'd probably go crazy with photo taking, & like you have some coment t0o make for each one.Which I tend to do anyway in some cases.
Thanks for visiting my gallery, and you kind words
Guest 01-Jun-2004 00:15
I love New York.
Thanks for sharing your