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Common House Gecko - Hemidactylus frenatus

Common House Gecko - Hemidactylus frenatus


Canon EOS 40D
1/200s f/8.0 at 400.0mm iso160 full exif

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Elmer T 05-Dec-2017 16:40
Been in northern Louisiana 69 years; wanted to be a herpetologist. My yard is a lizard sanctuary. These fellows have pretty much taken over the night time at both entry areas. They are about as non-threatening as box turtles only much faster. I finally figured they are responsible for the little chirping sounds inside the walls of my house and shop. I made more than one futile search for mouse nests.
Guest 16-Sep-2017 02:34
Just the other night I heard a purr in the backyard and saw it was a cat (the neighbor's cat in my backyard). After I scared it away I look up at the light and I see the same gecko but only a little more translucent on the wall. I was suprised but usually I see mossy and brown and white little checkered ones every now and then. I believe it's partner died last week on my grass due to the intense hot sun. It was about brownish green and its tail was missing. Poor thing.
gt 07-Sep-2017 02:45
We moved to NE Texas. I found one in the house - I don't know if he was already here or came out of a box from South Texas. One month later he's still here. Tonight I thought the cat got his tail - but after a google search I think it dropped its tail as a defense. The tail wiggled around on the floor for a few minutes. The lizard's still here, and I hope the little guy makes it.
Guest 12-Jun-2017 17:07
Just read all the comments and I didn't know much about the white gecko. I just killed one because it was inside my home and it freaked me out. Now I feel bad that I did. Next time i'll just let it be. 😢😢😢
Guest 28-Sep-2016 01:29
We have them all over here in South Alabama. We have 10 on our back porch every night. I wasn't sure what kind they were but this picture is it
teresa 03-Sep-2016 03:39
I have had a beige-colored, small gecko in the apt. since late July. I haven't seen it since August 15th. I hope it didn't perish in here. I had tried to capture it a few times, as gently as I could, but they are too fast & I succeeded in only scaring the poor thing. I only wanted to place it back outside. Recently, I have seen a few baby Geckoes who are brown with dark markings on them. My question is: Could the light-colored gecko have darker colored off-spring? I never could find any way for the Geckoes to get inside or back out& that stresses me for them. Thanks for any help with the answer to my question.
Guest 07-Aug-2016 05:40
I live in Alabama and I see these lizards only at night, and if you turn on the light, and go outside, th he run under the vinyl siding. I've lived in Alabama almost all my life and I've NEVER seen these
kiva 29-Jul-2016 08:00
Toni 26-Jul-2016 03:35
Just found 2 of these little cuties near my from porch light! I have one yellow "bug light" and a regular bulb... Both of them were by the yellow bulb! Just for reference... I live in Dell City, TX. I've found a large size Horned Toad, a few different types of snakes, green lizards, brown lizards, tarantulas & now these guys!!! Love the wild life out here💜
Guest 13-Jul-2016 05:48
Oh lord this is a relief to find the one i found in my dogs mouth about 10 minutes was a little whiter than this picture but i thought my dog had killed an albino gecko
Kaden 07-Jul-2016 15:59
im 12 and i find green anoles easy to catch but they do bite hard,(back on subject) these little house geckos are all over the side of my house at night they make strange chirping sounds, really weird, is it just me or are the bottoms of these geckos see through
Chaleen 30-Aug-2015 11:49
I stepped on one of these little guys last night in the shower. It freaked me out but then I noticed it was a lizard. I enjoy lizards so I put him outside with some water and went to check on him and there was a big bug nearby so I brought him back inside and put him back in the bathroom. I didn't want him to run around the house because I had a pest control man spray a few weeks ago. I'm looking into the organic pest control very soon. I hope he will be okay. Maybe I'll just buy lizards to keep the pest away and the kids will love it :)
shedragon713 21-Jul-2015 15:29
This is for Sam in Anguilla... when I was growing up in Saigon there were geckos everywhere! My mom used to put fresh green onions (with the bulbs) around the light fixtures. The heat helps to spread the "aroma" and keep them out of the house.
Hope this helps.
Adrienne 27-May-2015 13:41
Hi all, I live in Texas in El Paso and they seem to thrive in my backyard, I think they need tall trees in the yard and more or less planted. And yes they will eat anything that fits in their mouth especially spider nats. They are awesome because anyone with cypress trees knows what I am talking abought.
Guest 29-Nov-2014 04:47
I live in southeast Texas and have many of these in my garage. They have taken care of the spider problem I had when I moved in here.I almost got a video of a larger one about to eat a red wasp, he got away.they do make chirping sounds and they will chase a laser pointer for hours.
Carla 26-Nov-2014 17:38
Since these geckos moved onto our porch a couple of years ago, we don't have the spider webs that were always a mess. We only see these cute little creatures at night, often dozens of them, and I love having them. I rarely find a gecko in my house, but, still, since these geckos arrived on my porch, the spider population in my house is almost nonexistent. We have a large back porch and leave the light on all night long. I guess that's why the like staying with us.
David 30-Sep-2014 15:30
We live in McKinney and these little creatures are all over the place. They do get into the house but are easy to catch (sometimes) with a tissue and then placed outside. We believe they are valuable. At times we see rather large anoles, but they stay outside and are very fast.
Guest 13-Sep-2014 03:51
I've seen these in my house. At first it freaked me out, but then I read they ate spiders. Anything that kills a spider is a friend of mine!
Wanda 09-Jul-2014 05:19
Oh yes, in some cultures, they keep these loose in their homes to control insects. Cheaper than an exterminator!
Wanda 09-Jul-2014 05:17
These little guys are harmless. Colors may vary slightly by region. They like to hang out near lights that attract bugs. Also they may hang on windows for those bugs attracted to the inside lights. They are very beneficial and eat a lot of bugs, including mosquitoes so don't harm them. They sometimes get into the house when I open the back door and they fall inside and scramble. The door opens to the inside and they leap off the window when it moves. Be happy if you have them. Live in Houston, TX area.
Tex 24-Jun-2014 02:45
I'm 36 and thought I knew most all species of crawlers in East Texas, but never once have seen this species until I moved into my current residence. Are you guys sure this is indigenous to our area?
Stanley Terrill 23-May-2014 01:51
I live in DFW Texas and I have these breeding in several places on my property. When they are Adult they are the Texas Spiny Lizard. We caught them as Children and always called them Tree Lizards. They are welcome in or out but they do get injured and killed by getting in Door Jambs and underfoot. I've found their Hatched Eggs many times. I really enjoy them.
Sam Florance 14-Oct-2013 14:54
Most of you sound like you're in TX, my home for a lot of years (DFW area). Now my wife and I live on Anguilla, in the Caribbean, where these little guys (and some not so little) are everywhere. I don't mind them outside, and understand their value, etc., but they quickly lay waste to the sheets and pillows in our guest room where we seldom go. They poop...EVERYWHERE....such that we could wash the sheets every night, and STILL have to wash them again. Does anyone have any suggesions re: how to eliminate them, in a humane way, from inside our bedrooms and bathrooms? I've had to kill a few of them in response, but I'd of course rather not. Any natural deterrents?....except cats?
Cfeld 05-Oct-2013 08:43
You guys are awesome! I've got a family of these little guys living on my back porch and was curios what they were, now I have also figured out what the mysterious chirping sound I keep hearing is. For those of you trying to get rid of them, STOP! I love sitting outside at night and watching these guys hang out by my porch light and absolutely WRECK any bug dumb enough to come near. I have probably 5 adults and just saw a baby (<1 in.) tonight, I wish there were more :)
John 24-Sep-2013 01:16
I live in brownwood tx. This after noon I went to water the rabbits and holly
What was stuck in the floorwire of one cage was a large spiny tx lizard. Had never seen One till today
What do they eat
Guest 16-Sep-2013 00:55
Chirp? I love them! I have five right now outside my porch. Used to be two last year and I named them Frick and Frack. They kill bugs, I love them! Did not know they chirped!
gator515011-Sep-2013 20:24
We live n houston, and. Fredie,my lizard,its pink with Brown spots.does anyone know what kind of lizard it is? And,how do u know if its boy or girl?
lisa 07-Sep-2013 15:51
I have lived in Marshall, Tx for over 33 years and have never encountered these creatures until the last few years. I have called them geckos even though I was unsure about their identity. Finally, this morning when I helped one escape from our deep kitchen sink to outside I had to know who he was! My research has led me to this site. So glad all comments here have reassured me they are harmless! The saddest part of my story is all the little gecko friends that have lost their lives while resting in the door jam of our house and innocent door closer kills them!! My guys don't quite look like this first pic, but its the closest I can find on internet.
Cheryl 01-Sep-2013 10:58
I live in the DFW metroplex area and we have these precious little geckos all around our home...and we let them be until one gets inside and I gently pick them up and place them back outside so they wont die...there sure arent any bugs in the house and few outside, thanks to them. I want to share an amazing story about an ANOLE lizard (the ones that change colors to blend with their environment). I was sitting on our patio one morning and looked over and saw this bright green little guy (about 3 inches long from his nose to the end of his tail) on the leaf of one of my pot plants. I could see he was looking at me so I spoke and reassured him I wasnt going to harm him. I PROMISE you all---I put my hand out slowly as I softly spoke to him tellng him how cute he was and he jumped on my wrist and crawled up my arm and on to the back of the chair! He just sat there a for about 5-6 seconds before he jumped onto a nearby vine and crawled up the brick! It was one of the most amazing moments of nature I have ever experienced. I had to wake my husband up early to tell him about it. So, dont be afraid of these little guys. They are peaceful, helpful and smart.
Guest 26-Aug-2013 05:43
I live in a small town in southern Oklahoma. About 5 miles from the Texas/Oklahoma Red River. I just saw this little thing for the first time about 3 nights ago, sitting outside late at night and. Noticed a lizard poking its head out from behind my temperature gauge on my brick wall outside. They seem to eat just about any bug that is flying around the light above my temperature gauge. Thought he was extremely cute, but was not sure if they were poisonous. But sounds as though they r not. That very next night I found one in my den crawling up the wall, so I gently took a rag and grabbed him and threw him back outside. Do not seem harmful at all. Enjoy watching these amazing bug catchers!!!!
Guest 23-Aug-2013 14:15
We have the pink "albino" geckos all over inside our garage, & No way to count how many outside our windows of the house. A few of them have been around so long they have names! , surely family members as they are territorial, anyway, correct me if I am wrong, the (crap) so many talk abt I believe is SPIDER poop, b/c we don't hve any except in dark corners, ( geckos like light) . So plse give the little guys a break, they eat all the creepy crawlys U do not want around.! p.S. if a foot falls off does it grow back?
Guest 11-Aug-2013 05:28
Caught one of these cute little lizards tonight in the bathroom! This is the 2nd time and we live in Avondale, Az! They must be coming in for coolness & water? It was 108 today. My grandsons want to keep her for a pet. Does anyone know how to take care of one of these tiny creature?
savannah 19-Jul-2013 03:07
One baby was in my house once it scard me
nick 24-May-2013 22:59
These are NOT poisonous reptiles. We have them all over Southeast Texas, probably more than a few families I count as neighbors in my apartment complex. Going out for a fresh breath of air at night, the walls are covered, all around the lights of the complex. We have almost zero mosquito and roach population, which in this area is a godsend, and they are fun to watch!
Theresa Bernal 21-Mar-2013 04:05
These lizards are NOT poisonous and they are so good for the eco system. Leave them alone and they will leave you alone. They eat bugs and yes they chirp and will hang on the outside of a glass window by their feet. I look forward to seeing them and hearing them. They are hatched from little eggs. I do not need a pest control person as they take care of the bug population. You have nothing to fear from them. Just enjoy watching and listening to them.
Erin 18-Mar-2013 03:39
oh my goodness. I just saw one for the very first time on my house and it freaked me out. once over the small wave of shock though it's kind of cute.
Lisa B 28-Oct-2012 02:20
I live in Austin Texas and I have these squilly little lizards IN MY HOUSE!! Found 1 or 2, may have been the same one,?? in our bathroom and closet. And again today I found 1 in the dogs water bowl, I dont know if it was in the kitchen sink or in the bowl, but when I was filling the water bowl HE was trying to get out!! Any help on how to get rid of them??!!!
Mike 30-Sep-2012 13:11
For the people that are worried about the presence of geckos and the absence of bothersome and potentially harmful insects (roaches, ants, bedbugs, spiders, etc). It is a good bet that the geckos are responsible for keeping your home free of pests. If you get rid of the geckos I am pretty sure you will notice a considerable increase in domestic insect population shortly after. Remember geckos are opportunistic feeders, they will eat just about any insect.
Jan 05-Sep-2012 01:39
I was so glad to find this site. I am in Mississippi and we have a "family" that lives under our carport. Most of them scurry away when we come home at night and the headlights hit them. A couple seem to be used to us and stay by the door to greet us. We had a new baby tonight, about an inch long. Kind of fond of them and they seem to have taken care of the mosquitos that used to try to greet us!.
Guest 01-Sep-2012 06:55
I have at least 4 adults and I think 3 babies that live on my back porch. They come out of the light fixture only at night. I've seen them catch moths. They do make a sqeeking sound. At first I thought it was a bird or mouse, but its them. Buy they r out every night. One baby did get in house but couldn't catch him, hopefully he made it back out.
Landra 16-Aug-2012 04:16
Please tell me how to get these out of my house and do they reproduce easily. I thought I saw a medium sized one before I left and tonight I caught a small one. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me how to be rid of these things. PLEASE!!
mimi 21-Jul-2012 02:36
hi,we have them in waco,tx my son has been trying to

catch one,he is four,i put water out for them last summer alot of them died it was so hot

.we love watching them too.
linda 14-Jul-2012 21:28
anyone know life expedtancy ?
Stuart 06-Jul-2012 20:08
We live in Euless, TX 5 miles from Dallas FT Worth Airport. About a year ago I noticed sand in the shed and 6 months ago there was even more so in March I shoveled it out and found these tiny white egg shells that had hatched. I'd also noticed something that looked like small lizards scurrying off when I'd first opened the shed door. So this week I found several eggs where the sand used to be. I also found one baby inside the house and he climbed up onto the underside of a trunk and I managed to move the trunk outside with him still on it. Since we are not here all the time, is it likely that the population from the shed will expand into the house, so the next time we come back we'll have eggs and lizards everywhere?
Jauna 04-Jun-2012 20:44
We live in Jacksboro, TX and found hundreds of them in our storm cellar. They are adorable and seem harmless so they can stay. TX wildlife is amazing. Our God is an awesome God!!!
Beverly 30-May-2012 10:04
These post all seem to be from Texas, but I am here to include Florida, the Panhandle, Pensacola l;to be exact. I have them all over mu front porch, Don;t mind them at all but at first it was a little unnerving to see right thru them skeleton and all. but they eat bugs so I leave them alone..
Guest 13-Apr-2012 03:52
What I cant stand about the creatures is that they drop their poop everywhere and lots of it stick on the walls!!!
John 11-Apr-2012 03:43
These are cute, harmless creatures that eat small insects. They hang out on our exterior brick walls and feed on the insects that are attracted to exterior lights. They are very fragile, so be gentle with them. If you catch them in your hand you can feel their tiny hearts racing. When I catch them inside our house I release them outside. They likely live in the exterior walls and come out at night through the weep holes in the brick. One lives in the garage behind our sprinkler controller. Their tails regenerate very quickly. My lab loves to chase them, but rarely is fast enough to catch them.
Lara 09-Apr-2012 01:29
We live in Dallas, Tx. and these lizards are usually all over the place outside on the walls. Sometimes I find them in the bathtub or shower. If you try to catch one, you need to be gentle or else his tail will break off. Although their tails, I do know, will grow back.
Morockinout 26-Sep-2011 06:41
Hi y'all.. we live in bowie, tx.. a small town north of fort worth. we recently moved here from the country.. and I just couldn't believe that I was finding LIZARDm S in my house in town.. no bugs, or spiders.. but lizards! I am appreciative for no bugs, lol but lizards....really? We caught one and broke his tail off and actually seen him back in here a couple days later.. after seeing him frequently it has been pretty anxiety g watching his little tail grow back!? Anyways.. I don't guess they're hurting anything.. and ut seems they hangout in the bathroom and not my bed so they can stay :)
ALSO an old farmer told us it was good luck to have lizards in your house... I goggled it.. and sure enough! There is old proof that some consider it lucky! ;)
monia 25-Sep-2011 07:32
don't know what the hec is in my house but it looks like this kinda I just want to know if its poisonous or not... I hope not :/
Anna 08-Sep-2011 22:32
We just moved to TX and these little gems, ranging in size from itty bitty, to about medium size love to hang out on the brick walls around our house. I noticed that they are skittish, quick, little things, but generally harmless. I have noticed that they are picky on which bugs they eat, from what I've observed. Which ones do they eat? On the upside, they tend to keep the 'crawling' bugs from coming into your home if you give them the space outside to do so. Thanks for sharing this photo as I was wondering what type they were...and keep snapping photos of them :)
Christy 03-Sep-2011 06:49
I found 2 of these today, I have a three year old daughter who was very fascinated so I decided to get an aquarium so she could keep them. One died on the way home, but the other is doing great & becoming very calm when handled. He is just a baby, barely an inch & a half. I don't know exactly how to keep him alive. I've given him ants, small insects & vegetables. I haven't seen him eat any of it but also haven't watched his every move. Am I doing things right so far? & should I keep it moist in the tank?
Hailey 02-Sep-2011 20:06
My daughter found one this morning and put it in a bowl with wet grass but when she came home from school it had left. She was so sad so we found thios web page to read about them. Thank you for your stories.
Johnathan 22-Aug-2011 07:15
I found one in my daughters room. I had to Isolate everything in the closet to get to it. Evasive little thing dropped the tip of its tail and chased me! LOL
Jutta 09-Aug-2011 04:21
I live in Saginaw TX and I keep finding these lizards in the house. Mostly in the master bathroom.We always set them free but now I am wondering if the same lizards keep coming back. Where do these lizards nest?
Fabiana 09-Aug-2011 03:14
Hi All! Can anyone tell me whether lizars eat dog ticks? I've been having a ticks infestation at home and wonder whether these nice creatures are helping me get rid of those ticks.... Thx!
Rhonda 17-Jul-2011 20:41
We have many families all around the out side of our house and we found their eggs, the once that was gonna hatch have already done it but they was some left behind :( is so cool we and the grandbabies love to watch them.
mR. mARSHALL 01-Jul-2011 03:33
Sharri 20-Apr-2011 20:03
I live in Mckinney Texas. I have a lot of these in my yard and often find babies around the house. I never kill them as I have always known lizards of any kind eat bugs and spiders. They, to me are very cute. A few times I found some big ones on my screens. I think they are even in the front wall of my brick house. There was a small gap in the bricks on my front porch and I saw onw larger on run inside. They are harless. and good bugs catchers.
Guest 07-Nov-2010 02:55
I just found one of these little guys in my bathtub, and was puzzled, because I live in West Texas. I've seen these in East Texas, but didn't realize they would live in our dry area. Now that I know what he is, I guess I'll let him out. I wish I could give him the run of the house, since he evidently is a good bug catcher.
Teresa 24-Aug-2010 21:49
Hello! I have a family of at least five that feed on my bathroom window every morning when the lights come on. There are 4 big ones and 1 little tiny one about an inch and 1/2 long. They are soooo cute! I have been wondering what kind of lizard they are also, and found this website. Thanks
poproc 08-Aug-2010 19:33
Tom,this is most likely a Mediterranean Gecko (Hemidactylus turcicus) - An introduced species from India and the Middle East. They have spread rapidly across the Southern US since 1950 and are a common sight around homes at night. They grow a total of 5-6 inches long, appear somewhat pink in color and have translucent undersides. This species has many bumps on their back and the toes are more ballooned than the Trinidad species. Like many other geckos, they have no eyelids and use their tongue to moisten their eyes. They can be heard sometimes making a squeaking sound (barking) when the males are fighting for territory. I have read that in their native homeland they are welcome house guests and are even sold by the jar full as exterminators. They reportedly consume any flying insects that cross their paths at night and love small roaches. This makes them welcome inhabitants in most homes. The smaller juveniles can be sometimes found inside homes but as they grow bigger, they move outdoors to take advantage of the bug attracting exterior lighting. I personally love having them around.

I have two great pics, but could not upload to this site.
Guest 31-Jul-2010 06:09
Hello, It is July 30, 2010. I have spotted 3 babies in my apartment. What can we do to stop them from coming inside? Why do they only come out at night?
regenia 11-Jul-2010 05:27
Thanks for the picture, I live in east texas and started noticing these at night when I would take the dog out. Was very courious as to what type of lizard this was. Have been trying to capture one but they are so fast, took several pictures and today realized that it looked like a gecko except for the clear body, came online typed gecko and found your site. Thank you now the mystery is solved. Are these natural in this area? noticed one but now have several around my house. never see them during the day only after dark. suggestions on how to find out more.
Amanda 25-Jun-2010 19:23
I have a question like most posts. My cat found a baby common house gecko (thankfully she didn't kill the poor thing), I understand these are not harmful, but mostly helpful in the house which is wonderful! I did have a dark brown or black lizard crawl across my foot to the underside of my washing machine that same day. It looked and moved just like the common house gecko. any ideas?!? Is it harmful or helpful? I hate killing things.
beverly menges 05-Oct-2009 03:27
hello, ive been surching the web, cant find out alot about these lizards and where they have originated from,,, i do know not here in east tx. we have a few hundred in our carport and some are getting rather long. we love watching them.. but ours seem to come in two different kinds. and are more see thru than this photo. any ideas. please contact us. thanks for the pic.
wes 14-Sep-2009 01:53
i have alot of these living at the front of my house i always see them on the wall then they run up into cracks...
there really cool and i have caught a few but always let them go
Tom Murray11-Sep-2009 04:11
These geckos are totally harmless. All they do is eat pesky insects that are around the houses they like to climb on.
Chris 11-Sep-2009 02:11
Are these things poisenis
luke martin 16-Aug-2009 19:35
i found a baby that my puppy was chasing so i picked it up and my girl loves it, we are animal people so please tell me what environmet to set up for it
derek 04-Aug-2009 23:12
are these things poisenes
Guest 26-Jul-2009 03:40
Yeah, i think i have about 5 hanging around my backyard.
Jeanne 23-Jul-2009 02:28
These guys lose their tails so easily. I assume it's a defense mechanism?
eLiz 02-Jun-2009 21:22
We have these little guys living and breeding (I have found many egg shells) in our detached garage, but they come in the house all the time. I try to save them from the cat but he's faster than me and up much later. Tom, nice site, thx.