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But I did it ALL by MYSELF!

But I did it ALL by MYSELF!

It's Monday, that is apparent. All terrible things happen, on Monday, or so it seems.

Our oldest, the Entomologist, woke up before me, as he does every morning. Most days, he grabs his gameboy, and sits in our bedroom and plays for about 20 minutes. Just long enough for me to wake up. Today was different.

When the Entomologist woke up, he went into Mommie and Daddy's bathroom. Fine I thought, he is going to take care of morning things. At some point, I must have fell back to sleep. I woke about roughly 20-30 minutes later, ready to start the day. I walk thru the house to find Mr. Entomologist, to see what he wanted for breakfast. Well, I couldn't find him. So off to my bathroom I went, since that was the only place that I hadn't yet looked.

There he is... scissors in hand, a large pile of hair on the toilet.

He says with a most enthusiastic voice, "I cut my hair."

"I see that.", I said.

"You said you wanted my hair cut."

"No, I liked your hair just the way it was."

"Well Daddy wanted it cut. I cut it now, so no one else has to."

"Why did you cut it?"

"This part (pointing to his bangs) was tickling right here." (pointing to his forehead)

"I see. You could have told me you wanted your hair cut, and we could have went today to do it."

" But I did it all by myself, now we don't have to."

I know what you are doing right now. You are laughing. I suppose that as time goes on, I will laugh too. I want to, but I can't. The Entomologist HAD the BEST hair, EVER! It wasn't long, but longer than my husband wanted it. When I fixed his hair, it was really beautiful. The curls just lay perfectly, and the sides seemed to fall into the right place, all the time. Perfect hair, if ever there was to be perfect hair. I am sad. Very sad. I know it is hair and it will grow back, and that is a good thing. We will go later on today, and get his hair buzzed. I really dislike those type of hair cuts. They are so generic... so blah. No character, no charisma, no personality. Yep... It's Monday, welcome to it!

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Joy Miller11-Jul-2007 05:21
Brings back memories. My son is 32 now, but when he was three he gave himself a trim with the poodle clippers. It looked much worse than your son's. Of course when he was a teenager I wanted him to get a haircut, but he wanted it long.
Robin08-Jul-2007 16:07
I got in serious trouble as child cosmetologist. My younger sister had long blonde hair that reached to her mid back. One day she had it in a pony tail on the top of her head. I cut off the pony tail at the rubber band. I can still picture the horror on my mother's face. My brother decided he was a barber and cut his own hair off...using pinking shears. LOL!
Guest 15-May-2007 22:53
My grandaughter gave her Red Setter doggie a haircut last year.
When she was asked why she cut the dog's hair, she told her mama it was because she knew Mama didn't want her to cut her own beautiful curls.
She just had to see what those scissors could actually do.

Melinda 15-May-2007 06:39
My granddaughter,Katelyn, earlier this year did the same thing! She had told Kimmy that she needed her hair cut and Kimmy said she would take her. Later that day Kimmy found her in her bathroom with sicissors in hand...two perfect cuts to her shoulders on each side...when Kimmy asked why she did it she said..."I told you...I needed my hair cut!!" Of course now she HAD to cut it. Recently she and Katelynn went again to havet their hair cut at a new salon in LA. When the lady that was going to be cutting Katelynn's hair came up to her where she was sitting in the chair, Katelynn looked at her dead serious and said...."Don't mess up my hair!!" The stylist just laughed and said, "Don't worry baby, I wouldn't dream of it!!" KIDS!!!!!
Ellie Kanary15-May-2007 03:08
Every kid has done that at least Doesn't look thaaat bad.
Peeka14-May-2007 21:15
lol too cute but I know how you feel. This happened to Gena only by a neighbor child at the age of 3 and Gena didn't have it to spare! I like to have passed out but hey guess what 17 years later and she has a real thick head of hair!
Guest 14-May-2007 19:47
I sure can understand you, but he's sooooooo cute anyhow:-)
Isabel Cutler14-May-2007 17:31
Cutting the umbilical cord at such an early age. Who among us has not attempted a self-haircut? He looks really cute! I like your page too!
Jim Larkin14-May-2007 17:12
Welcome to the dark side that you are writing you won't be able to stop. Great work and story.
Guest 14-May-2007 16:34
It's summer, it'll be cooler. A few days from now you won't even notice it. The old saying is "Difference between a good hair cut and a bad hair cut is just a couple days." 8-)
Jane14-May-2007 16:07
He actually looks quite adorable! The front doesn't look too bad short. Of course there is a little growing out to do on the sides! I am soooo scared Maggie is going to do the same thing one of these days!