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St. Pauls Hospital, Iloilo City

St. Paul's Hospital, Iloilo City

Iloilo City, Panay Island, Philippines

There are a couple of medium-sized hospitals in Iloilo, Iloilo Doctors and St. Paul's. Many say that 300 bed St. Paul's is the best hospital in Iloilo. It does seem well run. The buildings seem well maintained and St. Paul's has attractive landscaped grounds. The pharmacy is very nice with prices which are competitive with others in the city. We've used laboratory and x-ray (imaging) services and both seem good. For walk-in or emergency treatment, as with all hospitals, it's best if you have an established relationship with a doctor you trust. If not, you'll be assigned to a doctor who may or may not be satisfactory. St. Paul's does accept foreign credit cards. This is an advantage as you must pay before you receive services.

The capacity of Iloilo City hospitals is under severe stress with long waits for elective care and even emergency care. Waits at doctor's offices can also be long.

The streets of Iloilo are filled with nursing students. Based on the percentage of graduates who pass the nursing board exams, Iloilo has two of the best schools of nursing in the Philippines; St. Paul's and Western Visayas State University. They are usually in the top ten in the Philippines.

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cecile 02-Aug-2010 17:19
are you the brother of Athena and cynthia?
where are they now...plese respond gamaliel

from an old friend back during school days
agnes clement 07-Feb-2010 03:32
i am looking for a friend who graduated at st paul's maybe year 1967 or 1968. her name is Leorose Gabito . I need her married name and maybe a tel number bec we have a High School reunion next year. thanks.
tx 28-Nov-2009 04:21
this hospital sucks!!!!!!! the administrator lacks the skills to really manage his employees. its like martial law in the first century. and all this hospital wants is to earn money.... direct service to he poor? hahahaha! in your dreams. its such a shame that this hospital is manage by nuns. nuns who don't actually act like nuns. don't be deceive by what you see. its not always what you get....
Pabs 21-Oct-2009 05:42
I was born here in 1952 as a ten-pounder baby! Man I feel old! But only been admitted as a patient once.
Very clean hospital I recall... Hope to return this Christmas season to visit my old classmate and good friend, Dr. Rodolfo dela Cruz.
Chiquitita 20-Jan-2009 02:29
Looking at these pictures made me reminisce all the happy and exciting years i had in St Paul's--my alma matter. I graduated in St Paul's College- Now St pauls University. And I am very proud to be called Paulinian. I worked in this hospital as an ER nurse for 4 years before deciding to relocate in London. I really missed Iloilo and I am going back home again this December '09 with my family. Godbless and more power..
Schutzenpanzerswagen 01-Jun-2008 16:27
My folks said this Hospital was almost bombed by the Americans during the last days of world war II. What happened was, when the Filipino/American and Japanese forces engaged in intense street battles in Iloilo city, a group of Filipinos civilians took refuge in the hospital. A Japanese soldier saw an opportunity to cause more civilian deaths and make it look like the fault of the liberating americans. Thus, this japanese soldier, unknown to the civilians inside, laid a very large japanese flag, very much visible from the air, on the roof of the hospital. Sure enough, an American fighter plane was soon circling the airspace above the hospital, thinking that it was a japanese infested building, ready to drop its lethal cargo. The civilians inside were wondering why the american fighter plane kept on circling the hosptial for so long, so one of the more intrepid among them went up the roof and there he found the neatly placed japanese flag. Immediately, he took the flag and kept it. As such, the american plane then went away as it was clear that it was not a japanese held structure as was apparent from above.
Guest 09-May-2008 09:29
HI! i was born in Jaro,iloilo, came to Manila when i was five and spent half of my life in Manila.My mom is from Zarraga, iloilo and my father is from Isio, CAUAYAN negro occidental. I really like all the pictures and information in your web. I miss so much Iloilo.My wish is to see again Iloilo and it will come true this May 26.As part of my life and profession I will not miss to visit St. Paul's Hospital, though i did not graduate here, this is where I first learned a lot of things in my career before coming to US and work as a nurse.On 1976 i was one of the staff nurse taking care of the emergencies in ER. I remembered how i survived taking care of about 30 emergency patient rushed in one time during granade bombing dropped from lodge to orchestra in one of the movie house- it'sunforgettable.I noticed in the picture that St. Paul changed a lot. In due time i will value my short visit soon check out something if i can retire here. Thank You Bob
Jane 27-Mar-2008 06:20
Hi, there is also the Mission Hospital in Jaro which is a very good hospital.
Likewise, Central Philippine University has an excellent Nursing program that produces topnotchers in the country's national exams.
ERNALINA A. KYLE 25-Mar-2008 17:31
This beautiful and classy school is where i went for my first year college, trying to take Nursing course but i realized that nursing is not my line, so i decided to finished the school year, then transfered to Sagrado Corazon de Jesus to take Business Management. I guess going to exclusive for girls school since high school was the best thing ever happened into my life and i'm proud of it.

Ernalina A. Kyle
Stafford, VA