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Baby Wasp ?
C. Evans

Baby Wasp ?

Simi, Ca

* 1-8-05 *

This guy was on our side door, 'prolly taking a break from the
wind, when Sarra noticed him & kept telling Jon to kill the bug.
Of course, I had to make sure it wasn't something the Beardies
could eat & you know I'd want to take a shot of it too, so I ran
back inside to grab my Z6 & here's what I got from the side view.
Odd, it looks as if he has several sets of eyeballs, & I thought
wasps only had the one big set, so maybe he isn't a wasp at all,
Who Knows? But he sure was interestin' enuf for me to wanna shoot ~

Check him out in original to get a scary close-up ~
eewwww & cool & the same time! LOL 8^}

other sizes: small medium large original
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purpod16-Jul-2012 07:40
Read further down & you will see it is most likely a parasitic wasp... yuck ~ even if they don't sting painfully ~ Thanx for the info, Sam
Guest 09-May-2011 04:30
i just found this bug in my living room in iowa was going to kill it with my hand till i seen it looked like a wasp and we are having TONS of trouble with wasp in our house everyday we are killing wasp in house so i thought this was a baby wasp?????
purpod06-Oct-2010 15:56
Thanx so much for all of the replies ~ much appreciation to all!
Be well & well blessed, Purpod
Sam 29-Sep-2010 17:12
There are all different kinds of the parasitic wasp, the Ichneumon Wasps *(Ichneumonidae), Braconid Wasp (Braconidae), Chalcid Wasp (Chalcidoidea), Ensign Wasp (Evaniidae), Cuckoo Wasp (Chrysididae) and the Potter Wasp (Eumenidae)(Source:
*Things in brackets are scientific names.
The wasp in this picture is most likely the first on the list, the Ichneumon Wasp, which is not as aggressive as a regular wasp and will only use its stinger if it feels threatened, which when it does it won't hurt that much so if you do get stung by one it's only a small pinch, like getting poked with a pin. If you want anymore information just Google "Parasitic Wasp" and I'm sure you'll find more.
I hope this helped! (Thanks to the "Guest" who mentioned this was a Parasitic Wasp.)
Guest 23-Mar-2009 01:42
I just saw two of these on my back porch and looked it up, apparently its a parasitic wasp.
Mike 16-May-2008 01:49
HOLY CRAP! I found the picture I've been looking for...I have THE EXACT same insect here with me that I've been trying to identify. THAT'S IT! EXACTLY! Wow. Of course, since nobody seems to really know for sure what it is, I'm still in the dark. But I think I'm coming to the conclusion that it's a baby paper wasp. Thanks. Nice pic.
Jen 15-Oct-2007 11:52
I'm in The UK too (Manchester) and I've had several of these things fly into my house recently. Horrible looking ant/wasp/mosquito-ish looking things, only quite small though - say an inch long. I have the biggest fear of all things that fly and buzz so if anyone DOES find out what it is, do let me know!
Excellent picture by the way :)
Daniel Hiscoke 20-Sep-2007 16:30
Hi, i know this thread's been open for a while now but, i live in England and one of these things flew into my bedroom last night, i thought it was an under developed daddy long legs [Tipula paludosa (Tipulidae)] but on further inspection it turns out its nothing like it, the head looks more like that of a wasp. i've tried googling it but when you don't know the name it's kinda hard. i was just wondering if any of you guys had any luck in finding out what this thing is. Anyway thanks for posting a pic of it at least i know they exist and its not a one off kinda thing.
CJ Burianek10-Jan-2006 23:46
Great shot! Love the detail - but have no idea what it is- looks mostly like a wasp ;)
Buz Kiefer10-Jan-2006 00:12
Very fine shot purpod. Nice detail. It sure loks like some kind of a wasp to me.
Jerome Paladino09-Jan-2006 22:41
Nice shot! But It looks malnourished.
Kathy Pedersen09-Jan-2006 05:41
Great Macro!
Vicki09-Jan-2006 04:58
And here I thought Texas has strange bugs!! Great macro.
Breland09-Jan-2006 03:35
Excellent macro, the detail is awesome.
Gayle P. Clement09-Jan-2006 03:28
Really excellent and creepy macro.
Erich Mangl09-Jan-2006 03:21
possibly the worlds first macro-panorama ?
Herb Knufken08-Jan-2006 22:53
Greay macro
Jim Worlding08-Jan-2006 20:59
Great Macro and it looks like a paper wasp to me, but heck I'm no expert.
Sean Blumenhein08-Jan-2006 20:04
Awesome Macro!