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Don Boyd | all galleries >> People, Family and Friends Photo Galleries >> Don Boyd or Don with Friends in the spectacular '60's Gallery > 1966 - USCG Recruit Company Romeo 63 (R-63), left side
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1966 - USCG Recruit Company Romeo 63 (R-63), left side
AUG-1966 USCG photo

1966 - USCG Recruit Company Romeo 63 (R-63), left side

USCG Recruit Training Center, Cape May, New Jersey

After eight weeks of training we were a lean, mean fighting machine. We were BM1 Bell's first recruit company and he darn near killed us to show what a great company commander he was. Though at the time I really disliked him, he was great, and so were we after eight weeks of his training.

This was the roster of recruits in company Romeo 63:

Anthony "Sir" J. Amoroso 2066 729 - Reservist - from Portland, ME - to 1st CG District, Boston, MA
Gordon "Gordy" R. Anderson 367 600 - to DC School, Groton, CT
Felix "Supe" T. Aruslewicz Jr. 367 028 - to EN School, Groton, CT
John "Augie" A. Augustyn 366 792 - from 3134 S. Racine, Chicago, to 9th CG District, Cleveland, OH
Danny B. Bailey 367 888 - to CG Band, Washington, DC
Richard L. Banke 366 511 - from 4103D Alameda, Baltimore, MD - to RM School, Groton, CT
Karl I. Barber 364 733 - from Tallahassee, FL - to 5th CG District, Portsmouth, VA
Earl M. Bass 366 950 - From Rt. 4 Paw, MI - to 17th CG District, Juneau, AK
Joseph W. Beane, Jr. 366 528 - reverted to KTH Company - to CGC Absecon
Gary A. Beller 2071 669 - Reservist - reverted to Alpha Company - from Miami, FL
John T. Bennett 366 955 - from 5030 Fair Green, Toledo, OH - to CS School, Groton, CT
Edwin B. Bickford Jr. 364 550 - from Miami, FL - to CGC Blackhaw, Honolulu, HI
Richard A. Bonney 367 890 - from Levittown, PA - to EN School, Groton, CT
Leonard "Alice" D. Bourret 367 547 - discharged before graduation
Donald B. Boyd 364 548 - from Hialeah, FL - to 5th CG District, Portsmouth, VA ffa CG Group Baltimore, MD as a YN Striker - served 4 years 1 month, then 30 years in Reserve, retired as CWO4(PERS) in 2000
Lewis H. Brackett 368 763 - reverted to Uniform Company
James E. "Breeedges" Bridges Jr. 364 730 - from 2075 Katherine Street, Ft. Myers, FL to 17th CG District, Juneau, Alaska. Jim served 30 years on active duty and retired as a CWO4 in June 1996. He passed away at the age of 66 on January 12, 2013 in Dunnellon, Florida. RIP Jim!
Garry L. Bucher 367 692 - from RD5 Lebanon, PA - to 5th CG District, Portsmouth, VA
Geoffrey R. Bucher 367 705 - from 412 Crestwood Ave, Luadsworth, OH - to 14th CG District, Honolulu, HI
John F. Byron Jr. 365 705 - from 3 Anthony, Rutland, MA - to 14th CG District, Honolulu, HI
Richard A. Canfield 367 593 - to CG Band, Washington, DC
Peter F. Carlyle 368 147 - to CG Band, Washington, DC
Robert E. Carruth 368 094 - to CG Yard, Baltimore, MD
Peter D. Colvin 366 787 - from 270 N. Mann St, Walworth, WI - to RM School, Groton, CT
Thomas C. Convey 2063 878 - Reservist
Robert J. Cooper 367 598 - discharged prior to graduation
William I. Craig 2068 185 - Reservist - from 4016 Fargo Drive, Winston-Salem, NC - to CG Training Center Yorktown, VA
Ronnie L. Dollar 366 539 - from Rt. 3, Graham, NC - to CG Yard, Curtis Bay, MD
Thomas P. Donahue 366 868
Roy W. "King Romeo" Driver 367 693 - to USN Sonar School, Key West, FL
Billy J. Dunn 367 863 - Recruit Company Commander - from Oklahoma, to 14th CG District, Honolulu, HI
Alexis F. Dupont IV 366 526 - from Box 3943, Greenville, DE - to 14th CG District, Honolulu, HI
Patrick J. Dwyer 367 964 - to 17th CG District, Juneau, AK
Walter A. Dziekan 2067 805 - Reservist - to Governors Island, NY
Calvin G. Egger 367 977 - from Blackfoot, ID - to 9th CG District, Cleveland, OH
Kenneth W. Engel 366 594 - Asst. Recruit Company Commander - to CGC Chincoteague, Portsmouth, VA
Robert P. Forrester 367 432 - to Aerographer School, NAS Lakehurst, NJ
Robert "Fat Fang" M. Gauthier 368 867 - from 149 Plain Rd, Nabnassett, MA - to USN Sonar School, Key West, FL
Donald P. Gellin 2028 495 - Reservist
Williah H. Gewirtz 2063 877 - Master at Arms - Reservist - from 1003 Wateredge Place, Hewitt Harbor, NY - to 8th CG District, New Orleans, LA
Frederick B. Graham Jr. 2068 261 - Reservist
Thomas A. Gutai 366 527
Bernard "Half Cent" J. Halfpenny Jr. 2067 864 - Reservist
Leo M. Hammer Jr. 366 540
Richard L. Hansen 2064 881 - Reservist
Daniel H. Hartzell 367 659 - from 1243 Otis Place, Bethlehem, PA - to 5th CG District, Portsmouth, VA
Roger W. Hayes 367 034
Daniel E. Heidelberg 367 976 - to Presidential Honor Guard, Washington, DC
Ronald L. Hoadley 366 867 - to ET School, Groton, CT
James "Horny" R. Horner 367 887 - to 1st CG District, Boston, MA
Louis J. Horsley 366 527 - reverted to XTN Company
Merle F. Hunsaker Jr. 368 096
Roland "Scrounge" R. Inscho Jr. 364 552 - from Ocean Reef, FL - to ET School, Groton, CT
Randall "Female" G. Irving 368 146 - from St. Paul, MN - to ET School, Groton, CT
Paul W. Jacobson 365 827
John J. Jarosz 367 981 - from Pittsburgh, PA - to RM School, Groton, CT
Lawrence D. Jeffcoat 364 591 - from 430 Barron Street, West Columbia, SC - to Charleston, SC
Michael J. Joyce 367 596 - from New York - to Governors Island, NY
Gary K. Keen 367 031 - from Erie, PA - to 1st CG District, Boston, MA
Gene M. Keith 367 983
Dennis M. Kelley 367 974 - from Ideal, SD - to 9th CG District, Cleveland, OH
Thomas J. Kennedy 365 778 - reverted to Alpha Company
Peter D. Keseric 2071 189 - Reservist - from Chicago, IL - to 1st CG District, Boston, MA
Michael A. Klekovic Jr. 366 793 - from Chicago, IL - to USN Training Center, Great Lakes, IL

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Don Boyd01-Jan-2016 04:41
Thanks Stuart, I will call him on New Year's Day, the car purchase took forever yesterday and I've been out of it all day due to being sick last night and not falling asleep until 0600 this morning. I am the son of a CG drill instructor - after serving as a BM on a troop transport in the Pacific during most of WWII he got assigned as a BM1 drill instruction at CG boot camp, Manhattan Island, NY. He got out at the end of WWII. He was rough on me most of my life until I went off into the CG when I was almost 19. At least he divorced my physically abusive mother in New York and got custody of me and we moved to Miami because he didn't think New York was a good place to raise a kid, having been raised on Indian reservations and in small farming towns in the Midwest himself.

Stuart L. Bell 30-Dec-2015 18:22
Imagine how he treated his own son........Give him a call and give him hell. I went in at 17 and did four years with honor, then got out. In all reality, he would love to hear from someone he pushed through boot camp.
Don Boyd30-Dec-2015 18:00
Okay, I'll try and give him a call today but things are really busy today (trying to buy a car) and if not today I'll call tomorrow. Yeah he was pretty tough on us and our sister company run by an older chief had it easy as hell compared to us. A few guys in our company got put back a week or more for failing to cut the mustard and they probably would have made it through had they been in our sister company. Thank you.

Stuart L. Bell 29-Dec-2015 18:29
That is his number.....I was born in '68 in Cape May. They stopped him from pushing boots that year and sent him to knot tying school for mistreating a recruit. He and another CC put a steel trash can over a recruit's head and threw golf balls at it for a few hours. The kid ratted them out and claimed it made him crazy in the head. My dad was a real
piece of work.
Don Boyd29-Dec-2015 16:26
Oh no, I forgot to call. Is he at the phone number you posted? I'll call today or tomorrow.

Stuart L. Bell 28-Dec-2015 16:12
Did you enjoy talking to my Dad?
Don Boyd12-Dec-2015 05:42
THE BM Bell in the photo? Holy s-it! If so, tell us more about your CG career (duty stations, how long you were pushing recruits at Cape May, when you retired, etc.). I'll give you a call this coming week after I get back home to Miami from a weekend in Colorado Springs.

Stuart P. Bell 11-Dec-2015 17:32
BMC Stuart P. Bell retired 757 787 8235