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17-Maxdale Bridge.jpg
11/2005 Moon

17-Maxdale Bridge.jpg

Maxdale, Bell County, Texas

An Iron Bridge in Bell County, near the community of Maxdale. Built by the Missouri Valley Bridge Company in 1914 to replace a bridge destroyed, while under construction, during a flood from the previous year. The Bridge is a Parker Through Truss design and spans the Lamapasas River, and is no longer in service. It is a Recorded Texas Historic Landmark in 1990.

Pentax ZX-M ,Pentax smc P-A 50mm f/2 ,Kodak 400UC 135-36

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Guest 30-May-2017 06:01
Tonight we went to maxdale bridge to see what we would see. As we started to cross the bridge we saw a set of headlights that started to chase us away from the bridge.
militaire16-Sep-2015 13:18
Catholique02-Sep-2015 09:03
Keon 02-May-2015 07:19
All I know is.. I just recently came back from there I missed the left headed toward the bridge before the church and all of a sudden I seen 4 pairs of lights in my back mirror. Headed down that road before maxdale road I didn't see any lights... Come to find out 5 minutes later one pair of headlights was a truck..
shane 21-Feb-2015 17:48
I'm going to visit the bridge, cemetery, and town today.
photos_by_moon16-Oct-2014 05:43
Just Curious,

Where are you'all finding this picture from, It seems to get a lot of page views. A lot more than any of my other photos

Guest 10-Mar-2014 16:26
id like to visit
David 12-Dec-2013 03:31
Im 39 now but when I was in high school buddies of mine and I would drive out there at night in 2 cars and everytimewe did at some point a truck would chase us out maybe it was a newborn hod watch or something but it always happened never been so scared and excited at hexameter time... We still talk about it I haven't been there in ages
jps recording 16 mar 2013 13-Oct-2013 18:47
Ive been there several times caught good photo proof and evps that sounded like a vehicle running. I didnt think much of it until now because i like to debunk alot of stuff. But its clear you hear the truck next to my recorder and then it drive away. So thanks for telling me what i couldnt explain. And no it wasnt my vehicle we were parked on the other side of the bridge by an old house.
redneck2 04-Aug-2013 06:12
Maxdale bridge/cemetry are not haunted i have spent several nights in bothe locations
Miranda 26-May-2013 23:27
When I was Younger My Mom Would Take Me There and One Night My Mom Her Friends and Me Decided To Go Really Late. When We Got there We Got the Bridge And stopped Because We Heard If You Flashed Your Lights 3 Times You Could See A Man Hanging From The Bridge After We Did That We Just Laughed Cause We Thought It Was All Fake. After We Did That We Decided To Walk Over The Bridge. Its Pitch Black Were The Only Ones There And We Tored the Cemetray and Right when We Get into the Cemetery We Hear A Honk Its A Tow Truck. And Thats Weird Cause We Didnt Hear Anything Drive Up anywhere. All Of A Sudden The Tow Truck Starts Backing Up So We Take off To avoid Any trouble We Run To The Car and While Were Running The bridge Is Raddling. We Get Into The Car Back Up And Take Off Back home But When We Head To The Highway We See The Tower Truck Behind Us So We Kept Driving Until We Noticed It Following Us. Were On the highway And theirs Cars And SemisSurrounding Us And all Of A Sudden You Can Hear The Tow TrucK Honking And Everyone Behind Us Is Pulling over So We Speed Up And We Pass The Strip Clubs And Were Suppose To Take A Right But We Keep Straight So The Tow Truck Doesnt Follow Us Home So We Through A Trailer/Apartment NeighborHood Next To Where We Live And The Tow Truck was Behind Us Until We Go Throw Lama Vista And Lose Him...Its Was crazy

Ride the Lightning 31-Mar-2013 10:51
Yeah, guess what I been there 4 times 3 times with friends and one time by myself, stayed there about a good 2-4 hrs each visit during haunting hour and guess what. Nothing ever happened. I really do believe people make stuff up and over exaggerate because according to my experience. In the dead of night I walk through the bridge all the way through, I walked under the bridge along side that little river, through the graveyard. I hear no sounds, nothing out of the ordinary other than someones puke chunks in the concrete in the graveyard (gross). But yeah I don't see anything, no bodies, no paranormal activity, no apparition, no lights, no sounds, no fingerprints. None of that. I even yelled and made sounds in the night with my friends. In conclusion is not haunted and people who believe it is is just either making things up or believe in something they think they witness but very well be an explanation.
Guest 30-Aug-2012 00:15
Creepy s:
april 06-May-2012 00:20
i heard at midnight you get chast.
Anonymous 15-Apr-2012 22:33
Me and some freinds visited it at night.We turned our flashlight off half-way there.Once we reached the bridge,we stepped onto it.Then we stopped.(No wind that night) it was all silent.Then the whole thing rattled,like a dog's pen shaking (A metal one).We then bolted to the truck,and dumped baby powder on the truck.Fatefully nothing happened,but as we were running to the truck.I swear i heard a engine.Scary place.
david 31-Dec-2011 18:15
Went to the bridge 3 times already at night the only
time the bridge shakes when u take across it and we turn the lights off for ten seconds nothing only think there a story about a truck chases u that happend one time and another we were chaseing a truck in my Buddys truck and that truck is fast not stock at all he
beats mustangs at drags and the truck lost us
Krista and Dustin 06-Nov-2011 03:14
My name is Krista and I am 24 years old.Me and my husband come to the cemetary and bridge every chance we get when we can get a babysitter to watch our 2 kids.We live in Harker Heights and it's only like 10 or 15 minutes away from the bridge and cemetary. most of the time we go out there is in the day time just because we are too scared to go out there at night and we believe that all of it is haunted.We have seen and heard alot of things out there in the day time and it freaks us out.pretty soon we will go out there at night to see if we can experience anything which we probably will.Everytime we go out there I awlays bring my camera with me so i can take pics and see if anything will show up in them.I always take pics of the church next to the cemetary as well and things around the church.When we went to the bridge a few weeks ago me,my husband, and our friend saw a white chevy truck parked on the road by the cemetary and as we walked up to it,it backed out and sped off and it scared us because we did not see no people in the truck and we think that it is the same truck that runs people off the road at night.Our friend has also said that 1 night he went out there by his self and walked around and saw 1 of the tomb stones glowing a bright green color inside the cemetary and after he saw that he said he left because it scared him. He told us after he ran out of the cemetary gate he looked back and the glowing green light went off and disappeared. Whoever don't believe this place is haunted needs to start believeing because it is haunted.If you don't believe it's haunted then keep going back alot and eventually you will too experience something.
P.I.C. 29-Sep-2011 03:19
just to confirm the hauntings of maxdale, i recently conducted an investigation of the bridge. nothing fancy just recording video and audio. didnt have any real expectations and came back with some pretty good evp's. if you would like to listen to the audio clips. the video is still being analyzed
Guest 05-Jul-2011 19:45
She was built in 1914, and spans 200 feet
photos_by_moon16-Jan-2011 09:07
The Railroad Crossing in San Antonio is an optical illusion, the Road actually goes down hill when you shoot the grade with a level, the surrounding landscape is such as to make it appear that it goes uphill.
redneck 14-Jan-2011 14:39
you know i started to think the whole bus thing and the kids push your car well in san antonio its the same for the rail road trcks i think its all made up
redneck 13-Jan-2011 16:38
ima go see it this friday to see if i feel or see anything and ill be back to tell ya what happen
photos_by_moon09-Oct-2010 16:41
Wow! Joe, How did you manage that. Hopefully you were facing the wind.
Joe 09-Oct-2010 16:32
I peed off it
Marco 22-May-2010 20:33
i saw some awsome catfish from the top of the bridge, but i had my kid with me and didnt want to hike down there with him in tote. It didnt feel eerie at all
justin 20-Apr-2010 07:45
i went to this bridge tonite with two freinds and i can say that i felt sumthing strange and ackward as we walked twords the bridge it seemed to get harder to walk and once we got to the bridge i couldnt go ne further i have heard way to many storys of ppl jus gettin thrown off the middle outta no were and i was not about to test it lol
Amanda Garrett 10-Apr-2010 19:38
My husband and I and some friends went to Maxdale Brige last night . And I did some EVP work . And I got a spirt saying Nickolas .
photos_by_moon25-Jan-2010 21:08
nothing happened? wow! who would have guessed. still a nice bridge though.
Guest 22-Jan-2010 04:16
I just went out to the bridge and walked acrossed it and guess what NOTHING HAPPENED
Guest 17-Jan-2010 06:35
I lived by that bridge in 1981-1982, I saw a lot of lights on it and in the graveyard late at night, when noone was around. The lights look like torches.
photos_by_moon21-Dec-2009 17:36
Good luck Ariel, maybe you will see Santa, let me know what you find
Ariel Sauseda 21-Dec-2009 07:05
I and my friends are going to this so called ''haunted'' bridge on Christmas Eve for his birthday.I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guest 03-Dec-2009 17:35
I went to the maxdale bridge one night and my friends got out of the car.I was too scared so my friend and I stayed behind. They got freaked out so we left. On our way leaving,while still on maxdale rd. We had a strange experience. we were being chased by a truck. First we saw two head lights, then only one.and then it disappeared. It was very scary and we ended up getting run off the road. We go back to see if we experience any other supernatural activity
ambreen && krystal 20-Oct-2009 00:40
a bunch of friends all went out there march of 09. we heard lots of stories so wanted to see if we can see anything. we went on the bridge and thought we heard a noise so we all stopped... then we heard foot steps and crying. the foot steps were getting closer towards the middle of the bridge. so we started running towards our cars.. the ppl in the back thought they seen a man chasing after us... we looked back again and he was gone. ..... wen we were in our cars driving there was some headlights behind us that was not ours.. they looked like trucks head lights. . . . then disapeared
David 21-Sep-2009 05:22
i wewnt to this bridge and the whole area last night and nothing happen nor was there anything paranormal the only thing that was freaky is that it is out in bfe and there r a bunch of rednecks that live near by and was more worried that some crazy would come and try to kill my friends and I
Guest 03-Mar-2009 21:33
I am 47 years old when I was a teenager this was are favorite place to play Me and my Brother both have seen a man walking by the cimatary not the maxdale one but the one on the north side of the Bridge we both said hello to the man but then he just dissapeared the place is called mayberry park. I have also seen a man fishing wile I was on the Bridge.I thought this was Quite strange since the water was only around 6 inches deep when I Walked
down to the water he was gone.
photos_by_moon03-Nov-2008 06:26
ok Davy, I don't know who you are but comments like that are uncalled for and i don't think it is your bridge or cematary

davy 02-Nov-2008 21:36
yall need to get the fuck off my bridge and get away from my cemetery
Todd 30-Aug-2008 01:06
I've been there and rode my motorcycle on the bridge and nothing there. Just a cool old piece of history. Hope it stays around many more years.
guest 20-May-2008 00:19
I went and nothing happened. Just heard the water and the bridge. Also saw a bunch of spray painted stuff on the bridge.
lauren 08-May-2008 20:01
the haunting is just a rumor. it is your choice to believe it being true or not. my name is lauren, i live approximately 3 miles from the bridge, and i go to it every chance i get, i have three pictures of the bridge, one with my little sister on it, email me if you would like to know more or see the pictures. my email is
Guest 28-Apr-2008 04:00
I visted the bridge a few times, while I was living in Killeen Tx...and about the 4th time going back there I did experence some stuff there....!
photos_by_moon20-Feb-2008 06:38
I don't think that bridge will go anywhere for a long while, it is plenty strong enough to support peeing drunk guys, as long as you don't fall over.
eldon 19-Feb-2008 06:38
This bridge isn't that cool. My friend got drunk and pissed off the bridge. I was more worried about the bridge breaking than being haunted, But the house on stilts is pretty cool. Im from copperas cove, only about 15 minutes away.
photos_by_moon13-Dec-2007 01:50
I have no idea if it is haunted, as for someone who has been on about a hundred or so of these types of bridges here in Texas, it feels no different to me than any other. I have heard of other bridges being haunted, and I feel no difference there either. It is just a well preserved bridge, a piece of history, and hope it stays up for a long time to come.

Guest 12-Dec-2007 22:47
is it or is it not haunted!?
John 27-Sep-2007 16:55
About 4 years ago i had my own personal expeirince.And i rather not explain but it was pretty scarry.And know i dont want to go back
Roxy 23-Sep-2007 21:09
My family has lived near this bridge since 1870 and there has never been such a bus accident. Ever. The only "haunting" that takes place is from the nutty people who come out to vandalize.
Hannah 23-Jun-2007 01:47
I did visit the site and recovered research that a bus of people died from losing control in 1988.
Brittainy 18-Oct-2006 22:47
i heard this bridge is haunted
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