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Linda Alstead | all galleries >> it's my life - 2005 diary > 27th July 2005 - ten films I have loved - no 1
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27th July 2005 - ten films I have loved - no 1

27th July 2005 - ten films I have loved - no 1

Goldeneye – James Bond……well, actually each and every one of the 007 movies actually. This is the start point of a new 'mini series' for days that are less than scintillating!

I think there is no finer way to spend a wet Saturday afternoon than in front of the goggle box with a glass of the red stuff and a plate of cheese and biscuits watching James Bond get himself out of terrible situations, have exotic sexual adventures and save the world while he is about it. All without breaking sweat or getting a mark on his dinner suit of course!

Everyone has their own fave James. Mine is Piers Brosnan, though Roger Moore comes a close second. Piers is sex on legs in my view and this film has not only the gorgeous Brosnan but the dangerously exciting Sean Bean, who could quite possibly win my vote as the sexiest actor alive, too – what more could a girl ask for to set her heart a flutter of a Saturday afternoon? Not much left to desire other than a real-life flesh and blood DM alongside me on the sofa also with a glass of the red stuff!

Even with all of that, this film is great fun on top. I love the tank chase – very cool indeed!

When I decided to take this pic, I had it in my mind that David had already done something very similar. I looked back across his galleries to see if I could find the pic so as to ensure mine looked a bit different at least and I was struck by a number of things in his PotD:

Firstly his photos are MUCH better than mine. So much so I feel ashamed by comparison – why on earth did I think I could do this when I look at his stuff? Really my advice to all is ‘get out of my diary and go and look at some great photos at vid64’s pages’. BTW – I didn’t find the one I thought he’d done so maybe it was one of his awesome ‘rejects’ or maybe it was a figment of my imagination!

Secondly, there are loads of photos of me hugging and kissing people – especially in the Bell and Hare!!!!!! I think last year alone there are three of me and Sarah in a clinch as well as assorted Bondy’s, Olly’s etc. I wonder what this is saying?

Thirdly, this man that I’m crazy about is such a Sex God himself – when I look at his self-portraits I realise I’d much rather sleep with him than either Piers or Sean….which is just as well really because I CAN with him but I doubt either of the others would even look at me!!!

Two years ago I took my finest photo ever, and it was with a G3! Last year it was the humble poppy getting my attention because of the lovely Melly!

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Michael Todd Thorpe03-Aug-2005 04:54
I'm with Cheryl... Sean Connery. It's Goldfinger, for me...
Michael Todd Thorpe03-Aug-2005 04:54
I'm with Cheryl... Sean Connery. It's Goldfinger, for me...
Cheryl Hawkins29-Jul-2005 23:14
We used to watch James Bond movies on New Year's Eve; it's usually too frozen or snowy to safely go out. Excellent photo as are your others!!!!!! I'm a Sean C girl, I'm sure it's a generational thing.

Of course you also know who my latest crush is on!!!! LOL
Mum 29-Jul-2005 21:53
I agree with Jan! Don't put yourself down. Your photos are superb!
Sarah 28-Jul-2005 18:11
Very fitting- when I saw the picture and the caption I thought of the BAFTA awards! I agree Brosnan is a great 007! Looking forward to lots more hugs next season xx
Eric Hewis27-Jul-2005 22:46
It is bigger megapixel wise which is what I meant to say (It's Wednesday night and the quiz league I play in is on it's summer break, which means the team still go out but we drink more)
Eric Hewis27-Jul-2005 22:41
Gobsmacked by your G3 picture, I tried to buy one but it had been discontinued so I had to settle for the G5. I don't know if you ever saw the musical 'Barnum' but one of the songs was called 'Bigger Isn't Better', that description applies to the G5.
It isn't bigger but it certainly isn't better.
Guest 27-Jul-2005 21:36
Hi Sis! Two things...

Firstly, please don't put yourself down... I love your photos just as much as David's. Although he may be more 'techy' about his photos than you are, you have that wonderful gift of having 'an eye' for a picture. A photo is as good as the people who judge it feel, and you get masses of people telling you that your pics are wonderful, just accept that you really are a great photographer!!!

Secondly... I can't believe that we share the same view of which James Bond is the most delicious! Brosnan wins hands down - he's completely gorgeous, even though I still tell Simon the only man I would leave him for is..... David Essex! I wouldn't really, but don't tell him, it keeps him on his toes!!!
Lee Rudd27-Jul-2005 19:39
I'm trying to imagine David in a dinner suit as a secret agent!!!! I suppose it would work :)
Escapist stuff... but (usually) a good couple of hours entertainment.... Sean C is my favourite Bond, but I must admit Piers is a close second.
Robin Reid27-Jul-2005 18:59
Excellent shot of the "golden eye."
And before I read your text fully I was going to say, you have a rel hero and sexy man in David. You lucky girl!
Guest 27-Jul-2005 18:53
I don't think I've ever seen a James Bond movie in it's entirety....Then I have never seen a Star Wars movie either. Yes, a freak, I am....

I HAVE seen Willie Wonka and the CHocolate Factory AND the NEW one with Johnny Depp though!

Nice GoldenEye pic!