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Dundee Stu


16 June 2005

My computer started getting a bit slow yesterday, so I decided that a clean-up of the hard-disks was in order. Currently, my PC has three hard-drives, imaginatively named Dundee (C:), Lisbon (F:) and Glasgow (G:). Lisbon is where I keep my copy of Photoshop, where it has the luxury of a whole drive (albeit a small one - 20Gb) all to itself. Apparently this makes PS run faster. An analysis of this disk showed that it only had 18% free diskspace. This was somewhat surprising... yet, there it was. A quick clean-up and defrag managed to recover most of the space, so much so that when it was all over, 95% of the disk was available. I did the same with the remaining two drives and managed to recoup almost 40% of my memory. I also increased the space available to virtual memory. The upshot is a computer that is running a little better than before, and I am shot of the accumulated dross that fills up all the small gaps in our hard-drives. So all's well, at least until the next time. Now if only cleaning the camera's sensor could be as easy! My mate Gavin phoned to tell me that his D70 has died on him, and that it will need to go back to the factory... eeek! Maybe they'll just send him a D70S replacement - or perhaps they won't... In the meantime, he has to learn how to use his Fuji again. I dropped Liam off at his guitar lesson this evening, and thought that I would sneak a photo of him as he came out one hour later. Despite hiding behind a parked car to catch this candid, he spotted me straight away. He must be telepathic or something.

Last year Liam had a fake black-eye

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Martha Albuquerque20-Feb-2006 21:54
well taken, well done!
Bob Hate (303 H8)29-Jun-2005 15:53
excellent composition
jude19-Jun-2005 04:15
Dunno if it's the shorter hair but Liam looks so much older this year.. Well composed, even if you did have to hide behind a car.. lol
Robin Reid17-Jun-2005 23:11
Powerful image .. well composed and taken.
Dominic Kite17-Jun-2005 12:44
The dispairing "what in god's name is he doing now" look is priceless!
Gail Davison17-Jun-2005 12:24
A lovely shot. He's looking at you as if to say "Oh gawd, I hope my friends don't see him"
steve mcsweeny17-Jun-2005 11:13
I really like this shot! Great work, voted.
Chris Sofopoulos17-Jun-2005 11:13
Great catch. You have done nice work with tones.
Rannoch Moor17-Jun-2005 10:44
I guess he was expecting you to be there ;)
Karen Stuebing17-Jun-2005 09:30
Judging from the expression on Liam's face, dad takes his photo a lot. LOL. I love this candid. And his haircut. :)
laine8217-Jun-2005 02:38
Here was my first thought
This would be a good cover pic for a Frank McCourt too.
Liam looks so much older with his hair cut.
Karen Leaf16-Jun-2005 23:56
He looks like a spy. Cool shot, I like it alot.
Gayle P. Clement16-Jun-2005 23:50
This is a really nice shot, btw.
Gayle P. Clement16-Jun-2005 23:49
Oh no. I've heard tales of the D70's dying right after their year was up. I'm getting worried about mine.
Elaine (etfitz)16-Jun-2005 23:40
Wonderful composition!
Herb Knufken16-Jun-2005 23:35
Nice composition
Antonis Sarantos16-Jun-2005 23:31
Amazing atmosphere and great mood!!!
Coleen Perilloux Landry16-Jun-2005 23:30
Nice shot of him. What a difference a year has made in his looks. His baby face is getting to be that of a young man and we won't speak about the hair.... I liked his long hair.
northstar3716-Jun-2005 23:22
it's the hole in the wall gang :-0
Zak16-Jun-2005 23:09
you wont make a good undercover cop heheh