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Stu | all galleries >> An occasional Bowl of Stu >> April 2005 > Bumps and bruises
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Bumps and bruises
19-APR-2005 Stu

Bumps and bruises

19 April 2005

My penultimate day was a day of sunshine and mini disasters. One of the lenses fell out of my spectacles, and the little screw that was supposed to hold it in place disappeared into the carpet. I found the lens quite quickly: the screw was a little more devious. I eventually tracked it down, though, and managed to put all the pieces back together again with the help of Liam's Swiss Army knife. Now my eyes have recovered from having unbalanced sight (one retina corrected, the other not) and i can see again. That said, however, wearing glasses with only one lens in them gives a sensation that is pretty freaky... it messed with my mind and I came over all mellow and felt the urge to put on some acid house music and drink lots of water while waving my arms in the air. Then I remembered that I had a sore leg and back, and that I couldn't see my hand in front of my face (which wasn't surprising, given that they were both waving about above my head in time with Primal Scream). No sooner had I overcome this psychedelic disaster than I heard Liam screaming in the back garden. He came running into the house writhing about yelling 'God, it hurts!!! God, it hurts!!!'. He had fallen off his skateboard and landed on his head and arm. Now he has a big lump on his forehead and a sprained right wrist. After he had calmed down and accepted that he would live, he cheered up when he was told that he will probably be excused from having to write in school tomorrow, since he is unable to hold a pencil. This was only the second tribulation affecting Liam today. He came home from school with a big dod of someone else's chewing gum in his hair. Apparently it got there by magic, although on closer interrogation he admitted that the magician who's chewing gum it was got into trouble for 'accidently' disposing of his waste on another pupil's head. We tried, without success, to freeze it and make it brittle in the hope that he would be able to comb it out. Our attempts to wash it out with shampoo were equally unsuccessful. This left us with no other alternative but to cut it. Unfortunately the cut lock isn't noticeable, so I have no excuse to give him a short back and sides!

Nikon D70 ,Nikkor E 50mm f/1.8 MF,+2 diopter
1/200s f/1.8 at 50.0mm iso320 full exif

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Carmen03-May-2005 14:30
Love the DoF and setup in this.
slimboyfat26-Apr-2005 15:09
From the thumbnail I though it was a bog roll :)
Pepe Zyman23-Apr-2005 22:16
Excellent composition
Ian Clowes23-Apr-2005 16:15
Wow what a day!
Take tomorrow carefully :)
Lee Kindness21-Apr-2005 20:25
At least you're not going to be caught short!
Dominic Kite21-Apr-2005 08:13
Oh dear, the trials of an active teen. Don't envy him one bit.
Johan Toll21-Apr-2005 07:14
Very nice series here. Very nice!
Guest 21-Apr-2005 04:22
Perfectly done, and I love your story....
northstar3720-Apr-2005 17:40
remind me not to borrow your 'lucky rabbit's foot'...
WHISTLING BADGER20-Apr-2005 14:25
Take care ! great images
Zak20-Apr-2005 09:43
They happen in three's they say...
Ray :)20-Apr-2005 05:02
I thought it was some loo roll in the thumb - what a relief!
Josy's Pics20-Apr-2005 02:44
Simple but great!, well done...
Coleen Perilloux Landry20-Apr-2005 02:07
LOL at Robin's comment--I thought the same thing, but didn't say it.
jude20-Apr-2005 01:59
You know I love this!!
Karen Leaf20-Apr-2005 01:54
Liam's head seems to be in the right place at the wrong time today :)
Well done photo for your story.
petesie20-Apr-2005 01:08
I can't stop laughing....not about Liam, I'm just glad he is going to be fine, but at your glasses story. I woke up one morning and put on my glasses and a lense had fallen out and I didn't know it, I freaked. Thought I was not long for this world, so I had a good laugh at your story. Great job on the photo, too.
laine8220-Apr-2005 00:25
What do they say about some days are diamonds, some days are stones...think you've had a quarry delivered, Stu. :>(
Robin Reid20-Apr-2005 00:12
Gosh at first I thought it was toilet paper! You have amazing adventures.
Ian Stickland19-Apr-2005 23:38
Interesting picture, nice shallow DOF. Now, are you going to go out in a blaze of colour or an arty B&W....? :-)
Coleen Perilloux Landry19-Apr-2005 23:28
You've had a wild day. Next time for gum in hair, try olive oil.