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Ken Leonard | all galleries >> Orange Plaza Car Show 2005 Vol. #1 > 1965 Falcon Futura - Click on photo to reveal much more info
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1965 Falcon Futura - Click on photo to reveal much more info
April 17, 2005 Copyright 2005 Ken Leonard

1965 Falcon Futura - Click on photo to reveal much more info

Orange Plaza, Orange, CA

Nikon Coolpix 8700
1/215s f/4.5 at 15.7mm iso50 full exif

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glen macewan 31-Aug-2016 20:37
can you tell me how to install a well liner on a 1964 falcon future convertible..thx glen
dale chancey. 22-Aug-2016 05:34
I want to trade 3 1955 ford cars for a 1965 ford falcon hard top we got a two door a four door and a wagon. Looks like a nomad .panel. Number is 912 288 8036
Travs 11-Mar-2016 02:31
I have a 1967 Ford falcon two-door I was wondering if the doors off a four-door 66 would work on my two-door thank you
Guest 17-Aug-2015 19:13
I need to know the size rrims wheels which came on 1965 future

paul 04-Apr-2014 02:16
how many 1964 and 1965 sedan Delivery were made and are they worth good money
joecolosimo 21-Sep-2012 04:27
does anyone know if the side trim for a 64 falcon futura will fit a 65 ?
joecolosimo 19-Sep-2012 14:45
does anyone know if the side trim for a 64 falcon futura will fit a 65 ?
joecolosimo 18-Sep-2012 23:38
does anyone know if the side trim for a 64 falcon futura will fit a 65 ?
joecolosimo 16-Sep-2012 16:02
does anyone know if the side trim for a 64 falcon futura will fit a 65 ?
spidy 16-Mar-2012 16:58
just wondering if its posible to put a bench seat in to a 65 xp futra???
John Frascella 11-Mar-2012 20:42
I own a 65 futura 2dr coupe since 65 it is a factory 289 4spd car came with a bench seat. how can i find out how many of these cars were produced the id# 541768356 it would be much appreciated.
John Frascella 11-Mar-2012 20:42
I own a 65 futura 2dr coupe since 65 it is a factory 289 4spd car came with a bench seat. how can i find out how many of these cars were produced the id# 541768356 it would be much appreciated.
John Frascella 11-Mar-2012 20:42
I own a 65 futura 2dr coupe since 65 it is a factory 289 4spd car came with a bench seat. how can i find out how many of these cars were produced the id# 541768356 it would be much appreciated.
John Jimenez 30-Oct-2011 01:57
Does anyone know who sells or may have a pair of 65 sprint fender emblems for sale? I BELIEVE I have a legitimate 65 Sprint convertible. The fenders have the emblem holes, the doors have the emblems. It is a 289 4 speed car. Originally, a bucket seat car but they are long gone. I' ve had the car for 16 years finally completed. I am missing the fender emblems. I would love to validate the car but it had a rough life. The DATA plate is missing. If anyone has any information please calll me 786-326-3676. Thanks John
Kirk C 16-Sep-2011 22:54
I need help on doing a 65 Falcon Sprint W/T-5,5 spd.
I want the wheel well's in back to be just above the top of tire's.
same with front end too,
but front end raised about 2,1/2 inch's fron top of tire'
Guest 13-Sep-2011 11:52
Hi Guys Im wanting to get a 65 falcon sprint.
I wanna bring it up about 3 inch's on the tire's.
go to you tube and there's a red one on there that's lifted up like this with the thunderbolt hood.
Look's like a bracket car,
really cool looking.
sound's good too.
Wayne Schuler 11-Jul-2011 02:38
Sorry I ask about what size 15in tires would fit on the 64 sprint & didn't leave a E-mail it is
Guest 11-Jul-2011 02:34
What would be the largest 15in tire I could put on a stock 64 falcon sprint
effildIncitle 11-Jun-2011 12:30
Thanks For This Post, was added to my bookmarks.
RONNIE OTTINGER 16-Dec-2010 21:32
BHD 22-Sep-2010 11:23
I own a 1964 Falcon Sprint that needs TLC. Back in the 70's the owner replaced the manual transmission with an automatic. I've owned it for almost 30 years, but due to life it has sat in the garage for the last 10. This summer I've worked on it. I took it in for an alignment and found out the the steering gear box is shot. Can anyone recommend where I can get the "correct information and parts"? The garage that was to align it, said they couldn't repair it. I live in Southwestern Michigan.
Guest 28-Aug-2010 01:48

You have a good question and it's good you're asking it. Many people discuss the two models (Futura and Sprint) almost as if they are the same. It takes fairly hard-core Sprint owners/enthusiasts to spot the Sprints at a glance.

You may be only referring to the 1965 year but, since you didn't say, I'll touch on the three years that Ford made the Sprints.....1963 1/2, 1964, and 1965.

The 1963 1/2 Sprint, one of which I owned, had the faux wood-grain steering wheel, dash-mounted tach, and bucket seats. The unique exterior features were the Sprint V-8 emblem with crossed racing flags on the front area of the front fenders. On the back sides of the fastback roof it had small Sprint badges with a falcon. The chrome lettering on the back of the trunk simply said "Falcon." Under the hood it had a small-block 260 V-8 with the chrome dress-up kit....valve covers, breather, etc. Wheel covers were spoked with spinners.

The 1964 Sprint went from the rounded body style to a square style. The Sprint options for the 1964s were almost identical to the 1963 1/2s, right down to the 260 V-8. One noticeable difference was the placement of the Sprint emblems on the the front fenders.....they were moved from the front of the front fenders to the back section of the fenders right in front of the doors.

The 1965 Sprints were the "beefiest" Sprints because they were equipped with the 289 V-8 which put out 200 H.P. Unfortunately, most 1965 Sprints didn't have as many "trim" options as the earlier sprints. As far as their identification as a Sprint they had become, for the most part, basically a "badge" option in 1965. They had the unique Sprint emblems on the exterior in the same location as the 1964s. But on the interior, the only Sprint designation was the Sprint emblems mounted on the inside of the doors. Gone were the "wood grain" steering wheels, dash-mounted tachs, and chrome dress-up kits the 1963 1/2s and 1964s had.

In the 1965 Sprint engine compartment there is no chrome or any designation that would signify them as a Sprint. While the 289 V-8 was a very welcome addition that the earlier Sprints didn't have, the valve covers and breather are painted gold with a black snout on the breather.

The 1965 Sprints, while dressed-down somewhat because of the ongoing production of the Mustang are, in my opinion, beautiful cars and the update from the 260 to the 289 V-8 made them plenty powerful for that small of a car.

Every 1965 Sprint I've seen, and I've seen my share, are as I explained them above. I have heard that they could be special-ordered with the dress-up packages available in the earlier Sprints. But I have never seen one which was optioned out accordingly.

So, this was a long-winded way to answer your question but hopefully you'll have a better understanding now of how to tell a Sprint from a Futura. For example, if the red 1965 Futura, pictured above, were a Sprint it would have no emblem on the front area of the fender. And on the back area of the front fender it would have the Sprint emblem with crossed racing flags instead of a Futura emblem.

Take care & Sprints forever!

jme 09-Aug-2010 04:14
I have a question I have been unable to find the actual differences between the sprint and futura, and I was wondering if you could help me out with that..
Guest 06-Jul-2010 05:34
I owned three Falcons back in the day. First was a 1963 Futura 6 cylinder. Next, a 1963 1/2 Sprint hardtop. I bought it from the original owner who had special-ordered it with an automatic transmission and air-conditioning. Then I bought a 1965 Futura hardtop identical to the one pictured above. It was probably the best car I ever owned but it always bothered me that it wasn't a Sprint. My 1963 1/2 Sprint was a beautiful car but didn't even come close to my 1965 Futura in the performance department.

Excellent posts by Prentiss Odom, bo, and Bernie Morgan.

Although Bernie's '65 is not a Sprint, he's exactly right with all the details on the seven '65 Falcon 2-door sedans produced with 289 Hi-Po, 271 HP engines.

Finally, I realize most of the posts here are two to three years old but I just stumbled across this site this evening.

Sprints forever!

Rouby Jeanty 16-Jun-2010 20:46
please help me to find left fender molding, chrome molding behind the convertable glass,the chrome plate withthe futura sign on it by the trunk For 1964 ford Falcon thank you.
Guest 16-Jun-2010 20:12
i am looking for ,left fender molding , chrome molding behind the convertable glass,the chrome plate with the futura sign on it by the trunk ,please help me . for 1964 ford falcon
Guest 18-Mar-2010 05:54
Cobra and Rodney J Cox should do some research before they talk. In 1965 the sprints didnt have the factory tach, or the wood grain steering wheel with the crossed racing flags,and werent all 4 speeds. They were 289 cars with 4 speeds and automatic c-4s, because of the mustang
mikewlex04-Jan-2010 01:10
I have a 65 sprint 289 and automatic trans 2 barrel with 62 k pretty nice just want to know what you think i know it a sprint i have decoed the car. Would like to post pictures but can not dont know how THANKS MIKE
Woody 14-Nov-2009 22:14
That is one nice car man, Im lookin at buying a 1965 falcon futura with a 460 big block. Its not original but its still a falcon and I love me a falcon.
steve mandamadiotis 29-Oct-2009 14:48
hello. my name is steve from australia melbourne.Ive just bought a australian 65 xp falcon coupe[2 door hardtop] and was wondering if parts like rear window moulds locks etc. can be substituted with any american 64\65 falcons coupes (hardtop}. my email is or i ll keep an eye on this sight. many thanks
Guest 22-Oct-2009 05:00
hahaha we got one with a 5.0 small block and a 671 blower hahaha ares is faster
Bill 04-Oct-2009 20:33
Sorry!!! I meant a 1965 Ford Falcon Futura Convertable
Bill Miller 04-Oct-2009 20:27
My question is really simple. How many 1865 Ford Falcon Futura Convertables were made? I have a "65 convertavle" with 46,000 actual miles. It is nearly mint condition. As a new car owner, I would like to get it ready to "show," but if there were thousands of them made, I probably would be better off just driving it around. Let me know!
rob 16-Aug-2009 04:02
did all 1965 6 cylinder convertibles come with a split bench,buckets...????
in process of buying a '65 convertible with a transplanted 302
also any info on where to obtain fender mouldings?
one small ding need the "V" on front left fender

thanx rob
COBRA 05-Aug-2009 15:55
GUEST 14-Jul-2009 18:34
GUEST 14-Jul-2009 18:32
Otis Brown 10-Feb-2009 02:17
I have a picture of my dad and what appears to be a 1925 buick. I would be willing to post the picture for other car enthusiest to see. Do you know of a car person that can verify the model and year from the picture?
Guest 31-Jan-2009 13:03
Beautiful Car, Sir!
E 13-Oct-2008 03:17
In have a 1965 falcon sprint. Bought it on e-bay. It started as an automatic butI installed a 5 speed tramic, doug headers, mangnaflow exhaust, and American Racing wheels with 225x15 RWL BF Goodrich. The suspention is all new and gas tank eventhough it din't need one. No rust and has 49000 orginial miles. Installed front disc brakes and keep the rear drums. Power brakes and steering. The interior is al new with a tach on the dash. Just drive it to and from car shows. I had a 65 Futura back in the 60's and sold it real cheap. I now have the car I always wanted.
Bernie Morgan 14-Sep-2008 23:36
Nice looking Falcon. I own a very rare bird myself - it is a 1965 Falcon 2-Door Sedan... one of only seven produced in 1965 with Special Order Engine Option - 289 Hi-Po 271 HP Solid Lifter, Mufflerless exhaust. This engine option was only made out of the Canadian Ford plants as a special order only. I have documentation to attest to the fact that Ford of Canada only produced 7 total of these special order engines in a 1965 Falcon. My car was built in the Oakville, Ontatario Canada plant. I am a member of the Erie Canal Chapter of the Falcon Club of America. Western New York state.
Dan 07-Sep-2008 20:47
Could anyone tell me what size tires are on the Falcon?
bo 29-Aug-2008 06:10
I own two 65 falcon sprints, one a very rare convertible that goes to car shows only and my hard top, also have a 64 hard top sprint and a 63 1/2 convertible sprint. This is a nice red futura, but if you want to see the real thing I do several car shows in nv and az.
bo 29-Aug-2008 06:03
I own two 65 falcon sprints, one a very rare convertible that goes to car shows only and my hard top, also have a 64 hard top sprint and a 63 1/2 convertible sprint. This is a nice red futura, but if you want to see the real thing I do several car shows in nv and az.
Powder puff 21-Aug-2008 02:55
I owned a 1965 Ford Falcon in 1967. It was turquoise with a pearl inset all the way down each side. I remember it had a 289 engine and it was an automatic, on the column. It had a Holly 4 barrel with a 390 posi-traction gear and dual exhaust with cherry bombs. It did not have bucket seats. I think it was built as some sort of special edition in late 1964 or early 1965. I could beat my boyfriends 442 and GTO in a one mile stretch, if I could keep the wheel hops down. Was it a Sprint or a Futura?. My boyfriend totaled it in 1969. I loved that car except when it rained and then it wouldn't start for nothin'!
Ken Leonard20-Jun-2008 20:54
Notice: For sale ads are prohibited on my site.

Ken Leonard
Photographer of the 40,000 plus classic cars you see in these albums.
Prentiss Odom 18-Jun-2008 02:25
The above picture is not a 1965 Sprint. The 65 Falcon Sprint has emblem with cross racing flags and states it being 289 Sprint. Inside on the door panel on left and right side are sprint emblems. I bought and still own the first 1965 Falcon Sprint sold. I ordered it in 1964 when I was discharge from service and it arrived before Christmas 64.
Guest 07-Jun-2008 03:51
To "Guest" I think early Mustang V8 suspension is the same. If you have ever been under a Falcon and a Mustang in the same day, you would see they are virtually the same. And I believe a '64 Falcon only came out with a 260V8 or a 6 cyl. The 289 came out in '65.
Guest 05-Jun-2008 06:16
I have a 64' Falcon Futura w, a 289 solid cam 4sp on the floor. I installed
the Ford detriot locker I found in the bottom of the drivers side quarter when I was carpeting the trunk 20 years ago.Also has a shaker hood. I was told that it was owned by a Ford dealer here in Dallas and was used to race and promote the Dealership when I puchased it 78'. I had a dificult time finding front suspension parts
as they were larger than the 6 cylinder. So, do you think it's a bastard child or something OEM unique?
justme 22-May-2008 00:25
Sprint was only made 2 years. '63 & '64. This must be '64 Fenders on a 65 or a 65 Grille on a 64. I believe this car is a Futura.
mona 14-May-2008 21:41
hi im looking for quater panels for 1965 ford falcon can anyone please help me email me at
daniel 02-May-2008 15:08
amigo no sabes donde puedo comprar uno asi te dejo mi numero de mi casa 49624716 me avisarias pls
David Ely 27-Apr-2008 04:47
Thats 1 fine ride. I have a 65 ranchero for sale,Do you know anyone who would be interested? Its a real good restorable car.
Osiris Siurano 10-Apr-2008 17:06
Hi! I am looking for the driver's side two comlete doors of a 1965 Falcon Futura. Can anybody assist? Thanks
Guest 08-Apr-2008 18:14
In 1965 i was in the navy stationed in San Diego. I went in to the local Ford dealer to buy a new Mustang but the dealer was all sold out. He said I would have to wait 3 months to get a Mustang. He told me that he had a 2 door hard top Falcon Sprint in his inventory and that it was identical to the Mustang except for the body style. I decided to take a look at the car and fell in love with it. It was a burgundy color with black interior, bucket seats, 265 cu. in. V8 with a 4 speed on the floor trans. I traded in a 1956 Crown Victoria (dumb of me) and got $500 off the Sprint price of $2500. I kept the Sprint for only 3 years selling it after I married (dumb of me). I wish I had enough sense at the time to have held onto some of the cars I have owned.
Jim 31-Mar-2008 00:42

Can anyone tell me what the code number is for a 1965 For Sprint 4 Speed Hardtop.
Graeme Thompson 16-Mar-2008 21:31
Here in Canada in 1965, the Falcon was offered with three V8 options, all 289's: a 2-barrel 200 hp, a 4-barrel 225 hp, and a limited production 4-barrel, high compression, solid lifter cam 271 hp (the Mustang hi-performance option). There were only 14 of the 271 hp Falcons produced, all in the Oakville, Ontario assembly plant. I know this because I bought one, with a factory-installed Detroit Automotive locking differential. There was one drawback however; the Falcon body did not allow space for the swept-back Mustang cast iron exhaust manifolds, nor the Mustang dual exhaust system.
Guest 26-Feb-2008 22:07
rodney cox you are wrong also i have a 1965 falcon sprint convt. and it is a auto trans chuck
partha 03-Feb-2008 13:50
compare to other car ford car is best
Ken Leonard07-Dec-2007 20:14
all for sale ads will be deleted

Joe Faglie 16-Oct-2007 17:35
I have a 1964 Ranchero factory 4spd. I would like any information on parts needed to convert to a 5spd. I will be doing a lot of highway driving and I miss the extra gear. I would really appreciate any input from anyone who has undertaken this conversion.

Thanks in advance for any input........Joe from San Diego.
colin 23-Jul-2007 03:06
Ford Australia used the 144, 170, 188, 200, 221 and 250 ci 6's here along with 289, 302 and 351 in the falcons. My current falcon is an 88 ford falcon sedan 3.9 litre sohc 6 inline, 3 speed auto, and is dual fuel, petrol and propane. cheers guy from The land down under(Australia).
colin 23-Jul-2007 02:43
Oops i forgot to say im in Australia.
colin 23-Jul-2007 02:40
The falcon coupes u got r different to to coupes we got here as they r different in the front end and rear end, and they never had a v8 like u guys had. The falcon never got a v8 till 67 here.
Ken Leonard04-Jul-2007 20:27

You are absolutely correct that there are far more original Mustangs than there are Falcons. I can vouch for that fact going and shooting many many SoCal car shows.

Thanks for sharing

Kip 04-Jul-2007 20:16
I am currently restoring a 1965 Futura now converted with a modern 5 speed manual transmission. Go to YouTube and put in 1965 Ford Futura, it should pop up. Fact is there are many more mustangs than Falcons left. Very few restored Falcons. People just used them and junked them. Fortunately, I bought mine from the original owner who adored the Falcon, kept incredible records and maintained it like new. I can't let her down.
Guest 06-May-2007 05:09
There was a ford slant six made which was in the 1971 XY Ford Falcon 4wheel drive ute which there were about 432 made in the Brisbane Queensland Australian plant. The 250 cubic inch motor was incline to the right by about 70deg so that the sump would clear the front diff.A wedge spacer was placed under the carb to keep it level. The XY 4x4 was released with the 1972 XA model (change of shape). The XY 4x4 had leaf springs all round with a 3speed manual gear box (gear stick on floor) and a spicer transfer case for high and low range and high back bench seat from the new XA model range. It also had the start key on the steering colum ( XA model )instead of dash.
Kind Regards Michael from Australia
Guest 01-May-2007 16:10
There were only 2806 Sprint Hardtops and 300 Sprint Convertibles produced in 1965. All of the Sprints were equipped with the 289 V-8 Motor, bucket seats, and most had a center console. The Sprints were equipped with either a four speed manual or C-4 automatic transmission. Ford did not keep accurate records as to how many were made with 4 speed vs. automatic transmission. In any case, a rare bird!
Andy Bates 26-Apr-2007 16:02
I want to buy one...any ideas?? Andy @
R E L 111 25-Apr-2007 00:40
just so you know not all falcon sprint,s were not 4 spds,some came with automatic,s and i have one . i also have a 1964 futura that came with a 4spd , you could order what you wanted in the day.
RODNEY J. COX 20-Mar-2007 04:04

Ken Leonard18-Mar-2007 23:42

Why must you multiple post here? I have no idea if the Falcon is for sale nor the name of who owns it. I am just the photographer that provides people like you these online photos for nothing.

Guest 18-Mar-2007 22:21
Hello. I have a an all original 1964 Falcon Sprint with bucket seats 4 speed and 260 V8 I am planning on restoring. I would like to know more info on the Red 1965 Sprint you have pictured. Mostly, I would like to know where it wsa painted and, if possible, how much the paint job was. Also, if I could somehow get more pictures and talk to the owner, that would be great. Please let me know at

Thank-you Ron
Guest 16-Mar-2007 01:16
Please how much would you ask to sell the 65 Ford Falcon red for on this site? Thank you. Steve Mintz, Monroe, Louisiana
larry 04-Jan-2007 06:23
the ford falcon is still in production in australia
S Ober 20-Dec-2006 05:25
Why does it have futura signs on the side and not the sprint insignia?
Robert Walls 17-Dec-2006 04:05
I recently came into possession of a 1965 Falcon Sprint with a factory 4-speed transmission. I know that only 2806 '65 Sprints were built, but I can't find how many of these were built with the 4-speed. Can anybody answer this for me?
Ken Leonard07-Nov-2006 04:11
To the best of my knowledge Ford never made a slant 6 engine. That honor goes to Chrysler only. Read here:
Gary 03-Nov-2006 02:30
Did ford ever make a slant six..???
Diane 01-Aug-2006 20:54
That is a beautiful car. My husband purchased one of these new in 1965 and unfortunately in 1967 he was sent to Vietnam. I have trying to find one,that is for sale" for many years. Do you have any suggests as to were I could go.
Diane 01-Aug-2006 20:52
That is a beautiful car. My husband purchased one of these new in 1965 and unfortunately in 1967 he was sent to Vietnam. I have trying to find one,that is for sale" for many years. Do you have any suggests as to were I could go.
Guest 23-Jul-2005 07:15
1965 Ford Falcon Sprint Two Door Hardtop. By the late nineteen fifties, the growing interest in small import cars, the recession of 1958, and the success of American Motors' Rambler and Studebaker's Lark made it imperative for the Big Three of the American Automobile Industry to market small cars of their own. The idea of the Big Three building small cars wasn't new. During the war years and immediately after World War II, all three had experimented with making such a car, but manufacturing costs were determined to be as expensive as marketing their standard size offerings, and besides, the public demand for new cars, any new car, was such that all they had to do was to make a few cosmetic changes to the pre-war models, and they could sell every car they could build at a substantial price increase. So the projects were shelved. But by the late fifties, the recession and the falling off of medium-priced cars sales by 40%, and the public's love affair with the Rambler, and a cute little import called the Volkswagen Beetle was about to change everything. So by the Fall of 1959, the Big Three were ready to introduce their new "Compact" offerings to the public as 1960 models. GM modeled their new compact Chevy Corvair after the popular Volkswagen Beetle, with an air-cooled rear engine design and styling with a sporty, if somewhat European flair. Chrysler's new compact Valiant was the largest of the three, and featured the engineering Chryslers were famous for, including a new sophisticated "slant-six" powerplant with the most horsepower and the biggest engine displacement of the three compacts, and Virgil Exner's latest, if not somewhat controversial, styling exercise. And finally, there was Ford's entry into the compact field, the Falcon. The Falcon was the most conservative of the three, with somewhat pleasant traditional styling and mechanical simplicity. Alot of Automotive Industry folk commented that Henry Ford himself would have been proud of this car. It was even called a Modern Day Model T that captured the essence of the original. A no-nonsense inexpensive car that was economical to operate, and so mechanically simple that do-it- yourself, "shade tree" mechanics could do their own maintenance. The public agreed. By the end of the 1960 model year, Ford had sold more Falcons than GM's Corvair and Chrysler's Valiant combined, and in its second model year almost a half million, that's close to 500,000 Falcons found homes. This was the beginning of a very successful decade for Ford Motor Company in which they became the industry leader aand innovator. The Falcon success was just a prelude to an even more phenominal success just a few short years later when a man named Lee Iococca, using the Falcon platform, created a new sporty affordable car called "Mustang" and the Pony Car Era was born.
I can add to this history with my own personal Ford Falcon experiences. My father was a life insurance salesman in North Florida from the nineteen forties into the nineteen seventies. In the old days, policies were often sold door to door. My father had a route or territory assigned to him, and it was not unusual for him to put 35,000 to 40,000 miles per year on a car. In those days, there was no such thing as a "company car", and he had to provide and pay for his own transportation. In the early sixties he owned two Falcons, a 1962 Four Door Deluxe Model, and a 1963 Deluxe Two Door Sedan. Both had radio and heater, white sidewall tires, the base little six cylinder engine, and a manual transmission. He really loved those cars. He did most of the maintenance work himself, and I helped him change the oil every 3000 miles. Everything under the hood was so easy to get to. He was always boasting to family and friends about the gas mileage he got on those cars, usually a little over 30 miles per gallon. He put about 35,000 miles on the first one, and a year later traded it on the '63 and it had over 45,000 miles on it when he traded it a year and a half later on a '74 Valiant. The routes he traveled usually included a lot of country dirt roads with ruts and holes. In Jacksonville, there was lots of starts and stops, from one residential street to another. He was in and out of those cars probably a hundred or more times a day. Those Falcons really took the punishment. He never had any major mechanical problems with either one. Many years later, he often talked about those cars and how dependable and economical they were to drive and own.
A few additional facts about the Falcon:

1. The first generation Falcons were made from 1960 to 1965. The second generation Falcons were made from 1966 to 1970. The last Ford to be badged as a Falcon was the 70 1/2 model. It was really an entry level Ford Torino.

2. When the car was first introduced it was offered in five models: Two and four door sedans, two and four door station wagons, and as a half car-half truck called "Ranchero". Prices ranged from $ 1,974 for the two door sedan to $ 2,287 for the four door station wagon. The wheelbase was 109.5 inches, The engine was a 144 cubic inch in-line six rated at 90 horsepower. Total production was 456,703.

3. A two door sedan with all-vinyl bucket seats and upgraded trim was added for model year 1961. This sporty model was called Futura. It could be ordered with a new 170 cid six developing 101 horsepower. It was added to counter Chevy Corvair's popular new Monza coupe with bucket seats and a four-speed floor shift. 1961 was Falcon's best production year ever at 497,199 units sold. A sedan delivery joined the Ranchero in Falcon's commercial vehicle lineup.

4. In 1962 the Deluxe became a sub-model and included bright metal window surrounds, upgraded interior materials with more color choices, and a ribbed anodized aluminum washboard trim on the lower quarter panels behind the rear wheel openings. The Futura returned as a separate model series instead of an option package , and at mid-year, received a more formal roofline that could be ordered with vinyl covering at extra cost. The side trim featured dummy louvers and a chrome spear. An optional four speed was offered for the first time. Air conditioning was available with the 170 cid engine.
General Motors and Chevrolet came out with a new more conventional compact called Chevy II, and offered a Hardtop and a Convertible model that Falcon did not have. In its inaugural year it sold over 325,000 units. Falcon would continue to lead, but no longer dominate as it had the first two years, though sales remained healthy at 418,539.

5. In 1963, Falcon's image as strictly an ecomomy car began to change. A new convertible was added to the Futura lineup, and at mid-year a new hardtop coupe was offered. A new performance image began to take root with a new small block 260 cid V-8 called Challenger rated at 164 horsepower. This engine became part of the new Sprint Performance Package available on the Futura hardtop and convertible models. A Borg-Warner four speed gear box incased in aluminum could be ordered with this package. A dashboard mounted tachometer, simulated wire wheels, and special Sprint script was also included in the package.
Though model and equipment choices expanded, Falcon production did not, and output was down to 347,910.

6. Falcon received a major facelift for model year 1964. Soft edges and rounded contours gave way to a boxier body, sharper dartlike side cove definition, and an angular rear deck. The new aluminum grille's horizontal bar sections appeared to float, and the large round tailight treatment continued. The dash also had a new look. Another engine option was added to the many choices already available, this time a 200cid "Special Six" with a rating of 116 horsepower became an option and the recommended engine for the station wagons and commercial delivery vehicles. Despite everything that was new, production again fell. But maybe that had to be expected, because in April, 1964, Ford introduced the Mustang, and it was competively priced in the same territory as Falcon, with a variety of options and engine choices of its own, not to mention that sporty new look. It's not hard to imagine that, given a choice, that for about the same dollars, the buyer could and would choose Mustang.( I had that choice when I bought my first new car in 1966, and yes indeed, I went home in a Mustang without any hesitation at all for the same amount of money as a '66 Falcon Futura).

7. In 1965 styling changes were limited to a new grille design, and side trim updates. This is the final year for the Sprint, which saw very limited production...2806 hardtops and 300 convertibles. The big news was that this year's Sprint included the new 289-cid, 200 horsepower V-8. Alternators replaced generators in Falcons this year. Production fell to 233,641, largely due to competetion from within its own ranks from Mustang.

8. 1966 through 1970 would bring a new Falcon design. The styling featured the long hood, short deck look popularized by Mustang. Gone were the hardtops and convertibles, and Falcon seemed to be returning to its basic roots to be primarily economical transportation. All compacts had grown in size. Some were now called Intermediates. In the end, Falcon only outlived rival Corvair by one year, replaced by Ford's new Maverick, and one year after that, the Pinto.

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