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Stu | all galleries >> An occasional Bowl of Stu >> March 2005 > And so the learning begins!
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And so the learning begins!
Dundee Stu

And so the learning begins!

5 March 2005

This is Linda trying to study (something I should be doing a lot more of). I am playing with my new toy (ahem! I mean to say, tax deductable business expense), and am enjoying every second of it. There are an awful lot of buttons on the camera, and I don't know what 99% of them do - although I did manage to set the machine to shoot in RAW, and now I am trying to find out how to switch off the in-camera sharpening (I know, this information is all in the book - but it is much better fun playing about with it - flying blind, as it were!). I have managed to suss out how to change the aperture and shutter speed while shooting in manual (my prefered mode), and have discovered that shooting in Av and Sv is much, much easier. My first few shots were in auto, and they seem to be quite dark - I don't know if that is me, or if it is the camera. Next thing will be to remember to adjust the ISO settings according to light conditions (something I tended to forget about with the Fuji). I am really looking forward to getting to know this camera! The Fuji - my trusty companion for the past 9 months - is not going into retirement: its macro function is second to none, and, if you know me at all, you will know that I like taking macro shots. So, until I can afford a macro lens for the D70 (and that won't be for some time), the Fuji will remain in service. Besides, it's a damn fine camera in its own right. (PS: I don't know what happened to the EXIF data, since I saved this image in the same way as I save the images from my Fuji. It's all part of the learning curve, I suppose!)

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Guest 17-Mar-2005 01:16
Excellent shot!
Rannoch Moor08-Mar-2005 11:13
It's Xmas time again !
Good luck to Linda as well.
Cheryl Hawkins07-Mar-2005 23:31
Lovely lighting! Congratulations on the new tax deduction!
Autumn Sky07-Mar-2005 21:47
Boy, I miss your gallery for a few days and I miss lots. Congrats Stu... the D70 would be my choice as well.
jypsee07-Mar-2005 20:39
welcome to dslr land.....boy, I'm glad I don't have to do what Linda's doing any longer!!
abel guerrero07-Mar-2005 17:22
Congratulations, Stewart. Like you, I've not retired my trusty Fuji, largely because of it's macro capabilities, but this is a whole new world. Enjoy.
Gilles Navet07-Mar-2005 08:15
Intime and quiet pic my friend
Happy to see you again
I take more time to see your pics this week
Ray :)06-Mar-2005 23:01
Can someone tell me why these desklamps are always green!
Well, the bottled water compliments it well, I know, and I like this shot. You'll have bags of fun with this baby, I'm sure.
Ann LT06-Mar-2005 22:11
Congrats on your new D70,Stu! Maybe I can learn how to take decent pics with it from you now that you own one(I have a D70 too).LOL
bruce berrien06-Mar-2005 19:51
Aha! A D70! Not the D2X though?
slimboyfat06-Mar-2005 19:30
Welcome to the world of DSLR, its all down hill from here LOL (only on the money side) you're gonna love it
Johan Toll06-Mar-2005 14:44
Aha, new camera! Nice shot.
Argishti Khachik06-Mar-2005 10:55
have lots of fun with your new beautiful and sexy "toy"!
Ian Stickland06-Mar-2005 07:44
Très bien Stu!
Jude Marion06-Mar-2005 06:55
Have fun with your new tax exemption!
(I'm envious!!! )
Elaine (etfitz)06-Mar-2005 03:56
Have fun learning all of the buttons! Very nice composition!
Karen Leaf06-Mar-2005 03:46
You are gonna be having a great time learning Stu. So excited for you and can't wait to see what the exploration brings. Big congrats!
Gail Davison05-Mar-2005 23:56
I like the photos Stu. I found DSLR took a while to get used to (different from my film SLR - even though it was the same make/model) but I've grown to love it. Enjoy!
Guest 05-Mar-2005 23:50
I've had my D60 for nearly 3 years, and I'm still learning how to use it!!
Lee Kindness05-Mar-2005 23:25
And so the learning starts... Have fun!
Ian Clowes05-Mar-2005 22:37
At least with the 8800 I don't have the stress of new lensitis!
Nice shot... looks suspiciously organised... suspect this desk is tidier than mine!!!
John Finlayson05-Mar-2005 22:13
Welcome to the world of DSLR ! Watch out for lens lust ! Looking forward to seeing your handiwork with it.
Susanne05-Mar-2005 21:21
uhm take that one of out of that one sentence, it slipped into it.
Susanne05-Mar-2005 21:20
I can tell you really love this camera. I think this camera has become an extension of yours, just like a wife::grins:: Playing with her buttons, pushing some buttons perhaps even that you should not push! Even after a long period of you always discover something new. Hmm I think I went of topic !!
Gayle P. Clement05-Mar-2005 21:14
Congratulations on that new camera. You will have a wonderful time with it. This is a nice image. I think it makes studying look more enjoyable and relaxing then it will ever be :-)
Guest 05-Mar-2005 21:07
superb!!! Have fun learning with it!!!
laine8205-Mar-2005 21:01
It's easy to see who the look-alikes are in your family. In the thumb I thought this was Liam studying. Congrats on the D70, Stu. Now get well soon and get out there with it...!!
What I actually thought was you had given Liam a copy of the autobiography by James Jones on which "The Thin Red Line" is based on and that he was enthralled. :>)
David Clunas05-Mar-2005 20:57
D70, great choice Stu, looking forward to seeing the results
northstar3705-Mar-2005 19:38
the posh-ness
Dominic Kite05-Mar-2005 18:51
Lcuky devil - glad to see the hard work's all paid off for you!
Zak05-Mar-2005 18:38
hooray! you've got it at last! :D
Guest 05-Mar-2005 18:31
Congrats, Stu! Welcome to the D70 club. You will love the camera.