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When we had the big snowstorm this past weekend, I set out for Central Park with my most expensive camera and lens – the camera is supposed to be environmentally sealed and the lens has its own hood. I thought it was time for them to show their stuff. I was carrying a golf umbrella with one hand and shooting with the other hand – the camera and lens are heavy so it was hard for me to hold it steady for long. But the lens, being so big, hardly needs any light to maintain a quick shutter speed, so I hardly lost any pictures to "shake". And the snow all seemed to stick on the lens hood, rather then on the glass itself … it was a dry snow, so the camera didn't get too wet, either … I was walking down a sloping path by a behind some woods – not even sure exactly where I was because the blizzard made it slow going, and I kept getting my directions mixed up. There was a couple ahead of me and I saw them scuffing the snow with their feet. Then when they passed me they were saying “you couldn’t really see it at all” … I wouldn't have remembered them at all but when I got to where they were, it was ALL ice and I went down fast and hard. I heard a snap and and I couldn’t breathe. Of course your mind races at those times, and I was imagining all sorts of terrible things I might have done to myself … but I did get my breath back and was able to get up … The camera was safe, I think I had protected it more than myself. I can always be replaced, you know.

I then tried to scuff away the snow, as the couple had done, to warn others, but it was hopeless. The snow covered it right up again. Maybe if I had gotten knocked out and was lying there, that would have been a good warning to others.

I spent another two hours walking around, albeit slowly and stiffly. When I came across these guys playing Frisbee I wondered how they could just run around, carefree, without worrying about falls.

Then when I got home I realized I had been carrying my monopod strapped to my back, and there was a monopod-shaped sore spot on my back in addition to the side damage. Thanks monopod -- the one time I take you, this is how you repay me.

I’ve been out of work for two days because of muscle spasms on the side I fell on. They don’t really hurt much but I have to kind of yell when they happen, because they tighten up so much. I would be embarrassed to be yelling periodically at work. It really makes you feel old, you have to be so careful about falling because you might hurt yourself. And I feel about that particular path in the park like I might a dog that bit me – it betrayed me somehow and is not my friend…

But, I AM happy with the pictures!

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