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Unit History in France

Unit History in France

(Updated Feb. 23,2005)

THE 202nd Military Police Company in France (Cold War)

The 202nd MP Company returned to Europe on June 20th 1961 when it was reactivated for service under the command of USAREUR’s VII Corps. It was initially stationed at Poitiers France and was allotted five officers and 140 enlisted men. The three platoons of the company were deployed throughout Western France in support of Communication Zone (COMZ) installations and units.

Their Cold War mission was twofold, first the garrison guard force for numerous Army installations within France and second, the control of escape routes across France for personnel leaving West Germany. In early 1962 the unit strength was increased to 154 enlisted men. Headquarters and Headquarters Platoon was stationed in Poiters France. First Platoon was stationed at Ingrandes at the Quartermaster Supply Depot. Second Platoon was stationed at Chinon, and Third Platoon was stationed at Saumur (Signal Depot).

However, during the early 1960’s the Company restructured and relocated a number of times. The 202nd Headquarters moved to Ingrandes by 1966, and it also divided into detachments A through F. Headquarters and Detachment B were in Ingrandes, Detachment A was in Chinon, and Detachments D, E, and F were in Braconne. Some of the Commanding Officers of the 202nd during this time were: Captain Charles A. Hammacker (1961 – 1963), Captain Jimmy Baskin (1963 – 1964), Captain Uptain (1964 – 1965) and Captain Ferd. C. Meyer (1965 – 1967).

When France announced they would withdraw from NATO and that US forces would be required to leave France, the 202nd began it’s support of Operation Fast Relocation – Line of Communication which moved Army assets out of France. The 202nd joined other MP units in the responsibilities of ensuring safe and orderly transitions. The 202nd directed and escorted convoys out of France and into Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany until spring 1967 when the mission ended. The Company began downsizing and many MPs were reassigned to MP units in West Germany.

The 202nd remained in France until May 1967, when the unit received orders to relocate. Approximately thirty-six MPs of the Company relocated to Fort Sheridan Illinois and were assigned to the Fifth Army, under which it had served in the Italian Campaign during World War II.

1st Lt., Ken Moe, Headquarters Platoon Leader, and Operations Officer for the unit at Ingrandes General Depot (1962 – 1964), gave this description of his time with the unit:

There were 4 platoons in the 202nd MP Co. from 1962-1964 in France. My platoon, HQ was at Ingrandes General Depot near Chatelerault, France about half way between Tours and Portiers, on National Hy. N 10 at the time. The 1st platoon was at Poitiers, the 2nd at Chinon and the 3rd at Samur as I remember. Each platoon had about 40 MPs and our main mission was to be prepared to evacuate the non-combatants from Germany if and when the balloon went up. Most of the enlisted men in my platoon were guys who were called up at the time of the Berlin build up. Others were old timers who had served in the MPs all over the world. We had a great group of soldiers, most of whom had some college education, were sharp in their duties, cared for each other, were competitive in athletics, and performed exceptionally well. Former Captain Ken Moe

Ken reports that the HQ Platoon had a reunion in Florida, and is planning a larger one out west in 2006. In attendance at the Florida reunion was Michel Allard, who was a member of HQ Platoon in 1962/1963, and was their interpreter.

Captain Ferd C. “Buz” Meyer, former Commander of the 202nd related this description of his time with the unit.

I was the Commanding Officer of the 202nd in 1965 and 1966. I arrived in Ingrandes, Frances as a 1st Lieutenant in November 1964 as the Executive Officer. When I arrived, the CO was Captain Uptain. Captain Uptain was promoted to Major in 1965 and moved to Poitier, France as Provost Marshall, Western France. With his departure, I was promoted to Captain and became the CO. The 202 had a security mission in France, with very little police work, and was spread out all over Western France at various Army depots. One interesting side note is that the 202 did guard DeGaule on his visit to Poitier. The unit was issued live rounds upon request of the French. In early 1966, Charles DeGaulle requested that the U.S. Army leave France, and this was underway when I left the Army in August 1966. I was a product of the Army ROTC at the University of Texas, which had one of the only two MP ROTC units in the Army. I was commissioned in 1961, and my active duty was deferred while I attended law school at UT. I could never find a reserve MP unit, so I was allowed to resign my commission in 1969.

Credit and sincere THANKS to my friend Robert "Bob" Gunnarson, a 285th MP CO. veteran, for much of the information presented here.

Please note that Bob is writing the definitive history of the Military Police Corps during the Cold War, and the 202nd MP Co. takes up a number of chapters. I have had the privilege to review portions of it, and I highly recommend that we all buy copies when ready.

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Mel Emberland 12-Jul-2012 21:54
I was stationed at Braconne from May 1962 to December 1963. I worked in the supply depot "accounting" department. People I worked with we're MSGT John Pope, Spec 5 Philipe Madrid, Capt John E Fitzsimmons, Spec Gene Milligan, Jim Shaefer, Sgt Joe Cossick of Chicago. Many memorable days and nights! Would love to hear from or about any of the above.
patricia s martin 09-Jul-2012 02:58
Aha...Bellejouanne...My Father was Sgt. Marvin B. martin, in Finance and accounting.
I was there from 1956 through to 1961. I am patricia martin.
Guest 26-Apr-2012 00:17
Does anyone know officers named Yearwood, Lakin, Hammaker, or Parker stationed at Ingrandes or Lafayette Village during 1960-1962?
ken gregware 01-Apr-2012 13:34
Spent time in early sixties at Fontenet in the 228th signal company.We set up communications in western France for getting supplies to Berlin.We were on an old German air base.Had Polish guards.Seemed a bit strange to me but we used to go to their club for Kilbasi subs.Living in M'head Ma. now.I saw someone respond from Beverly Ma.Just across the harbor.Still have a Vulcan cigaret lighter from the Fontenet Service Club.Can still remember the nickle night for beer at the end of the month.Fortunatley most of us were broke to get into ant trouble,
David Mullins 30-Mar-2012 16:42
Ientered the army Sept 10,1962.Took basic at Fort Knox KY.Went to Fort Gordon Ga. for teletype and crypto school.I arrived in Potieres Mar 3,l963 and left Aug 6 1965.I was attached to 313th signal corp and worked in the com ctr. Ienjoyed my time in France as well as travli9ng around Europe. would like to hear from anybody in that timeframe.
Guest 07-Mar-2012 01:20
elizabeth i am CURT YOUNG nice hear from people from BRACCone.YALL sure were a nice family i remember ROLANDA very well HOw is she doing? would love to hear from you
Guest 09-Feb-2012 01:24
to merle auclair I was stationed at Ing randes betweenjanuary 1955 to about J uly 1956 and was the interpreter at "C" gate..have many happy memoriesof service there but unfortunatelhy i donot recognize your name..write and tell me about your experiences there
Guest 29-Jan-2012 04:39
Steve Latourrette stationed in poitiers 59 /62 27th fds can be found on facebook or
charlie blute 15-Jan-2012 00:35
Hi, I am Charlie Blute, I was stationed at Fontenet. I was with the 83rd Engineers, and then the USAG. I worked in Water Purification at the 83rd, then was moved to Special Services for a while, then I was the Admin Assistant for the CID Detachment and CWO O'Neil.
I have caught up with some of the guys from those days, still loads of people are MIA. I have a Facebook page and the owner of web site. If you want to see pictures and list of old friends Nick, Freddie, and others have contributed and we have a great list. The more the merrier. Be well.
chuck devore 22-Oct-2011 21:01
yes david thorpe i was in busac in 55 and 56 i was probly housed in the same barracs as you were but i dident play foot ball i would like to hear from you maby we knew some of the same guys.
chuck devore 16-Oct-2011 14:35
would like to hear from any one who was stationed in camp bussac france in 1955 and fifty six. especialy a guy named darris and any one who remembers the warrent officer in the motor pool that was nicknamed the bear.
Bob Bray 15-Oct-2011 20:15
My name is Bob Bray I was with the 565th ord. co,Field Maint. At TED I was there from september 1956 To March 1959 If anyone was in that Company, I would like to hear from
you. You can contact me at If you know anyone that was there give them my email address
David Burnett 14-Oct-2011 13:09
Hello, I am David Burnett and I was stationed in Braconne from April 1956 to Oct. 1958. I was in Det C and worked on Fire Control Instruments on tanks. I would like to hear from any one that was there at that time.
James D. Slate 17-Sep-2011 01:02
My name is James D. Slate. I was in the 202mp company from about July 66 to Feb 68 when I ets. I saw a name I remember, George Kilroy. I remember the people he mentioned, and a few others, like Earnie Walker, Mike Coughlin, Ron Check, Howard G from CID, a fellow named Bill, cant remember last name. George, if you remember me, please contact me I rotated to Ft Sheridan, Ill with the company where we took over the duties of the 204 MP Co. which rotated to Viet Nam.
George A. Lods Sr 06-Sep-2011 21:43
To Tom Page,

I was a member of the 64th MP Co Toul Fr. from 1962-1964. I revisited the site as recently as 2002 and I'm sorry to say that most of it has been removed with a somewhat failed attempted to turn it into an industrial park.
The city of Toul has also seen better days, but perhaps that is the "jauntice" view of someone who spent the best days of his youth in France.

Please,if anyone wants to respond,

George A Lods Sr.
Ron Freemyer 17-Aug-2011 19:57
I\was stationed in Braconne as a mechanic in the 595 Heavy Lift Trans.Co.from Aug !954-Feb 1956.I was on TDY quite often transporting heavy equipment on an M26 tractor and "dragon Wagon" trailer. Usually we picked up the load at Bordeau and delivered it to an Army or Air Force base. I didnt spend too much time on the base as two buddies of mine and I had bought BSA motorcycles, and spent most free time at local pubs and at the swimming pool in La Rochefoucauld. I also used to go to the Polish Guards canteen and get their polish sausage on a French roll. Good people, just needed a little music, some cold beer and singing to keep happy. My only regret is I didt get to see some of the other countries while there. If there is anyone who was stationed there at the same time as I, I would like to hear from them. Also looking for Theodore Gidding from Baltimore.
Oldpilot 15-Aug-2011 17:57
Greetings! I was a clerk in Head&Head US Army Com Z at Coligny Caserne in Orleans, October 1956 to January 1958. I have a particular interest in the Polish Labor Service guards. They had a bar of their own on the Faubourg Bannier where we sometimes ended an evening as they drank, sang, danced, brawled, and wept for their lost nation. Wonderful men. I'd be grateful for any stories about them or about Orleans. I'll check back here or email editor AT danford DOT net -- Dan
Johnnie P. Jones 05-Aug-2011 13:06
Hello Loretta Scott, My name is Johnnie Jones. I worked in the dispensatry at Braconne from 1960-1964. I think I remember your dad but I am not sure. Most of the people at Braconne made contact with me at some time or another since I was in charge of all the medical records. If you remember anyone that worked in the dispensary during this time period, please let me hear from you.
Johnnie P. Jones 04-Aug-2011 12:57
Email address for Johnnie P. Jones is
Johnnie P. Jones 03-Aug-2011 17:11
I want to add an Email address to my request for information.
Johnnie P. Jones 01-Aug-2011 17:40
I was stationed at Braconne, France, with the 11th General Dispensary as a medical records specialist from August, 1960, to April, 1964. My company commanders were Capt. Robert Herrin, Capt. Robert A Diamond, and Capt. Donald M. Patchin. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. Johnnie P. Jones
John 02-Jul-2011 00:08
I'm John Tummel and I was stationed in Ingrandes with the 202 MP Company from '62-'63 with a few months in Saumur. I have great memories of my time in France and think of my old buddies often. If there is anyone out there that remembers me and would like to drop an e-mail, please do so. Sorry I didn't make it to the reunion in Nashville.
Loretta Scott 07-Jun-2011 14:31
HI Everyone
My Dad was at Braconne from 1960-63. His name was Sgt. Elijah Scott I think he worked in the Motor pool. Our family came later and lived in a little village called St. Sornod between La Rochefoucauld & Cognac. I was in my teens then and attended school in Poiter. I went to school with kids from Bussac, La Rochcelle, Bordeau, and few others I can't recall now. But I remember Braconne was laid out like a tiny town, with the PX, Snack bar, Library, and Movies on one side of the street while headquarters and the other military buildings were on the other. I also remember my Dad telling me that De Gaulle had ordered all American Military to leave the country. We came home right after Kennedy's death.
When we got back stateside Mom and Dad separated, so I don't have any pix of Dad. If any of you have any pix of the guys in the motor pool at Braconne I'd love it, if you scanned and emailed one to me. If you do contact me at
Yours Truly
Loretta Scott
Barry06-Apr-2011 05:31
Hello to all soldiers and civilian who were stationed or lived at or near Braconne or Ingrandes. I was assigned to Braconne from May 65 to about April 66 when I was trasfered to Ingrandes. While at Braconne I worked in the smallarms repair and repacking section. After a big screwup on my part I was assigned to the the post railread where I was taught to be a brakeman and switchman by SSG Sims (Pop was his nickname). Thanks to Pop I became a good soldier. SSG Sims and I were involved in a railroad accident with a french train. Luckly no one was hurt. I remember and officer came from Germany to help us put the engine back on the tracks. It was quites job. This officer treated me quite well and helped me better understand what soldiering was all about. My job at Ingrandes was in the smallarms repair shop. I was in Ingrandes until August 1966. At that time I was transfered to a unit in Vietnam. I look back at the time I was at these two bases with great fondness. Though I only remember a few of the people I was stationed with there. I do remember that all of the NCO's I worked with and for were great people. Like may of you I to hope someday to return and visit the Braconne and Ingrands areas. The French personal I worked with at Braconne were estremely friendly and helpful to a 19 year old soldier. Though I see that many of you were in the area earlier is I can be of any assistance for you would like to email please do so.
Ben Wells 31-Mar-2011 04:29
Hello. My Nasme is Ben Wells, & I'm Looking for a Jack Manders, That Was Assigned in LaRochelle, France. to 1964..
Emery G. Kinslow 18-Mar-2011 00:25
I am Emery G. Kinslow, I was stationed at Indrandes from Nov. 55 to April 58. I was a part of the Depot Maintenance Division: warehouse 5&9. Major Dudle Q. Boyd was chaplain. We had two mess halls when I arrived, lived in tarpaper quarters, moved into Jamesway and then two story concrete buildings with a new 1,000 man mess hall. On Thanksgiving Day, 1955, I met Major Edward Craig and family, Judith Ann, daughter, David Eldon. The Craig family became my life-long friends. They were from Hanford, CA.
Tom Page 16-Mar-2011 18:50
My father worked at Toul Engineer Depot from 1956 to 1958 as a a civilian contractor. My mother and I lived in Toul during that time as well. Now, my wife and I will be going back to Toul this summer for the first time since 1958. I just found a picture of the city on line that shows the building we used to live in right in the center of town. Does anyone know if any of the old depot is still there? I have very fond memories of the snack bar, bowling alley, and movie theater.
george kilroy 05-Feb-2011 19:07
hi all, my name is george kilroy. i got to this post through with the help of cpt uptain's daughter. i was stationed at ingrandes from late 1964 till dec 1965. the people i remember most were cpl jim german, sp4 ed melzi, and our co clerk, jim files. i'll be checking back her periodically to see if anyone remembers me or if any member of the 202d at ingrandes is here. thanks for the memories!
Bryan 17-Jan-2011 21:02
My name is Bryan Hackett. I was stationed at Braconne in 1957/58 in Det C 2nd squad. Was a M-47/48 tank mecahnic. When us mechanics finished refiting the tanks we were transferred to Fontenet depot to refit the tanks there and ship them to the German Army. I was in the 601st Ord Bn. while there. From there I was shipped to Mannheim, Germany to finish my tour, driving the 5 ton tractor trailers & 10 ton dragon Wagons that hauled our tanks around Europe. Came back home Nov, 1959. Would like to hear from any from Braconne & Fontenet.
Larry Gushee 08-Jan-2011 18:18
I was posted to Toul Engineer Depot for a few months in 1954-55. I was the base commander's
secretary, but he never used me since he had two attractive French ladies he preferred so I spent my time typing up records of trial and snooping in the files. This was not uninteresting as the Army cops were pursuing a ring of smugglers living on the base. Then there was the master sergeant who was busted for fooling around with unaware EMs. I was assigned to the 7825 AU, which was my introduction to inventory and stock control. My comrades in arms were strange to me, computer (i.e. business machine) geeks before their time. It wasn't much fun, so I wangled a transfer to the 118th Army Band in Verdun.
Tom Johnson 03-Jan-2011 01:14
We have several Members of my Yahoo Group (Caserne Aboville) who were at Poitiers during that time, and might remember your father. Contact me at Put Poitiers in the Subject Heading.
Mauricette 02-Jan-2011 04:12
I am looking for anyone, who may have known my Father. James Martin??

He & my Mother were in Poitiers & Chinon from 1960- 1962 . My Father was an athlete & during that time was the French National Champion of Track & Field.

I am sorry I don't know more, but my Dad was a very, very fair skinned African American man. He was an enlisted Army soldier. My mother was a dark skinned woman, named Helen.

Anyone remember them??? Please, contatc me.
Bob Clarke 15-Dec-2010 15:35
Guest Hi, Came across this site by accident. Was stationed there in 1960 (came from Landsthul, Germany Base)attached to the finance corp. Ran the movie theatre (with Rufus Patton from Illinois) for most of the year. Used to ride to town on a motorcycle with ?????? Brown. Remember the Polish guards.
(Harry) Bob Clarke
guest 13-Nov-2010 15:12
My name is Larry Page. Im an old-old member of the Ingrandes Depot. I was there from Nov 53 to Jan 55. I was a clerk with the 7866 QM. I returned to the states in Jan 55, after 21 months in service, to go to college. I did finish college at Purdue Un. in Engineering. I remember arriving at the depot on thanksgiving night and at that time we lived in canvas huts and everyone in the tent was stoned drunk. I remember thinking, this is the army. It was a good time during my time at the depot. In the summer of 54 I returned to the states on a 30 day leave because I had received a "dear john" from my then wife. Never saw her again after that. I also remember the french girls which worked in the same office as I did. Hope you are all well.
1964 colette 11-Oct-2010 08:12
Looking for photos of Gene Pagano 1940-1978
howard bernier 31-Aug-2010 01:55
My name is Howard Bernier.. I was stationed at Ingrandes b tween January of 1954 and July of 1956 I aerve as Interpreter for the base at the shack outside of "A" gate. I pro bably remember more nams than I canprint here and since I spoke the language and new many of the Polish Guads Imay be able to connect some of your memories with mine..Any takers??I do not recallMarie Auclair who wrote a comment in January of 2007 but perhaps she will refresh my frecollection and others...
Tom Johnson 22-Jul-2010 12:53
Mike, you might Google Poitiers Panthers, the website for the Poitiers Alumni. Plus, we have several High School Alumni on our Yahoo Group at Caserne Aboville, if you would like to come over. Just do a Yahoo search, or drop me a note at
Mike Kennedy21-Jul-2010 19:26
I am looking for anyone who remembers me - Mike Kennedy. I lived in the housing unit just outside the base, not the one downtown. I lived there 1960-1963. Went to Poitiers High School, graduated in 1962. I lived across the street from Doug Thompson.
Mike Kennedy 21-Jul-2010 06:26
My father was not assigned to the MP's, he was a supply sgt. My name is Mike Kennedy I was in Braconne from 1960-1963. Graduated from Poitiers in 1962. I lived in the housing just outside the base. Foes anyone remember me?
EDward Koscic 03-Jul-2010 17:39
Tom Johnson 01-Jul-2010 13:26
Hi Ted,
That would be wonderful. The Group at Caserne Aboville would love to read your series of articles. How about sharing the articles with both Sites?
Ted Duven 18-Jun-2010 05:05
Tom Johnson
On your requst about the final days of the army and the 202nd in France. I probly should write a series on this site for all to see. I hope I can do justice to all who serve at the different Posts by giving my impression of what became of Bases of ghosts of the past.
Tom Johnson 17-Jun-2010 14:39
Hi Ted,
Did you stay in touch with Gary Wallace or Ed Melzi? It would be interesting to hear about those final days. I tried to contact Sully Fontayne, the final head of the 15th CID when the 202nd departed, but never got a reply. The gentleman would be in his mid 80s now, so if he hasn't passed, he may not be interested in reliving the period.
Guest 15-Jun-2010 21:32
Tom Johnson 01-Jun-2010 00:12
Hi Phil, we have a Yahoo Group for Poitiers at Caserne Aboville, with lots of photos. We're also looking for photos that we don't have, such as the Post Theater and other buildings. If you can't find us, send me an email at and I'll direct you to the Site. I was at Poitiers from 1963 to 1966.
Phil Weaver 30-May-2010 22:06
I was stationed in Poitiers from July 1961 thru March 1964. I was in the USASSCA and later transfered to Garrison and worked in Special Services for Gene Pagano and Captain John J. McKnight. I alos worked for MSgt Brown for a while. His son is General, ret. Byron "Doug" Brown.
RICHARD KRETZ 31-Mar-2010 20:32
RICHARD KRETZ 31-Mar-2010 15:16
Tom Johnson 16-Mar-2010 19:49
Pete, I would really be interested in hearing about the train ride your sister and others had to take to Poitiers for school. I think the Ingrandes kids were bused to Poitiers. Of all the pictures I took on the Post at Poitiers, I never took any of the theater or NCO Club, and regret not having those as memories. Tell your sister that I do have a picture taken from the air of Camp de Chalon, where the school and hospital were located. Three of the Poitiers students are members of my Yahoo Group, plus I correspond regularly with another old Poitiers alumni. If you need to get in contact with me, my email is
peterjj15-Mar-2010 02:11
Thanks for the info about the Poitiers Panthers. I will pass it on to my sister, Elaine who did go there. We PCSed before my other sister Marge and I took the train to Poitier.
Tom Johnson 12-Mar-2010 01:00
Hi Peter, are you a member of Poitiers Panthers, the school group from Poitiers? There is a website, and the group has annual reunions. You might reconnect with some old friends.
Peter Johnston 11-Mar-2010 19:15
My name is Peter Johnston, My Dad was Sargent Ralph Johnston and Mom, Mildred. I along with two sisters, Elaine & Marge were all at Braconne Army Depot in the early sixties. My Dad was an Army Engineer and ran the Movie theater and Bowling alley in his off time.
My Mom, Millie sold car insurance and ran the NCO club for a time. My sister Marge and I went to school on post and older sister Elaine went to school in Poitiers. We lived in Cite Chabasse for a couple of years.
What a great place to grow up.There were so many good friends that time has taken away. I have a few pictures of the post and a couple class pictures from elementary school. Mrs Brittan (spelling) was the teacher I remember most.
Tom Johnson 24-Feb-2010 19:43
Looking through old photos of my time in France, I found one of Park de Bussac when the circus came to town. With my poor memory, I wasn't sure if this park was at Poitiers or Bussac. Time and age does bad things to our memory!
Chris 06-Jan-2010 16:42
I'm Chris Duffy and I was stationed at Hq Detachment Toul Engr Depot from 1955 until Dec. 1957. I worked in the orderly room under Lt. Richard H Lowery. Any guys out there that was there during my tenure?
David A. Thorpe 03-Jan-2010 06:49
My name is David A. Thorpe, from Parker High School on the south side of Chicago, and I played football with a Chuck Devor whose name appears on this site, if it is the same person. I was stationed in Bussac,France, serving in Co B of the 83rd Engineers, and playing football for the Bussac Broncos in 1955 and 1956, with Leo Miles,Jim Wojciehowski, and a lot of other guys. I am now living in Fountain Valley,Ca. email:
Bill Hegner 28-Nov-2009 22:15
To Joe Zager:
Hi-nice to read your comments- I left Braconne in early '64 when my unit rotated back to Ft.Benning and I was at Braconne for 2 years -do you remember seeing a pretty blonde French woman named Michelle I think her last name was Rousseau or something-she worked in a building next to the MP barracks on base -I would appreciate it if you could pass along anything you remember -thanks (
charlie o'neil 04-Nov-2009 14:10
hi: i was stationed at ingrandes from late 1957 to june 1960
was manager of the commissary sales store during tgat time. and would love to hear from fellow soldiers and families.met an old friend and his wife at hartford airport he was an ingrandes e5 and is now a general stationed at the pentago and has a home in tennesee he was in for his twin sons graduation from the coast guard academy. a terrific suprise
Linda Dinnell Olvera 07-Oct-2009 21:04
My Father was Sgt Billie J. Dinnell with the 202nd MP's at Ingrandes during the middle 60's. Dad passed away 3 years ago, but always had fond memories of our time in France.
Best wishes to all those who served with him.
larry dermody 02-Sep-2009 16:03
Came across this site by accident. Were any of your people assigned to the ammo depot at Chize. I was with there with the 611 Ord Co.from Dec. 1961 till we went back to the States in Sep. 1962. Have several photos of the base and would be happy to share them.
David Bailey 19-Aug-2009 01:09
Hi Paul Cohen, I was also stationed at the CIO from 1962 - 1964 if I remember you right
you were from NYC ????
chuck devore 28-Jul-2009 22:55
my name is chuck devore i was stationed in ingranes in 1954 and part of 1955 and was transfered to camp bussac near bordeaux france i was in transportation and was housed with the millitary police i came back to the states in 1956 i enjoyed my stay in france
Tom Johnson 09-Jul-2009 00:11
Hi Paul,
I was at Poitiers from 1963 to '66. We have a Yahoo Groups (see Link below Posted on Ghost message). Or do a Yahoo Groups search for Abbeville Concerne. Lots of photos of the Post, and we are always looking for pictures we don't have. Come by and visit.
Paul Cohen 07-Jul-2009 19:12
I was stationed in Poitiers from December 1962-March 1965. I was with the Command Issuing Office (CIO), better known as the 16th Signal Detachment Service. We were responsible for all crypto repair and establishing the codes for all of our forces throughout Europe. Many memories of the MP detachment, especially, Don Ledford, who, as a Spec 4, was given acting CID status late 1964 because of the redeployment of the standing CID. Also many memories of our post, high on the hill overlooking the beautiful Poitiers. In the town there were some fun places, such as Salon de Balzac and the Cafe de le Pais. I was especially fond of the Buffet bar at the train station. Would love to hear from anyone form my era at this post.
Joe Zager 03-Jun-2009 02:49
Hi, I was stationed at Braccone from Jan 64 to Feb 65. I was the mail clerk for Hq Co. The Co was Capt Robert L. Finley, the 1st Sgt was Smith. The Co of the Mp co was 1st Lt Cignrella. I beleive the MP co was the 552nd Mp Co.
Andy Hymes 26-Apr-2009 06:16
Hi Mary Ann: I am pretty sure you won't remember me, but your family lived just a couple doors up from us on Infantry Post Road...from '68 to '73. I knew Scott pretty well (and his best buddy Jeff Shawver). My sister is two would have been pretty close in age. And my brothers are John and Tom. Hope you and your family are well. (
Guest 28-Sep-2008 21:30
Thinking about the years at Poitiers, I remember two company parties. The first one, we just iced down some beer in front of the MP Station and everybody had a few beers. Nothing big. But the second one, probably 1965 or '66, a unit from another post came in to work our shifts while we threw a big party. We then did the same for that unit by going to their post and working their shifts while they had a big party. Anyone with the 202nd remember this? For the life of me, I can't remember what post that was, but I think we drove south from Poitiers. I may be wrong. That was a long time ago, and my memory isn't very good. I do believe there was an officer at the other post, but it wasn't Ingrandes.
John W. Wilson 20-Sep-2008 15:44
Does anyone have any info about Winfield T Wilson? He passed away at the age of 71 this past Feb. I came across this website and wanted to see if anyone had anything about my dad. Thanks!
Guest 05-Sep-2008 01:27
Hi Debra, I remember your dad. But I knew him from Ingrandes. I never knew he came to Poitiers. I was there from 1963 through May of '66, and just don't remember ever seeing him except at Ingrandes. Of course, my memory isn't what it used to be either. I have a lot of photos on the Yahoo Groups Site of Poitiers and Camp de Chalon - where the High School and hospital were, if you'd like to join the groups. It is at I'm the only member so far, but have been in touch with Earl Hibbs, who was with the Post Office there. If you have any pictures of the theater or Stars & Stripe store, or anything else, I would love to see them. Please visit.
Guest 04-Sep-2008 21:32
Debra Uptain Dillard, daughter of Major Arlin A. Uptain, CO at Ingrandes Aug 1964-sometime
in 1965, relocated to Poitiers, left there in June 1966, relocated to Pirmasens, Germany until July 1967. Aug 1967 to Aug 1968 in Vietnam. Retired as Major Sept 1968. Died Dec. 1977. I went to high school in Poitiers 2 years.
Guest 09-Aug-2008 13:43
I've started a Yahoo Group for the men and women who served at the Post in Poitiers, along with their families. The Site is at Abbeville Concerne on Yahoo Groups. I must approve all members, but that's to keep spammers off the Site. I've added almost 40 pictures of the Post, if anyone is interested. I was with Det #4 of the 202nd MPs from 1963 to 1966, but this is for all units assigned at Poitiers.
retusa18-Jul-2008 21:12
I was assigned to Toul Engineer Depot Nov 1955. I was there until Nov 1959. I'm looking for a map of Toul Engineer Depot. I found one on line but I cannot enlarge it. If everyone as a picture of TED could you please ssent me a copy.
Jean Delahaye 26-Jun-2008 15:24
I am a French retired officer and I am working on a history of the braconne ordnance depot for a french history review. I would be interested by all what you can give me as informations about this time and units which were stationned there (how many companies, how many soldiers) and the building and organisation of the depot, barracks, housing area,etc... and the life in the camp.My name is Jean Delahaye, I live in 16110 Agris France. My mail is
jean delahaye 26-Jun-2008 15:18
To all American people who (or their father)served in Braconne ordnance depot. I am a French retired officer and I am studying the history of the depot for a french historical review. I would be interested by all what you could give me as informations.For example how many soldiers exactly served there ? How many companies ? The MP company was the 523th company or an other one ? When has been built the housing area now called "cité Chabasse", and the other one in Angoulême. Before the construction, where lived the families? What did the soldiers do when not in duty?
Jean Delahaye , my e-mail is
Lyn Newman 26-Apr-2008 17:38
My husbaand, Bobbie Newman, was with the motor pool at Ingrandes 1960-1963, and we first lived in the town of Ingrandes, then in Army housing on a nearby hill. Our son, Rick Newman, was 11-13 and attended school on post. Bob died on active duty in October 1971, at age 43. I then lost touch with so many of the people we knew at Ingrandes because while I went off to deal with my shock they moved around. Are any of you still out there?
CMSGT Frank Nollette 15-Apr-2008 06:14
For Merle I. Auclair and others from Ingrandes: My Father, 1LT/Capt Francis C. Nollette was stationed at Ingrandes ca. 1954-57. Chief of Class II & IV, also the box/crate shop -- also a stint as Company Commander. Had a second tour in France at 4th Log Cmd (Metz/Verdun)and retired from there as a Major in 1963. Died in 1975 in California, as a SGT in the State College Police at Cal State-Fullerton/ Am in process of scanning many photos and 35mm slides of Ingrandes, Chatellerault and such and hope to make those available to those interested.

Frank P Nollette, CMSgt, USAF Ret'd
Bill Sweeney 09-Mar-2008 15:14
To Mary Anne Roby....Knew your father, LTC "Red" Roby very well...From Germany and years later at Ft Sam Houston, TX...I was the PMO Opns Sgt there....Remember reading about your loss when he passed away...and he was much too young!...Have fond memories of my days at Ft Sam....Best to you and yours...
Guest 25-Feb-2008 00:49
I'm afraid that Captain Meyer either has the dates wrong, or Captain (Major) Uptain went to another Post in 1965. I was an MP at Poitiers from 1963 through 1966. By 1966, we were down to about ten American MPs and a handful of Polish Guards. Before I departed in June of 1966, I was the highest ranking enlisted MP at Poitiers (SP4) until I was replaced by a Corporal (E-4). There were no officer MPs assigned, especially Major Uptain. Either he arrived after I departed in June 1966, or he was sent somewhere else in 1965. Believe me, I would have known, and we desperately needed supervision during that time! It was extremely chaotic.
Thomas (Tom) E. Johnson 24-Feb-2008 16:43
Hi, I was stationed with Det. 4 of the 202nd MPs at Poitiers from May 1963 through June 1966, and have numerous pictures of the Post. Unfortunately, I don't remember many names from that period. There was a Sergeant Belcher, who was stationed at Poitiers for a while, and then transfered to Ingrandes. And a Sergeant Harvey Tripp. I was a SP4 at the time, and worked Desk Sergeant. During the Cypress Crisis, I went TDY to Turkey for six months, but returned to Poitiers afterwards. Please contact me if you would like for me to send photographs.
Kent Bole 21-Feb-2008 08:09
Message to Elizabeth Champagne. Beth, I am Kent Bole from Braconne in the early '60's.
You invited me for a spaghetti dinner at your family home with the most unique note one
could imagine in front of the post theatre one afternoon. We shared time on occasion in
the library. You introduced me to Phillip Wylie, Eugene Sue (I've read The Wandering Jew
three times over the years)and Saint-Exuprey. You also showed me a bit of Munich, when
you were in college and I was on leave. If you receive this message and would like to
make contact, my email address is: While originally from Michigan, I've
been in the Cincinnati area since 1980. Hope to hear from you, and wish all the best.
A friend from the past, Kent
Teddy D. Lawson 20-Feb-2008 15:34
William Hegner: I might be able to add quite alot to Dr. Patchin's accident being that I was his Company clerk for quite some time. I remember Col. Roby also and many deaths of Polish Guards. One infact committed Sucide in the billets where MP's were quartered. Yougest of the polish guards infact. Captain Donald Patchin was the Company Commander of the 11th Gen Disp and I became his Company Clerk in 1963 and was at Braccone until July of 65. I also remember much about the MP Company. At one time or the other we shared the same buildings as quarters. I'm sure they occupied the upstairs of the last bldg I was billeted in. If not mistaken I remember you also. In the 11th we all eventually worked our regular job plus we become Medics and Ambualnce Drivers and etc. Always on Duty.Any information you may have on any of my fellow GI's who were there at the time would be greatly appreicated and I will provide all that I have which could be quite alot. Teddy Lawson.
Guest 24-Jan-2008 09:54
Iwas in french army Quatermasrer Instruction center from 1963 to 1964 in Angouléme . And I don"t forget the good time I had with my Americans friends in Agouléme.
Norman E. Parker, Jr. 14-Nov-2007 14:02
My father was Norman Earl Parker, and he was a major in the Quartermaster unit at Ingrandes (Lafayette Village) in 1962 when he died from a heart attack on October 14, 1962. My sister, mother and I moved back to Baltimore right after his death. Any information or recollections about him would be much appreciated, as I was six years old at the time and don't remember much.
Guest 30-Sep-2007 13:31
My family was stationed at Braconne from 1965-1966. I was about 7 years old, so don't remember much about the other families. I remember more about later postings at Poitiers and Ingrandes. My father was WO2 John Jones, my mother's name is Inga.
Mary Anne 15-Aug-2007 17:47
Arlene Sincoski 30-Jul-2007 14:12
Hello -- Ever since I discovered this web site, I have been interested in finding old friends from Braconne. We were the Sincoski family and had 3 small children. My husband, Chuck was the CO of the only AF unit there. We had a wonderful experience there and had lots of fun. Also made some good friends and unfortunately, have lost track of them. Hopefully someone will answer this.
Arlene Sincoski 30-Jul-2007 14:09
To: Elizabeth Champagne -- I remember your family. We lived across the street on the corner facing your house in Cite Chabasse. I believe the teens in the family all went to a boarding school. I can picture your parents to this day. We all had a wonderful time there. Perhaps you would remember us - my husband was in the Air Force and we had 3 small children.
Arlene Sincoski 27-Jul-2007 15:14
Hello Mary Anne,

I was doing some reminiscing and came across this web site. We lived at Braconne from 1960-63 and I believe we were neighbors in base housing in Cite Chabasse. Our backyards met. I remember your parents very well. My husband was in the Air Force and was sthe officer in charge of the one and only AF unit there. All the rest was Army. Are your parents still living?
Arlene Sincoski
MARY ANNE ROBY 29-Jun-2007 18:16
Guest 25-Jun-2007 02:27
I would like to hear from anyone stationed with the old 523rd MP Det at Braconne from
1959 to 1961. It was restructured as I left in 1961 to the 550th MP Co with hqs at Bussac. I have some fond memories of the period as we really did police work off base, especially investigating automobile accidents. Maj Sherman F. Turner was PM at the time.
He recently passed away and is buried in Arlington Cemetery. Since I spoke French having studied it in college I was assigned as his driver. I also served as desk sgt. Old timers I remember: Sgt Junior Smith, Sgt Calvin Wax (recently passed away), Cpls William Doyle, Jack "Josj" Wisniewski, Sp4s Bob Ford, Winfield T. Wilson, and may others.

Vince McHale
Elizabeth Champagne 03-Jun-2007 18:51
Dear Mary Anne Roby, It may be that I am an old baby sitter for you. My father was Lt. Col. Champagne, depot commander at Braconne until November 1962. If I am right, you moved into base housing across the street and down from us. You were precocious for your age, much interested in JFK and Tom Dooley. I remember your brother too. My father too retired from Braconne to San Antonio. After leaving the army he went to work for Texas directly under one of the state commissioners for another career in service. He passed away in 1990 at the age of 75. Elizabeth Champagne
William Hegner 29-Mar-2007 16:45
Hi Mary- You don't know how happy I was to read your comments- Col. Roby was my CO at Braconne-I shipped over from USA to the 202nd as a 2nd Lt. Platoon Ldr there and since there was no CO-Col.Roby wasn't even there yet- I came over 7/62- I was also acting company commander and supv of the Polish Guards, who lived on base right across from my HQ. I loved that guy-we got along great, even played tennis from time to time. A lot of times when we were at the Officers Club, we'd run into a Major who reminded Houston about the time I pulled rank on him before your father was there- the major was in charge of building allocations for troops and he wanted one of the buildings my men were using for another outfit and I was mad and told him-wait till Col. Roby gets here(I heard he was coming soon)-he'll get my building back- no one ever spoke that way to the major before- can't remember if I lost the building or not-so everytime we got together at the O Club with the major, he would remind your dad about the time I tried to pull rank on him- keep in mind I was just a lowly 2nd LT- and wouldn't stop laughing. He said I'd go far in the Army. He never bothered me again and didn't even say anything when I got a Great Pyrnees dog and kept it at the Polish Guard kennel area. Had to give it up when I transferred- couldn't afford to pay to fly it back Stateside. He was ok with sports too- ok'd me to be part of the base tennis team and went to a match in Paris at Army expense.Lots of Polish guards living on base -their own quarters and I think their own mess hall- One died and I had to ship remains and effects to Poland- had to sign 12 copies of documentation- all in Polish- the Polish CO helped me out- There's more I'll probably remember -could you send me your email? There was a doctor on base who I knew and his wife Dr. Patchin I think that was the spelling- and before I left he told me he hit accidentally a Frog(frenchman)who was riding a bike-Patch was driving home in the rain and the Frenchman ended up in the French hospital in Angouleme I believe with some broken bones- but because he was in a drafty room, he caught pneumonia and died- I heard under French law- Patch was then guilty of negligent homicide or something like that- did your dad ever talk about that??? Even though the accident happed on the base- we came under French law due to status of forces agreement. Well- that's all for now. I think I met your mom but I can't picture her in my mind.
Harrel (Phil) Phillips 25-Mar-2007 17:37
My name is Harrel Lenard Phillips and I was assigned to the 202d MP Detachment at Ingrandes France in 1960. I was the "company clerk" and worked for Capt Charles Hammaker and 1SG Forrest M. Price, who we affectionately called "Top". I learned a great deal from Capt Hammaker and 1SG Price. I was promoted to SP4 while with the 202d and because of limited allocations could not expect anything more so Capt Hammaker allowed me to transfer out of the 202d (which was highly unusual because Capt Hammaker never gave anyone favorable transfers) and assigned to Hq Co with duty in the Quartermaster Laundry working for Cyril J. DeFreitas, DAC. There I was promoted to SP5. I spent 3 1/2 years at Ingrandes after having been extended 6 months due to the Berlin crisis. I was known as "Phil" while in the service.
Tim J Ball 04-Feb-2007 01:02
My father drove a jeep for an officer named Roby during World War II. He does not remember the spelling or the first name. He does remember the officer seemed to be a photograher for the military. Could your father possibly be the same person my dad remembers?
Merle I. Auclair 09-Jan-2007 13:46
I am looking for Vets stationed at Ingrandes from Dec of 1954 to April of 1957. The 574th Ordnance Field Maintenance Company was attached to the Quartermaster Depot and later was redesignated to the 7866 Army Unit. In advance, Thanks
Guest 10-Oct-2006 20:54