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January 1st-Reflections

January 1st-Reflections

New Years Resolutions.. many.. Work on finishing Master's Degree, Action Research plan with kids & digital photography - would like to set up something like Pbase, but for student use. (create a school community of photographers) Lose 70lbs, Finalize Divorce. (or is that wait for divorce to be final..sigh...)

The bad & good of the year?...
Hubby is coming over to pick up 2 of the cats-who I've been cat sitting these past 5 days... and we're working on some divorce papers online.... I'd ordered them online a few days ago.. plug in the numbers, it does the calculations.. figured, I'd try to save time & money at the lawyers.. Hadn't quite realized when I talked to him on the phone earlier- hey, I got this started.. that I was starting the new year.. quite this way.. I'd started my end of the paperwork a few days ago. However, he was supposed to get this all started over a month ago.. I just hope 2005 is a lot better than 2004.. 3 deaths in my family.. and hubby leaving 3 months ago..

I have been BLESSED with very good friends, classmates, and lots of people support that has overwhelmed me at times.. (hugs from my students-are always fabulous too) Ironically, glad I brought the digital camera last Feburary (anniversary present in fact) It's been good soul therapy and the community here is inspiring, informative, fun, kind, caring and a good place to be.

So thanks all! May this year be a good one for all.

Canon EOS 300D Digital Rebel
1/80s f/1.8 at 50.0mm iso1600 full exif

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Eric Cote14-May-2005 05:28
Lovely shot, so classy looking !

At first glance thought you were holding a medium format camera.

Nonetheless, its a clasy shot indeed, well done !
audra baecker23-Mar-2005 08:49
Dear Dawn,

It is March now, I hope you are doing well, staying strong and being happy!
This is a lovely self portrait. Kind Regards, Audra
JenFu Cheng17-Feb-2005 05:56
Best wishes to you for a happy 2005! Please shooting, discovering, and sharing.
Lazy 3L Photography05-Feb-2005 15:56
Beautiful SP....take it from someone who's "been there, done that", things will get better and better....and remember, the best revenge is living well and being happy!
TimeKeeper Photography20-Jan-2005 03:29
Interesting sp. The look caught be by surprise at first because with that hat, you looked very much like an ex-friend of mine whom I still miss very much. I like the soft tones here. Here's to a great 2005! Edit: Just realized..I thought that was a drink in your hand, but it's actually the candle that was broken in a later photo, is it not?
Gary Winters12-Jan-2005 06:41
Such a lovely portrait. I love the pink! Dawn, it sounds like you're going to make 2005 a very good year. Perhaps you're turning some kind of corner; it feels like I am so I'm hoping it's true for you as well. Just follow your bliss, as best you can, and use this time to cast off what no longer serves you, and surround yourself with that which empowers you. God bless, Dawn!
Guest 09-Jan-2005 02:07
2005 will hopefully be a better one for you! I love your photos and free style thoughts that accompany them...2004 has been a very hard year for me and my family as well...I am hopeful and optimistic that 2005 will be full of life, promise and new experiences for all of us. Reading what you wrote for this image is deja'vu for me...just a few years later...will comment more offline.
On a lighter note, I have thoroughly enjoyed all your comments on the PAD's of a certain wild and wacky 'evil twin' husband of mine! LOL!!!
Have a wonderful day!
Ray :)08-Jan-2005 22:52
I like the softness of this, in the sense of colour too. I sense your life is going to get better..
Chris08-Jan-2005 03:14
Very nice photo. It has a 'newsie' quality to it that I like. The pinkish tones are a nice touch.
virginiacoastline08-Jan-2005 02:53
you LOOK smaller than you did with the SP I saw of you this time last year . . remember? When you first started PaD . . .you were sitting on some steps I think . . .
Guest 03-Jan-2005 16:40
Great SP. It sounds like your New Year will have plenty of challenges, but plenty of great rewards in the process. I think your action research project with kids, photography, and an online community would be great. The Building Museum did a fantastic action research project with children's photography, giving kids disposable cameras and having them take images of what they saw as defining images of their communities here in the DC area.
Lori Rolfe03-Jan-2005 12:19
great sp the use of sunlight.... sounds like you're starting 2005 and it will be a very "new" year for you! I wish you all the best!
whiskey0103-Jan-2005 08:54
Nice SP Dawn!
Guest 03-Jan-2005 06:41
Pink is my favorite color -- your portrait is beautiful. I hope 2005 is a bright and blessed year for you.
Neal Nye03-Jan-2005 05:02
I, and I suppose many others here, have been through a divorce; I know it's no fun. But I wish you the best. Someday you will look back on this and realize it's the best thing that could have happened. Me? I consider myself fortunate to have found you gallery and will be visiting it often. You do fine work.
Guest 02-Jan-2005 23:26
Like the SP (and also the camera!)
Guest 02-Jan-2005 18:39
This is a beautiful SP! I love the softneess in this!
May 2005 be a rich, full, and all what you hope!
Jeff Hall02-Jan-2005 16:33
Happy New Year! Thanks for the words and images. I'm happy to be part of a community that is shared by you and so many other inspiring photographers.
Gary Blanchette02-Jan-2005 13:34
I love the treatment!
doug Sandquist02-Jan-2005 06:51
Best of Luck in the New Year! Happy New Year Dawn!
Robin Reid02-Jan-2005 04:38
Oh, I forgot to mention, how can you go wrong when you have a Canon Rebel in your hands ;-)
Robin Reid02-Jan-2005 04:37
Wow you have some great plans and you have been through a lot!
And divorce isn't easy ... people don't split, they tear.
May 2005 be a rich, full, and liberating year for you. Best wishes. - Robin
bandito02-Jan-2005 04:31
Happy New Year, Dawn - may '05 be a great year for you.
Cheryl Hawkins02-Jan-2005 04:21
Oh, Dawn. My year was full of deaths, too. My heart is with you.
Happy New Years!
Guest 02-Jan-2005 04:14
I can't say it better, so I'll quote Muriah, "May your new year surround you with what you so cheerfully give"

Chin up, bucko!!
Ann LT02-Jan-2005 04:11
Happy New Year to you Dawn!
Muriah02-Jan-2005 04:01
I very poignant self portrait, Dawn. I see that you have been spreading New Year cheer throughout the PaDy places today. Now it means even more that I get this glimpse into your eyes that seem to be focused deep in time and read your summary of the time currents. Thank you for sharing a moment with me and my PaDing of the day. (Maybe we will both lose the unwanted Padding and improve the desirable kind!) May your new year surround you with what you so cheerfully give. -Muriah
Herb Knufken02-Jan-2005 03:38
It will be a good one, believe in it.