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Guest 19-Mar-2011 16:29
walker care in wisconsin
Guest 24-Jul-2009 03:09
oh and jade? really your full of shit, your nine years old really? and ur gunu sue google? haha good luck dumb bitch. goddamn all u people are fucking retarded i hate you all
Guest 24-Jul-2009 03:07
hey jay you are a huge fucking douche bag. i would kick your ass and shit in your fucken mouth and piss in your eye ball you dumbass.
sxi skidddbe 08-Feb-2007 09:00
omg wat the hell treat dis kid rite this is sick. this is a livin person n its bein prived of evritin in its life !! wat i wanna now is if this person is still alive the perents who did this should go prison X x X x X x .... ! =[
Thorin 27-Jan-2007 17:18
And as for you people saying, "LOLZ OMG SICKO," shut the hell up. For once. Because, believe it or not, this is a person in the photo. And you can call yourselves people when you call this person disgusting? You can just go to the mall with your "frndz && c cute boiz" and buy those hideos shoes you've wanted for months but your Dick Devos of a dad wouldn't buy them because you didn't take out the trash, then you're much uglier than any malnourished person. Since you went through life with nothing but help and this person couldn't be helped, can you call yourselves people?
Thorin 27-Jan-2007 17:12
All the people saying someone should have helped this person, think it would have helped at all? Look at how underfed it's been (which, by the way, is no one's fault since I'm sure in such a country as this food and medicine aren't as readily available)! His/her body wouldn't have accepted the food and would have made them sicker. It happened to a lot of Holocaust victims soon after liberation. So I'm sure people tried to help but they didn't have what they needed available.
Jay 11-Jan-2007 06:28
Wow.. after reading these comments I really had to stop by and set the majority of you straight.
1) If it is infact a real child from a Third World country "Stop having sex" and "FEED IT!" doesn't work. The former doesn't work because people in this situation NEED to have large families, simply put the larger your family is the more you can earn through work. Don't forget that children as young as 5 work to feed their families. The latter doesn't work because, as mentioned before there simply isn't enough food to feed them. End of Discussion.
2) It is NOT an alien. Aliens do not exist. End of THAT debate.
3) Those of you claiming it as a fake, need not bother. It is clearly not a fake photograph, anyone with basic knowledge of photography can see this. If you zoom in far enough on any part of the picture you can see that the pixel color is consistant i.e not a fake. A photograph that HAS been tampered with would show several inconsistancies.
4) The person claiming it to be an exhumed body, look closely at the knuckles. Sure, rigor mortis allows humans to clasp things once they are deceased, however the whiteness on the knuckles is indicative of active bloodflow.
I hope this clarifies a few things about the speculation surrounding this image.
raemar 10-Jan-2007 14:30
omfg wait der 1 mininte wen i go and b SICK!! haha dat madness that is well if they got a job maybe they could get food and eat and live! thankyou but that is fukin sick! haha it looks lyk e.t .... hahahahahahaha
jade 10-Jan-2007 14:26
who ever put this fukin thing on ere is a sick son of a bitch i am only 9 and i dont need to see this shit i have had nightmares for 2 months about this abonormal child i am going to sue google images search i mean it u sikoo!!
Guest 08-Jan-2007 23:22
1) thats fake, look at the size of the eyes
Slickback 02-Jan-2007 21:52
Why do ya'll even ssay things like that? ya'll should read over your stupid comments again. don't u realize that this is an alien in a blanket? It doesnt need food/parents or whatever, it just needs hydrogen, because that's what they breave on it's planet! you are all ignorant ppl. people should take care of their owns business! ever heaerd of socialdarwinism?
JESS 26-Dec-2006 20:00
omg is that real? If i were those ppl taking the shot i would feed the poor child not waste ur time posting it on the net!! poverty should stop it terrible!
Matt 25-Dec-2006 21:26
The Vatican still opposes condoms they still believe in reckless procreation that leads to this kind of suffering.
lozza and ferbz 24-Dec-2006 17:23
i wish that povity would stop it is horrible!!!!!!!!!!!
Dan 22-Dec-2006 22:39
omg tht is so bad is he ok now, alive?
Bruce20-Dec-2006 12:45
no..he is not.
died about two weeks after this shot.
Guest 20-Dec-2006 08:50
I the child still alive?
Guest 15-Dec-2006 00:24
I think I love sarah, because of her comment. She's so right... everyone who bitches about us Americans not doing something and doesn't adopt kids themselves should be shot!
guest 13-Dec-2006 17:56
who ever wrote lord voldemort is an ass
Sarah 13-Dec-2006 01:28
"is that hair on its face? any babby usely does'nt have hair on its face. "
Due to malnutrition, bodies grow excess hair to try and keep warm. Happens to anorexics all the time.
This is a really tragic photo, it brings a harsh reality to this world and helps us (well most of us) be a little more grateful for the luxuries we have.
As for the people saying that the families should do something to prevent this, don't you think they've tried? They live in countries where there is barely any food or water, they're trying the best they can in their conditions.
And the people saying we should be less selfish and adopt children like this, lead the way and we'll follow. I don't see you rushing over there and giving up your internet to feed these children. We have our own problems to deal with without taking every problem in the world. Maybe one day we can, hopefully.
Guest 12-Dec-2006 18:46
lol@ lord voldemort
Guest 11-Dec-2006 01:14
its lord voldemort
anon 09-Dec-2006 15:20
1 word to say YUK!!!!!
Caitlin 05-Dec-2006 16:50
How could someone let this happen
it obviously needs help and the childs bone have obviously stopped growing due to lack of calcium
poor thing
the person who toke the photo had better of helped it
Bruce05-Dec-2006 06:08
is it real?...unfortunately yes.
Has the image been manipuled?
Sad.. but true.
bella 04-Dec-2006 23:30
really this photo does'nt look real,
is that hair on its face? any babby usely does'nt have hair on its face.
i think this photo was played with.
thats not cool.
they should get help to feed it.
this cant be real is it?
Guest 04-Dec-2006 05:32
Whoever the last person was to write in, your an idiot. Let me guess you live in the USA? Do me a favor read over your stupid ass comment very closly and it says that they have the right to have kids and all this garbage, and then you turn around and tell US AMERICANS not to pollute the world? Fuck you, that's what i have to say! I am an american soldier and I fight for your right to say stupid shit like that. I understand that this kid needs help and its messed up that he's like this but, to blame it on us or to say WE shouldn't reproduce and WE should adopt... how bout them fixing there problem? It's survivial of the Fittest. I don't see you bitchin about how we stole the Indians land... I mean if you wanna be all tree huggin like and politcally correct if a native american showed up at your door you'd move out for him right? how about its a new day and age, It is There choice to have kids and fuck there own family over right? I say they should be the one who need to fix this problem... I'm not saying we can't help but there is no reason to point the finger in our direction everytime the world thinks something needs to be fixed! We are not the free hand out of the world! It is people like you who think we need to Help EVERYONE that put us in a war that we are in. Well we need to help the middle east... Fuck that Americans are diein daily and i don't see you posting about that! I really hope you are not an american, because your the people i try to forget when i put on my uniform and look into the mirror and think to myself, are the people worth the price?
anon. 30-Nov-2006 14:35
To all of you who say "dont have sex" "just feed the kid"...
Imagine being poor your entire life, getting married and wanting to raise a family... Its everyones right to raise a family and fuck you for saying dont have sex - if you love someone, do what you want, and you have the right to bring what ever into this world. It is unfortunate that things like this happen. THIS SHOULD BE EXPOSED so people arent so bloody blind to what is happening outside our little euphoric countries. And they cant just 'FEED THE KID" because they dont have food, and truth be it - the parents are probably bone thin and wont live to see past 35...
IF this kid needs a better home, GO TO AFRICA/ASIA AND SEE ALL THE KIDS WHO NEED HOMES. I believe it to be the best thing any american to do is to adopt someone in need rather than pollute this population with their own, but the truth is that there are so many kids in need that there is not enough who could and would take them in to help and save them.

Donate shit for Christmas, drop your coins in charities, and do what you can.
Bruce29-Nov-2006 02:38
This is obviously a very sick child.
The grandmother was feeing him with an eyedropper.
He just did not have the capacity to take it in.
There was nothing anyone could do...
even after a hospital report.
Yes people were moved to help..
hence the new blanket.
The poor kid didn' have a chance.
Give him a break ya.
MG 28-Nov-2006 19:26
To the last person who posted, as well as those blaming the parents or making light of the whole situation - have you ever considered the fact that there is NOT ENOUGH food to feed some of those poor children??!?!?!?? How dare you say such terrible things about the millions of people who suffer in Third World countries as you sit well-fed at your computer in your warm comfortable house in one of the richest countries in the nation. And you think these people are lazy and "sit in the sun"???? I once saw a documentary of a mother in Africa with no money who traveled several days under harsh conditions to the nearest town with food to attempt to feed her starving child. Of course, without money and with such a shortage she could not get any food, but she went through all that for the small chance that she could help her child.
And as far as the availability of food - why do you think there are so many charities for starving nations???? And even THAT isn't near enough.
If you really want to "FEED THE KID", then DO IT YOUR OWN DAMN SELF.

(As far as the authenticity of the photo, I don't think we really could judge well; we're so used to seeing chubby, healthy babies. And that's besides the point anyways.)
just me 27-Nov-2006 16:05
y do people in africa always look so skinny and unheathy if there parents were good enough the wouldent heve sex all the time to have about 12 kids thats all they do is sit in the sun abd breed like rats if i was this kids parent i would feed it coz so many people have anorexia and die from it i only hope this message gets through 2 africa and other places like that the poor kis is starving so somene BLOODY FEED THE KID
Guest 26-Nov-2006 03:31
Hey, guys, ya know what this looks like? An exumed corpse! Wow. That seems so correct now that I think of it. It's not "fake," but it might be doctored for dramatic effect. Obviously an infant... The facial structure is not a child's. If the parents were really that poor, they couldn't have affordded the blanket. So all of you who posted raging comments.... Err, Okay. Nicole, wtf?

Basically IT'S NOT ALIVE, OK???
nicole 23-Nov-2006 20:29
this picture is not fucking fake a little boy or girl is dying and you are saying its fake well fuck you i feel sorry for this little boy/girl they dont deserve that.
Cassidy R. 23-Nov-2006 20:28
This kid really needs a different home it needs food and water. He should live a better life and the parents should take way better care of it, no child deserves this no matter how they look it doesn't matter how people look, they are still people. Think of how good we have it here in Canada it's way better then africa and all those other places. i still think this child is perfect.
nicole 23-Nov-2006 20:27
i think derek is right they should no put this picture up on the internet i think the child has sufered enought
nicole 23-Nov-2006 20:26
ppl should stop haveing sex because if they know they will not be able to take care of there children
nicole 23-Nov-2006 20:24
this child deserves better then this . no one in the world deserves this even people you hate. that is torcher
martin 20-Nov-2006 15:52
im going 2 africa soon to help stop people who is like this poor child and if people went 2 they would c that we have it easy in our countrys with clean water and food they need our help!!!
FUCKING G 12-Nov-2006 23:39
Guest 11-Nov-2006 00:41
fuckin gutted, eat summit luv u sicko! anorexia is hard to deal wiv!
JuLiE 29-Oct-2006 02:09
awww..... poor thing. i'm speechless. best of luck to you kiddie. i blame those unresponsible parent. ^_^
monica 29-Oct-2006 00:11
this is horrible.. i can't believe this is real. its not right
Guest 04-Oct-2006 12:56
this is so sad
Hisoka 22-Sep-2006 04:42
Hmmm... I blame the pope not allowing to use condoms on why the paren´ts in many countries can´t feed their large families. He dedn´t get any wood but I´m sure the parents gave him love instead.
derek 16-Sep-2006 00:02
i think some one should feed the f****in kid in sted of postin him up on the internet
Rei 12-Mar-2006 19:15
I think it's pretty stupid that people pity others just because they look ill. It's ultimately the PARENT'S fault for allowing a child to become this way. If the parents knew they wouldn't be able to care for, or afford a baby, they shouldn't have had sexual intercourse. I am disgusted by people's utter stupidity for allowing a baby to become this ill, due to improper care and diet. If we stop having babies, this won't happen.
Guest 04-Feb-2006 17:43
I felt that had to reply... Shame on Gary for being in denial of other's hardships. I guess some people find it too hard to deal with, so they chose denial. I prefer your "window to the world" galleries over pictures of birds, caged animals, and even sunsets. Keep shooting, and I'll keep learning.
Garry 16-Sep-2005 19:46
This is fake photo.... the original child doesn't look like this. Shame for playing with small baby..
Silvia 14-Sep-2005 01:35
this is the saddest thing that i have ever seen in my whole entire life and probably ever will see
its so hard to believe that this is a human being..its absolutelly...i dont even know the word..just brings me to tears knwoing how many kids like this one there is out there...the photo is very well done but the image is haunting
Guest 10-Sep-2005 13:40
hard to believe we still have this in our world, this child almost looks alien, like ET
Shaun Lowe07-Sep-2005 13:37
I don't know what to say.
scott clarke06-Sep-2005 23:50
Simply amazing. So well done.
Guest 19-May-2005 13:31
oh my, poor little baby
Tara Shriner15-Jun-2004 00:27
Simply heart breaking.... must hvae been difficult to capture with out crying...