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Ashiya Air Force Base

Ashiya Air Force Base

Arial view of Ashiya AFB and town.

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Keith LeRoy 07-Feb-2018 19:13
My dad was in the 815th at Ashiya from July 1958 until it closed in 1960 and he was transferred to Tachikawa. I was 12 when we joined my dad there in December of 1958. It was a great place to live as a 12 and 13 year old boy. Great Boy Scout Troop and sports. I was playing baseball for the Senators on the day the C130 crashed and remember it well. My dad was T/Sgt Felix (Ted) LeRoy. I have a pristine copy of the last issue of the Ashiya Breeze newspaper that my dad saved for me all these years and gave it to me just before he passed away in 2001.
John Gallucci 05-Feb-2018 02:06
Correction to my name
John Gallyucci 05-Feb-2018 02:05
My husband S/Sgt. John(Jerry) Gallucci was stationed at Ashiya in 1956-1957. He was a member of the Blue Tail Fly. He was under Major Church.He is 83.
Thomas Moran Sr. 17-Dec-2017 16:11
This message is for Cathy V... Cathy what is your father name and what years was he their and what rank was he and what squadron? Kindly, Thomas Moran Sr.
Cathy V 09-Nov-2017 17:47
I found a photo of an officer in my Dad’s things. My Dad is 94 and doesn’t remember who this is but on back is a stamp that says official photo Ashiya AFB.
I’d love to get to relatives. Let me know if I can download somewhere.
Bill Mallett 06-Oct-2017 22:43
This is for McKay. I was at Ashiya from 53 to 55 in the 15th RSM. The Top Three Club was the name of the NCO Club which was for the top three enlisted ranks of staff, tech and master sergeant. As you know the military discriminates. Lower ranks could only attend the Airman's Club nick named at Ashiya the Little Joe's Club. And, of course, the officers had their club. Higher ranks always had a nicer facility with more perks than those below them.
Thomas Moran Sr. 21-May-2017 20:55
I was in Ashiya from 1959-1960. I remember Col. Robert Demick and also Major Lawerence Boyce. I was in the supply squadron and worked at the commissary. I have fond memories of my time in Japan and would like to hear from anyone that was their during this time. Please put your replies onto this page so we may connect.
Guest 12-May-2017 01:16
James R. Kelley
Adjutant and Supply officer, HqSq Air Base Group July 1954 to August 1955.
Also officiated inter base football games in fall 1954.
Lived off base in a house that I owned. C-1002.
Guest 29-Mar-2017 15:24
Daniel Tallerico
My father and family stationed there 1959 until
The base closed . Most wonderful place we were ever stationed
Paula Miller 11-Feb-2017 15:35
My uncle was at Ashiya early 50's. Maybe 1951. He was a 17yr old Norwegian, Eivend Larsen but went by the name Irv. I think he was airframes but not sure. He is alive & kicking in Kenosha, WI. Anyone remember a short,quiet but very dry humor Norwegian?
S/Sgt Lowell Gardenhour 08-Feb-2017 03:39
My name is S/Sgt Lowell Gardenhour(Discharged 4/1/1955
I was station at Ashyia for two and had years I was in the c119 Blue Tail squadron
from 41/1952 to 6/1/1954 All so had a assignment to Franch Indochina
David Warner 13-Dec-2016 18:31
John Hampson, my grandfather was also apparently there at the same time. I am not seeing where 49th FG 8th FS was "stationed" in Ashiya, but he had many photos on slides clearly marked "Ashiya '47." He was a LT at the time "Albert L. Evans." He named his 51 after my aunt "Janne C."

If anyone would like copies of the photos from Ashiya '47, feel free to email me. Just put it in the subject line.
John Hampson 13-Nov-2016 22:02
John Hampson I was station at Ashiya 1947-1948 in Civil Eng Crash Crew.
Guest 03-Oct-2016 00:41
Tom Porter. I was at Ashiya from 5-54 to 5-56. Played football for the Mustangs. Kept in contact with a few players & would love to hear from anyone who might remember me. My last duty was Squardron Clerk for Vehicle Maint. Worked with Airman Wilbur Jennings. Enjoyed every minute of my tour.
John n coury 31-Jul-2016 09:20
John Coury/I was stationed at Ashiya 1953-55/Hqs Squadron/Trained in judo, body surfed, and played lots of handball with Ed Parella from NYC. I clerked in the Judge Advocates office, Capt Helling in charge when I first arrived. Had to guard the flight line when an attack was suspected. Fred Smith from Grant's Pass, Oregon was another friend of mine.
I regret not staying in Japan longer; and not going to university there.
Jill Boice 23-Apr-2016 00:05
My father was Major Lawrence Boice. He was a supply officer, and my belief is that he closed this base. I, my Mom and older brother lived there from about 1959-1960. It was one of the happiest times of my childhood. I was 6-7 years old. So my memories are those of a child-- a beautiful place, and I loved going to "the ginza" -- with its lovely smells and the fun beach and old wooden houses in the town. We were one of the few families left on the base at the time. What a kick to find these pictures and comments. Thanks
Lee Sharp 16-Apr-2016 17:32
Stationed at radio security squadron '55 to '57. I pitched softball in '56 and we won base championship. Lost far east tournament in second round. My bad.. Sure would like to connect with some team mates from then...
McKay 21-Mar-2016 05:25
I acquired a coin which says "Ashiya Top Three Club". If anyone can tell me more about it, I'd love to learn a little history. I haven't found anything like it online.
N. Michael 16-Mar-2016 05:32
My Dad was stationed at Ashiya Air Force Base from 1955 to 1958. I was a small child but have vivid memories of Ashiya. My father was George Munroe. He passed away at age 91 in 2010.I have all his slides from that time period.
Jim 19-Jan-2016 02:44
I was stationed at Ashiya 1952-1953 in 15th Radio Squadron Mobile USAF Security Service. My last duty was in a Direction Locating site on the Beach. With trianglelization with Tachikawa and Missawa, we could pinpoint targets in Korea.
Guest 08-Jan-2016 12:12
Ed Hobson:I was stationed at Ashiya 1954-Dec 1956, 483rd Supply Squadron (clothing Sales Store)Enjoyed your blurb on Ashiya. A buddy of mine also was assigned to 7th Aerial Port, Tony Montana, of Rome New York.I played basketball for the Supply Squadron. We also had some terrific softball troops from the Commissary, Jake Mortenson-Pitcher; and also from the Commissary ,a catcher who's name escapes me. I recall your squadron and mine (Supply) plus comm sq always had some terrific match-ups.Great assignment. All the best to one and all. Mike Smandra/Travis AFB
Mike Maloney 01-Nov-2015 17:55
My Dad was stationed at Ashiya for a couple years - until 1954. I was born there in 1954. Anybody remember MAJ Ed Maloney? His wife Bernie? He died in 1986, but I'd love to hear any memories. Mike
Ed Greenman 19-Sep-2015 19:01
It was really great to see this I was at Ashiya,(1954-1957) in Base Ops and as a Loadmaster on the C119 while assigned to the 7th Aerial Port Squadron.
Ed Greenman
Charles Phillips 11-Apr-2015 04:50
I was stationed here in 1960 with 815th tcs. Transferred to Tachikawa to finish out my tour in Japan. At the time of my tour, I was the only African American flight mechanic with 815 tcs. Looking for my good buddy Derrick Holmes.
Guest 22-Aug-2014 02:12
Hi Lynn Great to hear from you I couldn't get you on Facebook. Contact me by E-mail at Buck
Guest 20-Aug-2014 20:35
Hi Richard good to hear from you, i am on facebook if you want to contact me. lynn berkebile
Don Hamill 20-Jun-2014 03:04
A Jenny until forever. August 1959-1960-Tachi until 1963...Many standbys at LO Lo..Iwo, and Kadena waiting for the big one...Many "vists" to the Saigon saga... Thousand + + + hours in the Herky. Retired now and remember it all well. Don Hamill
Guest 17-Jun-2014 06:51
Ed Try and reach me at this E-mail address
Guest 16-Jun-2014 12:43
Did not receive anything on Facebook, and Shibusan did not come up on Facebook. Google lists it as a restaurant in Shibuya. Are you there? I was in Shibuya not long ago.
R.L. Buck 16-Jun-2014 01:50
Hi Ed! not sure if got through your facebook.
If I did, contact me at shibusan.
Ed Hobson 07-Jun-2014 10:18
Hey Buck, nice hearing from you. Can you send me a "Private Note" in Facebook? Ed
R.L. Buck 03-Jun-2014 17:55
Ed Hobson or Lynn Berkebile! I was station with both of you at Ashiya AFB.
Lynn and I were at Sheppard AFB Texas together prior to Ashiya. I was also
TDY in Clark AFB with you. You might remember me Richard Buck. take care
Guest 13-May-2014 21:03
I am wondering if you have any information on my dad, who was stationed at Ashiya in the late 50s. Full name is Wesley Gale Burg, but he goes mostly by Gale Burg. I'm also wondering what remains of the base today. Considering visiting with him.
Guest 23-Nov-2013 18:33
ed correction to my email is
Guest 23-Nov-2013 18:18
ed i tried but nothing came up on face book. try me again on email at
ed hobson 22-Nov-2013 23:44
lynn, try Ed Hobson, waxhaw, nc
Guest 22-Nov-2013 17:35
ed i couldnt find you on facebook where are you located maybe you can contact me on facebook. lynn.
ed hobson 22-Nov-2013 15:41
Hi Lynn, unable to access your email address. You can send me a private "Message" with your email in Facebook. Ed
lynn berkebile 21-Nov-2013 21:17
here is my email address
Guest 21-Nov-2013 21:15
Hi Ed good to hear from you I retired from the air force Jan 77 worked for piedmont airlines in DC for about 17 yrs aaas operations manager, retired again then moved to GHreat Falls Mt. I am on face book.
Ed Hobson 09-Nov-2013 18:11
Hey Lynn, sorry but I couldn't find a picture of you, however my records show the following; > On 24 July '58 we both went through the M-1 30 Caliber training and you scored 131.
> On 1 March '59 we were both promoted, you to A/2c and me to A/1c.
> On 16 June '59 we both went through the M-1 30 Caliber training and you scored 130, (marksman).
>>>>>>I shipped out in Late Sept. '59 after 39 months at Ashiya.
Nice hearing from you, hope you are well.
Guest 09-Nov-2013 16:12
Lynn, I believe I have a picture of you.
lynn berkebile 06-Nov-2013 23:04
I was at Ashiya, 7th aerial port sq, 1958 to 1960, then transferred to 5th aerial port sq at Dreux ab Frane then 5thaps evereux ab france.
Fred Geier 02-Sep-2013 16:49

Was at Ashiya, from October, 19555 to March, 1957. 483rd FLDMAINTRON. Was in Inspection Division, headed by MSGT Victor V. Green. Others were MSGT Norton L Edge Jr., MSGT Loren L Parmelee, and TSGT Donald J. Marino. We received all work orders for the 119's, and assigned the various shop personnel to complete the work.
Benn Bradsher 01-Sep-2013 03:41
David Demick....RE: Robert Demick. I was at Ashiya 1958..'59...and departed in June of 1960 when Ashiya was transfered over to JASDF. I remember Colonel Demick, a rated C-130 pilot who was assigned to Headquarters 483rd Troop Carrier Wing. I believe he was the Deputy Wing Commander in 1960 for the 483rd Troop Carrier Wing APO 75. Our Wing Commander in 1960 was Colonel John Herring. Prior to Colonel Herring the 483rd Wing Commander was Colonel Leroy M. Stanton.
Ed Hobson 01-Mar-2013 23:27
David Demick, just wanted to provide you with an "Update" regarding your father Robert. His name does not appear on my files as I previously thought. Sorry for the mis-understanding. Do you remember what outfit he was in?
Guest 31-Jan-2013 01:39
David Demick, Your Dad's name sounds familiar to me and I will check my records when I get home from vacation in about a month. I will let you know, one way or the other.
Scott McPherson 30-Jan-2013 19:21
My father, Lt Robert McPherson was stationed there. He was the radar officer in a C-119 squadron. I was born there in 1956.
Eddie(Bob)Selph 28-Jan-2013 14:20
Good picture of Ashiya from the air. I can see the Kanka hotel a cross the bridge where a lot of us Americans stayed with there wife, waiting for base houseing.
David Demick 16-Jan-2013 23:29
My name is David Demick and I was born at Ashiya in 1958. My Dads name is Robert L Demick and he passed away many years ago but I know so litle about Ashiya and his time there, please if you remember him or my family (4 older sisters & Mom Dorthy) I would love any input. I have photo's of hangers, P-51's,parades, all kinds of sights around Ashiya.
Lorenzi 12-Dec-2012 19:11
Ed Hobson, my father played softball with you. His name was Vic Lorenzi, Airman 2nd Class. He would like to get in touch with you. Please email me at
Ed Hobson 17-Oct-2012 15:51
I was at Ashiya from June 1956 until Sept. 1959 in the 7th Aerial Port Sq. Enjoyed every minute of it and after extending twice tried to extend again but my enlistment was up. I have numerous photos of both on the base and in town. Participated on the softball teams each year and involved with coaching the dependent womens softball team. Was on duty at Hgr. 7 when the C-130 crashed and drove a 6 X 6 to the crash site to assist. Involved in the TDY to Clark during the Formosa crisis in 1958. Would love to get in touch with friends to discuss "old times". Our CEO's were Capt. Heller and Capt. Smith. We had a great softball team.
Eddie(Bob)Selph 01-Oct-2012 00:01
I was in Ashiya from June 15 1953 until Dec 12 1959 Would like to talk to some of my old buddy, and I did know Col Stanton, He was the base commander, Ashiya was my and my wifes
home for 6 years we loved ever day we were there. Would like to talk to anyone that were there durning those times, Lot of memorys
Guest 29-Sep-2012 01:46
My dad, a Sr Msgt, and our family, was stationed at Ashiya 1958-60, just prior to the base closing. We lived just down the hill from the runway, and barracks that the fateful C-130 plowed into. It was an horrific crash. The barracks were wiped out with, I don't know, how many young GI's. I'll never forget that event. My name is Dennis Miga and I was 12 years old at the time. Our time at Ashiya was pure heaven.
Guest 28-Sep-2012 18:52
This is just a little more info on the dreadful crash at Ashiya. I was at Ashiya Apr 57- Apr 60 and was at the fire station manning the crash ambulance when a call came in that a C-130 was landing with a feathered engine We responded to the call and the fire trucks and the ambulance lined up about 150 feet off of the runway. The plane landed and it is my understanding that the wrong engines were put in reverse thrust and the plane veered off the runway and was comming directly at us. Power was applied to the engines and the plane lifted off and became airborne but stalled due to lack of sufficient airspeed to maintain flight which resulted in the crash. I picked up four injured airman who were in the barracks and took them to the hospital in my ambulance. The first person that I picked up was SSgt Clarence Kilpatrick who was a C-130 Flight Engineer and A friend of mine. Also my boss Dr Arthur Berken, a Flight Surgeon was a crew member on board the aircraft and he escaped injuries. I ran into the Loadmaster who was on the Ashiya flight at Charleston AFB in 1971 and he was still serving as a Loadmaster with a few more stripes ( A/2C to a M/Sgt).
Eddie Selph (BoB) 24-Sep-2012 18:04
I was in the 3rd plane as flt engineer, flying back from Oakanawa Where we had spent 3 days stand by.When the 1st plane lost the out board eng. Tried to land but hit hot and tried to make a go a round and lost control of the c-130 and went into our barrecks, Lucky everyone was at the chow hall. I had to fly the flight engineer up to Kadena Hospital 5 days later. His name was Sgt Killpatrick. I spent 12 years at Ashiya, Married a young girl there and we had a wonderful life to geather, Her Name was Yoko Kurabayishi
She passed a way about 5 years ago. But she was all ways happy. Some day hope to go back to Ashiya one of these days, But I no it will not be the same Ashiya we new, The Gold Bar The green lintern, The romance bar. The blue moon, I was there from !953 until 1960.
If anyone wonts to e-mail me A
Dennis Allison 12-Aug-2012 01:16
I was there from 1958-1960. I was watching a baseball game when the 130 crashed. Also have good memories of Ashiya Air Force Base. I was in refueling section. We had a good football team.
Does anyone have any pics of the base taken from 1957-60?
Rhonda Maywald Andrews 22-Mar-2012 02:40
We lived at Ashiya from 1957 to 1959 and I watched the C-130 crash into the barracks. We lived just down the hill from the runway and the plane came almost over our house before it hit the barracks up the hill. The men who were killed were in my Dad's squadron. His name was Sgt. George Maywald. I was 13 years old. Despite this terrible accident, I have wonderful memories of Ashiya. My name is Rhonda Maywald Andrews.
Phyllis (Arnold) Cooper 10-Mar-2012 18:35
In 1952 it took two weeks by boat to arrive in Japan; my mom, older sister and I joined my father there. I have fabulous slides of Ashiya, rickshaw rides, open air markets and landscape.
John 02-Jun-2011 20:04
my father was stationed at ashiya from 1954-1957, and i lived there as a child during that time. i have great memories of the experience - the weekly sumo tournaments, the strolling oyster vendors, the cherry blossom festivals, even the typhoon that had us scrambling to on-base emergency shelter for a couple of days...among hundreds of others. the graciousness of the japanese people made our lives in "area c" housing a great cultural education for me. i fondly remember nancy cutsinger, ronnie williams, wilson eagleson, charles childs, sandy hanson, amy thomas, elmer coon, bobby stefanski, and many other childhood friends from that era. i've found a few of them already, and am looking for the others.
Sgt Pat Santell (USAF-Vet) 29-May-2011 19:33
I was all of 20 years old when I arrived at Ashiya.My First "Reenlistment" took place at that wonderful Base. It is were I started a life long "Love Affair" with Japan, although, I am married to a wonderful Korean woman. I was assigned to 483Instlron. My job as Amin Clerk was to operate a small office with Tech.Orders. A pretty good flow of people always needed "Tech Orders", which means I was a pretty busy Airman. I also had to keep up with, Revisions,Additions & Deletions. I also, ran the Sq. Post Office. I was there when the Base Closed and went Stateside with a "Heavy Heart" I remember the "Last" movie at the Base Theater was a Musical W/Tony Martin. I own a copy of the Movie "Flight from Ashiya" I think some of the filming took place on Base, but I could be wrong. I remember Col. Leroy M. Stanton and a lot other great people that I was very happy to be friends with. I also did some "Talent Shows" & "Top's In Blue" as M/C and D.J. My "Main Talent" was Pantomime.Some of My "Stuff" was in the Base Newspaper a couple of time. I did wind up working @ F.E.N., but that's another story. ANYONE who reads this, is more than welcome to E-mail me (Especially if you remember me)at:
colleen 27-Apr-2011 18:41
my father was stationed there. my mother, sister and myself followed when officer's housing became available. i lived there 1959 until it sometime in 1960, i think. i was 4-5 years old.
Guest 20-Apr-2011 14:42
Marianna Plummer

My father (pilot) was transferred there in 1956 and my mother and I (very young chilkd) were to follow him once Officer's housing became available - we never made it as he suffered a near fatal heart attack while flying over Okinawa. Thankfully, he survived with the love and support of my mother who was able to travel there to be with him. It took her a week - delays in California (we were previously in Utah) and despite being caught in a typhoon over the China Sea.I had to stay stateside with relatives - not a good memory for me ... wonder if anyone is still around who might remember him?
Chuck 11-Mar-2011 20:16
I lived at Ashiya AFB from 1956-1959. I saw the C-130 crash into the barracks. I was 9 at the time. I was visiting a friend and was waiting for the bus to take me home. The plane cleared the telephone pole above me and then seconds later crashed into the barracks. I got on a C-130 about a week later to fly back to the states. As much as I like to fly I was very scared to get on one.
Janice Pagel 25-Feb-2011 02:22
Lana (Peters)Stewart - When I came across this article and pictures, my husband felt he had found old friends. He was stationed in Ashiya AFB from late 57 to early 1960 when it was closed. He vividly remembers the airplane crashing into the barracks - he was sleeping in the half of the barracks that the plane crashed into the other end. Luckily, he was not injured - and being supper time, most of the men were in the chow hall. He would appreciate talking to or emailing with anyone who was there during the time he was. He was in the 817th. Flying Squadron. His name is Art Pagel - from Wisconsin. I run the computer - he just gives the directions what he wants to see next!!
Thanks much. Looking forward to hearing from you or anyone else that was there.
Janice Pagel
Charles 29-Sep-2010 04:17
I recently found an unused matchbook with a picture of a Lockheed four-prop plane on the front and the following printed on it:

A.P.O. 75

On the back is printed a list of phone numbers for different services at the mess:

PAGING 3138 3139

I would love to get more information on this, and possibly date it if possible. My guess is that it is from the '50 or early '60s. I can provide a scan of the matchbook upon request.

Thanks for any help you can offer.
Tammy 28-Sep-2010 02:20
My family was stationed here years before I was even born, but they speak about it with great love. They were there when an airplane crashed into the barracks. Thanks for showing me the beauty of the base.
Lana Stewart 28-Jul-2010 19:20

I have many pictures of Ashiya, Japan during 1955-58
My father was stationed there and I was born in Ashiya 1956.
First arial view for me...
Thank you for posting this pic.
Tom Perry 12-Feb-2008 03:56
I was a C-119 Crew Chief/Flight-mechanic at Ashiya; Mar.'52- Mar.'53. One of our hootch- boarders,in Tent #1633,(50th TCS)was a Gypsy CC/FM who used to crack us up (so to speak) with good-humored accounts of his occasional adventures as the sole English-speaking crew member during marginally-minimal approaches with the Royal Hellenic Air Force. I don't remember his name. He came and went at odd times, sometimes being away for days. One day,his gear was gone and one of our own replacements got his space. Your site blew the dust off a lot of half-forgotten images. This old chock-kicker fondly recalls the places and the faces and the laughing-out-loud conviction that none of us would ever grow old.
Bill Chilcoat05-Oct-2003 00:54
I have sent an email to the contributor of the Ashiya photo about the date the picture ws taken.
I have seen your pictures on of Ashiya. I was at both Tachi and Ashiya in '54-'55. Your C-124 picture at Ashiya on Armed Forces day was taken either '54 or '55 wasn't it?
The contributor of the Ashiya arial view was in my squadron at K-16 in Korea.[before my Ashiya and Tachi assignment] We belong to a reunion association for the Korea C-47 squadron. 6461st Troop Carrier. [Kyushu Gypsies]
Ted Quackenbush 04-Oct-2003 00:36
Myself and others who were stationed at Ashiya in the early to mid-fifties would like to know approx time this aerial photo taken. Thanks for any info.