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File Name: SDIM3636.X3F
File Type: X3F
Image Dimensions: 44.3 MP (4704 x 3136 x 3)
Capture Date: 10/9/11 3:41:50 PM
Exposure Mode: A - Aperture Priority AE
Exposure Compensation: 0
ISO Setting: 100
White Balance Setting: Sunlight (ex-Auto)
Color Mode: Neutral
Flash: Off
Shutter Speed: 1/400
Aperture Value: F8.0
Metering Mode: Evaluative Metering
Focus Setting: M - Manual Focus
Focal Length: 70 mm
Resolution: High
Drive Mode: Single Frame Shooting
Camera: SIGMA SD1
Firmware Version:

X3F Settings
Exposure: -0.1
Contrast: +0.5
Shadow: -1.0
Highlight: +0.0
Saturation: +0.0
Sharpness: -1.0
X3 Fill Light: +0.0
Color Adjustment: 0
Chroma NR: 0.50
Luminance NR: 0.00

Focus Fixer setting 0.1

Normally for shots like this I would use the Landscape color mode from SPP. but to keep things consistent all of the image in this gallery are set to neutral.

the 70mm is also a nice lens on the SD1. Again, Evaluative Meter. Time was short, we were parked off the side of the interstate and I had a plane to catch. But It worked nicely.

Sigma SD1 ,Sigma 70mm f/2.8 EX DG
1/400s f/8.0 at 70.0mm iso100 full exif

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Chunsum18-Feb-2012 14:49
Thanks. This was actually taking after I took the shots for this pano.:
sol3360918-Feb-2012 02:16
I do have to agree, I do have a sigma 70mm and the lens is excellent. Nice picture, I would have made it a panoramic by stitching. I am planing to sell my A850 and buy an SD1 now that he price have come down.