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21-JAN-2009 Cindi Smith



Okay, I am wondering if someone could please help me understand why $150-$170 million dollars was spent on the Inauguration?? Why does our government continue to spend millions of dollars on a celebration, which I may add, is a great thing but $150-170 million? Our country is in an economic crisis and this scares me that this kind of money was put out this time around. I have looked up information and it seems that this is definately true. The largest amount ever spent on an Inauguration in history. I understand that this was a great historical day and I'm NOT knocking it but I do wonder why our government continues to spend enormous amounts on parties, bailing out companies and we have no clue where that money is being spent, etc., etc....when we, the people, are struggling to make ends meet. Just a question and if anyone has a good solid answer for me, I sure would appreciate it! Just can't seem to wrap my head around this!

I have $11.00 in my purse right now....sure would love to see some of the cash spent to helping the people!! Just my opinion and do not mean to offend anyone. I will continue to pray for our leaders but I don't have to agree how they spend the country's money! I do pray that our new President can help this economic crisis we are in. Lord, we need all the help we can get!

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1moremile22-Jan-2009 22:15
He does have a lot of worshipers. Totally unbiased reporters are on the bandwagon, too.
Oh! I just felt a chill up my leg. ha ha.
I didn't vote for him. I don't like his policies or where he plans on taking our country.
Guenter Eh22-Jan-2009 19:37
Indeed it`s not a good "signal" to spent so much money for celebrations in that times even most of the money probably comes from private donations...!
Laryl22-Jan-2009 16:59
well said Cindi. *I* sure don't get it either. No matter where the money came from, it came from people who ok'd it and didn't figure there was anything more important that the money could be used for.. that's sad.
Greg Harp22-Jan-2009 15:37
Marvelous work Cindi. A million here, a million there. Before you know it it adds up to quite a lot of money... Seriously though it is always amazing how much money the government spends on non-essentials.
CreativeWiseGal22-Jan-2009 13:43
It's all so counter-intuitive...
throw a party and spend millions when the economy is in the tank and unemployment is high;
reward (aka bailout) companies who have been stupid with finances and paid their execs millions in salary;
put our hopes in one man who puts his pants on one leg at a time and will make mistakes just like the rest of us;
I'm afraid we look like idiots to the world.
CIS22-Jan-2009 03:21
The whole situation is mind boggling, wide.
Bless you for asking and to all that respond with wiser words than I.
Colin Clarke22-Jan-2009 02:17
Great idea to get some comments, Cindi !! Never mind the logic of your question. :-) This is what 'Change' looks like. OUR change $$$. LOL.
LynnH22-Jan-2009 01:58
Oh... to those who don't care for our president... The budget and plans for the inaguration were in place long beforehand. The price would have been the same no matter who won the election.
Jeff Lobaugh22-Jan-2009 01:55
Come on now Cindi, you must know that coronations cost a tad more than inaugurations!!
LynnH22-Jan-2009 01:52
A HUGE part of the expense was for security. Don't forget, a lot has changed in that regard and nowadays they have to be extra careful. Most of the parties are privately funded. D.C and the surrounding area from Philly to Baltimore will make MILLIONS in revenue from visitors, parties, catering, etc. This was one of the most monumentous events in our country's history, whether you voted for him or not. I think it was worth every cent... but that's just me. I'm glad we all have different opinions... and have the freedon to write it down without fear. That's what makes America great.
John Buffin22-Jan-2009 01:43
The businesses who made money probably appreciated the support. Someone had to cook the food, decorate, clean up...etc. I'm not saying it was worth that much, but as long as it kept some more Americans working, I'm good with it to a certain extent.
laine8222-Jan-2009 01:26
If you try to figure out the reason you will go nuts....I hear you though, loud & clear !!
vatorman22-Jan-2009 01:21
Preaching to the choir…but wasn’t my money; but we ‘waste’ it here too.
pkocinski22-Jan-2009 00:53
I can't believe I'm defending the Democrats :-( I too think it's way too much money in these hard times BUT... it's NOT entirely funded by tax money. In fact most of it comes from private donations and you can find out who most of them are by going to this website . Congress has some budget for the ceremony and that is tax payer money. Anyone can "Google" the question and gets lots of answers. With that much money to spend on partying why can't they bail out the banks and other "worthy" causes?
Scott Browne22-Jan-2009 00:18
Very well said. I'm looking for an answer, too.
Jess. ( Lady.D.)21-Jan-2009 22:56
Well Cindi I ask the same question, when our Provincial Government ( British Columbia) is spending millions on the 2010 Winter Olympics when they cannot replace an old wooden bridge that connects to Vancouver that burnt down a few days ago. We have lineups at food banks and homeless but we just got to have those Olympics.....I think I will move to another planet this ones down the tube....
Chad Ramsey21-Jan-2009 21:55
Great perspective Cindi~V
Pat Shawyer21-Jan-2009 21:06
Our Country is in exactly the same state. I must admit, much as I enjoyed all the parades on TV last night, I did say to my Husband that I had never seen such hysteria and pomp for a new President. They all looked frozen to death too !
I know people think he is the new Messiah, I just hope that he can kick start the American economy and it has a knock on effect in the UK. We need all the help we can get we are sinking fast !
Bill Ewart Jr21-Jan-2009 21:03
I couldn't agree more. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Jennifer M21-Jan-2009 21:02
Sorry, my dyslexia comes out when I get mad..and I am angry over this crap!
J. Scott Coile21-Jan-2009 20:59

My company need an unaccountable bail out too. I don't think I even have this in my wallet at this time. I have been bailing out my company for several months now and it's taking a HUGE toll.
Jennifer M21-Jan-2009 20:45
It's the beginning of the total collapse of the US. He is a pompous ahole who thinks he is King,not president. Now he is freeing the terrorists, putting a tax cheat over the IRS and that is less than his first few hours in office. How about taking it out of his salary. Oh, by the way, why is someone with no experience getting the same pay. Not how private sector operates. His speak about everyone tighting their belt didn't apply to King Hussein
This country is MAD. Let's pack it up, denounce our citizenship and move to Australia!
Ed Preston21-Jan-2009 20:28
Amen! You said it all.
Michael Shpuntov21-Jan-2009 20:18
Listen Dire Straits one more time.
Terri Steele21-Jan-2009 20:15
I don't get it either dear... how's the job search????
Mairéad21-Jan-2009 19:58
Isn't there something about giving people 'bread and circuses' to take their minds off their troubles?
Like soccer matches were played to keep the working class men entertained at the weekend (the women
were too busy doing the housework as usual).
Johnny JAG21-Jan-2009 19:53
Maybe they think it will create a feel good factor that will generate growth ....... or maybe they've just wasted a whole lot of cash..... discuss.
Ann...21-Jan-2009 19:44
Cindi send President Obama a link to this image when it's got loads of comments!! You never know it might penetrate the many levels of security and secretaries!!
Gary Blanchette21-Jan-2009 19:38
I'm truly amazed at the size of his following. They worship him like a god. Deception without a collar.
Ray :)21-Jan-2009 19:14
I don't get it Cindi!
When we have a new Prime Minister, all he has to do is be driven to Buckingham Palace to see the Queen and then to Downing Street. Yes, they'll be security costs and removal costs but any parties are privately funded and we don't have any public spectacle.
Mike Stobbs21-Jan-2009 19:14
look at our government in Canada....we may be going to the poles after Jan 27th...150 million bucks would go along way in helping people.....
Victoria21-Jan-2009 18:58
Great presidents of USA, they both did great job in that time!!!!!!
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