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Eilat underwater world

This gallery is my continuing documendation of the beauty of Eilat's underwater world, If you like this Gallery please vote for it.
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Allogalathea elegans Feather star Crab Basket Star Shrimp Amphioctopus Aegina (Marbled Octopus) Anemone Fish
Leopard Blenny Painted Frogfish Feather star squat lobster Feather star Crab Punctated coral crab
Longfin African Conger Snake Eel Juvenile Wrasse Ceratosoma Tenue with Emperor Shrimp Variable Ghost Pipefish
Lionfishand Glass Sweepers Phyllidia Ocellata Nudibranch Devil scorpionfish Squat Shrimp Coral Grouper
Long Armed Octopus Long Armed Octopus Day Octopus (Octopus Cyanea) Nocturnal Octopus (Unrecognized) Amphioctopus Aegina (Marbled Octopus)
Amphioctopus Aegina (Marbled Octopus) Crazy fish Cuttlefish and prey Alicia pretiosa Wire Coral Shrimp
Cardinal fish with eggs Squid Cuttlefish and Crinoid Ornate Ghost Pipefish Mantis Shrimp (Haptosquilla stoliura)
Skeleton Shrimp Bubble Coral Shrimp Starfish Shrimp Robust Ghostpipefish (Solenostomus cyanopterus) Haani slipper lobster
Shrimp Cleaning Station Coral Grouper in a cleaning station Reed Squid Clingfish
Wire Coral Shrimps Wire coral shrimp Wire coral shrimp Wire coral shrimp Yellow Mouth Moray Eel
Marble Shrimp Sweeming Anemone Eagle Ray Eagle Ray Eagle Ray
Pipefish Frogfish hiding in a fire coral. White-banded cleaner shrimp Ornate Ghost Pipefish Basketstar
Frogfish Frogfish Frogfish Small frogfish Anemone fish
Blenny Fish Bubble Coral Shrimps Gorgonia and a diver Emperor Shrimp
Crocodile Fish cassiopeia jellyfish Yellow Mouth Moray Eels Chromodoris and Squat Lobster Chromodoris
Pijama Nudibranch Nudibranch Glossodoris Cincta Gymnodoris ceylonica Hypselodoris Infucata
Moon Gellyfish Moon Gellyfish Garden Eels Glass sweepers in a wreck Cloudy day in the dessert
Cuttlefish Cuttlefish Hawksbil Turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) Hawksbil Turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) Moray Cleaner Shrimps
Anemonefish inside Vased Anemone Dice fish Long-Arm Shrimp Anemone fish Eggs and parent
Anemone fish eggs Eggs and parent Future Generation Anemone fish Dual theraphy (Durban dancing shrimp)
Hermit Crab Lionfish and a diver Lionfish Reflection Gorgonian sunrise Gorgonian sunset
Grouper and glass sweepers Anemone and glassfish fish Peeping blenny Blenny
Blenny Peeping false Blenny Longnose hawkfish Longnose hawkfish Threespot dascyllus
Cleaner wrass at work Cleaner wrass at work At the dentist corner Cleaning station Feature Star
Porcelan crab Crab on a Black Coral Beaked shrimps Sea hare Sea hare
Reef Squid Reef Squid Reef Squid Seahorse Seahorse
Glass sweepers Brittlestar Bannerfile fish Bannerfile fish Butterfly lunch
Sea hare Partner shrimp Blue spotted stingray Blenny on a wire coral Flatworm
Cleaning station Spider Crab Red fish band Red fish band Odd Couple