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Entrance to Refugee Camp in Traiskirchen

Entrance to Refugee Camp in Traiskirchen

Flüchtlingslager Traiskirchen
Building on the left: Lagerleitung

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Tibor 24-Feb-2018 05:27
Tibor - to continue... I came back here twice to see where my second life started. It was scary and uncertain daily life, but the drive was strong. It was tough to surrender the passport and walk into the unknown. Tough place, but nonetheless I very much appreciate that Austria and this lager provided a starting place. Politics and life changed a lot, but even a picture is such a striking reminder how far will and drive will carry us. I am a happy dual (Hungarian-American) citizen, humbled by such start of 'second life'. I wonder how the other 9 guys did from our room. We left to 4 different countries... Take care everyone!
Tibor 24-Feb-2018 05:15
I was here for 7 months in 1985. With dreams, high hopes
Gabor 09-Sep-2017 17:42
I was there for 6 months in 1985. It wasn't a pleasant place. I moved to Canada.
Jeni 23-Aug-2017 17:04
I was there in 77-78 and would like to connect with people where were there too during that time. Jeni from Romania. my email is
Adam 05-Oct-2016 23:01
Been there in 1986. This is the place where we got so much food on our plate. At that time in Poland was only vinegar and salt on the store shelves. The food was rationed. Until 1987 me and my family lived in Modling, not far from Traiskirchen. We met great people there. Now in Canada for 28 years living peaceful and fulfilling life.
Thank you Austria for giving us shelter and help with a new start. God bless!
Guest 20-Jul-2015 00:32
I lived there from 1987-1988..worked in Vienna all the time. Moved to the USA..
God bless everybody.
Ozzy 27-Jun-2015 21:41
I've spent 7 months in Traiskirchen from January 1980 'till the end of July that same year. Worked in Vienna so time went by quickly. The camp wasn't too bad with the exception a constantly drunk roommate who got extremely belligerent -to put it mildly- when he was drunk. I am from Budapest Hungary, immigrated to the USA, lived in New Jersey for 20 years then moved to Florida in 2002. America is not the same anymore it went down quite considerably the last 25 years. My brother stayed in Austria so I visit the country once in a while. Thank you Austria!
G Sirbu 06-Feb-2015 20:31
Wow Hi Everyone I was In traischirken in 1979 untill april 3rd 1980 I went to australia I still Have The One way passport to Australia Its called a Fremdenpass If anyone remember Those days I remember when the camp went On A protest march all the way to Vienna,because A romanian Christian was Arrested apparantly he was the wrong man but i remember that. for a long time i try to Find images from that protest Over the Internet but no luck . Im happy to Exchange emails with people That remember those days
adam 21-Dec-2014 03:34
I was there in 1977 for 6 months...90% of peaple were thiefs and bandits. Serbian and Albenians were the worst. Fighting non stop.Thanks god i met this beautiful Austrian girl from Vienna and she saved me. Im in Toronto very happy. Polish peaple were good there, except 1 bandit. Trzymajcie sie.
ims079 18-Oct-2014 21:20
My family and I were here in 1985. We are now in Australia. Thankyou Austria. I'm for ever grateful.
Tomi 30-Dec-2013 21:19
God bless humanity for providing places to go to such as this.
I am grateful for a lifetime to the people of Austria.
X-Hungarian refugee...
sudi 15-Aug-2013 21:51 please join
Janos 11-Jul-2013 20:36
Hi i was here in this camp from 1981-1985 had the best time in my life!!!!wonderful years!!i never forget
Mirza Semic 08-Jul-2013 00:01
Mirza-So many memories from that camp flood my mind right now...spend some great time with people from all over the world 1992-94. Originally started in building number 2, the one on the right as u enter the camp then the week later got moved to building number 3 and a couple of months later moved to the new building i belive number 9, the one next to the basketball court.I remember climbing the wall at the end of the football field where we would wait on the street in the early hours of the morning for Austrian people to pick us up and take us to their homes where we would do all kind of work for them and i must say they were preety fair.Overall i had a great timetthere.Have a good day everyone.
SUDI 15-Apr-2013 23:41
my email is
SUDI 15-Apr-2013 23:36
I WAS IN THIS CAMP FROM 1976 -1985 :) HAD THE BEST TIME IN MY LIFE , I MISS ALL MY FRIENDS I MADE THERE ....if anyone who knows me please contact me...
Calin C. 08-Apr-2013 19:47
I was there from 82 to 83 (my early teens 11-12)
Loved it. Still think about the friends I had made, BUT didn't keep in touch.
Going through the woods.... Hopped the wall, walking through a grape vine, eating grapes....for about 1 KM just to go garbage picking in that what I was told it's a toy factory. The school was among the cleanest schools I've been in, where we had to take our street shoes off, and wear slippers. I wish there were more pictures from inside.
There was YMCA, the park, the woods, the hill, and so on.
Marianne 27-Mar-2013 15:46
I found this site searching the net for refugeecamp in Austria.
I was born in this camp in june 1962.It almost looks the same as it did back then,even the "bosses" are at same place.Would love to know if anyone else who reads this lived there back then.50 years is a very long time.Lived at camp to 1968,then moved on with my parents and sibblings.Both parents dead now and I am searching for my roots so to speak.
nazanin 16-Jan-2013 07:05
I was in the Traiskirchen refugee camp from 1986-1989. I was 7 years old and lived in the building righ next to the YMCA? (brown building) where us kids would play. I remember climbing over the brick fence in the back of the camp where there was a grape field at the time and would eat a hand full of grapes and climb back over. There was a counselor/staff named christoph who was very friendly with us kids at the YMCA in the camp. In fact he was the nicest to us i wish i could thank him for his kindness. You have to understand during that time "we" were not accepted..The austrians were racist and i experienced it full on in school where kids would tell me their parents did no allow them to sit next to or talk with foreigners. I have many memories playing with the other kids in the camp. There was an old lady who would haul in beer and cigarettes and candys to sell to people in the camp i remember my dad sending me to her place to buy a bottle of beer i think she was Romanian. I only wish i was able to keep in contact with my childhood friends..Zucher might be spelled wrong, he was Arabic who continued to live in Austria with his father, Sheribon from Yugoslovia was my bestfriend she had a sister.. i think they also stayed in Austria. I hope i can visit there soon and take pictures for my childhood memories. If anyone knows my friends please contact me :) Thank you!!
Doru 02-Sep-2012 22:20
My first look at the "other side" of the world was through the fence of the camp. It was 16 September 1977, I was 16, and the first thing I remember is a blonde girl with blue eyes looking at me from the window of the house at the corner of Otto Gloeckel and Karl Theuer streets. Her name was Elisabeth. The next six months probably were the only time in my life when I was truly happy and carefree. How ironic that it was in a camp...
Berna 09-May-2012 11:00
I have been there I had nice and bad days . But this place gave us the road to the freedom.
thank you
Derek B. 04-May-2011 00:45
Our family spent a few months in Austria, entering the Traiskirchen camp in August 1980. I was just a young teenager at the time, but remember a couple of weeks being housed in a large dorm room with lots of other refugees. I remember the youth centre there - enjoyed spending time there. We were then moved to a country hotel on the Danube river, before moving on to Canada. I went back once to visit the country hotel a couple of years ago, and they still hosted refugees.
remon 28-Mar-2011 04:08
i had great memory in this place, lost alots of good frends, any one knows my name please
Milos/refugee/Manila/Philippines 09-Sep-2010 07:58
i have some friends in the Philippines refugee,but i lost contact with them,maybe somebody know them,know knows,.
they are Abubakar Kushnood/Afganistan/have familly wife,daughter./i met him 1992.93.manila UNHCR,Leslie Perera from Sri Lanka,Kamil Badi,Ostoja Ostojcic iz Uba/Srbija/i have also problem with Sri LANKAN UNHCR officer,Sijaravatne he ask me 1000 US under table to transfer me to CANADA,UNHCR in MANILA, asking from refugee money to be rsetle in Canada,.shame of them,and this people works for refugee,.
Roman Newman 12-Dec-2009 23:07
Austria-it is a pleasure to write our thanks for your charming hospitality and give us the opportunity to meet the freedom.
Former Refugee Kabir Badi, 18-May-2009 07:36
i ben in the refugee camp,after met the police,i was take to the room for while,next day morning i was interviev with some staf,and they decide that i will not be acepted,to saty,but in that time they have some privilege with asylum same like polish,they acepted them right away,the serbian from yugoslavia,they are not acepted,i dont know why,every ome is equal,no any choices by nationality but even in thet time the serbs are not lucky,but the polish,hungarian,czech,slovak,black african,pakistani,somali,iraqi,iranian,every one is acepted,exept serbian,.in that time DR.Schnider is the person with a lot of charge,.i know him thru some friends,from Austria who live befor in Yugolsavia,but even that conection newer work,.anyway,i was told to go aut,and look for next best solution for me,to be asylum/political/anway it was sad now i live to far from europe,but still remeber NON EQUAL RIGHTS FOR EVERYONE SAME,ewery one has the right to claim asylum from percecusion,race,political opinion,religious,evry one has the right to clam asylum,from persecution,but UNHCR in many countries/their officer get paid under table to help and selected the refugge for resetlemnet,.exspessially UNHCR officer in por countries like Philippines,the UNHCR staf is paid under table by refugee to be resetle in anth country,.like many privilege in Philippines have Sri lankan refugee,they everyone paid under money table and left for green country of guture,.
Dani 14-Mar-2009 07:10
its been same as before 1976.only the freedom is more now compare before being there,its been favoritizam,i dont know why,everpne is same whoc ame there but in that time during Dr.Schneder,if you are favorite for himand the office staf you get ,nut if you are not you are aut,....the passport for freedom,