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Peru - Valley of the Incas and Abra Malaga

Peru is a magnificent country, and I spent 2 weeks birding the Andes with Field Guides. John Rowlett and Jesse Fagan were fantastic guides for the trip. The first several days were spent based in Miraflores, a subdivision of Lima. We did day trips to Pantanos de Villa, San Pedro, Pucusana, Santa Eulalia and Lomas de Lachay. We then flew to Cusco and visited the Huacarpay Lakes on our way to Yucay. A morning was spent at the magnificent ruins of Machu Picchu, and we used the Inkaterra Resort as our base in the valley. Fruit and hummingbird feeders were delightful to monitor. We did several hikes on the property, and a long hike along the railroad tracks into the Mandor Valley. Back to Yucay as a base to visit Abra Malaga for several days, visiting both the dry west slope of the Andes and the wet east slope. The final day was a hike into polylepis forest at 14,000 feet for specialty species.
Pacific Dove Puna Ibis Andean Coot. Many-colored Rush-Tyrant
Gray-hooded Gull Great Grebe Inca Tern Belcher's Gull
Humboldt Penguins Peruvian Booby Peruvian Pelican Belcher's Gull
Red-legged Cormorant White-browed Chat-Tyrant Mourning Sierra-Finch _MG_8459_Peruvian Pygmy Owl.jpg
_MG_8402_Bare-faced Ground Dove.jpg Hooded Siskin _MG_8418_Black-chested Buzzard-Eagle.jpg _MG_8420_Thick-billed Miner.jpg
_MG_8466_Croaking Ground Dove.jpg _MG_8485_Peruvian Sheartail.jpg _MG_8499_Burrowing Owl.jpg _MG_8512_Peruvian Meadowlard.jpg
_MG_8528_Black-chested Buzzard-Eagle.jpg _MG_8552_Least Seedsnipe.jpg _MG_8570_Andean Lapwing.jpg _MG_8594_Andean Tinamou.jpg
_MG_8606_Green-tailed Trainbearer.jpg _MG_8612_Rufous-collared Sparrow.jpg _MG_8814_Chestnut-breasted Coronet.jpg _MG_8854_Andean Guan.jpg
_MG_8911_Thick-billed Euphonia.jpg _MG_8930_Blue-necked Tanager.jpg _MG_8935_Golden-naped Tanager.jpg _MG_8936_Blue-naped Chlorophonia.jpg
_MG_8897_Speckle-faced Parrots.jpg _MG_8997_Saffron-crowned Tanager.jpg _MG_8943_Andean Cock-of-the-Rock.jpg _MG_9072_Booted Rackettail.jpg
_MG_8980_Barred Becard.jpg _MG_9007_Blue-gray Tanager.jpg _MG_9046_Andean Cock-of-the-Rock.jpg _MG_9068_Booted Rackettail.jpg
_MG_9075_Booted Rackettail.jpg _MG_9108_Masked Trogon.jpg _MG_9148_Masked Fruiteater.jpg White-eared Solitaire
_MG_9263_Tropical Kingbird.jpg _MG_9383_White-bellied Woodstar.jpg _MG_9272_Blue-banded Toucanet.jpg _MG_9277_BBT & Green Jay.jpg
_MG_9333_Blue Dacnis.jpg _MG_9352_Slate-throated Redstart.jpg _MG_9357_Mitred Parakeet.jpg _MG_9363_Green-and-White Hummingbird.jpg
_MG_9364_Green Violetear.jpg _MG_9371_Chestnut-breasted Coronet.jpg _MG_9419_Dusky-green Oropendola.jpg _MG_9456_Highland Motmot.jpg
_MG_9469_Stripe-headed Antpitta.jpg _MG_9642_White-throated Tyrannulet.jpg _MG_9498_Andean Flicker.jpg _MG_9654_Tit-like Dacnis.jpg
_MG_9554_Puna Ibis.jpg _MG_9620_Andean Ibis.jpg _MG_9631_Scaled Metaltail.jpg _MG_9658_White-browed Conebill.jpg
_MG_9661_Citrine Warbler.jpg _MG_9664_Chestnut-bellied Mountain-Tanager.jpg _MG_9685_Line-fronted Canastero.jpg _MG_9723_Unstreaked Tit-Tyrant.jpg
_MG_9725_Three-striped Hemispingus.jpg _MG_9737_Mountain Caracara.jpg _MG_9755_Parodi's Hemispingus.jpg _MG_9770_Rufous-breasted Chat-Tyrant.jpg
_MG_9808 Puna Hawk.jpg _MG_9796_Great Thrush.jpg _MG_9867_Streaked Tit-Tyrant.jpg _MG_9847_Tawny Tit-Spinetail.jpg