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Bike Festival, Apr. 29 ~ May 2, 2010

I would say, this was the most interesting business trip so far in my life.
1. This is a bike festival, not shit!
2. Garda is such a beautiful place, so much different with big cities.
3. You see bikes everywhere in the town, even with your eyes closed.
4. I must take my wife here, I must visit here again.

The hotel I stayed, Grand Hotel Riva, is an old hotel, but my room is with great view. Top room floor corner room. It's hot during the day, but at night, the temperature is fabulous.

For the first two days, I might be the only oriental face in the town, made me so proud of myself. Well, proud, proud, proud.... I was such a happy Taiwanese, no doubt!


As for the event, this is the first Europe bike festival every year, and, this is where people spend $$ for their beloved bikes.

Almost every bike brand is here, most mountain bikes of course, Trek, Cannondale, Scott, Focus, Sevens, BMC, Specialize..... Every famous component/accessory vendor is here, Shimano, SRAM, CAMPY, Mavic.... You can do test ride right away, any bike you want, just borrow that at the booth, and return it when you are happy enough!!

Order the bike when you find one, but need to wait for the delivery. Just can do the business at the spot.

I went to the grocery store and bought a lot of olive oil, pasta, vinegar, great local price for sure, definitely a lot cheaper than the supermarket in Taipei. Also, made my luggage was over weight when checked in the flight. I had to take 4kg things out and hand carry them all the way home. But, what else do I need?
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