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Guest 08-Mar-2007 08:09
Thoroughly enjoyed your work. Thank you for sharing.
Jan Koster10-Dec-2006 12:57
You have some wonderful bird shots. Since I am a yearly visitor to Vero Beach, I know how difficult it is to catch them in flight!
LGR 12-Oct-2006 23:24
great site love the music pic. I like fla a freat I go palm a lot. I want to a trip the keys.
Urii 21-Sep-2006 11:17
I like it and the background and colors make it easy to read+
Sveta 18-Sep-2006 13:32
Your work is marvelous!!
Nicole 18-Sep-2006 08:13
Wonderful pages! Keep up the grat work.p
Jones 07-Sep-2006 22:11
Your work is marvelous!!u
Bill 02-Sep-2006 23:23
Excellent site, added to favorites!!c
Sharon 12-Aug-2006 13:10
Very cool design! Useful information. Go on!
Elizabeth 03-Aug-2006 09:40
Excellent site, added to favorites!!
Elizabeth 03-Aug-2006 06:37
Wow. This site is great. I have no words to said more than thanx.
andrea 01-Aug-2006 08:06
You have an outstanding good and well structured site. I enjoyed browsing through it.
andrea 31-Jul-2006 10:07
I enjoy your site very much! THANK YOU
Anna 30-Jul-2006 16:04
Hello, cool site – nice navigation keep going do it! You will have them for our next
Boby 30-Jul-2006 14:37
Bush 30-Jul-2006 01:08
Perfect site! Anything superfluous, all is laconic and beautiful. Thanks!
Mike 29-Jul-2006 17:06
I like it and the background and colors make it easy to read
Den 29-Jul-2006 02:48
Wonderful pages! Keep up the grat work.
Anna 28-Jul-2006 11:08
Nice colors! Good job. thankyou.
Nike 28-Jul-2006 10:01
I enjoy your site very much! THANK YOU
Kelly Crutcher 05-Jul-2006 19:36
Hi, John! I just went to your site and saw the pictures you took of the parade. In that one picture can people tell I'm playing a harmonica, or does it look like I'm doing something weird?

-Kelly :)
Mark Perry 07-Jan-2006 14:19
Hi John!!! Mark Perry here. Just found your site.Barb & I moved to Port ST. Lucie June,04.Francis & Gene followed us up here.Then Wilma.I surf now at the N. jetty in Fort Pierce.Contact me,so I can call you.P.S.Enjoy your photos!
John Lasseter11-Jun-2005 18:21
John--I saw and greatly appreciated a review you did on the Canon 35-350 lens. That led me to you gallery. It appears to me that you have already gone through the transition that I'm very strongly considering. You had an Olympus 2100UZ with a 10X zoom and you upgraded considerably to a 10D and a very expensive 10x Canon zoom lens. I have been using a Kodak DX6490 with a 10X zoom to take sports photos as a non-paying hobby for a local college ( ) and I'm thinking about a Canon 20D and maybe this Canon 35-350 zoom. It's going from a $500 all-inclusive camera to a $3,000 camera system. It's going from an easy to carry, light to use camera to something that requires an equipment back and weighs about 5 pounds. My hope is that the jump in quality and capabilities will offset the cost and inconveniences of the much heavier camera. Do you have any words of encouragement or advice. Since this is so long I'll mark it as a private comment but if you think that my question and your response will be helpful to others, please feel free to post it. Thanks in advance,

Frank, for me the jump in quality was well worth it. This is only a hobby for me but I invested & I'm glad that I did. To save money you might go with the new 8MP Rebel & put the money into the glass. The weight is a considerable difference but the quality of the images is worth it. I use a monopod whenever I'm shooting at the long end. I would like to upgrade to the 20D but will have to wait.
I got the 35-350 used from B&H, it had one spot of dust inside. Whenever it shows up I clone it out. Some of my buddies shooting surfing purchased the 100 - 400mm. I'm still happy with my purchase. Good Luck J
Naturephoto Monique09-Jan-2005 20:59
John, you have beautiful work in your galleries!
Thank you for sharing.

Best wishes,
Vicki Moore18-Nov-2004 16:37
You are very talented. I love the way you use color. All your galleries are well presented. A pleasure to visit.
Guest 12-Nov-2004 21:34
I really like your style. nice variety of images.
great work!
Très belle gallerie avec beaucoup de variété
En fantastisk samling, mycket vackert.
Wundervolle Bilder.

Iceman 28-Oct-2004 01:11
Excellent pics of all the places and faces you been and seen. Enjoyed reading your bio. Spent formative/youth/surf/HS years in N. Miami ('59 - '71) when Joe Robbie Stadium was fondly called "The Dump." Still surfing/living (obviously) and working in the weather/marine field along Central NC coast. Your expertise would go well with OBX power and poise. My sister (stills surfs/lives in Tampa) attended Flager College back when BLOWHOLE and VILANO where in their roping-70's-hay-day. Showed her your Bridge Of Lions/St.Auggy pics...she was stoked. Keep up the excellent work...I'm sure you will.

Selvin Chance10-Jan-2004 08:10
Thanks for the visit. Like you I'm not an in your face photographer so the 10X zoom of my new Olympus is a tremendous advantage.
I looked carefully at the shots taken with your Olympus 2100UZ and the images in 2001 (Sea Life Park, Aquarium) are amazing. Even with the relative low pixel count and compression for posting etc. etc. they are absolutely tack sharp (e.g. the Bird of paradise from Foster Botanical)
Your new Canon 10D isn't bad either. Love the shots of Florida. I get to the Ft. Myers region every year or so. Posted a few pictures from there but haven't been there in about two years... so looking forward to my next visit to South Florida especially the Keys..
Selvin Chance10-Jan-2004 06:57
John took a look at your Hawaii pictures especially those of your Diamond Head Hike. That inspired me to finally post mine:

See ya...
Guest 08-Jan-2004 05:56
Hello John: As a fairly new Canon 10d owner I am truely inspired by your photos. I love the camera but have so much to learn. I also like your display backgrounds on PBase. If you care to, please contact me at
Great shooting!
German Rodriguez03-Dec-2003 21:16
I really love your pictures in the scenes galleries. I was stationed in Kaneohe Marine Corps Air Station form 80-83 but really did not spend much time taking pictures. Yours bring back some great memories. Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing.

German Rodriguez
John Lasseter05-Nov-2003 17:52
Hi jennie, I'm very glad that you enjoyed my pics! Don't let PS freak you out, pic up some books & try the tricks they show you. It's not very obvious how things work but with some practice you'll have a ball. I just got PSCS & for working in Canon digital raw format it rocks!! Thanks again for visiting J
Jennie 05-Nov-2003 17:44
Beautiful, inspired shots. Your work evoked in me what I attempt with mine. While I am encouraged to show in this forum, I'm a bit humbled. Still shooting on 35 and about to embark on major learning curve with PS7. Thanks for the Eye Candy. P.S. I'm a beach girl and surf fan... Peace, jam
John Lasseter01-Nov-2003 18:02
Hi Marie, thanks for the kind words, I'm glad that you enjoyed some of my stuff. The moon shot was done with PS work. It was the first time I had shot a moon with the new 10D & I had set the ISO way too high. I got really nice clouds but the moon was burned out to white. I layered in one of my old moons & erased where the cloud needed to fall over the moon.
Thanks again for the visit J
marie01-Nov-2003 00:14
your photographs are wonderful John
just picking out a few favourites
(if I picked all I loved it may fill up the post here )
( :
that moon shot. its really very beautiful.
wondered is it for real :))

very many thanks for your nice comment on my site.
much appreciated
best wishes
John Lasseter14-Oct-2003 19:15
Amy, don't spread that "cat lover" rumor around, might ruin my image. Glad you dropped by.
Guest 14-Oct-2003 19:11
John is the MOST wonderful photographer, friend, surfer dude, cat lover, and "beck" that I know. Now if I could just get him to remember that girl in that movie with the guy that I know? :) ~Call