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jena4love23-Dec-2013 16:01
Hello My Name is miss jina. i saw your profile today and i am contacting you so that we can be friends. and i have special reason of contacting you which i will make known to you. hope to read from you soon in my email address, (
miss JiNA
Pierre Martin 04-Jan-2011 09:31
Dear H.L Tam,

Congratulations for your pictures and sorry to disturb you. I am writing to you because I may need your help.

I was an exchange student in City U in 2006/2007 when the Star Ferry/Queen's Pier movement broke out and I finished my master in political science last year writing a thesis on heritage protests in Hong Kong. This thesis is going to be published in the coming days in a French research journal called "Monde chinois" (Chinese world) and the editor asked me to send him two high quality pictures. I have one already and would like to ask you if you would let us use one of yours as the second one (if possible, that with Tang Siu Wah speaking at the Queen's Pier, with Ho Loy, Chu Hoi-dick, Szeto May, Wong Ho-yin etc. around her).

I do not get any fees for my article so I may not be able to pay you. Yet, your name will be dully mentioned under the picture. And, if you have time, I could also invite you for lunch when I come back to Hong Kong just next month (I unfortunately work in Beijing...).

Please let me know. And thanks a lot for the pictures you took. I often look at Benson Tsang's pictures. Now, I will pay a close attention to yours too.

Best wishes,

BK 06-Dec-2010 02:56
Hi Tam,

Great works of art I have seen from flickr to pbase. I also notice u are using a digital TLR for some works. Is that the minox mini TLR? How do u rate it? I am interested in getting the minox mini TLR. Do u recommend it? Hope to see more of your works. Great inspiration.

Thank you very much,
Vivian Law 03-Nov-2010 10:45
hello Tam

My name is Vivian Law and I am the Director of Art and Design from Island ECC, an international English speaking church in Hong Kong.

I am writing to you because we are interested in one of the photos you took in Victoria Prison. As we are producing our 2011 calendar, covering 12 sectors of Hong Kong such as Government, healthcare, media etc, your photo speaks a thousand words and be great to tell the story of those in prison.

We would greatly appreciate if you would give us the permission to feature your work along with credits. Please let us know if this is something of interest to you.

Thank You
Marina Fung 06-Aug-2010 17:05
Hi Tam,

I have been admiring your photos for about a year now and I find them so unique and artistic. I am new to photography and have attended a documentary photography course. I am so inspired by your photos and wonder if you teach photography. Please email me if you are interested. Thank you!

Lars24-Mar-2010 05:27
Hi Tam,
I am enjoying now your excellent pictures for quite a long while... that means they are a great work! Thanks for that!
Greetings from HK, Lars
Jonathan Wong12-Feb-2010 06:06
Happy Chinese New Year, Tam

You are a very talented photographer and strength at using photo to express idea.
You shown us the details which we always overlook and bring a new value to those details.

I love your style and attitude.

H.L.Tam31-Jan-2010 11:05
Hi Peter,

Thank you a lot for the nice words of support. As most of the holidays are only a few days, what photos in my photography exercise are taken in the short trips only.

Best wishes !

Peter Hwu 30-Jan-2010 10:55
Thank you for sharing. I like the way you capture the essence of life and people. How do you travel to so many places?
Mini Li 27-Nov-2009 15:00
Hello Tam,

It is very urgent. I'm a reporter from The Young Reporter, a student publication of HKBU Journalism department.I would like to use one photoPlease permit us to do so and we will add your name as courtesy. We need your permission before Monday or we need to find other photos please, reply meas soon as possible.

Here is the online version of TYR:
Mini Li 26-Nov-2009 02:47
Hello Tam,

I'm a reporter from The Young Reporter, a student publication of HKBU Journalism department with circulation of 5000. I would like to use one photo from your first case in Hong Kong album in the December Issue. Please permit us to do so and we will add your name as courtesy. Please reply me using the email below. If we don't get your proposal, we can't use the photo. Please reply me as soon as possible.
Pawel Kazmierczyk07-Sep-2009 08:20
Hello Tam, what a fantastic collection of galleries.... You have a great eye for photography, and a unique sense of style. I have truly enjoyed going through your photos - the range and variety of topics, the originality of viewpoint, and the quality. Well done, keep it up ! Greetings from Poland. Pawel
chaosteo 04-Jan-2009 07:31
Hi Tam,

I used to be an event photographer but sometimes I found myself struggling when I try to take street photography. I really like your wonderful shots. Did you approach or ask people first when taking their shots? since they look so nature while remain well composed.
Sound.Wave 30-Oct-2008 09:03
Boss, you're a master. Amazed by your works. Thank you.
Guest 30-Oct-2008 09:02
Boss, you're a master. Amazed by your works. Thank you.
Guest 06-Oct-2008 02:42
Hi HL, would like to use some of your photos. Could you email me on and let me know your contact please. Many thanks/Alvin Cheung
Guest 16-Sep-2008 23:04
Your galleries are my favorite on PBase. I bookmark them and go back again and again. I like the immediacy and documentary aspect of street photography and I think your pictures capture that spirit very well.
blackie 21-Aug-2008 15:59
excellent collection! great job!
Melissaa12-Jul-2008 06:58
One of my favorites on pbase. Keep up the good work.
Richard Young02-Apr-2008 17:33
Hi HL: Beautiful pictures that grab an instant of life! Richard
Mr. Fabulous 09-Mar-2008 06:41
Amazed by the Darjeeling Sketchbook. Thank You.

Mr. Fabulous
Rob Rosetti16-Jan-2008 17:53
Added you to my favourites! Keep on shooting!
daniel sandjaja 03-Jan-2008 18:07
your shots bring me to the place in that pictures!!!
awesome website! i love the hong kong pictures. Next week I'll be in Hong Kong for a week, seeing your pictures make me feel I'm already there.
thanks for sharing!!!
NN 20-Nov-2007 18:50
§Ú·|¥[¤@­Óreference ©ó§Ú¥\½Ò¤Wªº¡I
Thank you
Guest 07-Mar-2007 15:28
Your photos have really made my day. Thank you.
Leland Wong22-Feb-2007 17:35
wishing you happy new year! may you suceed in all your endeavors. may you be healthy and vigorous like the dragon and the horse. may the four seasons be safe and peaceful. may your house be filled with gold and jade.
Joe Wong20-Feb-2007 15:07
André Bessot28-Dec-2006 13:55
I wish you a Happy New Year.
Best regards.
Bang Truong11-Dec-2006 06:50
You got a lot of great documentary shots. I enjoyed viewing them. Great jobs !
martha 28-Nov-2006 20:25
i am looking for public housing estate in hk..
for my art mock exam!
searching in google for a long time...
your site....REALLY GOOD!!!
roulette 27-Nov-2006 18:45
u have the beauty site
James Giovanni Pan14-Nov-2006 15:13
Wow. You have a very diverse set of galleries. All of them are nicely handled with skill and techniques. I look forward to seeing many more awesome photos...
Richard Haas 26-Sep-2006 14:33
could you please contact me. Thanks in advance
mike gao 21-Sep-2006 19:01
Hi H.L. Tam
I like your pictures very much, and I check your gallery several times a week. I am particularily moved the pictures of WTO protest in HongKong. It shows to me that the HongKong residents are very mature about democracy. The composition of that gallery is very powerful. Also, I am very impressed by your usage of light because small camera, such as the canon a610, has very limited dynamic range, and you are very careful to avoid harsh light. I find that most the pictures of your HongKong gallery are shot under the shade. Thus adds color to the picture. That is very clever. I can't wait to see your new work. Thanks for sharing.
Louis Lau 10-Sep-2006 06:42
After vewing your pics,
Just feel your camera becomes a part of your body,
shooting just like breathing...
alex kong16-Jul-2006 08:04
wonderful, amazing...great impact to me, thanks for your sharing!!
Guest 11-Jul-2006 20:01
my email address is:
Guest 11-Jul-2006 20:00
Hiya...I m looking for some photo of Mido Cafe and that's wot google brings me to ur galleries. Your pics are brilliant. I wonder if I can use one of ur Mido cafe pics on our Magazine. Please feel free to contact us.
Billy 25-Jun-2006 14:44
The Site is excellent..!! Wish you all the best..
H.L.Tam24-Jun-2006 07:02
Hi Otw,
Thank you for the kind words about my photography exercises. I've tried some small digital cameras. The one I love most is A610. The image quality from which is excellent. GR digital can be considered as a backup and the image quality is not as good as A610.
Best regards!
H.L.Tam 17-Jun-2006 13:38
Brilliant. Freaking brilliant. Ian Schwartz.
H.L.Tam28-May-2006 11:10
Hi Warren,
Thank you for the kind words about my photography exercises. Most of the photos in the Beijing Sketchbook are captured with RD-1. The A610 is the one I like most. For the 28mm wide lens I will prefer the GR digital or Canon S80, but I am looking for some better one too.
Best regards!
Warren 28-May-2006 02:41
Wow, you sure do know how to get the most out of so many cameras. Very nice images, I appreciate you sharing them with the world.

Having used many reputable cameras, I'm curious which one or ones you reach for most? You've got great shots with the Ricoh GR Digital, the Canon A610 & G5, the Oly c7070, and you have so many pictures up I haven't even found the ones taken with the RD-1 yet. I'm still using my Oly c5050 (I love it), but I'm looking for something faster but not an SLR. Maybe 28mm lens? Maybe voigtlander superwides on an RD-1?

Any of your thoughts on the matter would be greatly appreciated.

H.L.Tam26-May-2006 12:06
Hi Billy,
Thanks for visiting my photography exercises. R-D1 is a nice camera and I bought it in Tin Cheung Camera Company. If you have interest in R-D1, you can check at
Best wishes !
Guest 26-May-2006 09:03
Hi HL...

Nice photos with the EPson R-D1.
Btw... where did you buy it in Hong Kong???

Guest 15-May-2006 15:37
Amazing collection of streetlife from all over! More!

dhogan24-Apr-2006 03:16
Very nice...
H.L.Tam07-Apr-2006 17:45
Hi Phoebe,
Thanks for visiting my photography exercises and for nice comment. To take photos is just a record of life for me. I am still learning how to take a good shot from the other photographers in PBase. There is the limitation for the trial account in PBase and you can upgrade your account for more space. Hope to see your photos in PBase soon and we can discuss them on the web.
Best wishes !
miah malixi 05-Apr-2006 15:33
You have great shots!! Incredibly amazing!!
Tanya H08-Mar-2006 06:29
I enjoyed your galleries and I love the black and white.
Peter Chou02-Mar-2006 16:23
Thanks for visiting my gallery and I am impressed with your street photography skill! I have learnt much just by looking through your galleries! Keep your photos coming!
kitty 01-Mar-2006 02:11
Hello. I just wonder if you are the Physics teacher from ·|¦Ò±Ð«Ç, H.L.Tam?
Eddie Ling23-Feb-2006 13:07
very fruitful gallery! well done!
dark_room19-Feb-2006 18:52
...and you got my vote.
dark_room19-Feb-2006 18:22
Thank you very much.

You have wonderful photos here!

I enjoyed watching.
Leland Wong16-Jan-2006 22:36
Thank you for giving me the inspiration in creating my gallery ::San Francisco Chinatown Life:: Looking at your images make me realize I am too tight in my cropping and will try to include more background in my photography exercises, or what I call photo essays. Thank you again!
H.L.Tam15-Jan-2006 19:08
Hi Nassiri,
I will prefer A610 when go out for some shots. The A610 is smaller in size, it can be putted inside the jeans pocket. And also the image quality of A610 is better than that of S2 IS (from my view). When I want to take some photos of portraits with blurred background, S2 IS will be my choice.
Guest 15-Jan-2006 18:23
Dear H.L.Tam
Thank you for replying to my question .
I Have an question from you!
why do'nt you continue working with Canon S2?
Do you prefer A610 to S2?
thanks for your guidance & reply.
H.L.Tam14-Jan-2006 08:47
Hi Nassiri,
Thanks for visiting my photography exercises. The Canon S2 IS is another nice camera other than A610. The photos come from S2 is very sharp. If you found the photos is not sharp enough, you can apply some USM to the images in PS. Also the more contrast of the shot, the image will look more sharp. Hope this helps.
Best regards !
M.R.Nassiri 14-Jan-2006 07:38
dear H.L.Tam
hello , your pics with Canon S2 is very beautiful & strong in sharpness , color , focus & ... I have a Canon S2 and I take good picturs but your pics is unbelievable in sharpness . They are very like to DSLR Camera's pics . Plz help us to take pics like your pics .
H.L.Tam12-Jan-2006 15:59
Hi Peter,
Thank you for visiting my photography exercises !
Peter 12-Jan-2006 12:55
Thanks for sharing Mr Tam! I've been here for just over an hour and just cant stop looking at your photos! Very impressive!

Peter - Sweden
francis lee12-Jan-2006 04:13
Just been to your WTO gallery. Good journalistic stuff i must say.
Jens 09-Jan-2006 08:08
Thx for fast answer Mr. Tam. I will buy also a A610 and try the style u shooting in Hamburg. I will open up a pbase Gallery and share that stuff... Thx so far... :-D
H.L.Tam09-Jan-2006 03:35
Hi Jens,
Thanks for visiting my photography exercises. The Powershot A610 is a nice camera for snap shots. It has a faster focusing system than G5 and the image quality is also improved. I set the camera A610 underexposure by 1/3 to 2/3 EV. Sometimes I will change the exposure by adjusting the curve in Photoshop. This makes the photos stronger in colour and contrast. Hope this helps.
Best wishes !
Jens 08-Jan-2006 20:47
Hello Mr. Tam,
i love your pics. I am so happy to see so puwerfull vivid and colorfull and contrasty pictures here on digital. I shooting slides, but when i see your pics i want to go digital. but i cant belive that that quality is only made by the camera. For sure, it is mainly you, but you cant make colours and contrast. he he. I mostly like the Powershot A610 shots. Can u tell me what settings u use? Contrast +2 ? Saturation +2 or what? Your pics are full of live and passion. I`ll have look at your gallerys for 3 hours now, and i cant see me done. Plz tell me: is it worth to buy the powershot A610? Is there much processing after shooting in Photoshop? Plz answer my Question. I want to make photos in the same style in Hamburg.
AL07-Jan-2006 15:27
Thanks for showing me the true Hong Kong and also the world - very fascinating! It's a great learning experience for me and thanks for sharing...
Jinder06-Jan-2006 23:17
Wonderful photos...thank you for bringing them to us!!! Please keep up the great work H.L.
Dan.05-Jan-2006 02:45
Thanks for visit my galleries^^
¨ä¹êadd¥ª§A­Ópbase¥h§Ú­Ófavorite artists list³B«Ü¤[¤F¡A¦¨¤é¾¤°½®v¬[§Ú~~
Louis Lau 31-Dec-2005 15:13
Happy New year!
Guest 24-Dec-2005 18:46
Merry Xmas and Happy New Year too Tam gor!!
Guest 23-Dec-2005 20:48
I wish you merry christmas and the best new year too!
Many thanks for your wishes! Many thanks for your visits to my site too.
It's always a pleasure to see your fantastic pictures, learning a lot from the life in Hong Kong.
Guenter Eh23-Dec-2005 20:36
Wish you happy holidays and a vibrant NEW YEAR 2006 too! And many thanks for your good wishes!
Joe Wong22-Dec-2005 11:33
Merry X'Mas and Happy New Year!
Guest 15-Dec-2005 23:04
hi mr tam,
i saw you on TV on 13th Dec in Wan Chai Protesting Area taking photos!
Leland Wong15-Dec-2005 11:05
i am very touched by you Hong Kong Life images. thank you for giving me another perspective of looking at things.
Guest 12-Dec-2005 16:52
Hi Mr. HL Tam , will you go to the Protest on 13-Dec too ? Hope to see you there !
Sunny Wong04-Dec-2005 17:35
I have to say your sketchbooks are just impressive.
caveman_lee03-Dec-2005 16:49
Hi Tam,
Thanks for your kind words. Your galleries are really good and impressive.
Guest 01-Dec-2005 07:55
Thx for replying so quickly! Are you refering to Canon DC as Canon A610 and G5 ?

This one is really great
H.L.Tam01-Dec-2005 07:32
Hi Frederic,
The old landscape photos in my photography exercise are taken with Nikon D100 and D70. But I found the Canon is more suitable for capture people, so I change to use the Canon DC this year. In the "Hong Kong Color" and some shots, I set the Canon DC to "Vivid" for the color effect. In photoshop, I just adjust the curve to change the exposure slightly. - HL
Guest 01-Dec-2005 07:06
Youre photo stunning. I especially like the warm color and the contrast. You sais that all the photo have been taken with a Nikon cam. But some of those shows in the EXIF data that they come from a Canon A610. Is this true?

If so, what color setting are you using on your A610. Do you ususally process the photo in photoshop ?

ps continue your good work, it gives us the chances to see what it is on your side of the world!
ilikemnms01-Dec-2005 06:27
great photos - especially the "Hong Kong Life" gallery.
Natasha C29-Nov-2005 15:27
Hello Guenter, I've been several time in Hong Kong and it was a real pleasure to visit your galleries. You did so many great shots ! I saw a great work here, hen piaoliang de zhaopian !
Guenter Eh20-Nov-2005 20:51
Again thanks for stopping on my galleries and the friendly comments. I appreciated viewing your immense galleries. You are a busy worker - but the result is always high quality - keep on my friend!
Greetings from old Germany
Sefval Mogalana15-Nov-2005 21:44
Nice pictures you have here. Just to let you know I have placed you in my favorite. I am new to photography. Please look at my photography and give comments. It will be very appreciated!
Richard Haas 15-Nov-2005 14:41
could you please contact me. Thanks in advance
caveman_lee14-Nov-2005 11:04
Thanks for your kind works.
Guenter Eh14-Nov-2005 10:56
Thanks a lot for the bunch of ypour friendly comments on my works. I`m always following the traces of the progression of your galleries! Don`stop my friend. I will learn till I die!!!
Louis 01-Nov-2005 12:25
TL TAM, §A©çªºµóÀYSNAP¯uªº´§Åx¦Û¦p¡C
Moshe Torgovitsky31-Oct-2005 13:25
Very nice pictures, May be I'll visit Hong Kong to see all that.
Xavier Cortina27-Oct-2005 18:51
another great discovery on pbase!. loved your galleries and will keep coming back. all my compliments to your work. your shots are far more than just technique.
Guenter Eh17-Oct-2005 13:34
It was a real pleasure for me, to surf on your galleries. Get a lot of ideas. Everybody can learn from each other. Thanks for sharing these wonderful "paintings of light"!
Guest 14-Oct-2005 05:22
Your work, especially on Hong Kong are my favourites by far. You've captured the mood, tempo of this vibrant city very well. I have to go to Hong Kong again soon. Your work is inspiring.
Guest 26-Aug-2005 01:52
Your galleries are a great place to escape. Thank you. What is your favorite?
Guest 16-Aug-2005 04:50
What an extensive set of galleries, and all of them are great to look at. Thanks for sharing!
Brando Ho12-Aug-2005 05:29
Hello Tam,
I left Hong Kong over 30 years ago. Looking at your pictures in the Hong Kong city scape, I thought it looked as though it was a whole different world to me. I like your photo document shots, thanks for sharing. ^_^
21-Jul-2005 06:09
I enjoyed visiting your galleries. Except for Tsukiji, all of the photos are of places I've never been to. It is a pleasure to view them the way you saw them.
selena 29-Jun-2005 12:10

nice homepage you've got!
keep up the good work

alex 19-Jun-2005 12:52
Absolutely wonderful photos - you have an amazing eye, and obviously the technical expertise to pull your vision through. I'd love to use some of your work in some composites I'm making for a website, and would like to ask your permission but though I've searched the web for you, I haven't found an email address.
My email:
Keep up your wonderful work!!!!
Nigwel18-Jun-2005 14:01
Great Photo`s.. and Gallery
c. 18-Jun-2005 13:01

The HK pictures are incredible, they capture this city so well. Is there any way to get in touch with you directly? Thanks.

Louis 05-Jun-2005 10:03
§Úı±o§Aªº¬Û¤ù»P¤Hªº¥Í¬¡¶ZÂ÷«Üªñ¡A¯uªºcaptured the moments!
¤Q¤ÀªY½à§A©Ò©çªº! §Æ±æ§A¦³ªÅ¨Ó¬Ý¬Ý§Ú©çªº¥Í¬¡¬Û¤ù, µ¹§Ú¤@¨Ç·N¨£, ¤j®a¥æ¬y¤@¤U!
KK Leung02-Jun-2005 17:07
hey tam,

Thanks for your comments in my album too. i need to learn more how to take nice picstures like those pics that you took. :-)
Guest 03-May-2005 14:37
again in Tokyo? impressive new photos!
seems that you have more time to take photos recently!
Guest 23-Apr-2005 03:25
Hi! You've captured HK very well indeed...I like the pictures taken in Morocco...nice colours there!You have a great eye! You seem a professional in this...I'm taking pic just for my family to see and as a memory as well...wish i could take some better and more artistic ones in the near future.i'll start practising soon... ^_^ keep it up!!
Norman Tam21-Apr-2005 15:12
hi mr tam,

i love your galleries. through your photos, you really showcase the life of differrent cities. you've great skills.

you really make me miss hk so much.

thanks for sharing. please keep it coming.

mr tam
International Award-Winning Singapore Photographer Albert Lam14-Apr-2005 13:35
An eye opening Hong Kong. Great Work....
Guest 07-Apr-2005 01:04
so why did you take the photos about the Pope?
Guest 11-Mar-2005 17:59
well, nice to reorganize all the albums!
Gabriella 26-Feb-2005 16:42
che delizia e che meraviglia le tue foto, vorrei usarne alcune del marocco. come devo fare?I'd like to use some of your photo's . Can you contact me at this e-mail address?Thank you. Gabriella Rinaldi Italy naples.
Guest 14-Jan-2005 13:59
glad to see that you took photos in different districts :)
Guest 11-Jan-2005 09:02
why you always go to particular places to take photos?
why not going to the western district or southern district?
Guest 31-Dec-2004 06:31
I've finally managed to go through all of your photos and they are excelent. You have a great eye. I hope I can take photos as good as yours one day :)

keep the good stuff coming!!!
Rebecca 21-Dec-2004 15:06
I'm writing on behalf of a Hong Kong educational publishing company. We would like to request for permission of the use of some of your photos. Would you mind telling us your e-mail address so that we can discuss in details? My e-mail address is I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,
Guest 13-Dec-2004 15:09
i enjoy your galleries very much. nice shot! i'd like to go to there someday. have a good day. thanks for posting. mandy
dendron123 03-Dec-2004 14:07
I also like the Paris one most. The museum is fantastic at different times.

Can't imagine you went to the Ocean park to take the photos of the Patrouille de France !

Your camera is really great!
Guest 28-Nov-2004 05:13
OMG... your pictures are EXCELLENT!! I just saw HongKong and already i wanted to sign your guestbook. It's dat good! You manage to capture the essence of the place WITH the people.. BUT i wonder if did you get angry reactions from the people you capture? I find it very hard to point at them without them turning away or staring angrily...coz I like and intend to take shots like yours... it's my fav subject - people.

fellow Pbaser : htpp://
Guest 23-Nov-2004 08:30
You discovered the beauty of Hong Kong, you surely did.
Thanks for sharing
Guest 14-Nov-2004 15:31
I really like your style. nice variety of images.
great work!
Très belle gallerie avec beaucoup de variété
En fantastisk samling, mycket vackert.
Wundervolle Bilder.

Guest 12-Nov-2004 13:50
Your work is impressive, especially the Paris gallery....I like it most
If you like you may have a look of my photo gallery ( )

Ed Braverman 09-Nov-2004 07:13
Looked at Hong Kong - every picture is a treasure!
Guest 08-Nov-2004 15:11
I like the way you have captured the mood in your photographs.
Your galleries are excellent!
Guest 21-Oct-2004 16:00
I was very impressed with your gallery. I looked through most of your galleries, and each one is amazing. I loved your use of color and composition. I espeically loved all your shots of people getting thier hair cut in the streets, that is very classic. Keep up the great work brother. - Jordan
Didier Vanderperre08-Sep-2004 01:22
So many great pictures to look at, I was going crazy jumping from gallery to gallery.
Great work, I love your sense of composition. Colors and lighting are perfect.
Being French I particularly enjoyed your Paris galleries.
Elise C 20-Aug-2004 06:42
nice pic
hope i can do the same
Brian 15-Aug-2004 14:01
Your photos are very good
By the way, are you physpot's HL Tam?
H.L.Tam13-Aug-2004 13:16
Hi Ting,
Thanks for your visit and suggestions. To go to Tibet is my dream.

ting 13-Aug-2004 09:47
in the gallary , most of the photos were taken in other countries.
I guess you can go to china, in Tibet, daocheng ¡]½_«°¡^¡Ayunnan, those places are the heaven for photographers.

Like I have been to sichuan and daocheng this summer, If you have such good equipments and techniques, they will be wonderful places. In daocheng you can take photos of those snow mountains, which needs very professional techniques
H.L.Tam11-Aug-2004 12:56
Dear Alex,
Thanks for your visit of my photography exercise.

This is my pleasure to share my learning process with you.

I learn some basic knowledge and the skill of photography by reading books, but the most effective way is to learn from other artist’s galleries (for example, in PBase).

All the photographs have been taken in the RAW format. I use Nikon Capture Editor to edit the RAW files. After that, I change the RAW file into the JPG format.

For the colour of the photos, you can try different White balance in your camera or you can change this in the Nikon Capture Editor if your photos are in the RAW format.

Alex 11-Aug-2004 06:08
Very great! I also form HK and would like to know where & how to learn the technique you have (both shooting and re-touch). I have a D70 but never get the such rich color compare to the picture you show.
H.L.Tam04-Aug-2004 01:33
Thank you !

t917 03-Aug-2004 10:22
i feel very suprised u've got this nice gallery!
alice 30-Jun-2004 13:16
yep~i also wanna ask...are you physpot's HLTam?
Jonathan Wong26-Jun-2004 10:37
Hello, Tam
Guest 20-Jun-2004 03:32
thanks very much for your msg!! ^_^

i'll come back to check later :p
Kris 13-Jun-2004 15:43
Hey~~ Are U phySpot HL Tam?~~~
Larry Lam31-May-2004 15:06
So colorfull, nice graphic and lovely
someone 29-May-2004 10:17
your photograpgs are wonderful! I like it so much.
By the way,are you the teacher in physpot who teach physics?