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Conventionally bark photos are presented on a vertical plane, but to my eye some bark photos look better on a horizonal plane. I hope viewers agree.

An explanation for the abbreviations used in photo descriptions can be found at .

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Birch Bark
:: Birch Bark ::
Black Locust Bark
:: Black Locust Bark ::
Crab Apple Bark
:: Crab Apple Bark ::
Cherry Bark
:: Cherry Bark ::
Dogwood Bark
:: Dogwood Bark ::
Elm Bark
:: Elm Bark ::
Ginkgo Bark
:: Ginkgo Bark ::
Golden Rain Tree Bark
:: Golden Rain Tree Bark ::
Japanese Pagoda Tree Bark
:: Japanese Pagoda Tree Bark ::
Locust Bark
:: Locust Bark ::
Maple Bark
:: Maple Bark ::
Osage Orange Bark
:: Osage Orange Bark ::
Pear Bark
:: Pear Bark ::
Pine Bark
:: Pine Bark ::
Sycamore or London Plane Tree Bark
:: Sycamore or London Plane Tree Bark ::
Willow Bark
:: Willow Bark ::
Miscellaneous Bark
:: Miscellaneous Bark ::