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Joops Dog Log - Saturday October 02

Joop's Dog Log - Saturday October 02

Seen the debate? Easy choice between the two. John Kerry was so much stronger.
But of course dogs always know how to make choices better than humans,
it`s in our nature!

Remember the story I told you in June about the blind human Anneke who was refused
at the Pathé movie theatre because she wanted to bring her guide dog Lucky in:
There were a lot of protests, and the matter was even discussed in our national parliament.
Anneke was thinking of legal action against the movie theatre.
Today the news is that the cinema management backs down.
From now on blind humans can bring in their guide dogs when they go to a movie.
So tonight Anneke and Lucky will go to a show. Anneke still won`t be able to see anything
but at least she`ll get the feeling...

Canon EOS 300D Digital Rebel
1/125s f/8.0 at 39.0mm iso100 full exif

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Henk Binnendijk04-Oct-2004 14:08

riann @ 2004-10-02 03:55 said:
I can see how much you love your dog. I feel the same about mine. Where do you live? It is very beautifull there with much space for you and your dog! Greetings, Riann
cassiopeia @ 2004-10-02 04:08 said:
i didnt know that blind people even attended movies...
the_nannish_one @ 2004-10-02 05:21 said:
The good weekend wishes are being sent in return, guys.
And cannot help but wonder if we`ll see you on flickr? I know you`ve a PBase account, but it sure is easier to visit ones nearest and dearest on one site. and just in case Fotolog doesn`t make it, it appears flickr is the site of choice. Just so you know.
Here in the US, it is illegal to refuse someone admittance into a public place if they have a guidedog or a handidog. Good law, sez I! I hope Anneke and Lucky enjoy the movie. I used to go to the movies with a blind friend, whispering what was going on. It amazed me how much she knew without my words. A whole lot of the story and surely the acting is heard and not seen!
Oops, almost forgot. I think Kerry won the debate, hands down. Bush was squirming and sweating and rather furious. Not surprising, I thought! I heard groups of undecided voters on three different television networks, who almost all agreed that John Kerry won. Most, however, are waiting for the debate on domestic issues to make up their minds. How that`s even vaguely possible at this late date amazes me, but it`s fine, just so long as they see the light before the election.
smiling_da_vinci @ 2004-10-02 06:31 said:
Yaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!! :o)
robaco @ 2004-10-02 10:11 said:
oh, beautiful dog, beautiful story
_vm79_ @ 2004-10-02 10:40 said:
About the US: They think they can rule the whole world! In fact, the whole world can talk about their next president because today they are like Rome was in ancient times.
jakes_world @ 2004-10-02 11:22 said:
Looking very confident here, friend. Joop, you are quite right, dogs seem to heve a "nose" for making the correct choices. Hopefully our humans will clear their sinuses and sniff out the right choice too. Paws crossed.
and GREAT news re: Anneke and Lucky!!! I hope they both enjoy the movie!!!
ann279 @ 2004-10-02 12:25 said:
Progress for your we need some good news here. Yes, Kerry won the debate hands down, but I have a feeling the rebuplican slime machine will do something really nasty. They always do. The next debate is really important, too. Kerry will do well...that little moron bush can hardly contain his anger and reacts from it rather than thinking things through. And that, friends, is why he has alienated the entire world. Can you imagine being a world leader and seeing those facial contortions during an important summit. He`s totally unfit to be president. The scary thing is the number of Americans that support him...I just don`t understand.
waldgeister @ 2004-10-02 17:23 said:
Moin Joop, after the last citation of reaction from r-wing US-guys on your anti-GWB campagne and the thing with the Nazis I am still hesitating to deal further with this topic. My opinion toward this is very ambivalent, cause I my heart was never beating for any ruling party here or in the USA, only for the people.In my polical youth the Americans were our enemies when we demonstrated against the Vietnam war and the socalled "gifts" from USA were never accepted as good ones by us.I never felt freed by them, but surrounded by fake democracy of our rightwing government, later cheated by the socialdemocrats.As a mature hippie I am shocked by the ignorance of the young people in my country who are so much astonished about the contents of Michael Moore movie Fahrenheit 9/11. The socalled fun generation does not care for political things coming up in our world, they do not even go for election.They go for what they think to be the American way of life and do not see global circumstances.....I do not think that only changing the front man would bring a change in policy, the big bosses and sponsors will stay as the generals of the former Nazi system stayed in important positions since the 2ndworld war.
schulze @ 2004-10-02 19:41 said:
Nice to see you again my friend!! I am so glad to hear about Anneke!! I remember when you told us her story, I even wrote a comment there! And I have to admit that dogs have a great sense of what is right or wrong... Imagine that dogs could vote for next election in the US... Talking about elections, we have ours tommorrow... For mayors and city councils. All over Brazil! I am taking my two dogs along... perhaps they will help me make the right choice... :) Have a great Sunday and a good week also!!
dullemen @ 2004-10-03 03:13 said:
Goedemorgen Joop. Gelukkig doet mijn flog het weer ik lag er uit en dat is niet leuk. Je loopt al weer heerlijk te wandelen. Geniet maar van deze mooie Dierendag. Het zonnetje is er dus wat wil je nog meer. Mijn oude hondje van 17 jaar slaapt alleen nog maar,dus ga ik alleen op pad. Fijne Zondag ook voor het baasje. Groetjes Dien.
phazerkid @ 2004-10-03 09:30 said:
I think your human should turn you and your life in to a children`s story book ^_^
If us older people love you, imagine the kids!
waldgeister @ 2004-10-03 12:09 said:
Moin, were right! Morning dust and dew turned to blue sky and sunshine allover the fields, the lakes and the canal...the only boring thing was posing with our humans. Regarding this special day today our bosslady has again - what a wonder - a very ambivalent point of view too....she has not become an "Ossi-hater" like many of the former FRG-people are. No love and peace between the eastern and western brothers up to now. Tearing down the wall only opened the way to enlarge markets and make money, but it didn`t tear down the envie and prejudices between two nations with genuine common roots.Talking about it as "Tag der deutschen Einheit" is still a fake.Love from D&B&P
maximillion @ 2004-10-04 02:22 said:
How very nice. It takes people rising up and taking stands to get things done. You look very handsome on this bridge. Bronte sends kisses to you! Max is doing a little better. He is taking little steps when he goes outside to do his business. We are very encouraged! Thank you for your kindness. You candle warmed our hearts! Ann and the Max pack.
coffee_drinker @ 2004-10-04 06:42 said:
Big shouts out to Anneke for standing up for what she believes in and Big shouts out to you Joop for being one cool dog!!
wabana @ 2004-10-04 08:50 said:
What is very frustrating to me, as an American, is the way that people lump us all together and make generic statements about how "Americans" want to police the world, "Americans" are wrong, "Americans" only care about money, etc. There is a LARGE group of Americans who firmly believe that Bush did not win the election 4 years ago and that most of what he has done in office has been shameful, embarrassing and downright evil. We are not all hateful warmongerers who think we own the world and cannot admit our own mistakes.
I am sorry that you have gotten such nasty comments. Makes me ashamed. You should see what is going on over here. People`s car windows smashed and lawn signs torn up simply because they support one candidate or another. We have a "Veteran for Kerry/Edwards" sign in our yard and we`ve all been waiting for someone to take offense and rip up our lawn or something.
Keep on doing what you are doing, Joop.

Yvonne02-Oct-2004 13:21
What a wonderful place for a walk! Lots of variation and today's is idyllic green...
Great stories too.
Dominic Kite02-Oct-2004 11:47
Hey Joop, good to see you again! Glad to hear Anneke managed to make the cinema come to their senses.
Argishti Khachik02-Oct-2004 08:54
very beautiful!
Chris(tine)02-Oct-2004 08:42
Hey, nice to see you. We have moved into the new house - I've got a garden at last that I can (nearly) get lost in. The cat has been let out for the first time in months, so now doesn't take it out on me. Life is good again and I think the owners are happy. Max