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How do I link to my PBase pages?
Link to your root gallery (all of your galleries)

Link to one of your galleries
example: name

Link to a single image using default size
example: number

Specify the size of an image
example: number/size

Direct linking to an image for use on another website, forums, or message boards:
Due to bandwidth costs, you can only use this feature if you have paid.

This works just like linking to an image page but append .jpg to the end of the URL.
example: number.jpg
example: number/size.jpg

Note: to direct link to a .gif, use the .jpg extension also. It will still send the gif file.

The number in the image URLs is that photo's image_id which is a unique number across the site. You can find this number by viewing that photo and looking at the URL in your browser's address/location bar near the top or by holding your mouse over the thumbnail for that photo, and looking at the URL in your browser's status bar at the bottom.

Please use only the hostname or in your URLs. These will always work. Other hosts such as image2, genjaro, www2, ji, or anything similar might work or seem to work at first, but are server specific and may become invalid as the site hardware architecture changes. One goal of pbase is to never break incoming links to the site. When changes are made to the URL structure, the old ways still work. But for this to work, you must use the official URLs as explained above.

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