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Go to your usergroups management page.
Enter the name of the new usergroup.
Click the Add Group button.
Your unpublished usergroups are only accessible by you.
You can easily change whether a group is published or unpublished using the link at the top right of the list of members.

The blacklist usergroup can be used to block unwanted PBase users from commenting on your galleries or sending you messages.
You can add a member to your blacklist the same way you add them to your favorite list. On the users profile page, there is an option to add the user to a usergroup. From the drop-down menu, select **blacklist, and that user will be added to your blacklist usergroup.

The favorites usergroup consist of all of the members that you have selected as your favorites. The favorite artists page offers an easy way to see the most recent images from the members of your usergroups. When you view your own favorite artists page, you can access all of your usergroups, published or not. Others can visit your favorite artists page to see images from the members of usergroups that you have published. Members are listed according to when their most recent images were uploaded,... (more)

It is easy to add someone to your favorites usergroup. On the users profile page in the statistics box, there is an option to add that user to a user group. There is a dropdown menu. You can create a new user group, select an existing usergroup, select the **favorites, or **blacklist.
Select **favorites and click add to usergroup. This user is now a member of your favorites usergroup.

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