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PBlog Template
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A PBlog is a special kind of gallery that contains entries that may or may not have an image with them.

The PBlog template displays image captions, dates, and titles along with the thumbnail (if there is one).
We tried to design the HTML in the PBlog template so that you can really customize your PBlog with a stylesheet. This is currently in beta mode, which means that we may make additions or changes to the HTML after we get some feedback from customers.

There is also a PBlog upload tool that allows you to enter your PBlog entry text, title, and optional image all in one form. You can also use this tool for the Original template. The entry text will be the image caption. This tool can be reached via the "add new entry" link on your PBlog or from the "pblog upload" link at the top of the edit gallery page of any gallery.

Anyone can create a PBlog, and you can create as many of them as you like.

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