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Password Protected Galleries
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Passkeys are used to limit access to galleries and images on PBase.

Every passkey consists of the following: Name This is a unique identifier for the passkey; this field cannot be left blank. A Password Anyone trying to access your galleries can enter this password to gain access. For your own security, you should use a good password. A good password contains many characters, no words, some numbers, and some punctuation. This field may be left blank. A Usergroup All PBase members listed in this usergroup can gain access to your galleries by logging... (more)

To create a new passkey: In the Password Protection section, type the password you want to put on the gallery. Click the Update Gallery button. If using an existing passkey: Select the passkey name from the dropdown list of passkeys and click the Update Gallery button. Now, when you view the edit gallery page, there is a Gallery Passkeys section. If you left the box checked to add the password protection to all subgalleries, the current gallery and all of its subgalleries now require the passkey... (more)

Yes, you can put as many passkeys on a gallery as you like.

If you put a passkey on your gallery, it will grant access to anyone who has the passkey password or anyone who is in the passkey usergroup.

If you have any passkeys on the gallery, there will be a Gallery Passkeys section above the Password Protection section. The Gallery Passkeys section lists all passkeys on the gallery with their names, associated usergroups, and permissions. You can click on a passkey name to edit the passkey or click on a usergroup name to edit the usergroup. In this section, there is also a checkbox to remove the passkey from the gallery. You can choose to remove the passkey from the current gallery only or from... (more)

In the Gallery Passkeys section, all of the gallery's passkeys are listed with a checkbox to select if you wish to remove them.
Check the remove checkbox by all of the passkeys you wish to remove.
Select whether you want to remove the passkeys from the current gallery only or from the current gallery and all of its subgalleries.
Now, just click the Update Gallery button.
The passkey no longer appears in your Gallery Passkeys section.

A password protected gallery will show up in your gallery list. Viewers will not be able to access the gallery unless they have the passkey.
A non-public gallery will not show up on your gallery list. Viewers will need to know the URL of a non-public gallery or image in order to view it.
A gallery can be made both non-public and password protected. Viewers will need to know both the URL of the gallery and the password for the gallery in order to view it.

In order to do so, go to the passkey page.
From here, you can select your locked gallery image. You have three options:
1. use the gallery's representative image
2. use the PBase default (padlock)
3. use your own image.
If you choose to use your own image, enter the image id # (image must be hosted on PBase).
After making your changes, click the "update locked image" button.

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