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Isleidyll | all galleries >> Antique Province, Panay Island Philippines > We arrive at Sira-an Hot Springs Resort, Anini-y, Antique
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We arrive at Sira-an Hot Springs Resort, Anini-y, Antique

We arrive at Sira-an Hot Springs Resort, Anini-y, Antique

Anini-y, Antique Province, Panay Island, Philippines

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aldren d srvando 01-Aug-2010 09:07
i love anini -y that's all
klyd gennie endoso 29-Jul-2010 10:52
ahm,...! namie gd tnah ang hot spring sa anini-y aah!! we love it!! taga anini-y tmun, ahahahah
Guest 14-Jan-2010 19:51
I did not know that Casay's Patron Saint is Theresa of Avila..My husband, son, and I, were in Avila, Spain three years ago. It is one of the most beautiful places in Spain. Its medieval wall which surrounds the city is well preserved. Avila's wall and Carcassone's wall in France are the best preserved medieval walls. You have to be there to appreciate its beauty.
It was spring time when we were in Spain. The southern cities of Granada and Sevilla were full of flowers and fragrant with ornage blossoms, but Avila had 3 inches of snow. I wish I can see the city again...(Hint, hint, Jose mi amor!)
I also wish I am back in Anini-y where, I don't have to look at my watch nor check my appointment calendar. Just love that laid back attitude of those folks from Anini-y. To heck with this daily frenzy...
Neneng Nemy
chad 05-Jan-2010 05:56
,.,.,.balik kami this 9 of january ma overnyt kmi diha,, lami man kaayo ooyyy... damo me all of youth in botong ADVENTEST CHURCH.,.
Guest 05-Jan-2010 05:54
,,.,.,.balik kami this 9 of january ma overnyt kmi diha,, lami man kaayo ooyyy... damo me all of youth in botong ADVENTEST CHURCH.,.
Guest 01-Oct-2009 17:25
As Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz said,"There's no place like home!"
Neneng Nemy
rayven 17-Jun-2009 12:22
hayy!!! sira-an???? de safe ky amon last time nga salakyan gin buno sang kutselyo... lawlaw ang aware kamo sang inyo salakyan.... po de other side ang sira-an is the best place for friends, family... dira kami perme, pag bugtaw ko ligo dayon... whahaha... pro is nice to have friends der like nene in canteen.. thanks for the companion and for acomodating us.. hanap hanapin ko yan.... thanks nene!!! you were the best.....
Jonard 21-May-2009 06:49
Its been a while after I visit this site. I came back in the US 2 months ago and unfortunately statrted working again. Even I stayed back home for 3 months it seems like its still not enough. Hoping that I can go back home again if time permits. Missed this place as well as family and relatives and friends. Hope to see them again.
neddie diana 04-Feb-2009 07:19
hello again hai pgna miss ko ang lugar nga gin halinan, akon lang ginbalikan ang site nga ja kg magtan aw sang mga picture nga nkapost, para maski gamay lang maibsan man ang kahidlaw ko sa akon brgy. mabuyong...regards sa akon bata si ej kag trixie, i love you mga anak....ingat kau lahat jan sa mga paryentes ko kmusta kamo....kay jonhard nolasco musta kau.....ingat kau jan....sana mbilis ang taon mkauwi ako.... n miss ko na ang lugar naton....happy fiesta gali sa mga taga brgy. mabuyong sa third week ng february......ingat
Guest 22-Jan-2009 03:17
hello to all BUTU-AN CAGERS, musta na ang barkada ko sa akon lugar nga gin halinan, sa tanan nga taga anini-y,sa lugar kang sawa ko sa brgy.nato musta kamo jan? mabuhay anini-y antique
joven bacones 22-Jan-2009 03:10
hello sa tanan nga taga anini-y,ilabi nagid sa akon lugar nga gin halinan sa lugar kang BUTU-AN,ako kag ang akon nga sawa nga si malou castillo bacones kag ang akon bata c audrey castillo bacones.kung akon ginabsa ang komento kang kababayan ko gaturo ang akon luha kay maskin ako pira ron katu-ig nga wara ka uli sa akon pinalangga nga lugar sang anini-y antique,gina kamusta ko ang akon lolo at lola nena at mamit,sa mga bugto ko kag akon mga pakisahan,sa tita kag tito ko mayad lang gna lawas sa inyo tanan,siguro sa dis coming summer maka uli ron ako sa lugar ko nga gin halinan,mayad lang nga aga sa inyo nga tanan.ako c joven roderos bacones,kag nag graduate sa anini-y central school kag sa st,andrews high school batch 95 kag nag iskwela sa pmi colleges,MISS U ALL taga ANINI-Y ANTIQUE, bangon kag magdalagan para sa kauswagan kang ANINI-Y.
nidie diana 18-Jan-2009 04:24
hello; i miss this place too much, most of all the siraan hot spring last octber i visit phillipines, i work her in hongkong us DH sometimes felt sad to leave ur own country and hometown but its next visit i must that hot spring and other places, esp. my alma matter .....dear classmate kmusta n kau... sa mga kids ko,to trixie gail marie diana i'm proud of you study hard,... jan ako nag graduate sa STHS........inagat kau lahat
Jonard 16-Jan-2009 18:16
I'm home Christmas 2008 and New Year. Spending these important occasions with family and love ones was fulfilling and the home sickness was relieved. I attended most of the program in the municipality during the Anipay Festival 20008 as well as alumni home coming at STHS in Casay. I enjoyed a lot seeing old friends and spending time with family and relatives and most of all visiting Siraan and Nogas Island.
Guest 09-Jan-2009 17:38
we visited Anini-y last July 2008. That happy feeling of seeing friends and relatives still resonates within me. The only scary part was traveling from Iloilo to Anini-y. When are they going to pave the road or least make it half safe? That alone will improve tourism in Anini-y.
neneng nemy
decil sarcino 14-Nov-2008 07:10
oh.........antique the best tlaga...
san ka pa?....i love my place...
i love you guys..
Jonard Nolasco 11-Nov-2008 05:16
Its me again. Im going home pretty soon and I can't wait long enough to see my home town, hanging aroundwith friends and of course enjoying the food!!! I would like to extend my regards to all Theresians. Its been awhile after I graduated frommy beloved alma mater St. Therese's High School in Casay and I missed also my friends and relatives in Mabuyong. Whether I am far away my home sickness was relieved. Whoever posted this blog, I am very thankful to him because I do cherish all the memories I have in this place. Hopefully on December 2008 I'll be in these places again.
Jonard Nolasco 20-Oct-2008 05:09
I remember during my high school years when friends and classmates get together and enjoy the scenic view of siraan hot spring and nogas island and of course the fun that we shared. All I can say is that "There's no other place like home." I missed the memories, I missed the place, I missed everything. I'm working as a registered nurse in Springfield Massachusetts USA and I'm proud to share this to everyone at work of what we have out there as I am proud of my home town.
Amy Casenas Peterson 18-Sep-2008 05:21
The last time I went to see my relatives in Anini-y was year 1987 with my sister. I'm so envy to see my sister pictures last May 08 in Sira-an, Nogas Island and with my relatives in Anini-y. Now I just tall to her a week ago and she said that my brother is planning to go there next year. Well, I make sure when I came back mapauli gid ako sa Anini-y. kay nagahidlaw man ako to see the new Anini-y at mga paryente ko at classmate.
Dyna Sican 12-Aug-2008 10:45
Siraan Hot spring is very beautifull place..Nice hot water and clean..Im proud of it. And have nice Mary On the top of volcano as they said. I like siraan Hot spring much..I wish im still in Nato..heheh..just wishing maybe i can visit in my place again soon and swim again in hot lovely water...
Guest 30-Jul-2008 05:14
how nice the siraan hot spring diba...the water is so nice its just like a spa to your ohnny carl dulalia proud to be aninians antike..
Jerebeh Sampior-Vandevijver 14-Jun-2008 21:39
It's really nice to read the comments of the people from Anini-y who are already living abroad. I know what they feel. I think I recognize one the guest who post a comment named NEMY NUNEZ VARGAS. She's my mom's (IRENE SAMPIOR) childhood friend.
Pepay Caychingco 05-Feb-2008 10:10
Just seeing the pictures brought back happy memories of my childhood in Anini-y. The summer we spent gathering seashells, climbing the lumboy tree or the picnic in Siraan. My family are now settled in U.S.A. but I want my daughter to see the place that shaped my life, so this summer we are coming home to Anini-y.
Guest 08-Jan-2008 21:14
My siblings and I were born in Sagua Anini-y, Antique and later left to study in Manila. I have been living in the USA for over 30 years and the last time I saw my hometown, Anini-y, was in 2001. These pictures brought back pleasant memories of my childhood. especially our visits to Siraan and Nogas. I have traveled all over the world but my heart will always be in that little town, I love the most..Anini-y.
Nemy Nunes Vargas
Army Boothroyd 18-Dec-2007 20:29
Hi, Thank you for sharing your photographs which brought a lot of memories to me specially to my father who worked in Anini-y for so long in the 70's (contstructions).

I too have lived in Anini-y and I really admire the developments (future developments) that the local municipality has/have offered.

Congratulations...I live in the UK and with my father now who is visiting us. Regards to all Anini-y.
Amy De Guzman
Jerebeh 17-Aug-2007 12:38
Gosh, I missed this place. I was born in Poblacion, Anini-y, Antique but we moved to Manila to study. It was already been long since I visited the place. Now, I'm living in Belgium-Europe, and I'm looking forward to visit the Anini-y next year. Anyway, how did you discover the place? Where you from there too? Hope to have a reply from you....