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Beach Volleyball 2010

Swatch FIVB World Tour 2010 in Marseille

A selection of my best photos of 2010 tournaments.

16th and last edition of the oldest Beach Volleyball tournament of World Tour.
A pity for Volleyball fans in France & in Marseille, but why should another sport
than Soccer, or a decent cultural life exist in this city ? ...
Many thanks to MCO Congres for the organization of this great tournament
year after year. Link to Marc Crousillat's interview (french) about his
decision to stop the organization of the tournament.

Links to official website of World Series 13 Open :
Marseille's World Series 13 website
Entries, results, ranking, any information on the tournament :
FIVB pages for men's tournament
FIVB pages for women's tournament

Erika Fabjan (SLO) jumped serve Sascha Heyer (SUI) receives Martina Jakob (SLO) receives Linyin Xu (CHN) jumped serve
Angelina Grun (GER) serves Fabio Luiz Magalhaes (BRA) celebrates Doris & Stefanie Schwaiger (AUT) celebrate Patrick Heuscher (SUI) serves
Penggen Wu (CHN) receives Maria Clara Salgado (BRA) attacks against Jennifer Kessy (USA) Jefferson Bellaguarda (SUI) attacks against Florian Gosch (AUT) Ying Huang (CHN) receives
Angelina Grun (GER) crushes some Mikasa Janis Smedins (LAT) jumped serve Grzegorz Fijalek (POL) jumped serve Fabien Dugrip (FRA) attacks against Richard Schuil (NED)
Penggen Wu (CHN) jumped serve Natalie Cook (AUS) receives Sara Goller (GER) receives Doris Schwaiger (AUT) jumped serve
Talita Antunes (BRA) receives Joshua Slack (AUS) jumped serve Angelina Grun (GER) serves Linyin Xu (CHN) receives
Xi Zhang (CHN) jumped serve Marta Menegatti (ITA) receives Bo Soderberg (DEN) fist reception Sara Goller (GER) jumped serve
Rhooney de Oliveira Ferramenta (BRA) serves Bruno Oscar Schmidt (BRA) receives Grzegorz Fijalek (POL) receives Doris Schwaiger (AUT) jumped serve
Christopher McHugh (AUS) receives Sara Goller & Laura Ludwig (GER) celebrate Louise Bawden & Becchara Palmer (AUS) celebrate Sebastian Dollinger (GER) receives
Matteo Ingrosso (ITA) jumped serve Angelina Grun (GER) receives Stefanie Schwaiger (AUT) receives Bo Soderberg (DEN) jumped serve
Doris Schwaiger (AUT) receives Florian Gosch (AUT) attacks Renato Gomes (GEO) attacks the line Satoko Urata (JAP) receives
April Ross (USA) jumped serve Angelina Grun (GER) receives Keisuke Imai (JAP) receives Sascha Heyer (SUI) jumped serve
Airfight between Laura Ludwig (GER) and Roos Van der Hoeven (NED) Doris Schwaiger (AUT) jumped serve Christopher McHugh (AUS) jumped serve Emmanouil Xenakis (GRE) facing a problem...
Stefanie Schwaiger (AUT) dives Carolina Salgado (BRA) receives Marleen Van Iersel (NED) receives Becchara Palmer (AUS) dives
Penggen Wu (CHN) serves Matteo Ingrosso (ITA) attacks Jonathan Erdmann (GER) struggles with Patrick Heuscher (SUI) Laura Ludwig (GER) jumped serve close shot
Jian Li (CHN) jumped serve Doris Schwaiger (AUT) receives Annie Martin (CAN) receives Xi Zhang (CHN) jumped serveSa
Sara Goller (GER) cheers Laura Ludwig Martins Plavins & Janis Smedins (LAT) celebrate their qualification for the final Talita Antunes & Maria Antonelli (BRA) celebrate their victory Carolina & Maria Clara Salgado (BRA) celebrate
Marie Lessard (CAN) serves t1%2f42%2f513142%2f4%2f128138652.f4fF096q.jpg Laura Ludwig (GER) jumped serve Jantine van der Vlist (NED) serves
Denise Johns (GBR) receives Doris Schwaiger (AUT) receives Erika Nystrom (FIN) receives Natalja Bratuhhina (EST) receives
Penggen Wu (CHN) serves Jefferson Bellaguarda (SUI) attacks against Paolo Ingrosso (ITA) Emiel Boersma (NED) hits against Yannick Salvetti (FRA) Marleen Van Iersel (NED) jumped serve
Christopher McHugh (AUS) attacks Bruno Oscar Schmidt (BRA) receives Barbara Hansel (AUT) receives Martina Jakob (SLO) attacks
Angelina Grun (GER) receives Laura Ludwig (GER) receives Stefanie Schwaiger (AUS) receives Jenifer Kessy (USA) receives
Maria Antonelli (BRA) serves April Ross (USA) jumped serve Eniel Boersma (NED) jumped serve Andreja Vodeb (SLO) jumped serve
Martina Jakob (SLO) serves Marie Lessard (CAN) attacks Jana Kohler (GER) spikes Laura Ludwig (GER) serves
Angelina Grun (GER) portrait Jantine van der Vlist (NED) hits against Sara Goller (GER) Moises Neilton Santos (BRA) attacks against Joshua Slack Sara Goller (GER) ready to serve
Jantine van der Vlist  & Roos Van der Hoeven (NED) celebrate Louise Bawden & Becchara Palmer (AUS) celebrate Laura Ludwig & Sara Goller (GER) celebrate Kristyna Kolocova & Slukova Marketa (CZE) celebrate another of their numerous victories in World Series 13
Janis Smedins (LAT) jumped serve Britta BŁthe (GER) receives Takemi Nishibori (JAP) receives Maria Antonelli (BRA) jumped serve
Penggen Wu (CHN) receives April Ross (USA) spikes against Carolina Salgado (BRA) Florian Gosch (AUT) attacks against Linyin Xu (CHN) Slukova Marketa (CZE) receives
Jana Kohler (GER) jumped serve Laura Longuet (FRA) hits against Tamsin Barnett Hinchley (AUS) Angelina Grun (GER) hits against Chen Xue (CHN) Roos Van der Hoeven (NED) jumped serve
Sara Goller (GER) ready to serve Martina Jakob (SLO) receives Keisuke Imai (JAP) receives t1%2f42%2f513142%2f4%2f128138720.K9sZ3kVk.jpg
Yuan Yue (CHN) jumped serve Karla Borger (GER) serves t1%2f42%2f513142%2f4%2f128138724.yo71rSGD.jpg Laura Ludwig (GER) jumped serve
Rieke Brink Abeler (GER) receives Chantal Laboureur (GER) receives Sude Julia (GER) receives Laura Ludwig (GER) receives while sun sets on Marseille
Janis Smedins (LAT) jumped serve Martin Laciga (SUI) attacks against Florian Gosch (AUT) April Ross (USA) hits against Carolina Salgado (BRA) Doris Schwaiger (AUT) jumped serve
Philip Gabathuler (SUI) jumped serve Becchara Palmer (AUS) receives Xue Chen (CHN) receives Linyin Xu (CHN) jumped serve
Marleen Van Iersel (NED) jumped serve Anja Gunther & Geeske Banck (GER) celebrate Jantine van der Vlist  & Roos Van der Hoeven (NED) celebrate Jana Kohler (GER) jumped serve
Slukova Marketa (CZE) jumped serve Aprill Ross (USA) jumped serve t1%2f42%2f513142%2f4%2f128138746.BdYn9neG.jpg Becchara Palmer (AUS) jumped serve
Sascha Heyer (SUI) attacks against Fabio (BRA) t1%2f42%2f513142%2f4%2f128138750.SvoZVMXI.jpg Becchara Palmer (AUS) ready to receive Adrian Gavira (ESP) attacks against Renato Gomes (GEO)
Renato Gomes (GEO) attacks against Richard Schuill (NED) Marta Menegatti (ITA) hits against Sara Montagnolli (AUT) Sanne Keizer (NED) attacks against Sara Goller (GER) Patrick Heuscher (SUI) hits against Jules Fourneret (FRA)
Paolo Ingrosso (ITA) celebrates Jana Kohler (GER) celebrates Jantine van der Vlist (NED) celebrates Natalie Cook (AUS) salutes
Jefferson Bellaguarda (SUI) jumped serve Natalie Cook (AUS) receives Xue Chen (CHN) receives Renato Gomes (GEO) jumped serve
Tanja Goricanec (SUI) receives Jana Kohler (GER) receives Martina Jakob (SLO) receives Simona Fabjan (SLO) receives
t1%2f42%2f513142%2f4%2f128138789.gEjxpZI5.jpg Adrian Gavira (ESP) attacks against Renato Gomes (GEO) Bruno de Paula (BRA) hits against Sascha Heyer (SUI) Emma Larche (FRA) attacks against Natalie Cook (AUS)
Emilia Nystrom (FIN) serves Tamsin Barnett Hinchley (AUS) jumped serve Yuan Yue (CHN) jumped serve Sara Goller (GER) jumped serve
Jorge Terceiro (GEO) hits against Adrian Gavira (ESP) Heather Bansley (CAN) & Tanja Goricanec  (SUI) fight for Mikasa Andreja Vodeb (SLO) spikes against  Ying Huang (CHN) Renato Gomes (GEO) attacks against Pablo Herrerra (ESP)
Natalja & Polina Bratuhhina (EST) celebrate Louise Bawden & Becchara Palmer (AUS) celebrate Sanne Keizer & Marleen Van Iersel (NED) celebrate Jana Kohler & Julia Sude (GER) celebrate
Jana Kohler & Julia Sude (GER) ready to receive Stands scene... Sanne Keizer (NED) celebrates victory Annie Martin & Marie Lessard (CAN) smile after their qualification
Andrey Maryshev (RUS) receives Tanja Goricanec (SUI) jumped serve Sanne Keizer (NED) serves Christophe Peuvrel (FRA) struggles to reach Mikasa