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Gregory Sullivan | all galleries >> A Collection Of Pictures That Deal With Death >> Post Mortem Photography > Is this child dead I can't say for sure ?
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Is this child dead I cant say for sure ?

Is this child dead I can't say for sure ?

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RCML 07-May-2015 17:07
Added note of hand along side of child. It appears to have a white cuff above wrist which is not a match for end of black dress sleeve at woman wrist. Only apparent when photo size increased. The eyes of mother do not stare into came, but are expressionless and appear dry, not reflecting light of flash or light in room which moist eyes would allow. Notice life and reflections in the child eyes.
RCML 07-May-2015 16:58
Read about some of the elaborate tricks used to pose live or deceased people in old photos. Even tying up, propping up, using pillows, curtains and shrowds to cover part of person then a live person may be hidden in the scene, except for hands. The eyes and facial expression of mother appears she is deceased. The childs expression, one of possible shock. Look at hands of both child and mother. The natural suppleness in child and way fingers are flexable. Mother hand on lap is rigid. The hand of mother coming from behind the child along the side seems to belong to someone alive behind the child possible keeping child posed. That hand does not seem to match size nor rigidity of mother hand in lap. Could be wrong but bet assumption is plausible.
Terri 27-Mar-2015 20:55
There's nothing about this photo that would indicate to me that either are dead. The child is certainly alive-looking with a bit of a surprised look in her eyes. The mother, you can't prop a corpse up and pose it in any way you'd like. She's staring straight into the camera and a corpse can't do that.
cindy w 13-Feb-2015 13:53
i feel this is a live photo of them both. only because ive never seen any other pic of the deceased posed like this and is holding the childs hand! ...prob to help keep her up there and to be still. i recall doing that very same thing when my kids were small.
Guest 28-Dec-2014 07:41
I think the mother is dead for sure.
Christian 11-Dec-2014 19:34
if you look at the collar on the mother its being pushed up, due to the whatever is holding her up
Guest 16-Nov-2013 19:15
The poor child looks scared.
Guest 01-Nov-2013 08:49
I think the mother is alive, I believe the child has passed. She's wearing mourning black, unless I'm mistaken.
I also can't imagine what would hold up a whole woman's corpse in that specific pose, it seems the child would have knocked her hands away a bit, causing blurring. Also, slow exposure photograph seems as if it would have a terribly hard time photographing an uncomfortable child being hugged by their own dead mother for that amount of time.
Catherine 13-Dec-2012 00:28
I agree that the mother has passed and the child seems uncomfortable and twisting like she wants to hop down and run off. The mother seems to be on a propped up, awkward lean and the expression is peaceful but way too still. Quite a convincing photograph though ! What a clever photographer ... you really do have to study it to realise she has passed !
Bea 20-Oct-2012 18:40
Maybe both are ?
Guest 19-Oct-2012 10:40
It's the mother if you notice the child's head is slightly blurred suggesting the child has moved and due to slow exposure the blur has occurred, the mother is perfectly in focus
Guest 07-Oct-2012 19:25
It's the mother look at her eyes
Guest 19-Aug-2012 03:07
The mother is holding the child's hand and they didn't smile back then.
Don 13-Aug-2012 05:32
I agree. It looks to me as if the Mother is deceased - and the child is anxious to get away!
Danielle 07-Aug-2012 21:55
either way, it's a bit creepy seeing the lifeless expression, but i agree, it looks like the mother is the one who is dead, not the child.
Marti West 14-Jul-2012 00:21
I believe it's the mother who is dead. She has no life in her facial expression and her hands are not placed normally to be holding the child.