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Gayle P. Clement | profile | all galleries >> Travels West Gallery 2009 tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

Travels West Gallery 2009

t3%2f43%2f397443%2f4%2f119609852.lnmg9nmU.jpg t3%2f43%2f397443%2f4%2f119609697.ZzoE4BYW.jpg t5%2f43%2f397443%2f4%2f119431555.aLN5Uy9G.jpg t5%2f43%2f397443%2f4%2f119363217.ULEK5TCg.jpg
Mountainside Why in the World.. Retirement 4 t5%2f43%2f397443%2f4%2f119264852.cUAzFLeu.jpg
Retirement 3 Swan Lake Reflection Cottonwood Campground We Listened for a Voice Crying in the Wilderness...
t5%2f43%2f397443%2f4%2f119203012.5Qmg039G.jpg Dead Horse Point First Light Dead Horse Point Before Sunrise Mesa Arch II
t5%2f43%2f397443%2f4%2f119095989.ZGClxbso.jpg Balancing Rock Fall Skies Meeting at the Arch
Spider Rock Pano II Spider Rock Pano Spider Rock Canyon de Chelly
Evening Shadows Happy Halloween! t5%2f43%2f397443%2f4%2f118897914.n68QUr9H.jpg The Face of the West
Bar M Shootout I Bar M Shootout II Night at Arches II Night at Arches III
Night at Arches IV Night Sky Over Arches Cedars Before the Storm Cedars Before the Storm II
Broken Arch 1 Broken Arch II Broken Arch  III Turret Arch
North Window Mesa Arch North Window II Bryce Canyon
Natural Bridge II Gunfight at the Bar M Saloon Bryce Canyon Hoodoos Natural Bridge
Spotted Wolf Canyon t1%2f43%2f397443%2f4%2f118310044.LST2RWcv.jpg t1%2f43%2f397443%2f4%2f118309753.XxZzeKRP.jpg t1%2f43%2f397443%2f4%2f118309695.RQv3NbsD.jpg
Photographing Zion Zion Canyon Morning t1%2f43%2f397443%2f4%2f118278846.CMZOnfPg.jpg t1%2f43%2f397443%2f4%2f118278806.FkZQP5kc.jpg
t1%2f43%2f397443%2f4%2f118278784.CiSypQNf.jpg t1%2f43%2f397443%2f4%2f118278774.r3Xfg4OW.jpg Teton Fall Moose Family on the Run
Photographing Oxbow Something on His Mind Ruffed Grouse Ruffed Grouse II
t1%2f43%2f397443%2f4%2f117928740.2tlb0IjM.jpg t1%2f43%2f397443%2f4%2f117928657.LolNvBbw.jpg Grazing Bison Teton Fall Pano
Retirement I The Approach of Winter Oxbow Bend October 1 Snow Oxbow Bend III
Oxbow Bend II Elk at Dawn The Coach Pronghorns
A Bit of Attitude t1%2f43%2f397443%2f4%2f117654485.3BBdjjUc.jpg Indian Creek t1%2f43%2f397443%2f4%2f117653525.JNRMtZhy.jpg
t1%2f43%2f397443%2f4%2f117629786.7sKTfLNB.jpg Elk Bull Snowy Morning at the North Gate t1%2f43%2f397443%2f4%2f117544140.PQfWCgXz.jpg
t1%2f43%2f397443%2f4%2f117534372.XGJMr7ql.jpg t1%2f43%2f397443%2f4%2f117461716.xAhbth9M.jpg Paradise Valley II Pronghorn
Paradise Valley King of the Road t1%2f43%2f397443%2f4%2f117439842.oTiTmANT.jpg t1%2f43%2f397443%2f4%2f117400532.beIFSnFT.jpg
t1%2f43%2f397443%2f4%2f117400496.GiBN3y75.jpg Bugling Elk First Signs of Fall Feasting on Berries
View from the Train t1%2f43%2f397443%2f4%2f117154871.6rVxFmFw.jpg Mountain Sunset Windy Day at Many Glacier
Mountain Bluebird Snowing on the Mountaintops Approaching Cold Front t1%2f43%2f397443%2f4%2f116911465.2zSPisOC.jpg
Huge Dahlia, Tiny Grasshopper From the Road to Polebridge t1%2f43%2f397443%2f4%2f116879715.GrgCSDMf.jpg t1%2f43%2f397443%2f4%2f116879695.KTK7SYF5.jpg
t1%2f43%2f397443%2f4%2f116793862.IiQrGaGY.jpg t1%2f43%2f397443%2f4%2f116774109.8LdWv2C4.jpg Lake McDonald Boat Dock Chokecherries
Bowman Lake Pano Retirement II Two Medicine t1%2f43%2f397443%2f4%2f116630091.l4NIq5ZH.jpg
Noon Scrimmage t1%2f43%2f397443%2f4%2f116603926.P1GWlElF.jpg t1%2f43%2f397443%2f4%2f116603920.OE0qcmE8.jpg Cooling Off
Mule Deer Doe and Fawn Red-breasted Nuthatch Red-breasted Nuthatch Left in a Hurry
Ghost Town 2 Ghost Town 1 Rufous Hummingbird with Beebalm Hummingbird with a Background of Sunflowers
t1%2f43%2f397443%2f4%2f116215153.px0UyLE4.jpg Two Big Bucks Mule Deer Fawn t1%2f43%2f397443%2f4%2f116095215.AO79xexO.jpg
Young Moose Smug Moose Calf Female Mountain Bluebird Olive Green Swallow?
Mesa Falls Western Tanager t1%2f43%2f397443%2f4%2f116021126.vQ1sSg6e.jpg For Colby, Allie and Celeste
Cache Canyon Lake Utah Wildflowers Cooper's Hawk? t1%2f43%2f397443%2f4%2f117329294.PUTBeSc7.jpg
Early Morning Farm Wildflowers on the Mountainside Photographing Mesa Falls